Bride and Groom Poses

Bride and Groom Poses

Bride and groom poses are a very important part of the wedding photoshoot, though many amateur photographers don’t prepare any poses at all, only thinking about lifestyle photos. Even if you know everything about lighting, equipment and photo editing, if your pose ideas are poor, it may badly influence your wedding photography client list.

The wrong pose can make the beautiful couple look absolutely clumsy or awkward, and the right bride and groom poses can help you hide different defects and take a magnificent wedding picture.

40 Bride and Groom Poses

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Find out how to pose and what background is better for magnificent and romantic wedding portraits. Download the free wedding photography checklists to be ready for your wedding photoshoot.

1. The Basic Pose

This is a classic groom and bride pose that has a lot of variations, and it is definitely a must-have pose for a wedding photoshoot. The main element of this pose is newlyweds touching the hip and waist areas. You can kiss, hug, lean in or just stand and look at the camera, but you should do something with your hands and not just keep them straight.

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2. Walking Hand in Hand

The photos where the bridge and groom are walking, holding hands and laughing are very touching. In addition, it is kind of a sign of your shared path in life. You can implement such bride and groom poses looking at the camera or at each other. As for location, you can choose anything, for example, a beach, park or even city scenery.

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3. Looking into the Eyes

Another example of classic bride and groom poses – the photo of newlyweds facing each other. You can look into your soulmate’s eyes, look away, or even close your eyes and smile. Anyway, the pose will look very intimate and touching. Try to take different pictures openly smiling to capture vibrant pictures and smile with a corners of your mouth to create a more tender atmosphere.

wedding poses for bride and groom

4. Bride in Front of the Groom

If you arrange the photo shoot outdoors with beautiful landscapes or in some magnificent architectural place, you should try the groom and bride photo poses where the groom stands behind the bride, hugs her and they both look off into the distance.

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5. Groom Carrying the Bride

Poses for couples when the groom is carrying the bride over a beautiful bridge or some picturesque meadow look really gripping. You can experiment with angles, as well as make the bride’s dress flow gracefully.

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6. On Swings

Using a swing is an amazing idea. The bride can smile and laugh while the groom is swinging her. It ensures a great mood and emotions so the photographer can take very sincere and exciting shots.

wedding pose

7. The Dip

To take such bride and groom photos, the groom should gently and carefully dip his bridge and look into her eyes. Such shots turn out to be especially beautiful on the beach or in a meadow.

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8. The Symmetry

The photo of the newlyweds kissing is a must-have for a photo album, so it should undoubtedly be on the list of bride and groom poses. You can lean forward and kiss, and the photographer can help you look symmetrical to create a charming picture against a fascinating background.

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9. Opened Up

Choose a picturesque location and try to recreate the “Opened Up” pose for bride and groom photos. It means the couple should open up their feet and look at the camera or at each other. Check the sample below.

wedding picture poses

10. Closed Up

Similar to some other bride and groom ideas, this one is also a classic. The newly wedded can cuddle together and face each other so that they are closed from the whole world. Such poses look very intimate and tender.

bride and groom photos

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11. Together

No groom and bride poses list would be complete without this one. It has a symbolic meaning – together in good times and bad, through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Choose some incredible location for this pose and ask the couple to look off into the distance.

bride and groom photos

12. The Carry

These kinds of poses for bride and groom are considered to be. The picture with the groom carrying the bride can be taken from various angles and it will still be very interesting and beautiful.

poses for bride and groom

13. Staggered Couple

Such a pose for wedding photos is a little overused today, so to create a really unusual and interesting picture with such an idea, you can add some changes. You may also try to take a shot with focus set on just the bride or groom.

big bridal party photos

14. Kiss in the Middle

This is a very cute pose, which will also be perfect for the symmetrical pictures.

wedding poses for couples

15. The Walk

Bride and groom photos with the newlyweds naturally walking are very traditional. However, such poses look quite attractive, that’s why they are so popular. The walk is also widely used by videographers, as it adds motion.

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16. The Bend and Kiss

Probably one of the best groom and bride poses is the groom standing behind the bride, wrapping her and kissing her neck or the forehead. Moreover, you will be able to draw attention to their rings.

unique wedding photography poses

17. The Chase

The wedding day is filled with different events, so try to take both formal and funny shots! Try to shoot the groom leading his bride and her glancing back at the photographer. This example of bride and groom poses will reflect the atmosphere of the day. Also pay attention to the flow of the dress.

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18. The Lean for Kiss

Create unique wedding photos where the couple leans in to kiss each other. This pose will be especially amazing for the evening photo session in the romantic setting.

wedding poses ideas

19. The Vignette

This is a great example of outdoor wedding photography ideas. You don’t need to worry about different props, just admire the nature. You can use leaves, flowers, trees and bushes as a vignette for the loving couple.

posing the wedding party

20. The Eternal Pose

This one belongs to timeless bride and groom poses. The bride stands with her back to the camera, and the groom is looking into her eyes. The bride can slightly touch the groom’s face. This is also a great chance to show the back of the wedding dress.

wedding poses examples

21. A Glimpse

Pictures with a quick glance are so sincere and natural, so it’s not surprising why this pose is on the wedding photos list. To take such a shot, you can just call the bride or groom and press the shutter button.

fun wedding photo ideas

22. Warm Embrace

It is one of the sweetest traditional bride and groom photo poses. It may seem too simple, but it is so beautiful at the same time. The bride should get behind the groom, embrace him and put her head on his shoulder. You can take such a shot from different angles, it will still be ideal.

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23. The Lift and Laugh

Are you looking for some fun wedding photo ideas? This pose is quite a tricky one, so it is better for the newlyweds to practice a little to avoid spoiling their clothes on the Big Day. Ask them to feel relaxed and enjoy the pose.

creative wedding photo ideas

24. The First Look

This is probably one of the most important and unique groom and bride poses. It is not a pose that can be practiced, as the photographer should not interfere in this process. There are a variety of ways to shoot the first look. The main thing for a photographer is to capture the first reaction and emotions of the bride and groom when they see each other.

bride and groom poses

25. The Tie Grab

If the groom wears a tie on this day, ask the bride to grab it gently, pull it and kiss the groom. Such photos look very cute, so it will be a great idea for wedding couple poses photography. It will be even better if you manage to catch sun rays.

traditional wedding photo poses

26. The Forehead Rest

It is a great example of simple, yet still sweet bride and groom photo poses. You’ll get an image filled with love, tenderness and warm emotions.

outdoor wedding photography ideas

27. A Little Privacy

bride and groom poses

Let the newlyweds hide somewhere, even behind the bride’s bouquet. It’s a simple, but sweet and interesting idea for memorable wedding party pictures.

28. The Modern Bridal Portrait

We are used to the bridal portrait that is a photo where the newlyweds stand straight and look at the camera. However, you can diversify such groom and bride poses and take more up-to-date pictures. Suggest the couple talk to each other and remember their first date, first kiss, etc. Such portraits should be more attractive and interesting than the usual ones.

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29. The Get Away

There are so many details on the wedding day, but we must mention the wheels. Remember all the creative wedding photo ideas you have, and take into account that the send-off is a perfect way to finish the wedding photo album.

wedding couple poses photography

30. Love Can Blind

This is an amazing example of bride and groom posing ideas to start the shooting. Before the groom sees his bride and her dress, ask her to cover his eyes and capture this moment.

wedding pictures ideas

31. Tender Forehead Kiss

In case your couple feels awkward, suggest simple bride and groom poses. The groom may kiss the bride on the forehead, and this will let them feel more relaxed during the whole photo session.

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32. Kiss under Veil

If you are looking for some touching and unique wedding photo ideas, you should definitely use this one. Let them hide under the bride’s veil and kiss while you are capturing such an intimate moment.

unique wedding photos

33. Lean Back

Try to imitate such bride and groom poses, and you will see how touching and beautiful this photo is. It will reflect their love, trust and support.

wedding party pictures

34. First Dance

Whether it’s a practiced dance or the newlyweds are really dancing for the first time, it is still a must have for wedding party poses ideas. All the angles will look fantastic if the newlyweds look into each other’s eyes.

wedding party poses

35. Loving Hug

Do you want to show how much the newlyweds love each other? You don’t need some special and difficult bride and groom poses for this, just ask them to hug each other, and you can take a lot of candid pictures.

marriage couple photo style

36. The Traditional Pose

For many photographers, this kind of bride and groom poses is too simple and overused. However, it still looks really beautiful. Remember to focus only on one partner.

wedding poses

37. The Vows

Speaking the vows is an important stage of the wedding. There are no compulsory wedding photoshoot poses for such a moment. You just have to concentrate and choose the proper angle.

wedding photos

38. Silhouettes

This example of poses for bride and groom is certainly worth trying, so wait for a sunset and take the beautiful picture of the couple’s silhouettes. They can just stand or kiss.

wedding photography poses

39. Whisper

This is another kind of bride and groom poses if you want to get an intimate and tender shot. Just ask him or her to whisper something to his/her partner.

best wedding poses

40. Last Picture of the Day

If your couple is going to leave the hotel, capture them standing in the elevator with the doors closing.

wedding photoshoot poses

Bride and Groom Photos Position Tips

Taking amazing pictures and finding the proper poses for the couple could be a real challenge for any photographer. I suggest some useful wedding photography tips that relate to nine areas you should pay attention to while choosing bride and groom poses.

Tip 1. Place the Arms Properly

It often happens that the couple doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera and they don't know where to put their arms. As a rule, the arms are placed directly on the sides. Ask the bride and the groom to stand close to each other, holding or interlocking their hands. This variant of the bride and groom poses is more attractive and natural.

bride and groom poses

Tip 2. Take Care of Diagonal Lines

bride and groom poses

While shooting, pay much attention to the lines different parts of the body create. Keep in mind that arms are usually the most problematic area. Instinctively, the newlyweds try stretching them in a straight line.

bride and groom poses

Suggest the bride to bend her arm and pick up her dress in such a way that it forms the necessary diagonal line. Using this bride and groom pose, you will make the photo more attractive and dimensional, and also add the effect of movement.

Tip 3. Inspire Effortless Interaction

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A wedding celebration is always accompanied by tremendous stress, pressure and nervousness. Therefore, photographers quite often come across confused, couples lacking confidence, and if they first face the camera, this causes even more difficulties.

wedding party poses

Your task is to help the couple relax and only then you will be able to capture their love, happiness and other emotions. The best poses for the bride and groom will be the ones where they hug each other, hold hands or talk while sitting side by side.

Tip 4. Control the Posture

No matter how original and well thought the bride and groom poses are, you will not get a wonderful picture if your couple slouches or has other problems with posture. Show the newlyweds how to breathe properly before you take pictures. This way you can achieve a straight posture and get better photos. This approach can be used to take family photos. It happens rather often when one person can spoil the whole image with his/her incorrect posture. So do your best to avoid such situations.

bride and groom poses

Tip 5. Make Sure that You Have a Clear Background

bride and groom poses

When getting ready to take the incredible bride and groom photos, don’t forget to check if everything is fine with the background. You will not achieve the desired results if you have a very cluttered background or inconsistent colors and light. Remember that the place where your couple will pose should correspond to the chosen style. In addition, make sure that there are no other people or distracting things in the background. All attention should be focused on the bride and the groom.

bride and groom poses

If you want the bride’s face to be emphasized, you must examine all the other elements that fall into the frame. Check if all lines are directed to her eyes. There must be no distracting things or parts of the body, both in the foreground and in the background. For example, you can choose a background that matches the color of the bride's dress. Thus, all attention will be on her face.

bride and groom poses

While planning your bride and groom poses, you should not forget that a wedding photo session should not turn into a hard trial. The newlyweds should enjoy the shooting process, so choose the poses that will be the most natural for them. Learn more about the best wedding ideas and postures by reviewing the Wedding Photographer Guide.

Tip 6. Capture Natural Expressions

bride and groom poses

Even the best bride and groom poses will be spoiled if the bride and groom have unnatural and intense facial expressions. For example, if your chosen pose involves some kind of interaction but the bride and groom have indifferent faces, you will not get an awesome photo.

bride and groom poses

Help the couple feel free in front of the camera. Ask them about their feelings for each other, learn about the story of their first meeting, or offer to share some funny situations.

bride and groom poses

Be sure you do not have to wait long to see the desired effect. Therefore, keep your camera ready and capture genuine emotions of happiness, love, joy, fun, etc.

Tip 7. Try Various Shoulder Angles

bride and groom poses

To place a couple facing each other is one of the most popular bride and groom poses. But if the bride’s shoulder is raised too high, it can disrupt the entire balance of the image and attract unnecessary attention. In this case, ask the bride to lower her shoulder and turn a little clockwise. Add some space between the couple.

bride and groom poses

Do not forget to follow the shapes and angles that are formed during a particular pose. The main focus of the photograph can shift to the wrong object due to the sharp straight lines.

bride and groom poses

Try to get as many diagonal lines as possible. It doesn’t matter what groom and bride photo poses you choose. In any case, do not leave the hands straight.

bride and groom poses

Since the arms should look as genuine as possible, your couple should feel at ease, so help them relax and calm down. You should always keep an eye on where the arms are and what their role in the position is.

Tip 8. Mind Fingers and Hands

Proper arrangement of the fingers and hands is also an essential part of the bride and groom poses. If the chosen pose involves interlocking, check how they look. For instance, the photo where only the groom's fingers are visible on the bride’s waist can’t be successful. They immediately attract attention, forcing you to think about where they came from.

wedding pictures ideas

Tip 9. Set the Legs

Since your couple has to stand a lot on their wedding day, this can cause fatigue and inconvenience. All this can affect the emotions and feelings that will be seen in the photo. Choose the most comfortable position for the couple’s legs. Find out which one the body weight falls on most often. Change the bride and groom poses to make the couple feel more natural and give them a little rest.

Tip 10. Don’t Miss the Small Details

bride and groom poses

Before taking a picture, check if there are any distracting elements or unnecessary things in the frame. That way, you won’t need to remove unwanted objects from a photo.

bride and groom poses

In order to get really good pictures, you need to check everything from a couple's posture to the position of different body parts.

bride and groom poses

Suggest the bride take a breath in before you start shooting. This will help make the waist more slender and improve her posture. Also, check that everybody is facing the camera, no one is slouching and the bride and groom poses are done correctly.

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