Free Cinematic Bundle – inspired by VSCO Photoshop Actions

Especially for people, who prefer working in Photoshop but like VSCO effects, FixThePhoto has designed VSCO Photoshop Actions to make all their pictures beautiful. Downloading this collection, you get 100 Free Cinematic Photoshop Actions to make image editing enjoyable and fast. Each filter is completely adjustable, so you may keep your style consistent. No matter what Photoshop version you use, all VSCO Actions work without lags and delays. The same is relevant for Creative Cloud and PSE (starting with 11th edition). You can easily edit both JPG and RAW files in Mac and Windows.

VSCO Photoshop Actions #1 "Black and White"

vsco photoshop actions

Cinematic Photoshop Action #2 "Cold"

cinematic photoshop action

VSCO Actions Photoshop #3 "Contrast Green"

vsco actions photoshop

VSCO Action Photoshop #4 "Contras"

vsco action photoshop

Cinematic Action Photoshop #5 "Gold Filter"

vsco photoshop actions download

Photoshop Actions VSCO #6 "Matte"

cinematic action photoshop

Related Cinematic Photoshop Action Free

This Cinematic Photoshop action bundle is completely free and includes universal and beautiful plugins. Use any VSCO action Photoshop you like to get a film, matte, contrast, B&W effect in several seconds. 

Free VSCO Photoshop Actions #7 "B&W"

vsco actions photoshop free

Action Photoshop VSCO #8 "Brighten"

vsco actions for photoshop

Photoshop VSCO Actions #9 "Colors POP"

vsco photoshop action

VSCO Actions Photoshop Free #10 "Glow"

vsco filter photoshop action

VSCO Actions for Photoshop #11 "HDR"

cinematic tone photoshop action

VSCO Photoshop Action #12 "Matte"

cinematic effect photoshop action

VSCO Filter Photoshop Action #13 "Matte B&W"

photoshop cinematic actions

Cinematic Tone Photoshop Action #14 "Chocolate"

cinematic photoshop actions

Cinematic Effect Photoshop Action #15 "Cool"

photoshop vsco action downloads

Photoshop Cinematic Actions #16 "Matte Effect"

vsco action photoshop free

Cinematic Photoshop Actions #17 "Glow"

vsco color photoshop action

VSCO Photoshop Actions #18 "Tonning"

vsco photoshop action free

Cinematic Photoshop Action #19 "Green Shadow"

free vsco photoshop action

VSCO Actions Photoshop #20 "Light"

cinematic font effect photoshop action

VSCO Action Photoshop #21 "Pink Shadow"

free cinematic action photoshop

Cinematic Action Photoshop #22 "Retro"

cinematic action for photoshop

Photoshop Actions VSCO #23 "Vignette"

action photoshop cinematic

Free VSCO Photoshop Actions #24 "Warm"

cinematic photoshop action free

Action Photoshop VSCO #25 "Black and White"

photoshop action cinematic effect

Photoshop VSCO Actions #26 "Soft"

cinematic tone action photoshop

VSCO Actions Photoshop Free #27 "Dramatic Style"

photoshop actions cinematic

VSCO Actions for Photoshop #28 "Hard Contrast"

free cinematic photoshop actions

VSCO Photoshop Action #29 "Sepia Dramatic"

cinematic photoshop actions free

VSCO Filter Photoshop Action #30 "Warm Toning"

photoshop actions cinematic effect

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

These VSCO actions for Photoshop will become an indispensable element of your photo editing toolkit and you’ll keep using them again and again to imitate familiar and trendy vintage film style. You may use Cinematic Photoshop Action Pack for portraits, wedding, and travel photos. It is well-balanced and can greatly enhance editorial, newborn, street and lifestyle images.

Cinematic Tone Photoshop Action #31 "Film"

photoshop actions vsco

Cinematic Effect Photoshop Action #32 "Vintage"

vsco actions photoshop download

Photoshop Cinematic Actions #33 "VHS"

free vsco photoshop actions

Cinematic Photoshop Actions #34 "Sharpen"

action photoshop vsco

VSCO Photoshop Actions #35 "Fall"

cinematic color grading photoshop action

Cinematic Photoshop Action #36 "Cross Process"

photoshop vsco actions

Advantages of Free Cinematic Action Photoshop

Creating this collection, we wanted to make it universal and suitable for both beginners and more skillful photo retouchers. That’s why these Photoshop actions VSCO provide the following advantages:

-The actions are great and make images vibrant.

-It takes several seconds to download, unzip and import these Cinematic Photoshop actions into the software. You don’t need to have specific knowledge and skills to use the filters and achieve impressive results.

-This is truly one of the best VSCO action Photoshop packages that you can use free. The edited photos are very atmospheric. Actually, each filter has its own “character” and affects the image in a unique way.

-These VSCO Photoshop actions make every photographer and designer fully reveal his/her creative potential and experiment with different shots as much as he/she wishes. Just image how fascinating results you may get!

-Though this collection is designed to enrich pictures with cinematic vibes, you can also conveniently use it to edit photos in a classic manner.

-If you like taking pictures and you want to experiment, using excellent filters, you should definitely download this Cinematic Action Photoshop kit.

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