55 Wedding Photography Ideas For a Beautiful Wedding Album

Wedding Photography Ideas

Funny and very romantic wedding photography ideas for any wedding ceremony. Save the ideas you like and repeat them at your wedding day!

wedding photography ideas

55 Wedding Photography Ideas

Any wedding photographer will give you suggestions and propose various ideas or poses, but it’s also important to know what you want. Look though my list of 55 funny and creative wedding photo ideas, among which you will definitely find something special for your couple.

1. Take Photo Above

wedding photo pictures

Antique staircases look glorious together with your elegant white wedding dress and the groom’s black suite. The photograph will look beautiful thanks to the symmetry and patterns.

2. Rings as Symbols of True Love

outdoor wedding photography ideas

Place your hands together to form a heart and display the wedding rings. This way you show your undying love and the significance of the event.

3. Photo of Generations

unique wedding photography ideas

Make your family photo with parents creative – try this wedding photography idea. Try not to pose – stay lifestyle and emotional.

4. A Picture with Your Dad

ideas for wedding photos

This is one of the most touching wedding photoshoot ideas since every father wishes nothing but happiness for his daughter. Ask your photographer to take this kind of photo far away to catch true emotions.

5. Stay Crazy

outdoor photography ideas

If you want some funny wedding photos instead of only formal wedding portraits, make grimaces. Look especially funny if there are children on the photo.

6. Body Swap

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You can take funny photographs using a mirror. For instance, you can swap bodies with each other, as the groom’s body will have a female head and vice versa.

7. Cheers!

photographing outdoor weddings

Do it while being surrounded by your closest friends, tell them how you feel and what are you raising your champagne glass for. Just be sure to let the photographer catch this moment and capture your emotions.

8. Together with Your Best Friends

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They by your side for many years and maybe even introduced you to your future husband. Stay lifestyle, use confetti or other props for rock party mood.

9. Jumping on the Bed

wedding photo ideas and poses

You don’t even need a photographer for this shot as long as your camera has a timer. Just behave like a child and jump on the bed.

10. Photograph Children

outdoor photography ideas

Children will never make your wedding photos boring or too formal. Just ask the photographer to take several baby portraits with you and your groom.

11. Goofy Socks

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This is one of those unique wedding photo ideas that are perfect for the groom and his friends. The variants are endless. Their socks can be matching or cartoonish (with superheroes for instance).

12. Your Wedding Bouquet

unique wedding photography poses

A wedding bouquet is a special accessory for every bride. I prefer taking these photographs on the one-colored background to give accent to the bride and her wedding bouquet.

13. Almost Done

unique wedding photos

What can be better than before-the-scenes wedding photo of the bride or groom preparing to the ceremony. Use much natural light and a wide angel lens to place many people in the small room.

14. Groom’s Final Preparations

fun wedding picture ideas

This wedding photography idea is for the craziest men. As you’re about to go outside, take a group photograph with your friends, where they help you finish preparing. Give everyone a job to do. Someone might tie your shoes, while another groomsman can adjust your hair.

15. Behind the Door

unique wedding photos

The groom is not allowed to see the bride before the ceremony, but there’s nothing stopping him from holding her hand through a barrier like a large wooden door, while he confesses his feelings.

16. Flowers and Bridesmaids

wedding photoshoot ideas

All details are important at the wedding and flower arrangements aren’t an exception. Why not photograph the bride’s stylish bouquet or the bridesmaids’ floral bracelets?

You can do it indoors or outside as you’re preparing to leave for the ceremony.

wedding photography ideas

17. Reading Letters

cute wedding pictures

Write romantic letters to each other, in which you explain the importance of this day and exchange them right before the ceremony, while the photographer captures this moment.

18. Waiting for the Guests

wedding photography ideas

If nobody is in the hall where you are planning to celebrate the wedding, take advantage of this and take several photos in the empty room through the windows.

19. Before Saying YES

wedding photo pictures

This is a “must have wedding photo idea” that shows your walk to the altar when all the guests look at you.

20. Mother’s Gift

unique wedding photos

Use black and white filters for giving your lifestyle photos a special emotional mood as on the example above. Highly recommended for the photos when people laughing or crying.

21. Large Window in the Background

wedding photoshoot ideas

A large beautiful window is always a terrific background! The photos look artistic and slightly mystical due to the presence of shadows and silhouettes. The sincerity of such images surpasses all expectations.

22. Flying Bouquet

unique wedding photography poses

The moment you throw your bouquet isn’t only filled with your emotions, but also with the emotions of everyone in the background. This memorable post-ceremony moment is definitely an amazing shot.

23. Have Fun with Bridesmaid

outdoor wedding photography ideas

Imagine you are Charlie's Angels and use your bouquets instead of guns. This idea is funny and looks gorgeous.

24. Stylish Cars

outdoor wedding photography ideas

You can sit on the hood, brutally stand on its roof or simply sit on the backseat, while secretly kissing.

25. Kids under the Veil

cute wedding pictures

Take a group photo with the children under your veil. Cover them and just chat and have fun. Suitable for little girls with white dresses.

26. Under Starry Sky

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A very romantic wedding photography idea, especially if your wedding ceremony is close to the beautiful landscape or ocean. Use fairy lights, lamps or other light sources for cozy atmosphere.

27. Little Angels

ideas for wedding photos

Ask the photographer to take pictures of little guests of your party in their wonderful dresses. They look amazing in the collages as on the photo above. Separately, you can make a similar photo for the boys in their elegant suits.

28. Under Bridal Veil

outdoor photography ideas

Tender and sincere kiss under the bridal veil will help get a romantic photo. Such cute wedding pictures will impress viewers with its warmth. Looks amazing when it is windy.

29. Sunset Love

outdoor photography ideas

This is one of the most popular wedding photography ideas. Kiss, hold hands or just look at the sunset together.

outdoor photography ideas

30. Work with Whether Together

ideas for wedding photos

Rain is not a reason to stop the photo session. Buy several transparent or bright colored umbrellas, which will become an elegant prop for your wedding photoshoot.

31. Bird-Eye View Photos

outdoor wedding photography ideas

Address photographers who have drones for taking unique wedding photos. This is the best way to photograph group photos of all guests and capture picturesque views near the place of your wedding ceremony.

32. On the Balcony

outdoor wedding photography ideas

This wedding photo idea can be done before and after the ceremony. Use additional light sources if you take this kind of photos at night.

33. On the Yacht

cute wedding pictures

Go boating and take a couple of photos in the Titanic’s style on the nose of your water transport. Sunset is the best time for that.

34. Replicate the Beatles

fun wedding picture ideas

Pedestrian crossings are everywhere. Use them to realize outdoor photo shoot prop ideas. Replicate the Beatles’ album cover but be very accurate with cars.

35. Romance in the Garden

wedding photo retouching servicewedding photo retouching service

Take some couple photos near the trees, bushes and flowers.

Don't forget to edit your wedding portraits in Lightroom (color correction and cropping) and Photoshop (skin retouching and background improvement).

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36. Reflection in the Lake

outdoor wedding photography ideas

Is there a lake or water not far from the wedding venue? Then take cool wedding photos as shown above as if you walk on water.

37. A Walk in the Forest

outdoor picture ideas

You can also walk in the forest if the wedding is in autumn. Yellow leaves will add some special mood to your wedding pictures. There will be amazing color contrast and wonderful nature in images.

38. Harry Potter and His Wedding

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Purchase a couple of magic wands and cast some spells with your groom in a spacy room. This is a perfect idea for Potter’s fans and can become an interesting highlight of any wedding album.

39. With Beloved Pets

cool wedding photos

If you have a pet, then it should be in your wedding photos. That's because animals are an important part of our life. You can rent a suit for them or just put a bow-tie on.

40. With Balloons

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Accessories for affordable wedding photography can be different. You can take a bunch of colorful balloons or buy balloons of a definite form: heart, cartoon characters or different animals.

41. Other Way Round

creative wedding photo ideas

Want to add some unusual pictures in your wedding photography gallery? Just change the groom’s friends with the bride’s friends. You can take a few shots of guys looking at the bride's dress or how they are doing cosmetic procedures together.

42. Action Photos

wedding photos ideas

It is one of the most popular fun wedding photo ideas. Everybody will laugh while realizing it as it is necessary to jump synchronously to take a cool photo.

43. Near Lighthouse

unique wedding photos

Use antique buildings for taking an amazing photo composition.

44. Favorite Profession

outdoor wedding photography ideas

These couple photos look best of all on the background of fire engines or police cars, as well as using working equipment.

45. On the Waves on the Sunny Day

unique wedding photo ideas

Sailing away from everyone and hiding on a fast boat is a fun and memorable photo idea. Use water splashes and the rule of thirds for amazing composition.

46. Smoke Bombs

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You will get a bright photo if use a color smoke bomb. It will look elegantly in terms of clothes and very daring due to harsh colorful palettes and what you’re doing. But stay far away not to spoil the wedding dress.

47. Follow Me

unique wedding photos

Repeat this photo if you have a textured background with a beautiful landscape. Play with your wedding dress or veil.

48. Star Wars Fan

creative wedding photo ideas Buy Storm Trooper Costume on Amazon

If you are a fan of this outstanding movie, rent or buy a Rebel Alliance costume and get creative photos with your friends. Also, you can replicate any moment or film by getting the appropriate accessories.

49. Firework Background

fun wedding picture ideas

Most wedding celebrations usually end with massive fireworks. A photo of the couple’s kiss surrounded by dozens of bright colors will be a memorable photo.

50. Mysterious Silhouette

unique wedding photos

Bad weather will not prevent you from realizing great wedding photos ideas. You can use a usual puddle for taking mysterious pictures. There will be only the reflection of the bodies and wedding shoes.

51. Become Superheroes

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If you or your partner are a fan of superheroes, use superhero accessories to get creative photos. These can be masks, shields or gloves in the shape of heroes' hands.

52. Use Masks

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Such masks can be used in your own way, and you can provide a couple of masks for your closest friends and relatives and make mysterious photos with them.

53. Instagram Frame

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You will definitely upload many wedding photos to this social network. Why not be original and use such a frame for shooting guests. After that, you can add a catchy hashtag to your photos to attract more views. You can find lots of creative hashtag ideas on Weddinghashers.

54. Creative Props for Guests

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As accessories, you can use signs on which you can write words and phrases, stylish and original glasses, as well as large decorative mustaches, which will look particularly epic on girls.

55. Just Married

outdoor wedding photography ideas

It is an original accessory for any couple in any surrounding. Amazing photo of the end of your wedding day.

outdoor wedding photography ideas

Freebies for Editing Wedding Photos

I am sure, after the wedding, you will have plenty of photos taken by yourself. That's why you need to perform good color correction too.

Photoshop Action "Matte Effect"

This action will add some vintage effect and muted tones to your shots. As a result, the pictures will look more artistic.

Lightroom Preset "Sunny Day"

I recommend using this preset for photos taken on bright sunny days. It can make them softer, while muting bright colors.

Photoshop Action "Creamy"

This action makes wedding photos warmer and softer. It will also correct the slight color distortion that may appear while shooting.

Lightroom Preset "Warm Filter"

This filter affects shadows and highlights. As a result, you get a clear image with excellent contrast. Try it for outdoors photos or shots taken in low light conditions. The effect will impress you.

Photoshop Overlay "Romantic Light"

This overlay will add a romantic and gentle bokeh which can make any photo unique.

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