Elegant Wedding

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Elegant Wedding:

    • 125 Photoshop Actions
    • File format JPG or RAW
    • File type - ATN
    • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher, Creative Cloud
  • Comercial Use 125
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Wedding Photoshop Actions

Make your wedding photos atmospheric and dreamlike with the help of Elegant Photoshop Wedding Actions. Having edited dozens of wedding photos, our skillful team managed to create the collection of the best Photoshop actions for wedding and engagement photoshoots. No matter what is the style of the wedding event, as you will definitely find a suitable plug-in to highlight the mood of this day. This bundle includes 125 Photoshop Actions for Weddings that are aimed at facilitating and speeding up your wedding photo editing. 

If you have never used PS actions before, it is a high time to try some right now. They will turn your regular workflow into a fast and efficient process, producing awesome results. Wedding photographers often have lots of tasks to fulfill within a strict deadline, so having a collection of the best wedding Photoshop actions in the professional arsenal is a great idea. You can apply these actions to a single photo or a whole bundle of images, giving the consistent look to the edited photos. Batch photo editing has never been so easy before. 

Either you need to enhance your personal wedding photos before posting them on Instagram or other social networks, add them to your professional site or portfolio, quickly edit dozens of shots from the recent photo session – download these wedding photo effects Photoshop plugins to achieve awesome results with minimum time spent. 

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  • 125 Photoshop Actions for Weddings
  • Work great with Photoshop CC & CS 6
  • Customizable according to personal preferences
  • For Windows and Mac users
  • Compatible with JPG and RAW format


Wedding Photography Photoshop Actions

One of the main advantages of this Photoshop action wedding bundle is that half of actions are designed for work with portrait photos. Using them, you can edit skin (tone, smooth wrinkles, clean pores, remove defects), eyes (change color, brighten), teeth (whiten), hair, lips, and improve makeup. You can also easily perform light and color manipulations, change the style and mood of the picture. You will get this effect using such filters as Autumn Morning, Orange and Teal, Vintage Sepia, Gentle Touch, Honeymoon, Evening Twilight and so on. The collection contains a variety of wedding Photoshop actions, so you can easily find what you need to work with a picture taken in any light, outdoors or indoors, with any color scale, and for any theme. This is one of the best wedding actions for Photoshop collections available on the market today. All the tools are easily adjustable, so tweak exposure, tone, and contrast if needed. Though they affect different images in a different manner, you can treat this bundle as a great basis for further image editing in Photoshop and customize the settings depending on the photo effect you want to get.

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