32 Group Photo Ideas for Small and Large Groups

Are you on the lookout for interesting group photo ideas that can come in handy both for a photoshoot with several people and many participants? The task isn’t that simple considering that every person in a group has a unique physique and temper, so finding universal concepts will take some time.

We have taken care of the most tedious part and selected diverse group photoshoot ideas that will help show the connection between members while highlighting the individuality of every model. Make sure to look up winning male and female poses to feel at ease during shooting.

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1. Use a Drone

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This is one of the best team photo ideas if you are good at using a drone for photography. This way, you can capture a whole group and even show the surrounding in pictures.

It is better to find a large open area with no obstacles for maneuvering your drone. You can photograph people from high above or go the extra mile and position them in an interesting way. For instance, they can stand near each other, making circles, spirals, letters, etc.

2. Jump Up

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If you want fun group photo ideas, this one will work just fine. Participants may need time to practice because the main essence is to capture their synchronous upward movement to show energy and excitement.

Usually, high speed photography requires using a fast shutter speed or even a burst mode to freeze the action, so make sure to set your camera properly.

3. They Did It

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If you are after bold or even cocksure group photoshoot ideas, you may try photographing people going towards the camera, while there is an explosion or fire rampaging in the background. Of course, you will need to add that crazy background element during editing, so it is better to choose large open spaces, e.g., a field or deserted road, to perform such manipulations with ease. 

4. Boxed In

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This idea is rather easy to realize yet it allows viewers to understand the temper of every person photographed. You need one large box, where a model will pose, showing different emotions. After you photograph every team member, you need to combine those shots in photo editing software for PC. The resulting composition is bound to amaze.

5. Group Hug

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This group photo idea is favored by many photographers because it allows to set models in the proper mood and evoke genuine emotions. You can either take spontaneous photos, letting friends interact the way they want, or choose a guided approach and suggest them the most flattering angles.

No matter what method you choose, this is a win-win idea if you want to show closeness between group members.

6. Holding Hands Walk

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This is one of the most heartwarming group picture poses. Ask the group to join hands and take a short walk around, not just posing. This way you can take a beautiful group portrait in a natural way. As for shooting spots, you’d better choose a picturesque place. A peaceful beach, tranquil forest, or something of that kind is a nice option.

7. Leaning on Something

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A person leaning on a natural or man-made support is definitely one of the most popular portrait photography poses. All you need to do is to look around and find a suitable variant. This can be a regular wall, a tree trunk, a luxury car, or anything other you see nearby.

Of course, when photographing a group of people, you need the support to be large enough so that everybody can take a proper pose. There are no stringent rules regarding how a model should lean against the surface. Encourage them to behave naturally and you are sure to get eye-pleasing pictures.

8. Seating Group Pose

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There are basic sitting poses that you can transform a bit depending on the story you want to tell and the number of participants engaged. For instance, you can photograph people sitting in a circle, in a row, in repeating patterns, etc. Let your creativity run wild.

group shot

Ask the family group to sit as tight as possible. Holding hands and hugging would be even better as these holistic ties displayed in the group shot will make it heartwarming and special.

9. Make a Train

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This pose is a bit more entertaining version of the previous group photo idea. Ask group members to sit one behind another and make sure that every face is visible. Let the tallest people be in the “head of the train”.

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This pose works great for the large group and family photography sessions because even 5+ people can be arranged in a natural and funny way in a frame.

10. Eye-to-Eye

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This is a great pose for group photos with kids. Ask parents to bend or squat to be at the kid`s eye level so that the composition becomes more harmonious.

11. Piggybacks!

group portrait

This is a perfect pose for realizing best friend picture ideas. Usually giving each other piggyback rides evokes endless sincere laughter so make sure to capture these moments! This is especially a winning pose for school photos.

12. Let the Sun into the Frame

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Waiting for the golden hour (1 hour after sunrise or before sunset) to bring to life team picture ideas is worth the time spent. With so mesmerizing soft colors and gradual transitions, your images will be eye candy. Learn more about golden hour photography to learn how to choose the most flattering angles and adjust to lighting.

13. Redo the Old Image

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Making a collage from old and new photos is another group photo idea that would warm your heart. If it`s been a while since you know each other, and you have favorite photos, recreate the scene at the same place with the same poses and make good memories last longer.

14. Confetti Explosion

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Confetti undoubtedly adds holiday spirit to the frame! It fits greatly any special occasion and always raises the mood! To capture a joyous moment, ask the group members to toss confetti simultaneously or in a coordinated manner.

15. Build a Snowman

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Making a snowman is a fantastic winter photoshoot idea that is suitable both for kids and adults. You can add fun and amusement to the process by bringing different props and accessories.

For instance, you can use scarves, hats, carrots, and whatnot. While participants are concentrated on building a snowman and fooling around, a photographer will capture candid frames.

16. Involve Bicycles

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If you want to make a photo session dynamic and adventurous and are looking for suitable squad picture ideas, make sure to try this one. It is highly advisable to photograph during sunrise or sunset to fill the frame with warm and soft light.

Besides, you can experiment with silhouette photography and create heartwarming memories.

17. Take a 0.5 Selfie

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This group photo idea will never lose its popularity. Just grab your smartphone, ask friends to stay near and behind you, and snap a shot. Let every person try creative selfie poses and facial expressions for a totally winsome outcome.

Besides, choose a picture-perfect background to get a selfie that will receive many complimentary comments on social networks.

18. Back Lift

funny group photo ideas

With models taking this pose, you can take images that emit joyfulness and positive emotions. Don’t strive to get a perfect image but focus on people’s interaction and how they like spending time together. If you manage to take a picture spontaneously, you will surely end up with a fantastic image.

19. In the Amusement Park

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An amusement park abounds with interesting and bright elements that can serve as a terrific background for any group photo. For instance, friends can pose against moving carousels, roller coasters, themed attractions, etc.

20. Human Pyramid

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When you have a big friend group, it is interesting to make a human pyramid. Place strong men in the baseline on their knees and elbows and ask tinier members to take their place in the structure to form a pyramid.

Thus, you can tick several boxes: you can fit 10+ people into one frame and involve models in a fun interaction making both shooting and images memorable. Remember to take a few blankets to keep models’ clothes clean.

21. “V” Composition

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As an alternative to the pyramid team photo idea, you can create a “V” composition. Place one person or a couple in front of the camera and others behind them to form a “V” construction. This way you get a spacious and balanced picture and have everyone clearly visible in the frame.

Try the inverted order so that the center model is farthest from the camera. This pose also works great for business groups and wedding shootings.

22. Up in the Air

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This is one of the most popular family photo ideas. Of course, you can try to direct and control the scene, but the best results are possible if everything happens naturally and all members involved show natural emotions. The kids will definitely like the process, so get ready to capture many broad smiles.

23. Scrabble!

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If you need to fit many people into one scene and show their relationships, you can give every person a letter and make them stand one near the other, so that all letters will make a word. Simple yet nice idea.

24. Choose Different Height Patterns

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Try to avoid traditional height patterns, as they often hamper perceiving the group as one unity. Instead, arrange models in such a manner that all of them will be standing on different levels. Images, where people are respectively equal in height can only qualify as headshot photos.

25. Add Some Informality to Shooting

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Don't be afraid to experiment and play around with poses if a formal group photo isn't a necessity. This is especially relevant for wedding photography poses. Instead of sticking to rigid poses, encourage models to try different natural and relaxed poses. Let them interact with each other, shoot the breeze, or partake in activities that evoke sincere laughter.

26. Use Uneven Surfaces for Positioning a Group

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If you need models to be placed at different levels, it might be a great idea to organize a photo session in a place with stairs. One of the most remarkable group photo poses is when everybody sits on a different step.

photoshoot themes for groups

It is an effective way to get rid of those height patterns which divert viewers' attention and ruin the unity concept. Aside from posing on the stairs, you may ask models to sit on boulders, fallen logs or other similar surfaces.

27. Choose a Continuous Shooting Mode

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When you realize portrait group photo ideas, it is advisable to choose a “continuous low” mode so that you can shoot three frames per second. It means that you should take 3 frames of every shot.

group photo ideas

As you take photos of many people, there surely will be someone blinking, looking away from the camera, at another person or in a different direction. Children often pull faces and mess around. It is much better to have plenty of images in order to select the most suitable shot or to find an appropriate facial expression.

28. Be Careful with Light

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If you are a beginner, arranging lights for large group photographs may be a nightmare. Firstly, steer clear of using solely one light for the whole group. If you do so, a model, who stands closer to a light source, will be too bright while those who stand on a different side will be literally in darkness.

Secondly, don’t locate a light source extremely close to a group, as it will result in a shadow cast from one model's head onto the next one.

29. Use a Triangle Composition Technique

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One of the greatest large group photo ideas is when you place one model at the top of a pose and other people are positioned in such a way that the bottom is wider. Therefore, you will get a finished composition and a group looking unified in an image.

30. Take a Remote and a Tripod

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Remember that realizing group photoshoot ideas is so much easier if you have a tripod for DSLR. It will perfectly stabilize your camera, so images will have no blurred parts.

Besides, you may need to get a camera remote to control your device at a distance instead of going back and forth to a camera. Another handy tip is to enable a continuous shooting mode.

31. Pay Attention to Small Details

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Such details may include weird positions of hands, a strand of hair stuck to a face, a tangled piece of jewelry, messy pieces of clothing, etc.

32. Ask a Group to Wear Clothes of Solid Colors

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Ask models to choose monochrome clothing for a group photoshoot and avoid bright patterns and logos. Such bold garments usually divert attention from the faces and may spoil even the best group photo ideas.