130 Free Photoshop Portrait Actions

Bundle of Free Photoshop Portrait Actions consists of main filters for retouching eyes, teeth and skin. This collection of free portrait actions for Photoshop was created in order to satisfy the entire spectrum of headshot and portrait photographers’ specific needs. Ps Actions adjust to your individual style and adapted Photoshop CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud and PSE 11-18. Free Photoshop Portrait Actions work in a format that is convenient for you (RAW or JPG).

Photoshop Portrait Actions #1 "Clean Eyes"

photoshop portrait actions

Portrait Photoshop Actions #2 "Dodge&Burn"

portrait photoshop actions

Free Portrait Photoshop Actions #3 "Skin Tone"

free portrait photoshop actions

Free Photoshop Portrait Actions #4 "Cheeks"

free photoshop portrait actions

Photoshop Actions Portrait #5 "Smooth Skin"

photoshop actions portrait

Portrait Actions for Photoshop #6 "White Teeth"

portrait actions for photoshop

Related Portrait Photoshop Actions Free

Our Photoshop Actions Portrait will help you retouch portraits like a pro with only skills of a beginner in short time. These free Photoshop actions for portraits help make your customers' skin ideal by getting rid of excess gloss and minor imperfections. Portrait Actions for Photoshop include additional opportunities of whitening eyes and adding a contrast to the photos’ colors.

Portrait Actions Photoshop Free #7 "Classic"

portrait actions photoshop free

Portrait Photoshop Actions Free #8 "Hollywood Smile"

portrait photoshop actions free

Best Portrait Photoshop Actions #9 "Pure"

photoshop portrait actions free download

Portrait Actions Photoshop #10 "Snowy"

best portrait photoshop actions

Photoshop Portrait Actions Free #11 "Sparkle"

portrait actions photoshop

Photoshop Action Portrait #12 "Totally White"

photoshop portrait actions free

Portrait Action Photoshop Free #13 "Sunkissed"

photoshop action portrait

Portrait Action Photoshop #14 "Enveloped by Sunlight"

portrait action photoshop free

Portrait Photoshop Action #15 "Touch of Dawn"

portrait action photoshop

Portrait Actions for Photoshop Free #16 "Inner Warmth"

portrait photoshop action

Free Portrait Actions for Photoshop #17 "Paradise Islands"

portrait actions for photoshop free

Best Portrait Actions Photoshop #18 "Dust&Scratches"

free portrait actions for photoshop

Portrait Photography Photoshop Actions #19 "Gaussian Blur"

best portrait actions photoshop

Photoshop Actions Portrait Photography #20 "Surface Blur"

portrait photography photoshop actions

Free Photoshop Actions Portrait #21 "Bright Eyes"

photoshop actions portrait photography

Best Photoshop Portrait Actions #22 "Change Iris to Green"

free photoshop actions for portrait photographers

Photoshop Actions Portrait Photographers #23 "Cleaning Eyes"

free photoshop actions portrait

Photoshop Portrait Action #24 "Color POP"

free photoshop actions portrait photographers

Photoshop Portrait Actions #25 "Eye Color Effect"

best photoshop portrait actions

Portrait Photoshop Actions #26 "Sharpening Eyes"

photoshop actions portrait photographers

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Use our Photoshop free portrait actions and the retouching process will take a couple of minutes to make a perfect portrait. Imagine designing a highly professional photo with just a couple of clicks and all these thanks to our free Photoshop portrait art actions. In addition, all our actions are very easy to install and easy to use. You can get everything from color corrections to professional teeth whitening.

Free Portrait Photoshop Actions #27 "Instagram"

photoshop portrait action

Free Photoshop Portrait Actions #28 "Fashion"

photoshop portrait actions

Photoshop Actions Portrait #29 "Frequency Separation"

portrait photoshop actions

Portrait Actions for Photoshop #30 "Wedding"

free portrait photoshop actions

Portrait Actions Photoshop Free #31 "Framing"

free photoshop portrait actions

Portrait Photoshop Actions Free #32 "Matte"

photoshop actions portrait

Tips for using Photoshop Actions Portrait

  • If it seems to you that the Photoshop Action Portrait turned out to be too expressive, then change the transparency of the layer, in order to achieve the desired result.
  • When selecting a photo for retouching, remember that most people have a natural yellow tint of teeth and too white teeth will seem unnatural. Do not overdo with white.
  • If you have a portrait that you shot in spite of all the recommendations and the person turned out in the shade, do not hurry to postpone it. Try to retouch it with portrait actions for Photoshop free. The result will surprise you.
  • A great opportunity to retouch photos with a huge amount of various details on the background.
  • Before retouching the skin’s color, correct the white balance.
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