110 Free Matte Photoshop Actions

Free matte Photoshop actions for your portrait, wedding, lifestyle and newborn photography. If you are still in search of inspiration, these free Photoshop matte actions will push you to new designs and color palettes, give wonderful and romantic results that will become classics, like the matte effect itself. Even the photos taken on the street with the moody weather, in a dark room or overly vivid frames will instantly be changed because all listed problems will be solved by matte Photoshop actions free. In addition to the standard Photoshop program (CS3-CS6 versions), you can work on Creative Cloud or PSE (any version, starting from 2011). Free matte Photoshop actions Support photos in RAW and JPG file formats. 

Matte Photoshop Actions #1 "B&W"

matte photoshop actions

Photoshop Matte Action #2 "Chocolate"

photoshop matte action

Free Matte Photoshop Actions #3 "Cool"

free matte photoshop actions

Photoshop Matte Actions #4 "Matte Effect"

photoshop matte actions

Matte Photoshop Action #5 "Glow"

matte photoshop action

Matte Effect Photoshop Action #6 "Tonning"

matte effect photoshop action

Related Photoshop Matte Action Free

The structure of these matte Photoshop actions free have a number of indicators that can discolor the photo, fill it with warmth, lighten up, brighten up the flaws and at the same time enhance the quality of the photo and give the popular effect of rough paper. Add elegant, vintage and unusual color effects fast and easy. Each adjusting layer will accurately lie on the photo, improve its quality and saturate it with retro shades and colors.

Matte Actions Photoshop #7 "Bright"

photoshop matte action free

Photoshop Matte Actions Free #8 "Cool"

photoshop action for matte

Matte Photoshop Actions Free #9 "Cream"

free photoshop action matte

Photoshop Actions Matte #10 "Night"

free photoshop matte action

Matte Action Photoshop Free #11 "Old Film"

matte action photoshop

Photoshop Matte Action Free #12 "Pale"

action photoshop matte

Photoshop Matte Action #13 "Black and White"

free matte action photoshop

Free Photoshop Action Matte #14 "Cold"

free actions matte photoshop

Free Photoshop Matte Action #15 "Contrast Green"

free photoshop matte actions

Matte Action Photoshop #16 "Contras"

matte photoshop actions free download

Action Photoshop Matte #17 "Gold Filter"

best matte actions for photoshop

Free Matte Action Photoshop #18 "Matte"

free matte actions photoshop

Free Actions Matte Photoshop #19 "Aqua"

matte actions for photoshop

Free Photoshop Matte Actions #20 "Bright Colors"

best matte photoshop actions

Free Matte Actions Photoshop #21 "Creative"

matte photoshop actions

Matte Actions for Photoshop #22 "Hard Contrast"

photoshop matte action

Matte Photoshop Actions #23 "Ultra Violet"

free matte photoshop actions

Free Matte Photoshop Actions #24 "Warm Light"

photoshop matte actions

Photoshop Matte Actions #25 "Green Shadow"

matte photoshop action

Matte Photoshop Action #26 "Light"

matte effect photoshop action

Matte Effect Photoshop Action #27 "Pink Shadow"

matte actions photoshop

Matte Actions Photoshop #28 "Retro"

photoshop matte actions free

Photoshop Matte Actions Free #29 "Vignette"

matte photoshop actions free

Matte Photoshop Actions Free #30 "Warm"

photoshop actions matte

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Making photo moody, vintage and atmospheric can be very difficult for the hobbyists in Photoshop, because this takes a lot of time and color correction experience. We decided to simplify the process of making this dreamy, having designed this collection of free Matte actions – classical black and white, chocolate, cool matte effects, etc. Find something new, borrowing a favorite matte effect, which stands out for its versatility and originality. Adobe Photoshop will open new photo editing capabilities with the following free Photoshop matte actions. Thanks to the clever grouping of the free matte Photoshop actions' settings, you can adjust the style, brightness, opacity, fade level in any modification of the tool in order to get the result you want.

Photoshop Actions Matte #31 "Dark"

matte actions photoshop

Matte Action Photoshop Free #32 "Vintage"

photoshop matte actions free

Photoshop Matte Action Free #33 "Portrait"

matte photoshop actions free

Free Photoshop Action Matte #34 "Retro"

photoshop actions matte

Free Photoshop Matte Action #35 "Wedding"

the best photoshop matte action

Matte Action Photoshop #36 "Sepia"

matte action photoshop free

Tips for using Photoshop Matte Actions

  • Urban landscapes, architecture, cityscape photoshoots show that there are a lot of distracting details, including bright advertising signs and posters in the city. You can make them less vivid be means of B&W matte Photoshop actions free.
  • These free matte actions Photoshop Elements give not only a matte effect but due to the brown tint, the effect of vintage.
  • If the free matte actions Photoshop have over-cooled colors and hues, you can change the transparency. Then the picture will not have a harsh effect.
  • Excellent for dark photos, where dark places will acquire soft light shades.
  • You can apply this kind of matte Photoshop actions free to all your photos at once, and then choose where the result turned out to be more successful.
  • To achieve a classic and original matte effect, use only professional and secure photo retouching freebies, like our free matte Photoshop actions. They were designed by professionals for professionals, so they can use them when retouching any genre of photography that needs a soft look.

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