125 Free Photoshop Actions Wedding

We have gathered 125 Free Photoshop actions wedding with all color settings to make your photos pop and shine. Wedding Photoshop Actions are designed for bridal, family, couple, engagement, anniversary and baby photographs. Actions modified to any program compatible with Photoshop CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud or Elements, version 11-18. Highly recommended to use RAW/JPG photo formats. Best Wedding Photoshop Actions are useful in any situation: to carry out basic color correction, make images stylish or classical, brighten up colors, etc., and to reduce time on photo retouching twice.   

Free Photoshop Actions Wedding #1 "Creamy"

best photoshop actions for wedding photographers

Wedding Photoshop Actions #2 "Wedding Matte"

photoshop actions for wedding photography

Photoshop Wedding Actions #3 "Perfect Black & White"

free wedding actions for photoshop

Free Wedding Photoshop Actions #4 "Cool"

wedding photography actions for photoshop

Photoshop Actions Wedding #5 "Wedding Party"

free wedding actions photoshop

Photoshop Action Wedding #6 "Soft Contrast"

photoshop actions wedding photography

Related Wedding Photoshop Actions Free

We have gathered unique wedding Photoshop actions free for working with event pictures and giving you that creamy, matte, classical black and white, cool, party and soft contrast effects. We suggest using our Photoshop actions wedding free to facilitate wedding photo retouching and start improving photos like a professional photographer. No hidden payments, clear downloading via email and easy installation – benefit from our photo retouching freebies right now.  

Wedding Action Photoshop #7 "Matte B&W"

free photoshop actions wedding

Wedding Photoshop Actions Free #8 "Chocolate"

wedding photoshop actions

Wedding Actions Photoshop #9 "Cool"

photoshop wedding actions

Wedding Photoshop Action #10 "Matte Effect"

free wedding photoshop actions

Best Wedding Photoshop Actions #11 "Glow"

photoshop actions wedding

Free Photoshop Wedding Actions #12 "Tonning"

photoshop action wedding

Wedding Photo Photoshop Actions #13 "Clean Eyes"

wedding action photoshop

Wedding Actions for Photoshop #14 "Dodge&Burn"

wedding photoshop actions free

Free Action Photoshop Wedding #15 "Skin Tone"

photoshop actions for wedding photographers

Best Wedding Actions Photoshop #16 "Cheeks"

download action photoshop wedding

Photoshop Actions Wedding Free #17 "Smooth Skin"

wedding actions photoshop

Free Wedding Actions for Photoshop #18 "White Teeth"

photoshop actions for wedding album

Wedding Photography Actions for Photoshop #19 "B&W"

wedding photoshop action

Free Wedding Actions Photoshop #20 "Brighten"

best wedding photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Wedding Photography #21 "Colors POP"

wedding photography photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Wedding Photographers #22 "Glow"

professional wedding photoshop actions

Photoshop Action Wedding Photography #23 "HDR"

wedding photoshop actions free download

Photoshop Action for Wedding #24 "Matte"

free photoshop wedding actions

Wedding Photo Action Photoshop #25 "Bright"

wedding photo photoshop actions

Free Photoshop Actions Wedding #26 "Cool"

wedding actions for photoshop

Wedding Photoshop Actions #27 "Cream"

best photoshop actions wedding photographers

Photoshop Wedding Actions #28 "Night"

free action photoshop wedding

Free Wedding Photoshop Actions #29 "Old Film"

best wedding actions photoshop

Photoshop Actions Wedding #30 "Pale"

photoshop actions wedding free

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

The bundle of these wedding actions for Photoshop free works according to several principles: to make light toning, smoothing sharp lines, to make the colors softer or clearer, depending on the type of action. They perform all the complicated photo retouching steps within a few seconds to a whole wedding album if you need. Portrait photographs from the ceremony and party will be improved, their quality will be increased, and colors will be better. Any wedding shooter will find a favorite style of free wedding actions for Photoshop that can give vintage, black & white, matte look and make the colors catchy and clear. It's time to download these freebies, install them on your Photoshop menu, and come to grips with a pleasant job because you can forget about the long photo retouching.

Photoshop Action Wedding #31 "Instagram"

photoshop actions wedding photographers

Wedding Action Photoshop #32 "Cinematic"

photoshop action wedding photography

Wedding Photoshop Actions Free #33 "Vintage"

photoshop action for wedding

Wedding Actions Photoshop #34 "Black and White"

wedding photo action photoshop

Wedding Photoshop Action #35 "Sparkle"

best photoshop action for wedding photographers

Best Wedding Photoshop Actions #36 "Retro"

wedding photos actions photoshop

Recommendations for Photoshop Wedding Actions

  • Free Photoshop Wedding Actions are often used when retouching portraits of the bride and her white dress. The action corrects white balance naturally.
  • A special charm gives the wedding photos a warm matte effect. From photographs that have been treated by free Photoshop actions wedding, you can feel the breath of peace and tranquility.
  • The photographs in B&W colors are irreplaceable where you need to convey a state of light sadness or thoughtfulness. Couple photographs gets much benefit from this color correction.
  • In the case of «non-ideal» lighting, a very dark picture may appear. Often, it also has a polluting shade. These free wedding actions Photoshop are able to correct the situation, brightening the dark areas and giving richness to the colors and give a film look
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