Instagram Photo Ideas

Instagram Photo Ideas

Use some of these Instagram photo ideas if you don’t know what to photograph. Looking at Instagram feed of famous bloggers, you may feel a bit jealous since their photos always look attention-grabbing and have many likes.

instagram photo ideas

Would like the same Instagram account and engagement?

Repeat one or several Instagram photo ideas described below and make your Instagram page consistent and stylish.

Top 30 Instagram Picture Ideas

Everybody needs some inspiration when it comes to taking pictures to put on Instagram. From simple ideas to trendy ideas - you can choose the photos that you like the most.

1. “What’s In My Bag”

trendy instagram photo ideas

This Instagram photo idea is also referred to as “The Bag-Spill” and can be realized either in a neat or more hectic, actually, messy manner. The main thing here is to show the items you have in your bag.

This way, you can “tell” a bit about your life tempo, habits and the most necessary things you can’t imagine your life without. To go even more creative, don’t limit yourself to your everyday bag.

You can show the content of your gym bag, clutch, makeup or even a shopping bag!

2. Outfit of the Day

trendy instagram photo ideas

Since most Instagram users treat this social network as a place to show their unique style, artsy picture ideas related to various clothes combinations are a win-win option.

Selecting trendy and catchy attire and shoes, you can surely take several appealing photos. Just remember to find the matching background to add special mood to your image. Snap a picture and add the #OOTD hashtag.

3. Classical Flatlay

trendy instagram photo ideas

Flatlays are something that is becoming immensely popular these days. Almost everyone has such a photo on Instagram. You don’t need any special skill to produce cool Instagram pics in a flatlay manner.

Just take several things that logically go together and arrange them on a surface. For example, these can be different make-up items meaning you are getting ready for a party.

4. Morning Routine

trendy instagram photo ideas

Share your morning routines with your followers. This is a kind of intimate Instagram photo ideas but people will surely appreciate your being so honest with them. You can show how you do morning yoga, cook light breakfast, or just stretching in the bed. Such images look really sincere.

5. Monthly Favorites

trendy instagram photo ideas

It is a nice idea to please your followers with descriptions and photos of your favorite items. Make it a regular practice, so your Instagram friends will wait for it on the last day of every month.

This can be anything that appeals to you – accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, gym clothes, bags, tableware, etc.

Such posts interest many people, since they bring now only visual attraction but also useful info. So, users will return to your page again and again.

6. Coffee Shop

trendy instagram photo ideas

Among many photo ideas for Instagram, this one may be the first to strike your mind. Though lots of people have such images, you can still create something admirable if you choose a cool café with original décor.

Order your favorite drink and sip it pensively looking in the distance. Adding some props to the frame, like biscuits or a cake, is a good choice.

7. Selfie

trendy instagram photo ideas
trendy instagram photo ideas

There is hardly an Instagram user, who has never posted a selfie. Still, this trend is on the rise. There are lots of creative Instagram photo ideas and poses you can try, while taking selfies. Having a selfie stick brings even more freedom and flexibility to the shooting process.

8. To-Do Lists

trendy instagram photo ideas

If you have a busy lifestyle or simply like to be organized and have all your plans written down, why not take a photo of your to-do-list? Bringing some colors or drawings to it is sure to make the picture even more interesting.

9. Inspirational Quotes

trendy instagram photo ideas

There are lots of cool photos for Instagram that not only look gorgeous but make people aspire to become better, cope with their problems, set new goals, etc.

Just don’t post them very often, otherwise, your followers will simply get bored of constant philosophy. If people like your post, they will tag their friend, which results in raising popularity.

10. Fitness Motivation

trendy instagram photo ideas
trendy instagram photo ideas

Despite a growing number of people interested in sports, there is still a big percent of followers leading a sedentary lifestyle.

If they have time to check your Insta profile, why not motivate them with several pics of your regular training in the gym, jogging in the morning or doing any other activity? These are wonderful things to put on Instagram that can help other people change their life.

11. Food Pics

trendy instagram photo ideas
trendy instagram photo ideas

I can’t explain the reason, but images of food are always on the top of the rank of what Instagram users watch most often. If you know how to photograph dishes professionally, you can attract many new followers.

Check food photography ideas on Tumblr, have some practice with styling and composition and take images. If you want to make a photo more personalize, include your hand into the frame.

12. Your Pets

trendy instagram photo ideas

People like seeing cutie pets in your photos. If you have a little friend, take several pictures of it alone or pose together and then share these images on Instagram.

Many Instagram photos feature a fluff, so yours will surely bring you many likes and positive comments.

13. Behind the Scenes

creative instagram photo ideas

All photos on Instagram look flawless. But what if you decide to show your audience how such pictures are created?

This is one of the boldest Instagram photo ideas, but the behind-the-scene shots will absolutely intrigue many people. Besides, the difference between the original image and the one you deliver to your viewers will prove that you are a skillful shooter.

14. Throwback Photos

creative instagram photo ideas

Look through your old shots and try to recreate them selecting a similar outfit, props, posing in the same way and at the same place. Such images may look fun, cute or nostalgic, but they will certainly evoke positive emotions.

Remember to please your followers with throwback photos not very often, as people like current, in-the-moment shots more.

Taking pictures for Instagram is easier if you have several apps with unusual color effects that are applied white taking photos.

15. Physical Photos

creative instagram photo ideas

Do you have Polaroid shots that have special meaning to you? Ready to take photos of such shots against a beautiful background and post them on Instagram? Then do it!

Think about the composition and additional decorations like flowers, leaves or grass beforehand.

16. Stylish Collages

creative instagram photo ideas

If you have several photos related to one theme and can’t decide which one post on Instagram, why not create a collage? There are lots of powerful apps you can use to get really creative while combining your shots.

This is one of the best Instagram feed ideas as you can arrange your pictures in a logical order to show how everything happened in real life. This works especially great for a wedding photo session.

17. Book Recommendations

creative instagram photo ideas

If you are fond of reading, you can devote some photoshoots to this pastime activity. Just place your favorite books in such a way, that their titles and authors are perfectly visible.

To get a homey photo, you can put a cup of tea and some biscuits near the line of books. The background should be blurred.

18. Create a Boomerang

Life has many sides to show, so incorporate them all in your cool Instagram pics. The best way to show dynamics of your activities is to make Boomerang clips.

These videos are simple to create but they evoke many joyful feeling. Actually, the process of making such videos will also set you in a good mood.

19. Colored Wall Backdrop

creative instagram photo ideas

Colorful backdrops are a win-win option if you want to draw people’s attention to your feed. Take your time to find a bright wall or fence and pose in front of it. You can use various colorful props that match your Instagram themes.

20. Current Hobby

simple instagram photo ideas

Is there anything that makes your eyes shine when you do it? Maybe you’ve taken up dancing? Or you like playing the guitar? Do you feel harmony when you work in the garden?

No matter what interest you at this period of your life – take a photo of your current activity and put it on Instagram.

21. Flowers

simple instagram photo ideas

There are many artsy pics ideas with flowers that are easy to realize. You can capture yourself standing in a row of different flowers in a flower shop or find a blooming filed and strike an interesting pose there.

Besides, you can get a gentle bouquet of your favorite flowers and hide your face behind it. Or place flowers in a vase and take a close-up photo without distracting details.

22. Sunrise or Sunset

simple instagram photo ideas

Being one of the most frequently-used Instagram photo ideas, it never loses its peculiar charm. Having a photo taken at the sunset or at the sunrise, you can show the glory of nature enveloped in a warm and gentle natural light. Besides, such photos require little or no post processing.

23. City Landmark

simple instagram photo ideas

If you think that such photos are boring since every tourist has them, you are mistaken. What’s the reason each sightseer wants to have a picture with this landmark? Because it is beautiful, relates to this city and serves as a gorgeous background for an image!

So why neglect a chance to snap a shot and share it on Instagram? Besides, you can think of some unusual poses and make pictures truly engaging.

24. BFF Shot

simple instagram photo ideas

People, who are always with you regardless of the situations you are going through, deserve to be a part of your Instagram feed themes. Choose a suitable location and organize a photo session with your bestie. You can dress up in a similar way or go casual and just take some cute candid photos.

25. Your Workspace

simple instagram photo ideas

If you like your workplace and spend many hours a day there, feel free to photograph it and share the picture with Insta users. My advice would be not to overly clean the space, as people like to see the stuff as it is in real life. It will make them relate to your posts more.

26. Detail Shot

simple instagram photo ideas

No need to take the same-style photos all the time. It is great to surprise your followers with detailed shots and let them know more about your lifestyle.

For example, you can take a close-up photo of your favorite bag or pajamas, show your new manicure or capture a quote from the book you are reading this moment.

27. Share a Tip

simple instagram photo ideas

If you’ve achieved success in any sphere of human activity, feel free to give your followers helpful tips. These can be child-raising hacks, meditation techniques or culinary recipes.

Anything that you are good at. Supplemented with cool photos for Instagram, such posts will bring even more enjoyment.

28. Important Milestones

simple instagram photo ideas

Is there anything grand happening in your life? Have you graduated from university? Got engaged? Waiting for a baby? Bought a new house or received a desired work? Don’t hesitate and capture these moments to later share them with your Instagram friends.

29. Family

simple instagram photo ideas

Try diverse Instagram photo ideas with your family. These people mean so much to you, as they make your life happier and fuller, so devote some time to taking memorable shots. This will also make your insta feed more personal and genuine.

30. Nature Shots

instagram photography professional editing instagram photography professional editing
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Leaving in a techno world, we often forget how majestic and gorgeous nature is. Deep lakes and boundless fields, green meadows and dense forests, even a park near your house can serve as a wonderful place to take some images at. People usually love such shots!

Freebies for the Best Instagram Photos

To make your Instagram photos eye-catching, make use of these photo editing freebies.

Free PS Overlay "Heart”

free Polaroid photoshop overlay for best instagram photos free Polaroid photoshop overlay for best instagram photos

Everyone loves polaroid photos, but not everyone can afford them. Use this universal overlay to make your Instagram photos look like polaroids.

Free PS Action "Green Shadow”

free photoshop action for best instagram photos free photoshop action for best instagram photos

To highlight green meadows and grass in your outdoor photos, while still keeping the skin tone natural – apply this PS action.

Free PS Action "Light”

free light photoshop action for best instagram photos free light photoshop action for best instagram photos

If your pictures look too dark, take advantage of this PS action. It also helps raise saturation and vibrance and is perfect for instagram summer shots.

Free LR Preset "Orange and Teal”

free orange and teal lightroom preset for best instagram photos free orange and teal lightroom preset for best instagram photos

This is one of the most popular presets used to edit Instagram pictures. If you have photos with many oranges and blues, you definitely need this filter to make them pop.

Free LR Preset "Moody”

free moody lightroom preset for best instagram photos free moody lightroom preset for best instagram photos

Make colors in your shots darker and richer with the help of this plug-in.

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