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Photoshoot Themes

Have you got tired of classical photoshoot themes? Don’t get upset, as even the most creative photographers run out of ideas from time to time. You may treat such a situation as a terrible problem or look at it as an opportunity to broaden your artistic vision.

This article is full of unique photoshoot themes ideas, so study it attentively and choose something interesting for your next photoshoot.

50 Best Photoshoot Themes Worth Stealing

Many photographers go crazy when they need to come up with new photoshoot ideas. It seems that everything has already been used. This overview contains the most interesting photoshoot concepts along with useful techniques that will not only help you look at the shooting process from a different perspective, but also stimulate your imagination.

1. Photo Within a Photo

photoshoot ideas for girl

To better understand this idea, you can watch the film Inception. In fact, you need to take an image within an image within an image. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? To realize such an idea, you need to organize the shooting process 2 days in a row. So, the first day you take and print photos that will be used the next day while shooting. Then, you should reframe images and add more context.

2. Be Creative with How You Display Your Products

photoshoot ideas pinterest

There are many creative photoshoot ideas you can use for product photography. One of them is to pose your object surrounded by props and take a flat lay image. You can combine various colors if you are ready for a bold composition or just mix things of 2 matching shades. Pick a lot of props so that you can swap things in and out while you’re composing your photo.

3. The Plastic Age

studio photoshoot ideas

Do you remember that historical line with the stone age being the first era, while bronze and iron following it? Modern epoch has been called plastic, and there is no need to explain such a name. Though it sounds very sad, that we immerse ourselves into the tons of plastics, you can use it as an urging photoshoot concept. Even if you think that it looks strange, the message you convey in such a picture will leave nobody indifferent.

4. Paint Everywhere

fashion photoshoot ideas

If you worry that your photos look uninteresting, you can add some colorful splashes to them. Just take paints, put your pictures under the transparency sheet and paint away. There are many possibilities to combine photography and art into one beautiful composition, so don’t miss a chance to do it.

5. Warping Reality

crazy photoshoot ideas Order Photo Manipulation Service $25 per photo

To diversify your photoshoot themes, you don’t necessarily need to incorporate expensive props and tools. Sometimes, a simple change of perspective can bring awesome results. For example, you can use colorful filters, textured materials, a magnifying glass to make your works look dimensional and deep. Another way out is to photograph from another angle and show a model in a new way.

6. Natural Light Geometry

cool photoshoot ideas

Natural light can help you realize 90% of your ideas for photoshoots but only if you choose the proper time of the day. Be very patient and wait for the moment when sun rays reach your object and beautifully light its shape and texture. Check whether there aren’t deep shadows in the frame otherwise you may spend many hours fixing this in Photoshop.

7. Make Creative Collages

creative photoshoot ideas for female models

All photographers greatly value the possibilities Photoshop offers them. Being able to digitally cut and paste parts of an image is a cool time-saver. But I recommend remembering the times before PS was designed and repeat all these manipulations manually, using scissors and glue. Create a collage without image editing software, and I guarantee that the result will exceed all your expectations.

8. Photography Gets Illustrated

creative photoshoot ideas for models

This is one of the easiest ideas on this photoshoot themes list. You need to turn your pictures into sketches. To do it successfully, photograph a model from a back at a big distance, using the lens zooming feature. In such a way, an image will look “flat”, thus being a great material for a further sketch.

9. Documentary Shots

black girl group photoshoot ideas

It is up to you to decide what or who you want to document. It can be a thing, a person, a pet, a feeling, an emotion or a mixture of several concepts. It may contain a personalized, local or travel-bases element. Think about taking 20+ images to fully “tell” a story.

10. Look Up or Down for a Different Perspective

free photo shoot ideas

To understand how this works, you need to direct your lens down all the time. Then repeat the same action, but having your camera directed upwards. Arrange your objects in such a way that you get an interesting composition from these perspectives. You may need to lie on the ground or climb a tree to get the maximum of such shooting angles. You may also change your distance to the object.

11. Photograph the Same Subject Multiple Times

photoshoot ideas for models male

Once you decided on the thing or person you are going to photograph, I recommend repeatingthe shooting multiple times. Mind that you need to do it regularly without long pauses. 7 times in 7 days would be perfect. Each time experiment with different techniques, focal lengths, and lighting. Go creative and don’t be afraid of experimenting with crazy photoshoot ideas.

12. Look for the Shadows

photoshoot ideas instagram

Lighting can be either your best friend or your worst enemy when you trying to realize unique photoshoot ideas. Refuse taking photos in the middle of the day, when the light is too intense and can ruin a shot. You need to find shadows and make them the key point of the composition.

13. Incomplete Still Life Photos

professional photo shoot ideas

If you are interested in still life or object photography, you can try such cool photoshoot ideas. You can arrange the scene as you always do, but instead of focusing on the entire composition, direct your lens only on its major element. Shapes, textures, colors and geometry are of great importance.

14. Play with Exposure

creative photoshoot idea

Setting exposure properly, you can get well-balanced shots. If you go further and play a bit with this setting, you are likely to create original and interesting pictures. Among many professional photo shoot ideas, shooters like using a time-lapse technique with long exposure. Such a method ensures beautiful light trails and other effects in images. While fiddling exposure in your photos, try to cut out other light, so it doesn’t influence the final shot.

15. Use a Crystal Ball or Prism

photoshoot theme with sphere

Using a sphere for the shooting has many positive sides. For instance, it adds a new perspective to your photos and helps present the entire scene in a miniature picture. Besides, it gives a basis for creative experiments and the most unpredictable outcomes.

16. Vintage Style

photoshoot ideas for female models

If you want to try vintage photoshooting, you can use a family photo album to understand how to arrange everything properly. Such images will show a certain epoch and various items typical for it. Examine each shot to feel that atmosphere and then recreate it in pictures. You will need to spend some time to have everything done, but the result is worth the efforts.

17. Loving Your Work

crazy photoshoot poses

In most cases, people treat their jobs as a routine activity, which bring money, but not pleasure. However, you can help them look at their professions from another angle. It may seem a strange sample of photoshoot themes and ideas, but it is really worth trying, since the results are always unpredictably interesting. Show your models as passionate dancers, crazy scientists or angry taxi drivers. Complement such an image with appropriate props and make clients admire such awesome pictures.

18. By the Pool

unique photoshoot ideas

If it is summer and you know a chic place with a pool full of crystal-clear water, you should definitely try this idea. Any style suits such a location, but retro looks with colorful chairs and swimsuits will show the atmosphere of the place best of all. A model can pose near the pool or in it. Just remember to bring waterproof protection for your equipment.

19. The Sequence of Things

photoshoot ideas at home

Compared to other photoshoot themes, this one doesn’t require complicated preparations. You just need to shot a sequence to tell a story about your model. You can photograph from a close distance, thus capturing even the tiniest details, or move back and get a bigger frame. Be attentive to notice different textures, colors and patterns. This is a truly gorgeous approach if you want to take a creative portrait or non-trivial fashion shots.

20. Desert Glam

best portrait ideas

Feel that urban images with a busy background won’t surprise anybody? Then you should find an isolated place, like a desert, and show your model face-to-face with endless miles of sand and dirt. Lots of empty space can be tricky to work with, so check some guides on how to turn it into negative space in pictures correctly.

21. The Beauty of Nap Time

cute portrait ideas

This is one of the coolest photoshoot ideas for female models. Girls really like having pajamas parties, when they can spend time with their besties in a relaxed manner. I highly recommend including such an idea into your shot-list. You can not only photograph models while they are talking, but concentrate more on poses when they pretend that they sleep.

22. Nancy Drew

beautiful photo idea for girl

Do you remember a smart, young girl-detective, who amazed many viewers between 1950s and 70s? Nancy Drew is a wonderful character, whom you can imitate at the photo session. Watch the series again to refresh memory about her clothes, accessories and behavior. Discuss this idea with your model in advance, so she understands what to do. Guide her at the photo session, to show Nancy Drew’s image as fully as possible.

23. Play With Hair

portrait photo editing portrait photo editing
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Has it ever occurred to you that you can focus not on eyes, lips or face in general while taking portraits, but on the model’s hair? It may sound odd at first, but don’t abandon this idea at once; take several shots. Such a photoshoot concept, doesn’t require elaborate posing. Let the hair speak for itself. For even more interesting results, beautify the hair with natural elements – flowers, leaves, branches, etc.

24. Plant Play

shooting girl

It is always great to include natural objects into a photo just to give it a special appeal. This variant of photoshoot theme ideas presupposes shooting a model posing near a huge plant. Depending on the location, plants will vary from tall trees and bushes to flowers. Think of the matching colors while selecting a plant and a model’s outfit. Tropical places with a variety of greenery (like the one above) are perfect for such shootings.

25. Pick a Movie or TV Show Concept

photoshoot themes for groups

If you enjoy watching movies and TV series, you probably have many interesting photoshoot themes and ideas. However, don’t show exactly the things you see on the screen, make them more personalized. You can take portraits of main characters, but complement them with unusual accessories or props or photograph places of a city that appear in a film. Specific color combinations or lighting patterns can also inspire you for new projects.

26. Motion Blur

motion blur photo theme

Find a high point over a busy street on a gloomy day and photograph your model from above. She/he must stand on a street being surrounded by many people moving in different directions. Your model’s clothes must be bright and catchy, like yellow, red, green, pink or orange, so she/he stands out from the crowd. If you can’t organize a photo session outdoors, try shooting a dancing model in a studio.

27. Vintage Cowgirls

best friend picture poses

Most fashion photoshoot ideas concentrate on presenting a model in glamorous attire, while this one will evoke many positive emotions. Ask models to put on cowgirls clothing and pose in a peculiar manner. Don’t be afraid to spoil a photo session with such an idea, as most popular photographers gained fame when they pushed traditional boundaries.

28. Jet Set Chic

fashion photo ideas

Believe that there is nothing interesting about such photoshoot themes, as every fashion photographer has similar pictures in his/her portfolio? Don’t be so judgmental and think this idea over from another side. Why not show the traveling as a tough process, especially if you must travel in heels?

29. Luna Lady: To the Moon and Back

photoshoot ideas for models in nature

This is one of the most creative photoshoot ideas. To give your pictures space vibes, you should choose light blue and gray colors for the background and clothes. You can photograph a group of people examining the Moon surface or show Diana, the goddess of Moon. There many other stories you can present in your photos.

30. Taking a Stand for Something

large group photo ideas

Political and social problems discussed around very really motivate fashion photographers. The world of politics has nothing in common with the fashion industry, since the latter is based on trends, luxury and money. However, there is still a small percentage of shooters, who manage to mix politics and photography, providing society with meaningful pictures. Why not try your hand at creating something similar?

31. Candid Couple

photoshoot themes for couples

The biggest mistake of many photographers is to use one and the same couple photoshoot poses, just changing the location. This looks lame. If you want to make something unique, I recommend going for candid shots. This really makes people believe the story you tell. So, ask a couple to have a real date and you will hide somewhere to capture their real emotions.

32. Maternity

group photoshoot poses

Though there are many cute moments connected with the maternity period, we can’t absolutely forget about another side of a future mother’s life. In addition to close up portraits of a belly, hearts and other charming props that hint at the baby’s sex, modern photographers feel confident to show how difficult it is to be pregnant. You can shoot a woman along or together with a husband. Capture their everyday activities – cooking, talking, watching a movie, arranging a baby’s room, etc. No definite couple photoshoot outfit ideas are necessary.

33. Model Photoshoot at the Gym

girl photoshoot ideas

Have you ever thought of photographing a model in a nonconventional place? This is really popular nowadays. For example, you can shoot a person in a gym, while he/she is exercising. Nothing difficult, a common program. Or, you can use a gym as a metaphor for everyday life with its situations and problems that require strength and stamina to cope with. Choose appropriate clothes and accessories.

34. Family Photoshoot on an Ordinary Day

group photo ideas professional

One of the best photoshoot ideas at home is to shoot a family doing their regular activities. You can begin with several photos of them lying in a bed, then go to the kitchen and photograph an entire family eating breakfast. Continue the sequence with pictures taken during the day. This helps show the unique relations and habits of each family.

35. A Scene from a Novel

couple photoshoot ideas outdoor

Does your client have a favorite book? Then turn him/her into the character from this story. Choose corresponding outfit, accessories and makeup. The results will surely please everybody. Some improvisation won’t hurt.

36. Keep It Natural

no makeup girl ideas

Viewers got tired of flawless photos with perfect models. People want to see real humans that experience common feelings and deal with everyday problems. Be brave enough to show your models as they really are – no makeup, matted hair, and wrinkled clothes. Simplicity sometimes works better than the most elaborate photoshoot themes.

37. Neon Photos

photo ideas for girls

Find a quite diner to organize a photo session there. Complete the scene with cute chairs, neon light and vintage tableware. This is a perfect background to experiment with photoshoot themes for friends.

38. With Dog

shooting with dogs

You can include dogs into a frame to realize funny group photos ideas of friends. These animals like running and playing a lot, and get really fun-filled if you splash them with water. Don’t miss a chance to try this idea? This is one of the best group photoshoot themes for families and loving couples.

39. Tennis Court

best photoshoot themes

Having any sport-related location doesn’t mean you need to photograph athletes doing regular exercises. You can use the place for more conceptualized photo sessions. For example, a tennis court is an absolutely gorgeous spot, where you can realize various photoshoot themes thanks to the possibility to play with lighting, depth and straight lines.

40. Mountaintop

best photo ideas

If neither you, nor your clients are acrophobic, you can organize a photo session high in the mountains. Photographing at the mountaintop, you get a chance to perfectly frame your model against a breathtaking background.

41. Industrial Background

cute photoshoot ideas

To create an interesting dissonance in your pictures, you can photograph a relaxed model in industrial location – a busy district, old garage doors, graffitied walls, rusty metal bridges, etc. Thanks to such a sharp contrast, viewers will immediately focus on the model.

42. Modern Wedding

group photoshoot outfit ideas

Modern couple photoshoot style is targeted at naturalness in every single item. So, candid wedding images replace dear old posed photos that can be found in every photo album. Keep this in mind while discussing a shooting plan with your clients.

43. Different Perspectives on Flower Photoshoot Ideas

flower photoshoot ideas

Being engaged in nature photography, you can try photographing a flower not blurring the background, but from below. This way, the sky will be perfectly visible, so you can imitate showing the way a flower sees the world. A flip-screen camera will be a real finding for this type of shooting. This is one of those creative photoshoot themes every amateur photographer can try even at home.

44. Travel Photography Ideas: You and Your Suitcase

travel photo ideas

Be creative and try to find beautiful places that were forgotten by people. These can be distinct villages, small coffee shops, densely wooden alleys, ancient cathedrals and dilapidated schools. Take your suitcase and become an adventurous traveler.

45. Street Life Seen from the Sidewalk Level

good photo ideas

This is one of the strangest ideas for photoshoots. Still, it is worth trying. Put your camera with a flip screen on the ground in a safe place. This can help you capture the moments of everyday life that we pay little or absolutely no attention to.

46. Minimalist Landscapes

shooting nature

Minimalistic interior design serves as a basis for landscape photography. Actually, you can photograph a meadow, a river or a mountain and include 2-3 elements in the composition. These can be different shapes or colors or a stand-alone bush.

47. Rooftop

rooftop photo ideas

Shooting on the rooftop seems really interesting. There is vast space stretching in all directions with the abundance of light and depth. Photographers really like such places, as they can bring their most creative photoshoot ideas into life there. Without delving into a hectic tempo of street life, you can still shot a model against a busy city. Choose any rooftop that is safe and meets your concept.

48. Indian Summer

indian summer ideas

These are great fall photoshoot ideas for models thanks to the riot of warm colors in the frame. A photograph on a treebranch, next to a tree, in a large pile of leaves won’t leave anyone indifferent.

49. Puddle Reflections

reflection photo ideas

Right after a heavy raindrop, when the sun appears in the sky – take your camera and hurry up to take interesting pictures. Find a large puddle on the street and use it as a natural mirror. Experiment a little bit with angles, until you find the one to create a double exposure effect. The sky is reflected in the water, so the picture you get looks really eye-catching.

50. The World Under the Feet

creative ideas for next photosession

The same time every day photograph what is under your feet. Prepare a wide-angle lens and find new and interesting places.

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After you’ve tried fresh photoshoot themes and got amazing pictures, it is time to process them. These free and useful image editing tools I have collected especially for you.

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