100 Free Instagram Photoshop Actions

These 100 free Photoshop Instagram actions are real lifesavers for those, who like Instagram filters and want to turn a photo into a masterpiece quickly and effectively. If you have PSE 11-1, Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop (versions from CS3 to CS6) installed, download Instagram Photoshop actions and start applying these marvelous effects to your shots right away. For this set, we have gathered best Instagram actions for Photoshop with a variety of fantastic filters and effects for any photographic taste – wedding, portraits, travel, lifestyle photos in JPG or RAW formats . Download the actions and begin to amaze your followers on Instagram and other social networks with incredible images! 

Instagram Photoshop Actions #1 "Green Shadow"

instagram photoshop actions

Instagram Photoshop Action #2 "Light"

instagram photoshop action

Photoshop Instagram Actions #3 "Pink Shadow"

photoshop instagram actions

Instagram Actions Photoshop #4 "Retro"

instagram actions photoshop

Instagram Actions for Photoshop #5 "Vignette"

instagram actions for photoshop

Photoshop Actions Instagram #6 "Warm"

photoshop actions instagram

Related Photoshop Instagram Actions Free

In case you are in search of unique Instagram Filters Photoshop Actions for a personal use, you have found the right place. We have developed 100 high-quality actions with the help of which you may repeat any desired Instagram effect in a photo with one click on you Photoshop. It does not matter whether you are an ordinary Instagram user, a blogger or a photographer, every photo you post is supposed to look appealing and draw the audience's attention.

Instagram Action Photoshop #7 "Vintage Matte"

instagram photoshop actions free download

Instagram Filters Photoshop Actions #8 "Vintage Effect"

instagram filters for photoshop actions

Photoshop Action Instagram #9 "HDR"

download instagram photoshop actions

Instagram Filter Photoshop Actions #10 "Ivory"

free instagram photoshop actions

Instagram Filters Photoshop Actions Free #11 "Style"

instagram filter actions for photoshop

Instagram Photoshop Actions Free #12 "Tone"

instagram action for photoshop

Download Instagram Photoshop Actions #13 "Black and White"

instagram effect photoshop action

Free Instagram Photoshop Actions #14 "Cold"

action instagram photoshop download

Instagram Filter Actions for Photoshop #15 "Contrast Green"

photoshop instagram action

Instagram Action for Photoshop #16 "Contras"

free photoshop instagram actions

Instagram Effect Photoshop Action #17 "Gold Filter"

free photoshop actions for instagram

Photoshop Instagram Action #18 "Matte"

instagram actions for photoshop free

Instagram Photoshop Actions #19 "Dark Black&White"

instagram effect photoshop actions

Instagram Photoshop Action #20 "Cacao"

free photoshop actions instagram

Photoshop Instagram Actions #21 "Cold"

free download instagram photoshop actions

Instagram Actions Photoshop #22 "Forest"

free instagram actions for photoshop

Instagram Actions for Photoshop #23 "Rose"

photoshop filter actions instagram

Photoshop Actions Instagram #24 "Warm"

instagram photoshop actions download

Instagram Action Photoshop #25 "Fashion B&W"

photoshop actions for instagram

Instagram Filters Photoshop Actions #26 "Brighten"

photoshop instagram action downlaod

Photoshop Action Instagram #27 "Colors POP"

photoshop instagram action download

Instagram Filter Photoshop Actions #28 "Glow"

instagram action for photoshop free

Instagram Filters Photoshop Actions Free #29 "HDR"

instagram filter photoshop action

Instagram Photoshop Actions Free #30 "Fashion Matte"

instagram filter photoshop action

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Regardless of your profession – a photographer or a designer, these Photoshop actions Instagram will instantly become an indispensable part for a picture retouching process. Stop wasting your time applying identical settings to multiple images. With free Instagram filters Photoshop actions, you may do it in a fast and productive manner. Use a suitable Photoshop Instagram action to add extra charm, texture or contribute to a specific atmosphere of a shot. In this way, you can turn a common photo into a stunning and captivating image. The variants of inspiring filters and effects are endless, from warm to vintage ones, so you will certainly find the most suitable action. 

Download Instagram Photoshop Actions #31 "Portrait"

instagram action photoshop

Free Instagram Photoshop Actions #32 "Wedding"

instagram filters photoshop actions

Instagram Filter Actions for Photoshop #33 "Matte"

photoshop action instagram

Instagram Action for Photoshop #34 "Dramatic"

instagram filter photoshop actions

Instagram Effect Photoshop Action #35 "Film"

instagram filters photoshop actions free

Photoshop Instagram Action #36 "Sepia"

instagram photoshop actions free

Tips for using Photoshop Instagram Actions

  • The Instagram Photoshop action will be perfect for landscape shots and portraits that were taken outside, for example, in nature.
  • Street photography is an example of a genre for which the Photoshop action Instagram works excellently. It brings motion, realism and a sense of actuality into the photos, emphasizing the real beauty of the genre.
  • The actions are suitable for shots of beautiful beach landscapes and everything that involves beach holidays and parties.
  • Use the Instagram action for Photoshop when you want to draw attention to the center of the image.

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