20 Fun Group Photo Ideas for Small & Large Teams

Group photo ideas allow you to capture amusing pics of your team. These photos are great for creating eye-grabbing promos, thank you notes, as well as holiday cards or end-of-year greetings to your prospects or existing clients. You can conduct such photoshoots in the office or outdoors, in a formal or casual style.

1. Photo from Above

group photo ideas photo from above

This is one of the best team photo ideas if you are good at using a drone for photography. This way, you can photograph a whole group and even show the surroundings in pictures. It would be appropriate to shoot people from high above or go the extra mile and position them in an interesting way. For instance, they can stand near each other, making circles, spirals, letters, etc.

Pro Tip: If you have no drone at your disposal, try to take pics from a balcony or mezzanine as such settings will let you shoot your models in a well-organized cluster from above achieving a similar effect. Even a simple ladder will provide you with the necessary height to capture a bigger group from an optimal perspective.

2. Jump Up

group photo ideas jump up

If you are looking for fun group photoshoot ideas, this one will work just fine. Participants may need time to practice because the main essence is to capture their synchronous upward movement to show energy and excitement.

Usually, high speed photography requires using a fast shutter speed or even a burst mode to freeze the action, so make sure to set your camera properly. If you have trouble making the whole group jump at the same time, take advantage of fancy photo editing techniques to combine several pics to achieve a perfect leap for a shot.

3. Confetti Explosion

group photo ideas confetti explosion

Confetti undoubtedly adds holiday spirit to the frame! It fits greatly any special occasion like a corporate party and always raises the mood! To capture a joyous moment, ask the group members to toss confetti simultaneously or in a coordinated manner.

If you with your friends have visited a party or a solemn event, take several group photos in beautiful festive clothes. Ask one of the guests to make some shots featuring you, so that the whole team will appear in the pic.

4. Human Pyramid

group photo ideas human pyramid

Making a human pyramid would be one of the most original group photo ideas. Place strong men in the baseline on their knees and elbows and ask tinier members to take their place in the structure to form a pyramid.

Thus, you can tick several boxes: shooting 10+ people at once and involving models in a fun interaction making both shooting and images memorable. Remember to take a few blankets to keep the models’ clothes clean.

5. “V” Composition

group photo ideas v composition

As an alternative to the pyramid team photo idea, you can create a “V” composition. Place one person or a couple in front of the camera and others behind them in a “V” shape. This way you get a spacious and balanced picture and have everyone clearly visible in the frame.

Try the inverted order, in which the center model is farthest from the camera. This pose is ideal when shooting business groups or some informal events like weddings.

6. Informal Group Posing

group photo ideas informal posing

Don't be afraid to experiment and play around with poses unless a formal group pic is a necessity. Instead of sticking to rigid poses, encourage models to try different natural and relaxed poses. Let them interact with each other, shoot the breeze, or partake in activities that evoke sincere laughter.

Ask the team to get together in the lobby, breakroom, or another similar space, to take a pic in an easy-going atmosphere. Conducting a photoshoot during one of the team-building events will let you highlight those moments and capture the team’s good mood and sincere emotions.

7. At the Staircase

group photo ideas staircase

If you need models to be placed at different levels, it might be a great idea to organize a photo session in a place with stairs. One of the most remarkable group photo poses is when everybody sits on a different step.

Arrange your shooting gear at the bottom of the staircase to take impressive group portrait photography. This way, it is possible to take an original pic featuring all models in a makeshift pyramid or a curved shape (if the staircase is rounded). By placing your camera at the top of the stairs, you’ll get a fun descending angle, which is ideal for realizing the amusing group picture ideas.

8. Group Hug

group photo ideas hug

This group photo idea is favored by many photographers because it allows them to set models in the proper mood and evoke genuine emotions. You can either take spontaneous photos, letting people interact the way they want, or choose a guided approach and suggest the most flattering angles.

No matter what method you choose, this is a win-win idea if you want to show closeness between group members. It will work well for photo sessions in either an office or outdoors.

9. Make a Train

group photo ideas make a train

This pose is a bit more entertaining version of the previous group photo ideas. Ask group members to sit one behind another and make sure that every face is visible. Let the tallest people be in the “head of the train”.

Try to avoid traditional height patterns, as they often hamper perceiving the group as one unity. Instead, arrange models in such a manner that all of them will be standing on different levels. Images, where people are respectively equal in height, can be only qualified as headshot photos.

10. In an Open Space

group photo ideas outdoor backdrops

Walk around the building and find the areas with much greenery or eye-grabbing landscape. For larger groups, choose a spot that allows the entire crew to be in the frame while capturing interesting scenery in the background. To achieve a more creative outdoor photo, look into local parks or social media-worthy public spaces.

An amusement park is another great place to turn your group photo ideas into life. It abounds with interesting and bright elements that can serve as a terrific background for any group photo. For instance, teammates can pose against moving carousels, roller coasters, themed attractions, etc.

11. Downward Angle

group photo ideas downward angle

A shot featuring your team members with their heads together glimpsing into the camera from above will look intriguing and original. A circular layout adds a special flavor to a group image, as well as lets you showcase all people’s faces in the same visual plane.

Make sure that the camera is placed at the possible lowest point, as only in this case you’ll manage to capture all subjects at once. Lay a smartphone on the floor, set a timer on your camera, or use the remote shutter release. Try to shoot several times to check if everything is ok. Then conduct a photoshoot and get modern-looking and imaginative team pics.

12. Photobooth Styling

group photo ideas photobooth

Photographers who are seeking funny group photo ideas for work should think of shooting photobooth-style pics. If your budget is not restricted, book a photo studio or visit a selfie museum, which is full of backdrops and accessories.

However, you can create your own props with improvised means and conduct a homemade shoot of photobooth group photos. Besides, it would be a great idea to conduct a photo session at a DIY team-building event to conquer two tasks in one fell swoop.

13. Silhoette at Sunset

group photo ideas silhouette

Waiting for the golden hour (1 hour after sunrise or before sunset) to bring to life team picture ideas is worth the time spent. With mesmerizing soft colors and gradual transitions, your images will be eye candy. Learn more about golden hour photography to discover how to adjust to lighting.

If the outdoor lighting allows, such silhouette photos can remain full-color. Moreover, do not hesitate to play with various filters, to make the contrast created by the light, clouds, and landscape more vivid.

14. Take a Group Selfie

group photo ideas selfie

This group photo idea will never lose its popularity. Just grab your smartphone, ask teammates to stay near and behind you, and take a shot. Let every person try creative selfie poses and facial expressions for a totally winsome outcome.

Besides, choose a picture-perfect background to get a selfie that will receive many complimentary comments on social networks.

15. Hands-Together Shot

group photo ideas hands-together

Showcasing how well your team members cooperate is one of the greatest group photo ideas. In this case, a hands-in pose will work best. This is an original way to demonstrate that they get along with each other, which is quite a challenging task for many photographers.

The crew should stack their hands like a sports team and a photographer should shoot them from above or from beneath to create an original pic. Unleash your creativity and try to apply a black-and-white, cool blue, or warm sepia filter on the resulting pic and you’ll be surprised with the output.

16. Solid Color of Clothes

group photo ideas solid color of clothes

If in your office there is a formal atmosphere and you have a strict dress code, invite your colleagues to wear their best formal attire to take a polished and neat pic.

A business suit is the best fit for such a photo session. Do not be obvious and prefer dress shirts, slacks or skits, and ties over jackets. However, let team members decide on their own, as each garment listed above will be suitable in this case.

To maintain a natural look, do not stick to one color. But do your best to keep the contrast consistent among the models by asking them to wear a light shirt and darker pants or skirts. Such a photoshoot requires a simple background with a neutral color. A white wall or window will let you focus on your team.

17. Leaning on Something

group photo ideas leaning on something

A person leaning on a natural or man-made support is definitely one of the most popular portrait photography poses. All you need to do is to look around and find a suitable variant. This can be a regular wall, a tree trunk, a piece of office furniture, or anything other you see nearby.

Of course, when photographing a group of people, you need the support to be large enough so that everybody can take a proper pose. There are no stringent rules regarding how a model should lean against the surface. Encourage them to behave naturally and you are sure to get eye-pleasing pictures.

18. Sitting Group Pose

group photo ideas sitting group pose

There are basic sitting poses that you can transform a bit depending on the story you want to tell and the number of participants engaged. For instance, you can photograph people sitting in a circle, in a row, in repeating patterns, etc. Let your creativity run wild.

Ask the group to sit as tight as possible. Holding hands and hugging would be even better as these holistic ties displayed in the group shot will make it heartwarming and special.

However, it all depends on the level of intimacy of the participants and the type of photo, since hugging would be inappropriate for a formal shot.

19. Triangle Composition

group photo ideas triangle composition

One of the greatest large group photo ideas is when you place one model at the top of a pose and other people are positioned in such a way that the bottom is wider. Therefore, you will get a finished composition and a group that looks unified in an image.

This idea is suitable for shooting small groups. It is ideal to photograph 3 people at a time, but experienced photographers can also create such a composition with more participants.

20. Company Identity Photo

group photo ideas company identity photo

To add a professional touch to your photoshoot, take a photo of your crew in front of a company sign. The ideal setting is a workspace with an indoor sign. The team can take either side of the logo or squat down in front of it to highlight the company’s visual identity.

Choose the optimal time of the day to make sure that the lighting won’t cause harsh shadows or cast strange shapes on your models.