Fine Art Nude Photography

Fine Art Nude Photography

The main aim of fine art nude photography is to capture the natural beauty of the human body. You can take impressive pictures if you skillfully play with shadows and lights. Add some posing and creative expression and the success is guaranteed.

Fine Art Nude Photography Tips

Fine art nude photographer needs to show the emotions of a person (usually a female). As a rule, clothing distracts the attention. That's why you shouldn't use it in order to present the initial concept. Give preference to the shadows, lines, figures, and light.

Keep It Relaxed

art nudity photography

Art nude photography requires absolute relaxation from a model and a photographer. You'd better start a friendly conversation with a person to make him/her feel warm and comfortable.

art nudity photography

The topics may be different. Speak about pets, TV shows, hobbies, etc. Such an approach will help avoid possible awkwardness of the phrase “okay, now it’s time to get naked”.

As a result, you will feel comfortable from the very beginning to the end of the photoshoot.

Focus on the Details

classic nude male

Mind that nude art photo is not about getting a model naked. The main focus is on the form and shape of the body. So, ask your model to put the hand on the stomach or shoulder. This will help take brilliant shots of details.

Omit the Model’s Face

fine art nudes photography

Be ready to experiment with art nudity photography. Try to shoot the model from behind or the side. You can also crop the image so that to omit a person’s face in the picture.

fine art nudes photography

Don’t be afraid. Sometimes faceless photos are more powerful than the pics with the model’ face clearly visible.

Try Black and White

naked female poses

I have already mentioned above that nude photography art is focused more on the form and shape of the body and its interaction with the light. That's why you need to take care of textures, shapes, and forms.

naked poses

When you do, then you definitely come to black and white pictures. Exactly these elements look perfect in shots without color.

Shoot in Raw

nude art photo

The RAW format provides you with more opportunities than the JPEG. Eventually, you may experiment with highlights and shadows and then havefull control over the result during image editing.

nude art

If you want to change colors of classic nude photos, then use either Camera Calibration or Split Toning Panel in Lightroom. You also can easily achieve a cinematic look adding a warm tone to highlights and attractive desaturated blue to the shadows.

The Line Between Fine Art Nude Photography and Vulgarity

photo art nudes

First of all, let me state that this question shouldn’t be an issue number 1 for nude fine art shooters. It is because every photographer, as well as a model, decides what he/she is ready to do.

art nudes

Both of them can choose the kinds of poses they like. As a rule, most people imagine scenes which, of course, trench with vulgarity.

artistic nude poses

It seems to me that such kinds of vulgar pictures are becoming more and more popular these days. I hope that they will soon disappear.

artistic nude poses

I feel sad when hear about the sexual relationships of a shooter and a model. As for me, it is not the best way to reveal an artistic concept. It is just a bad imitation of the idea.

fine nude photography

Let me explain. Imagine that you have a favorite band. One day you find out that musicians buy their lyrics and do not write even a line by themselves. How do you feel when understand all those songs you love with all your heart are not theirs?

I think you feel disappointed. The same is with fine nude photography. Of course, this issue may be disputable. Personally, I think that it is very important how a shooter communicates through the pictures. That’s why I will work hard and remain on a “nude” side, not a vulgar one.

Fine Art Nude Photography Ideas

Apparently, you must have seen a lot of fine art nude photos. They are beautiful, aren’t they? I have prepared the best ideas of these photos for your next photoshoot.

Use Flowers

nude fine art photography

Fine art nude photography presupposes that the pictures should be mysterious. Therefore, you can use the flowers, putting them near the model or placing them on her hair.

Capture Details

low key nude photography

If your model does not want to take a portrait photo, you can focus on different parts of her body that she likes.

nude photo

These can be hands on a naked body, back, breast or legs. You can also take a picture of the model from behind, showing the beautiful curves of her body.

Books as an Accessory

nude female poses

If you want to cover the intimate part of the model’s body, you can use a book. The idea seems simple, but it looks quite impressive.

Lying on the Couch

fine art nude photos

Take a picture of your model from above. Ask her to lower her bra a bit to create a romantic look.

Lying on the Stairs

fine art nude picture

A great pose for fine art nude photography is a model lying on the floor with her eyes closed. The upper part of her body should be slightly raised.

Try photographing from different angles, moving around the model, until you find the best angle.

Portrait in the Water

fine art nude photo in water

Prepare in advance, check whether the water is warm and ask a nude model to pose there. Make sure the water is clean and the model feels comfortable in such conditions.

Full Body in the Water

nude photo idea

Show the beauty of a woman’s body in the water. Let her slightly cover her face with her hands, but leave her breast open. You will get a very beautiful and mysterious fine art nude photo.

Shot in the Forest

fine art nude photo in the forest

You can take the most catchy and intriguing fine art nude images in the forest. Similar to shooting in the water, you must check whether your model feels comfortable. Photograph from the top angle and let the model be completely naked.

Portrait of a Naked Girl

fine art nude studio photo

This fine art nude photography idea is suitable for studio shooting. It is very important to adjust the light correctly in order to get expressive eyes and convey the atmosphere in the photo.

The Girl in the Leaves

fine art nude photography idea

Pose a naked model in the leaves. The model should look at the camera, while you are shooting from above. You will get an interesting and atmospheric photo.

Fine Art Nude Photography Workshops

The nude photography class is an excellent chance to create art without being distractedby deadlines, clients, and restrictions. There are only you and a model.

Taking part in the workshop, you will focus exactly on fine art nude. Moreover, it is a great chance to concentrate on mood, form, shape, light, and storytelling.

Elizabeth Opalenik Workshop

nude photography course VISIT WORKSHOP

Elizabeth Opalenik has been engaged in fine art nude photography for about 40 years. She uses all her skills and knowledge to create a unique environment for her students. She shares everything she knows about the nude figure photography in a sensual direction.

Students will work in small groups, prepare creative tasks, use different lighting techniques and experiment. All in all, they will study the human figure better and learn how to put an emphasis on the shape.

Lindsay Adler Workshop

classic nude photos VISIT WORKSHOP

Lindsay Adler has fine art nude photography workshops at her studio in New York City and at other places around the USA and abroad. Up to 12 people can take part in her workshops.

She wants to teach students all the secrets of manipulation with a form that influences the shapes. As a result, students get a better understanding of naked female poses as well as male ones.

Lindsay Adler does her best to demonstrate how light and modifier change the look of the body, curves, and of course musculature.

FREEBIES for Fine Art Nude Photography Editing

I recommend using Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance your shots and make color correction fast. I prepared some useful free plugins to make life easier.

LR Black&White Preset "Matte"

free lightroom preset collection for fine art nude photography free lightroom preset collection for fine art nude photography

I highly recommend you to use this preset for fine art nude photography. It is perfect for backlit scenes as well as close-up portraits.

Using it, you will be able to improve skin tones as well as other unanimated objects.

Free LR Preset for Portrait "Old Style"

free lightroom preset for fine art nude photos free lightroom preset for fine art nude photos

Use Old Style preset for portraits. It allows softening background which means the model will pop out.

Feel free to apply the preset to any portrait. However, it best suits close-ups for making model's emotions and facial features more detailed.

Photoshop Action Free Portrait "Color Tone"

free photoshop action for fine art nude photos free photoshop action for fine art nude photos

Sometimes the skin may look either too pale or bright-red in the shots because of wrong nude photography lighting. This action will help solve such a problem.

Use it and make the skin look natural but save its texture at the same time. Nobody will understand that you've performed image post-production. I recommend the action if you needcorrect colors.

Dramatic Action Photoshop "Style"

free photoshop action for fine art nude photography free photoshop action for fine art nude photography

Are you tired of flat, boring and soft colors in a nude art photo? Then this action is what you really need. It will make an image more interesting and lively with some dark parts.

Moreover, the action will make proper accents on certain elements of a picture. However, be attentive and don't apply it to very bright images. Otherwise, they will become unnatural and animated.

Vintage Photo Overlay "Bleak Glamour"

free photoshop overlay for fine art nude photography free photoshop overlay for fine art nude photography

Do not think that retro-stylized fine art nudes photography should look boring. This overlay proves that such a shot may be impressive as well.

It adds dirt specs and subtle warmth. Finally, the overlay also smooths the person’s skin.

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