50 Beach Photo Ideas

Looking for creative beach photo ideas to try this summer? Want your Instagram account be full of sunny and funny beach pictures? Today I will share 50 must-have ideas for beach photography, recommended picture-perfect beaches, and some photography tips. I am sure, you will find something new.

beach photo ideas

50 Best Beach Photography Ideas

Is it a high time for beach photoshoots? The photo ideas below are recommended for family, friends, Instagram, and couple photographs. Try to take breathtaking photos with simple things. All you need to have is a beach.

Beach Picture Ideas for Instagram

Many people avoid using phones on the beach to have a rest. However, it seems to me that the vast majority of them see a great opportunity to get captivating pictures to post them on Instagram afterward. In this case, I prepared a few ideas on how to take good beach pictures for Instagram.

1. Cocktails

beach photo ideas for friends

Enjoy having a great time on the coast with an exotic cocktail in your hand and capture this moment. Your followers will definitely appreciate it.

beach photo ideas for friends

2. Forget about your Hair

beach photo ideas for girl

Beach is a place where hairdo is unnecessary. Let your hair down and photograph yourself against a wonderful beach.

3. Incredibly Cool Frame

beach photo ideas instagram

One of the coolest beach photo ideas is to jump off the high cliff into the water. But this idea is not for everyone and requires preparations. Order professional retouching services for $5 per photo.

creative beach pictures

4. Surfboards

beach photo poses for guys

Fortunately, you aren’t bound to catch a wave on your surfboard trying to capture a cool frame.

beach pics ideas

It is better if you pose a bit with the surfboard but on the coast. Watch the Picture Perfect Beach Portraits course by Tamara Lackey to take beautiful photos in harsh light.

5. Shot next to Palm Tree

beach pictures An exotic tree is what you need to obtain a wonderful shot on the beach except a sportive body and attractive water swimsuit.
beach photos

6. Underwater Picture

beach poses for instagram

Just imagine how awesome your underwater beach photography will look on your Instagram page.

fun beach picture ideas

You should have a waterproof camera, if you don’t want this photograph to become the last one taken from your camera.

7. Sandy Castle

instagram beach photos

Build a castle from the sand and capture it. Such a creative piece of work will definitely be a fantastic addition to your Instagram page.

8. Make Use of Sunset

beach photoshoot ideas

Sunset on the beach is always something magical. Why not make use of this moment and take incredible shadow photo that will leave nobody indifferent? Use Sunset Lightroom Presets for Free to make professional color correction as on the photo above.

creative beach photos

9. Use Fruit and Vegetable as a Prop

creative beach photography ideas

This is one of the coolest beach photography ideas.

cool beach picture ideas

By applying it, you will get a beautiful and bright photo that your subscribers will definitely like.

10. Catch the Wave

ideas for beach photography

Go to the sea and take pictures when the waves are near.

cool pictures to take at the beach

We advise you to take a picture from above to get a more voluminous photo.

Beach Photo Ideas for Friends

What can be better than having a good time with your best friends on the beach? So why not to capture this moment? I have chosen only the most successful group photo ideas, so you can obtain creative and funny photos, which everybody will enjoy.

11. Experiment with Silhouettes

beach photo ideas

It is not necessary to take photos of the tangible subjects only. It’s amazing but shooting of their silhouettes, for example, can make the beach pictures more exciting to look at.

12. Become a Mermaid

beach photo ideas for girl

The mermaid is a creature that has always been associated with the sea and the beach.

beach photo ideas instagram

Become one of them together with your friend and some digital drawing as on the example above!

13. Uncover Your Subject

beach photography tips

One of the best creative photo ideas is to take lifestyle photography with sincere emotions.

beach picture ideas for instagram

You may get excellent photos when the subject poses, however, experience shows that the most incredible photos are obtained when the person doesn’t expect to be shot.

14. Take Underwater Photos

beach photo ideas for couples

Buying a waterproof camera is not a problem nowadays, as it is affordable. Taking underwater pictures is also among the most creative beach photo ideas.

family beach picture ideas

But even though you don’t intend to shoot in water, a waterproof camera bag will definitely come in handy if taking photos on the beach is your regular activity.

15. Try out Hand Tricks

fun beach picture ideas

The time we spend with friends on the beach is always full of fun and experiments. So, why not realize fun beach picture ideas?

beach picture ideas for couples

For example, try to use your hands, fingers or palms for creating a unique frame.

16. Evening on the Beach

beach photo poses for guys

Beach is not only swimsuits and bright sun.

how to take good beach pictures for instagram

Evening on the beach is a special time when friends can get together to have a good time, to sing songs by the fire and to get great beach pictures in the end.

17. Get back to Childhood for a while

beach photoshoot

Why not be kids for a moment?

instagram beach photos

Be sincere like children and you are ensured to get incredible beach photographs. When capturing beach memories, don't forget to express your individuality through unique accessories. Consider adding a touch of edginess with stylish piercings. If you're unsure about the placement or type of piercing, you can even try using a piercing generator to digitally visualize different options before making a decision. Experimenting with these creative elements can add an extra layer of personality to your beach photos, making them truly stand out.

18. Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party

beach pictures

If you are about to have a festive holiday like a wedding, I recommend having a bachelor or bachelorette party on the beach and taking some cool pictures.

fun beach picture ideas

Let’s have fun beach photos at the beach and make everybody smile.

19. Use Funny Poses

instagram beach photos

The beach is all about fun, summer, great weather. Show how you can have fun!

beach photography poses

Creative poses and bright swimsuits are all you need to take funny photos at the beach.

20. Common Hobbies

funny beach pictures

You and your friends are likely to have much in common. For instance, all of you are fascinated by surf riding. So, make use of this common interest and pose with surfboards.

best beach photo ideas list

Wedding Beach Photo Ideas

I am almost sure that there is no such a bride who has never dreamed to obtain wedding photos on the beach. Indeed, what can be better than capturing your eternal love on the background of the boundless sea or even ocean? Beautiful beaches of Hawaii, atmospheric lighthouses of Cape Cod, the Caribbean with its manifold of blue shades and romantic coasts of Australia. I’ve chosen only the most exciting wedding beach photography ideas in order to help you satisfy the wishes even of the most demanding brides.

21. The Photo on the Horizon Background

love romantic beach images

For a creative wedding photo shoot, go to the beach! Take some pictures of the sea at sunset.

family beach photography

Blue hour is the best time for realizing such wedding beach photo ideas.

22. Take a Bedrock Picture

cool pictures to take at the beach

This sort of photo is symbolic a bit. It shows that marriage can’t always be smooth and calm. In my opinion, every couple is bound to have such a photograph.

funny beach pictures

23. Walk on the Beach

beach photography portrait

Perhaps, this is the most classic idea for shooting on the beach.

romantic beach couple pictures

Take a walk along the beach and don't forget to take some lifestyle photos.

24. Incredibly Romantic Sunset Shot

family beach photography

Isn’t it a wow photograph? The view of the sunset is really breathtaking. What can be better than such a background for love romantic beach images? Offer your clients such kind of crazy wedding photography.

beach photography girl

25. Use a Drone

cute beach pictures

To impress your followers, take a bird's eye view image using a drone.

cute beach pictures for one person

Such photos will help to show all the beauty of the beach and you as a model.

26. Trash the Dress

crazy beach photo ideas

Yes, such a photo will require sacrifice, but it's worth it!

crazy beach picture ideas

Go into the water with your dress on and take some shots.

27. The Shot on the Sand

beach picture ideas for couples

Coastal golden sand, boundless ocean, captivating sunset and a couple of people who are madly in love.

beach photography portrait pics

What else does it take to obtain memorable beach photography?

28. Be Funny!

funny beach pics

Take a group shot where everyone is happy.

funny beach pictures list

Show real emotions!

29. Shoot the Couple while Running

couple picture ideas poses

Let the couple run towards their happy future, while you will capture this moment. I am sure such funny wedding photos will be full of joy and happiness that is very important for excellent wedding photography.

30. Bride-Mermaid

couple photoshoot

Take amazing bridal portraits near the sea in the water to show her sensitiveness and amazing dress. Warn her in advance about this idea to take a second wedding dress.

Family Beach Picture Ideas

Do you plan to have a good time with your family on the beach and want to get great shots? It isn’t even necessary to be a pro photographer to get wonderful photographs. Just prepare in advance and look through the following creative family picture ideas.

31. Take Close-ups

fun beach picture ideas

Shoot close-ups of your kids.

couple photoshoot

Their happy faces combined with daylight and beach view will create extremely cute photos.

32. Get Dirty

beach photography poses

Allow the kids to get dirty with sand. Meanwhile, capture this moment.

love romantic beach pictures

The sand can be washed off, but funny photos of your kids will stay with you forever.

33. Run after Birds

funny beach pictures

One of the most exciting beach pics ideas for kids that will bring not only amazing shots but also much fun is letting your child run after the birds.

beach photo poses

Take serial photos not to miss the moment of sincere emotions.

34. Play with Kids

family photo ideas and poses

Children have genuine emotions!

best beach photos and poses

Playing with kids on the beach provides a wonderful opportunity for capturing genuine moments of joy and laughter. From building sandcastles together to splashing in the waves, these candid interactions make for heartwarming and memorable beach photos.

The carefree spirit and uninhibited expressions of children bring a sense of innocence and happiness to the images, creating cherished memories that can be cherished for years to come.

35. Captivating Silhouettes

baby beach picture ideas

Catch the moment of sundown on the beach and take the beautiful silhouette photo of the family against this magical background.

36. Walk Together

family beach photography

Have a walk together along the coast. Such beach pictures will be an excellent addition to your family album.

37. Footprints

family beach photography

One of the most interesting beach photo ideas for a family is to take a photo of footprints in the sand (it would be great to shoot them lined up side by side).

38. Amazing Reflections

fun beach picture ideas

When the whole family poses on the sand coast near water, you may obtain not only an excellent family photo but to achieve an awesome reflection effect too, like in the picture above.

39. Sandy Feet

creative beach photos

Isn’t it pleasant to feel sand between your toes? So, why not to capture the feet of all members of the family in one great picture so they can recall that great feeling every time they look at the photo?

40. Incredible Family Portrait

beach pics ideas

A cute family portrait against the boundless ocean is the must-have for your photo album. View more family portrait poses to take unusual photos near the sea.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches to Take a Photo

There are so many places in the world for taking breathtaking photographs. Today, I prepared 10 MUST-HAVE visited beaches for summer photos.

41. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

beach photo ideas

Bora Bora is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a small piece of paradise on the Earth, with clean and golden sand, unbelievably turquoise waters and infinite sunshine. Bora Bora is an ideal place for beautiful beach photography.

42. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

beach photography ideas

An incredibly picturesque archipelago of islands of Fernando de Noronha (that is situated in 350 km from the northeast coast of Brasil) is the place where you are ensured to get atmospheric shots.

43. La Digue, Seychelles

creative beach pictures

Probably a lot of people consider Seychelles a paradise place. They are right indeed. Each island of Seychelles has beautiful beaches, but I recommend La Digue – Anse Source d’Argent, a dream of all honeymooners.

44. Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

beach pics ideas

The beaches of the Isle of Lewis have picturesque high cliffs, where you may admire exciting Scottish sundowns from. Moreover, it is easy to get there and it has a car park.

45. Zakynthos, Greece

fun beach picture ideas

Zakynthos Island captivates the tourists with its steep white cliffs borders and unbelievably blue waters. There is a sort of sight on Navigo beach. You’ll find there a shipwreck (smugglers left it running away from the authorities).

46. Phi Phi Island, Thailand

creative photo ideas

As you may have guessed, it is a beach where the famous film “Beach” was shot with Leonardo Dicaprio playing the main role. Isn’t it a beautiful place to take creative beach pictures?

47. Ibiza, Spain

beach photoshoot ideas

Actually, some parts of this island were slightly spoilt. However, Ibiza has a few amazing beaches which are considered to be the most picturesque ones in the whole world.

48. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

creative beach photos

Whitehaven is the most fascinating beach on Whitsunday Islands. Its snow white sand and unbelievably turquoise waters cannot help captivating the lovers of incredible beach pictures.

49. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

creative beach photography ideas

They are located between the National Park of Hawaii Volcanoes and the Naalehu town. Besides, I recommend you to pay attention to green sea turtles, but don’t touch them (they are protected by law).

50. Traverse City, Michigan

cool beach picture ideas

I advise you to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes if you are a wildlife lover. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Michigan. I am sure that its soft golden sand and crystal clear blue water will make you fall in love with this place forever.

10 Beach Photography Tips

These are some of my favorite techniques and tips on producing creative beach pictures. I hope these photography tips will make the process of shooting a real pleasure. So don’t waste time and look at them closer.

Tip 1. Choose a Proper Time

ideas for beach photography

Early morning and evening are the best time for realizing beach photo ideas. If you want to have fewer people in the shot, then choose the first part of the day. The morning will help you enjoy a nice sun offering a great angle. As a result, you'll get very cool photos. The evening is also perfect for taking appealing shots due to warm and golden light. This time is known as Golden Hour.

Magic Hour

magic hour

Golden hour is time for cool pictures to take at the beach. It is around sunrise and sunset. Use this app that won’t take a lot of space on your device (only 15.3 MB) but will become a great help in checking the best time for taking excellent shots at your current place.

iphone app store

Tip 2. Mind the Horizon

beach photography settings nikon

Unbroken horizons may spoil the realization of your beach photography ideas. Have you ever seen shots taken on open spaces which show pitched horizon? Agree, it looks awful. That's why you should pay special attention to keeping the horizon square to the framing of the photos. Finally, try to avoid placing the horizon in the center. Otherwise, it will seem to be chopped in half.

Tip 3. Don’t Forget about Flash

beach photography settings for dslr

Most shooters dream about implementing beach photo ideas on sunny days. Natural light is perfect for taking brilliant action photos as well as attractive seascapes. However, shooters should be careful as the sun's position may easily intensify the shadows on a model's face. Don't get upset as your camera flash will help avoid this. Activate it in order to minimize shadows. The result will impress you for sure especially in the case of close-ups.

Tip 4. Use Monochrome Effects

beach photography ideas

A black and white image at the beach will have a completely different mood and feeling. Photo post-production can be also applied for making shots brighter if they have been taken on dull days or with too bright (harsh) light.

Tip 5. Pay Attention to Clouds

funny beach pictures

Even with dark clouds, your beach photo ideas can be easily realized. Don't get upset when seeing a giant storm coming to the location. Dramatic photos with heavy dark clouds look great against the water, which, as a rule, contrast the sky. Use Free Cloud Overlays to emphasize the beauty of the sky.

Tip 6. Don’t Forget about Exposure Bracketing

beach pictures

Taking beach pictures in the middle of summer may turn to be a real challenge due to intense brightness. As a result, the camera could want to underexpose the pictures if you use auto mode. A manual mode allows choosing levels of exposure. As for me, I look at what the camera wants to expose in the photo and then overexpose it by one or two stops. Everything depends on a particular situation. All in all, you should be very attentive if you have shady and bright areas.

Tip 7. Learn Features of Spot Metering

beach photography portrait settings

You are lucky if your camera has spot metering. It will help you avoid some of the aforementioned exposure problems. You can use it to determine which part of the shot you want to be well exposed. Apply it in case you have a bright light in order to expose a shady area. As a result, the problematic area will be optimized.

Tip 8. Mind Important Beach Photography Settings

beach pictures

There are no doubts a beach is very noisy at summertime. At any second, you can take a great photo of happy children splashing in the water, young people playing volleyball or cool surfers. If you want to get a brilliant result, always customize your camera settings for portraits. Use Sports mode on the EOS M Series camera. It will let you take photos continuously with an excellent focus on the desired subject. Dream of implementing beach pics ideas with waves or surfers riding the wave? Then set your drive mode to High-Speed Continuous Shooting to capture consecutive movement.

Tip 9. Adjust White Balance

white balance beach photography settings

Are you eager to add some nice warmth to Instagram beach photos? Then play with a white balance. Set the "Cloudy" mode to get a warm tone on the pictures. It will help get an astonishing result when you shoot at dusk or sunrise. In this case, the water and sky colors are enhanced via changing a white balance. Select "Sunny" or auto mode in the middle of the day. You will be able to admire the rich blue sea and white sand if you do this.

Tip 10. Take Care of Your Camera and Lens

camera protection in beach photography

Are you eager to realize fun beach picture ideas? Then prepare to get sand in all possible places, even on the camera. Take a plastic bag to keep the device in, when you do not use it. Put the camera away when it’s too windy as well. You can also minimize the contact with sand if you fasten the lens to the device before going to the location. Use a clear UV filter for additional protection as well as for assisting to set exposures and lighting. Finally, be careful in case of switching to another lens to prevent your equipment from dealing with sand, wind or water.

Tip 11. Create a Beach Photography Portfolio


Camera Cover Bag from Sand

Each time you change a lens it's an opportunity for sand, salt or water to get into your camera or on the lens contacts. Dust on sensors can be cleaned. Use this kind of camera covers for protecting your expensive lens and camera from sand and scratches.


AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter - 52 mm

Choose AmazonBasics UV protection filter to improve the quality of your beach pictures. It helps diminish ultraviolet light and offers a welcome layer of protection for the lens.

FREEBIES for Editing Beach Photography

Family beach photography has its own difficulties when it comes to image editing because of harsh and backlit conditions. However, you don't have to master all peculiarities of such picture editing. It will be enough to apply some filters to get brilliant results.

Lightroom Sunrise Preset "Dark Matte"

Do you think your photos need some brightness? Then choose this preset which emphasizes bright yellow and green tones. You’d better not apply it to portraits to avoid the appearance of unnatural skin tone. It will be an excellent choice for landscape photography.

Sunset Lightroom Preset "Film"

The given plugin can be easily applied to any type of photos. Pictures with people, nature or objects will have deep colors. Such images implementing creative photo ideas won’t leave anybody indifferent.

PS Action "Party"

Do you search for a magic tool to help with clarity of lines, details and light color saturation in the shots? Then pay attention to this preset to make your beach photo ideas look great. It should be used for pictures taken after the ceremony with lots of artificial lighting while the guests are dancing.

Photoshop Sun Overlay "White Blues"

This plugin will create a dreamy mood for your beach photo ideas. The viewers will think of something innocent and pure while looking at such shots.

Sky Overlay "Fluffy Clouds"

Do you want to create the atmosphere of the coming rain during couple photoshoot? Then apply this overlay in Photoshop. As a result, you'll get the sky before the rain. In the photos, the horizon will be covered by gray clouds but there will be parts of the blue sky.

Sun Flare Overlay Photoshop "White Glows"

The given Photoshop overlay can easily modify any outdoor shots. It adds radiant and natural looking white flare to the pictures taken at the beach.

Adobe Lightroom Preset "SunShine"

It will improve blacks and shadows, make the clarity lower, push up the red tone and vibrancy. Mind that too bright pictures will have a balanced and quite a soft look. This preset adjusts all colors as well.

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