50 Fun and Creative Best Friend Picture Ideas You Should Try

Are you looking for the best friend picture ideas and poses to capture the moments with your dearest people? In this article, I will share creative and funny ideas for taking cool BFF photos for Instagram or to hang on your wall.

50 Best Friend Picture Ideas

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You can take pictures of friends together anywhere. The main thing is to have a good mood and a camera. You can either use the services of a professional photographer or try the following BFF pictures ideas on your own.

1. Stay Lifestyle at the Golden Hour

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One of the greatest best friend pic ideas is to spend the evening together and take a couple of bright shots with sincere smiles. The ideal time will be the period after sunset. Download a Golden Hour app Android or iOS to catch that perfect light in time.

2. Stay Fashionable

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Pretend as if you are professional models at the studio even if you are photographed in your favorite café. If you like, you may even add piercings to pictures for an edgy touch that showcases your unique style and bond.

3. Take Photos of Your Travels

best friend pic ideas

This is one of the best friend photo ideas that deserves special attention. It is not necessary to stay in the car. It can be a walk across the city or in the wild. In addition, you can bring a map or several thematic accessories.

4. Use a Supermarket Trolley

best friend photo ideas

I think every young person should try this variant of friends picture ideas. This is a rather extraordinary idea, which you can try only with your best friend. Ask your BFF to sit in the trolley. It is better to take photos in motion.

5. Use Rail Tracks

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Another awesome idea on my best friend picture ideas list is to hold hands staying on the rail tracks. Hold your hands as if you are trying to keep a balance. Be careful and always check whether there is no train nearby.

6. Go to Your Favorite Cafe

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It would be too simple to implement all friends photography ideas if they weren’t too personal. If you often spend time in the café, it would be great to give a special atmosphere to your photoshoot and carry it out in your favorite diner. When you look through these pictures, you will recall that one-to-one meeting with warm feelings.

7. Piggybacks!

friends picture ideas

It's a simple gesture that symbolizes trust, support, and the shared adventures you embark on together. These piggyback moments make for candid and memorable photos that reflect the carefree spirit and strong bond between best friends. Let your friend give you a piggyback ride and take pictures when you are both laughing. Let your bestie guide you around the block and then swap spots.

8. Let’s Go Together

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This is one of those best friend picture ideas when the only thing you need is your emotions and bright clothes. The colorful soap bubbles will make your photo more dynamic and accentuate your emotions. It is better to take such shots on a sunny day.

9. Have a Picnic

friends photo ideas

It is always great to go to a picnic with your buddy. You can find beautiful backgrounds in the park, they are nearly everywhere. Thus, you will take stunning photos that will remind you about those moments. Don’t forget to bring a large and bright blanket with you.

10. Take Photos on the Car

friends photography ideas

If you have a car and the opportunity to sit on its roof, then you need to use it. A background can be anything: forest, sea, sunset or street architecture.

11. Take a Picture at the Sunset

photo ideas for friends

Sunset is always beautiful, and the photos against such a background are even better, especially when it comes to photoshoot with friends. Stand back to the camera hugging, so that the sunset will be visible between your silhouettes. Anyway, the picture will be original and memorable.

12. Take an Action Photo

best friend photoshoot ideas

If you do the same sport together, it will be surely one of the most advantageous friend picture ideas. Show a couple of spectacular tricks or some extreme elements.

13. Close the Eyes

cute best friend photoshoot ideas

Another original idea for a photoshoot is a “guess who” game. Close each other’s eyes with hands. The pictures will be mysterious and emotional thanks to the game component.

14. Remember Childish Games

birthday photoshoot ideas with friends

You can use any child's attraction or superhero costumes in order to take impressive shots and remember your childhood. In addition, you will surely express sincere emotions that will improve the photo.

15. Pillow Fight!

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Among all friends photo ideas, this one is the funniest. Friendship is about having someone, who shares your craziness and loves you for it. That is why both of you will love the idea of a pillow fight. You will get dynamic pictures of you jumping up and down on a bed. Moreover, the feathers flying around will certainly make the shot livelier.

16. Shoot at the Pajama Party

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Pajama party is always joy and fun, especially if you are wearing creative outfits like kigurumi. I think you can experiment with various best friend photoshoot ideas.

17. Add Originality Using Garlands

bff pictures ideas

Fairy lights serve not only as decoration for a Christmas party. Many photographers use them as props to make their images catchier. Open new horizons in photography by using garlands.

18. Read Together

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Out of all best friend picture ideas, the book-themed one takes a special place. It looks so fascinating! All you need is to take your favorite books and some interesting elements like a mug of cocoa, blanket or something cozy.

19. Take an Upside Down Photo on the Bed

cute best friend poses for instagram

This way you will get a beautiful and homey picture. You may read books, watch videos or just talk.

20. Take a Picture with Flowers

bff pictures ideas

Flowers can significantly improve any image. This is a number one choice for photo ideas for friends. By wearing a flower wreath, you will make the picture more vivid and stylish.

21. Play a Videogame Together

funny group photos of friends

If you like to play videogames, it is a great idea to shoot this process. You can capture different emotions, which will make your shot lively.

22. Shoot the Party

birthday photoshoot ideas with friends

It can be a birthday, a new year or a meeting. Neon bar lights along with a good mood will make the photo memorable.

23. Make a Mustache Using Hair

best friend photoshoot ideas

If you have long hair, this is a great choice for best friend picture ideas. This way you are going to take a creative and funny picture. You can pretend to be very serious or fool around. Also, I recommend thinking about bright accessories such as hats, jewelry or flowers.

24. Make Circle to Take a Group Picture

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Such pose is suitable for summer photos taken on the lawn. Thus, you can place many people in the frame, so that everyone will be in focus. Add such accessories as hats, glasses or something that reminds you of your favorite hobby. Also a circle can be made standing.

25. Make Hearts with Hands

cute best friend photoshoot ideas

Among numerous cute best friend photoshoot ideas, this one will not remain girls indifferent. I recommend choosing an open location with a beautiful view. It may be a big city, a sea or a boundless horizon. Shoot in the afternoon to achieve awesome results.

26. Go to an Amusement Park

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This idea is great for shooting a large group of people. You can choose any amusement ride. For adventure rides, I recommend purchasing a water-drop resistant camera or a GoPro.

27. Abbey Road Recreation

best friend photoshoot ideas

Try to imitate the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover. They are crossing the street in the picture. This idea is so popular all around the world and you will surely like it as well.

28. Capture a Dynamic Moment

best friend photoshoot ideas

Among catchy BFF pictures ideas, making identical actions is truly popular. You can flip and jump together as well as do a high-five. A photographer will make a single click to catch the moment. I recommend shooting outdoors on a bright sunny day.

29. Create a Living Sculpture

photoshoot ideas for friends

If you and your friends are strong enough, you can try to create a living sculpture, as shown in the photo. In addition to the spectacular shot, you will receive a photo demonstrating friends’ support.

30. Take a Group Selfie

good selfie poses with friends good selfie poses with friends

A large group of friends this idea will suit anytime. The main thing is that everyone gets into the frame.

31. Make a Movie Party

best friend picture ideas

Watch a movie in your courtyard or even in the pool. Buy popcorn and don’t forget to include your movie in the frame.

32. Shoot on the Roof in the Evening

bff pictures ideas

This is one of my favorite picture ideas with friends, especially if you have a gorgeous background visible from the roof. I recommend you to shoot in the evening so that the lights of the city add originality to your pictures. Besides, you can bring garlands or sparklers with you. You can also start a bit earlier, and take magnificent photos during golden hour. If you still think that your images lack that recognizable sun glow, you can also take advantage of a golden hour filter.

33. Take Photo Above

best friend pic ideas

Realize this best friend pictures idea anywhere with your closest people. I like it when the friends are lying down and you pretend sleeping. Also, do not forget to add some accessories in the frame or use colorful blankets.

34. Shoot Underwater

best friend photo ideas

If you swim well and like to dive, then you will definitely like this idea. Take a photo underwater. You can wear either a swimsuit or a mermaid costume to take an extraordinary picture. Don’t forget that you will need a waterproof camera.

35. The Party Preparation

friend picture ideas

Such an ordinary activity can become an interesting photo if you all help each other. In this case, you can make hairstyle, put on make-up or try on clothing. This idea will work great if you are shooting girls.

36. Use Colorful Fruit

cute best friend photoshoot ideas

Out of all friends picture ideas for girls, I like this one the most. If you and your friend like spending time on the beach, try this pose with fruits.

37. Take a Halloween Picture

good selfie poses with friends

Firstly, it will be creative thanks to your costumes and make-up. Secondly, the pictures will be very lively and emotional. I like to take such photos outdoors in the evening so that the lighting of houses and decorations get into the shot.

38. Surrounded by Autumn Leaves

photoshoot ideas for friends

The color palette during this season allows you to take a bright and multi-colored photo, which will be appealing to the viewer. If it comes to cute best friend pictures poses, you can lie or sit on the yellow leaves as well as throw them.

39. Play with Snow

best friend photo ideas

Because of white snow, you will look quite contrasting in the photo. You can play snowballs, make a snowman together or make snow angels. Don’t forget to wear bright hats and scarves.

40. Use Your Smartphones

best friend photoshoot ideas

You can make a creative photo without expensive props. All you need is your friends’ telephones and funny faces.

41. Use a Frame to Take a Creative Picture

friends photo ideas

You can get an interesting “photo in the frame” effect and add even more creativity to your images. You can make a frame from paper and place it close to the camera or buy such a frame online or on the flea market.

42. Launch a Sky Lantern Together

best friend photo ideas

Before launching the sky lantern, you can write your wish on it. Capture the moment of launching and then take a photo of how everybody is watching the sky lantern flying. The fire will perfectly light people’s faces.

43. Use Smoke Bombs

group photo ideas friends

Even if you try ordinary best friend photoshoot poses, you will receive a bright and creative photo, using smoke bombs of different colors. The main thing is to shoot on the warm and windless day.

44. Take a Selfie with a Polaroid

cute best friend poses for instagram

Use a polaroid camera and take a front face shot. You will get a vintage mood in the photo. Use this picture to decorate your locker or fridge.

45. Use Confetti

picture ideas with friends

Use confetti for your friend picture ideas. You can shoot yourself using a camera timer or hire a photographer. Anyway, confetti will add a festive mood and look very cool in the photo.

46. Take a Photo with Lollipops

cute best friend poses for instagram

Wear something cute and take lollipops and you will receive vivid and funny pictures. Recommended only for girls.

47. Use Mickey Mouse Ears

bff pictures ideas

You can shoot either inside or outside. This is a must-have pose for visiting Disneyland.

48. Take a Photo with a Sign

best friend pic ideas

This is one of the most original photoshoot ideas for friends at the wedding. You can write your name, nickname or something about your special moments on the sign. Also, you can use several signs to make a phrase.

49. Wear Similar Clothes

cute best friend photoshoot ideas

You can choose similar T-shirts, costumes or dresses. However, I recommend picking funny T-shirts with the same or similar phrases.

50. Use Sparkles

cute best friend photoshoot ideas

It is better to take such photos at dusk or in the evening. It doesn’t matter whether there is a special occasion for using sparkles. Sparkles allow making the picture creative and bright.

Freebies for Editing Best Friend Pictures

Having dozens of pictures with your best friends, it is necessary to enhance them performing image color correction. To achieve the best results, I collected several freebies.

Free PS Action “Warm”

free photoshop action warm for best friend picture ideas free photoshop action warm for best friend picture ideas

If you have a cool-toned picture, then apply this action to quickly improve the image and make it more appealing. This action is perfect for street photography.

Free PS Action “Color Tone”

free photoshop action color tone for best friend picture ideas free photoshop action color tone for best friend picture ideas

This action allows you to correct the skin tone and make it more natural in several clicks. Moreover, it removes visible skin blemishes in portraits.

Free LR Preset “Sunshine”

free lightroom preset sunshine for best friend picture ideas free lightroom preset sunshine for best friend picture ideas

This free preset adds more saturation to photos preserving soft tones. It works great with bright summer photos.

Free LR Preset “Contrast”

free lightroom preset contrast for best friend picture ideas free lightroom preset contrast for best friend picture ideas

This preset will allow you to increase contrast in the photos. Also, it makes pictures sharper and improves overall quality.

Free LR Preset “Old Style”

free lightroom preset old style for best friend picture ideas free lightroom preset old style for best friend picture ideas

With this free preset, you will have an opportunity to make a background in photos softer as well as achieve a slight retro effect.