100 Free Film Photoshop Actions

Free Film Photoshop Actions will give your photos a trendy film effect vibe and save precious time on color correction. It includes 100 professional Ps plug-ins that make the photo look like a film shot in just a few clicks. Film Action Photoshop Collection matches such PS versions as CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud and PSE 11-1. Fully adjustable in accordance with your preferences and photography style (in RAW and JPG formats).

Film Photoshop Actions #1 "Bright"

film photoshop actions

Film Action Photoshop #2 "Cool"

film action photoshop

Photoshop Film Actions #3 "Cream"

photoshop film actions

Photoshop Film Action #4 "Night"

photoshop film action

Free Film Photoshop Actions #5 "Old Film"

free film photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Film #6 "Pale"

photoshop actions film

Related Photoshop Film Actions Free

Stop admiring other shooters’ works and create your own masterpiece applying these free film actions for Photoshop. We are sure, the bunch of these film look Photoshop actions is a must-have for every beginning photographer and Instagram blogger. You will definitely like editing your street, wedding, couple photos with this bundle and as a result, use it again and again. 

Film Photoshop Action #7 "Black and White"

film photoshop action

Film Actions for Photoshop #8 "Cold"

film actions for photoshop

Film Actions Photoshop #9 "Contrast Green"

film actions photoshop

Film Photoshop Actions Free #10 "Contras"

film photoshop actions free

Film Grain Action Photoshop #11 "Gold Filter"

film grain action photoshop

Photoshop Action Film #12 "Matte"

photoshop action film

Film Effect Action Photoshop #13 "B&W"

film effect action photoshop

Ps Action Film Effect #14 "Brighten"

photoshop action film effect

Old Film Photoshop Action #15 "Colors POP"

old film photoshop action

Old Film Photoshop Actions #16 "Glow"

film effect photoshop action free download

Film Look Photoshop Actions #17 "HDR"

old film photoshop actions

Film Emulation Ps Actions #18 "Matte"

film look photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions Film Look #19 "B&W"

film emulation photoshop actions

Film Photoshop Actions #20 "Chocolate"

photoshop actions film look

Film Action Photoshop #21 "Cool"

free action photoshop old film

Photoshop Film Actions #22 "Matte Effect"

film color photoshop action

Photoshop Film Action #23 "Glow"

film grain photoshop action

Free Film Photoshop Actions #24 "Tonning"

photoshop action film grain

Photoshop Actions Film #25 "Green Shadow"

photoshop film filter action

Film Photoshop Action #26 "Light"

film action set photoshop

Film Actions for Photoshop #27 "Pink Shadow"

film effects actions photoshop

Film Actions Photoshop #28 "Retro"

film style photoshop actions

Film Photoshop Actions Free #29 "Vignette"

film photoshop actions

Film Grain Action Photoshop #30 "Warm"

film action photoshop

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

The set includes free film Photoshop actions that suit perfectly any photography genre. Both professionals and amateurs can use them. Apply these Ps filters to street, fashion, cityscape photos as well as to pictures for Instagram and blogs. Photoshop action film effect will add a retro look to your images in several clicks. Try these Photoshop actions film to create photos you have never had before! Choose the one you like most of all and get a series of images improved in a few clicks. 

Photoshop Action Film #31 "Portrait"

photoshop film actions

Film Effect Action Photoshop #32 "Vintage"

film action

Ps Action Film Effect #33 "Wedding"

free film photoshop actions

Old Film Photoshop Action #34 "Retro"

photoshop actions film

Old Film Photoshop Actions #35 "Black and White"

film photoshop action

Film Look Photoshop Actions #36 "Polaroid"

film actions for photoshop

Tips for using Photoshop Actions Film

  • Apply free Photoshop film actions to the photos which were taken outdoors and don’t have too many details.
  • Actions suitable for editing portraits. Photoshop action film will also make the skin look more natural if the photo wasn’t taken in good lighting conditions.
  • Do you have a dull photo with poor light? Never mind, as film Photoshop actions free will help get brighter colors. Additionally, they will make an accent on the model and blur the background.
  • Use film Ps actions if you want to get warmer and more expressive tones in the photo. The shot will look more dimensional and eye-catching as if taken with a film camera.
  • Free Photoshop action bundle will be a perfect choice for photographers who like high-contrast and expressive pictures. It will help improve sharpness and white balance as well.

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