155 Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

We created a bundle of free vintage Photoshop actions that will return that vintage charm to your digital photography. They are designed to find your photo's best color. All photographers use the free Photoshop vintage actions to achieve this old-fashion matte effect. Any action from this list can be applied to different genres of photography in .raw or .jpg formats. It does not have a destructive influence on the quality of the image. Free Vintage Actions Photoshop compatible with CS3-CS6 and PSE 11-18, and the Creative Cloud app.

Vintage Action Photoshop #1 "Matte"

vintage action photoshop

Vintage Photoshop Actions #2 "Vintage Effect"

vintage photoshop actions

Vintage Photoshop Action #3 "HDR"

vintage photoshop action

Action Vintage Photoshop #4 "Ivory"

action vintage photoshop

Free Vintage Ps Actions #5 "Style"

free vintage photoshop actions

Photoshop Vintage Actions #6 "Tone"

photoshop vintage actions

Related Vintage Photoshop Action

More free vintage Photoshop actions are waiting for you below. These magic freebies will be an excellent addition to your set of PS plugins and tools that impose a vintage matte effect. With our free Photoshop vintage actions, the photo retouching will become a pleasure! Immerse yourself in the retro style having retouched your photos with these Photoshop actions vintage free. You will be amazed by this excellent collection of vintage styled Photoshop actions, fades, light leaks and more!

Photoshop Vintage Action #7 "Brightening"

vintage photo photoshop actions

Vintage Actions Photoshop #8 "Retro Colors"

vintage photo action photoshop

Photoshop Action Vintage #9 "Retro Film"

vintage action photoshop free download

Photoshop Actions Vintage #10 "Aqua"

vintage effect photoshop action

Vintage Actions for Photoshop #11 "Night"

vintage action photoshop free

Vintage Photo Ps Actions #12 "Retro Art"

vintage actions photoshop free

Vintage Photo Action Ps #13 "Chocolate"

vintage photo actions photoshop

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action #14 "Fashion"

photoshop actions vintage free

Vintage Action Photoshop Free #15 "Grains"

free photoshop vintage actions

Vintage Actions Photoshop Free #16 "Matte"

photoshop actions vintage photo

Vintage Photo Actions Photoshop #17 "Nature"

free photoshop actions vintage

Photoshop Actions Vintage Free #18 "Sepia Pro"

vintage effect action photoshop

Free Photoshop Vintage Actions #19 "Black and White"

vintage color action photoshop

Photoshop Actions Vintage Photo #20 "Soft"

vintage action photoshop

Free Photoshop Actions Vintage #21 "Dramatic Style"

vintage photoshop actions

Vintage Effect Action Photoshop #22 "Hard Contrast"

vintage photoshop action

Vintage Color Action Photoshop #23 "Sepia Dramatic"

action vintage photoshop

Vintage Action Photoshop #24 "Warm Toning"

free vintage photoshop actions

Vintage Photoshop Actions #25 "Light"

photoshop vintage actions

Vintage Photoshop Action #26 "Classic"

photoshop vintage action

Action Vintage Photoshop #27 "Cool"

vintage actions photoshop

Free Vintage Ps Actions #28 "B&W"

photoshop action vintage

Photoshop Vintage Actions #29 "Warm"

photoshop actions vintage

Photoshop Vintage Action #30 "Contrast"

vintage photoshop actions free download

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Each editor in her/his toolbox has a favorite vintage action Photoshop or even a few ones that help to enhance the wedding, portrait, travel, all lifestyle pictures. Start to work more efficiently, value your time and do not spend precious minutes on manually adjusting the image settings in Photoshop and seeking this vintage effect when you can download these settings in one set. It's time for professional free vintage Photoshop actions that can cope with this stuff in a matter of minutes, improve the quality of your photographs and put up your photography services to the next level.

Vintage Actions Photoshop #31 "Matte"

photoshop vintage action

Photoshop Action Vintage #32 "Dark"

vintage actions photoshop

Photoshop Actions Vintage #33 "Film"

photoshop action vintage

Vintage Actions for Photoshop #34 "Color"

photoshop actions vintage

Vintage Photo Ps Actions #35 "Cross Process"

vintage photoshop actions free download

Vintage Photo Action Ps #36 "Cinematic"

vintage actions for photoshop

Benefits of Photoshop Vintage Actions

  • You will increase your productivity by speeding up and upgrading the photo retouching. After applying any vintage Photoshop action free, you will get the following benefits:
  • You will have more free time since the free vintage action Photoshop will do all the main work for you.
  • You do not need an in-depth knowledge of the PS program. If you are new to working with Adobe Photoshop actions, just a picture and a drop of creativity.
  • Your images will get a professional look.
  • No limits for adjusting these Photoshop Actions Vintage Free.
  • Your shots will be more artistic and stylish.

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