125 Free Fall Photoshop Actions

The collection of free fall actions Photoshop will help wedding, portrait, landscape photographers to emphasize and convey the beauty of the landscapes or nature backgrounds on the photos. With the help of the autumn action Photoshop free bundle, it will be easier and faster for any user to emphasize the autumn atmosphere in 1 click on your laptop based on Windows and Mac. The versions of the Adobe Photoshop program (CS3-CS6), the Creative Cloud and PSE 11-18 elements work well with these fall Photoshop actions free. Use the images in RAW and JPG format to preserve their quality retouching.

Fall Photoshop Actions #1 "Leaves"

photoshop actions for fall

Free Fall Photoshop Actions #2 "Light"

photoshop free fall actions

Fall Photoshop Action #3 "Autumn Tone"

free photoshop actions fall

Autumn Photoshop Action #4 "Toning"

fall color photoshop action

Autumn Photoshop Actions #5 "Gold Shine"

photoshop action fall colors

Fall Actions Photoshop #6 "Warm Day"

fall color action for photoshop

Related Fall Photoshop Action

This is one of the most useful bundles for thematic photoshoots. The presented fun collection of fall Photoshop actions free will surprise any user and give you the opportunity to show your creative side in designing beautiful digital masterpieces from dull images. These free actions can serve as a useful teaching material to try various Photoshop effects and experiment with different settings. These free fall Photoshop actions help improve the overall quality and add light. They enrich the photos with warm orange, green, brown and yellow colors, and make the original autumn color scheme.

Fall Actions for Photoshop #7 "Aqua"

fall photoshop actions

Free Fall Actions Photoshop #8 "Bright Colors"

free fall photoshop actions

Fall Photoshop Actions Free #9 "Creative"

fall photoshop action

Fall Action Photoshop #10 "Hard Contrast"

autumn photoshop action

Autumn Photoshop Action Free #11 "Ultra Violet"

autumn photoshop actions

Autumn Action Photoshop #12 "Warm Light"

fall actions photoshop

Autumn Actions Photoshop #13 "Brightening"

fall actions for photoshop

Free Autumn Actions Photoshop #14 "Retro Colors"

free fall actions photoshop

Free Autumn Photoshop Actions #15 "Retro Film"

fall photoshop actions free

Fall Photoshop Actions #16 "Aqua"

fall action photoshop

Free Fall Photoshop Actions #17 "Night"

autumn photoshop action free

Fall Photoshop Action #18 "Retro Art"

autumn action photoshop

Autumn Photoshop Action #19 "Black and White"

autumn actions photoshop

Autumn Photoshop Actions #20 "Cold"

free autumn actions photoshop

Fall Actions Photoshop #21 "Contrast Green"

free autumn photoshop actions

Fall Actions for Photoshop #22 "Contrast"

free fall actions for photoshop

Free Fall Actions Photoshop #23 "Gold Filter"

photoshop fall actions

Fall Photoshop Actions Free #24 "Matte"

photoshop actions free for fall

Fall Action Photoshop #25 "Colorful"

fall color photoshop actions

Autumn Photoshop Action Free #26 "Daylight"

fall color actions for photoshop

Autumn Action Photoshop #27 "Evening"

photoshop actions fall

Autumn Actions Photoshop #28 "Greener"

free photoshop actions for fall

Free Autumn Actions Photoshop #29 "HDR"

free photoshop fall actions

Free Autumn Photoshop Actions #30 "Sea"

best fall photoshop actions

More Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

Professionally selected PS settings of the following Photoshop free fall actions will enhance any photograph, and working with them will cause difficulties neither for beginning nor experienced photographers.The developers of fall Photoshop actions free seriously came to its designing so that them could satisfy the needs of photographers, retouchers, designers and bloggers. You can experiment with different actions and use them for different genres of photos. The given free Photoshop actions for fall have been tested many times on various types of photography by our retouchers. 

Fall Photoshop Actions #31 "Film"

fall effect photoshop action

Free Fall Photoshop Actions #32 "Winter"

fall colors photoshop action

Fall Photoshop Action #33 "HDR"

photoshop fall action

Autumn Photoshop Action #34 "Cross Process"

photoshop fall color action

Autumn Photoshop Actions #35 "Sepia"

fall colors action photoshop

Fall Actions Photoshop #36 "Matte"

fall free action for photoshop

Recommendations for Autumn Photoshop Actions

  • The photos with different kinds of light and colors will play in a new way after the work of the free Photoshop fall actions.
  • Recommended applying to portraits, landscape and travel photos.
  • Good for the pictures with contrasting colors. Yellow fall leaves on the blue cloudy sky or red leaves on a dark green surface will contrast incredibly charming.
  • The Free Fall Photoshop Actions can help correct white balance flaws and emphasize a well-caught exposure on your photos.
  • Fall Photoshop Action is suitable for retouching small objects on the photo, like leaves, mushrooms and other fall details, which are favorably emphasized on the general background of the image.
  • With a unique mixture of paint and tone in these actions you will find how easy it is to customize any look or style. Evaluate the quality of our free fall actions Photoshop, experiment and create new colorful images for your portfolio.

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