Funny Wedding Pictures

Funny Wedding Pictures

Do you think all wedding photos are boring or too official? Not at all. I prepared for you some incredibly funny wedding pictures. Some will make you roll on the floor laughing, while others will make you shocked.

Even the most experienced and qualified wedding planner cannot foresee those small disasters that happen on this important day. Any wedding celebration is accompanied by nerves, additional pressure, and other similar things that necessarily lead to some level of chaos. Here you can view a bundle of funny wedding photos with falling flower girls, ridiculous facial expressions of the groom's friends, or irregularities with the bride’s hairstyle or clothes. All this, of course, shocks both the newlyweds and the photographers who are hoping to get excellent photos. However, you can find a way out of most of these situations, and I will tell you how to do it.

50 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

Photo 1. Bride’s Power

funny wedding photos

The bride blows off annoying groomsmen with her magic power. Does the groom know about the bride’s secret? I think it's one of the best outdoor wedding photography ideas.

Photo 2. The End of the Bachelor Life

fun wedding photos

Have you ever had the feeling that you are left alone in this world? This guy definitely knows who has stolen his best friend. For sure, this is one of the funniest wedding photos ever.

Photo 3. Hidden Secret

funny wedding pics

She has hidden something valuable there. I wonder what?! Such wedding funnies can be both embarrassing and hilarious. Be careful not to become the most popular dirty wedding photographer in your area.

Photo 4. The Last Episode

wedding funnies

Here is a great idea for funny wedding pictures. The groom is surrounded by the admiring bridesmaids and the bride is standing among the rapturous groomsmen. Nevertheless, there is a feeling that something is wrong.

Photo 5. Bride Kong

funny weddings

Surely the story about Gulliver and the Lilliputians served as an inspiration for such an idea for fun wedding photos. However, what did the unfortunate groomsmen do to get under the bride's heel?

Photo 6. She Did It!

fun wedding photo ideas

They don't believe he has done it! Wedding images of engagement rings don’t just have to be serious and romantic; they can be ridiculous as well. This is one of the best fun wedding photo ideas for grooms.

Photo 7. First Look Went Wrong!

funny wedding picture ideas

Another kind of a funny marriage photo is shocking and ridiculous. Surprise-surprise! The bride has dramatically changed while the groom is standing and waiting for his darling.

Photo 8. Jurassic Park

funny wedding

Would you like to have some funny wedding pics in the Jurassic Park style? This variant is for you. The scared groomsmen running away from a huge dinosaur look really cool. Who did they piss off so much? Never make the bride angry!

Photo 9. If Anyone Objects to This Marriage, Let Them Speak Now or Forever Hold Their Peace

hilarious wedding photos

This pastor has his own understanding of the first kiss photo. Undoubtedly, no one expected him to be the man who would spoil the picture.

Photo 10. True Celebration

funny wedding poses

Here are some other wedding funniest pictures. This couple decided to get ready for their wedding photo session and arranged a private party. Do you think their guests saw them that day?

Photo 11. Don’t Interrupt

funny wedding poses

Would you like to have more funny wedding pictures in your album? Then this photo can be a nice inspiration. Such situations happen when the newlyweds want to have a minute of privacy but people's curiosity is endless.

Photo 12. Who Is the Winner?

funny wedding photos bridesmaids

In this photo, the couple probably decided to determine who will be in charge of their family. Impressive emotions of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen make this image even more interesting. You probably agree such funny wedding photos are much more attractive than traditional ones. Don’t forget to make professional color corrections or add a beautiful color effect such as Matte, Cinematic, Moody or Film to make emotions more vivid.

Photo 13. Not the Veil!

funny wedding party photos

Oh no! My v-e-i-l! I don’t think anyone would want to be in this guy’s shoes as stepped on the bride's veil at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Thanks to such ridiculous situations we get funny wedding pictures.

Photo 14. Catastrophe

unique wedding photos

Somebody has eaten too much cake. This couple was going to take some wonderful pictures near the water but everything went wrong. We hope nobody got hurt. This is one of the most hilarious wedding pictures.

Photo 15. Parental Education

hilarious wedding pictures

The sad dad gave all his money for the better future of his girl and for that “amazing” dress. What really happened remains a secret but this snapshot is among the best funny wedding party photos.

Photo 16. The King of the Day

cartoon wedding photos

Who said that the groom should be photographed with his best men? This guy probably feels like the king of the world, surrounded by such beauties. This is a wonderful idea for funny bridesmaid pictures.

Photo 17. The Best Friends Can’t Spoil the Photo

funniest wedding photos ever

This dog needed only a moment of solitude, but these annoying people with their photos ... After all, the wedding party photos with parents came out with a dog surprise.

Photo 18. Ugly Secret of Beauty

outdoor wedding photography ideas

You should always have someone to help with romantic rainy pictures. It doesn’t matter whether the photo was planned or the shooter made a mistake, but your photo album will be even more interesting thanks to such funny wedding picture ideas.

Photo 19. The Rain

funny marriage pictures for facebook

They say rain on the wedding day brings the couple good luck. It seems that this bride takes this proverb at face value. A nice, sunny day looks like a big obstacle to her happy marriage and she understands it. This is one of my favorite funny wedding pictures.

Photo 20. The Groom is Here!

funny wedding photos

This dog is so cute and elegant that the photographer must have taken it for an important guest.

Photo 21. Moment of Solitude!

unique wedding photo ideas

Has their honeymoon already started? This is one of the most creative wedding photos ideas. Аn unusual couples’ pose leaves much space for your imagination.

Photo 22. Love Me or Die

must have wedding photos

The groom is probably going to cut the cake soon. But the first thought is that he is already sorry for his marriage. This photo takes its deserved place in this collection of unique wedding photos.

Photo 23. Fie!

wedding pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen

Oh, go on kissing, we are not looking! This can be a great idea for wedding pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen. The photograph with kissing newlyweds surrounded by their friends, who have turned away from the couple, looks really nice.

Photo 24. True Support!

wedding pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen

This photo is a wonderful example of unique wedding photography poses. A best friend will always support you at any moment.

Photo 25. I Don’t!

must have wedding photos

She has changed her mind, but who cares? This snapshot must be on the list of the top funny wedding image ideas.

Photo 26. Don’t Let Them Do Them

bridal party poses

One of my favorite must have wedding photos. You can ask guests and witnesses to separate the newlyweds from each other, while the groom and bride resist. They may kiss or hold hands, or even scream, showing the force of their feelings. Make the photo more interesting, putting only women on her side and only men on his side, or vice versa.

Photo 27. Not for Kids

bridal party poses

This is a nice and touching variant for those who are searching for fun wedding photo ideas with kids. Children often feel embarrassed and close their eyes when they see how lovers express tender feelings. So, use this funny contrast! Take a picture of the kissing couple near little girls with their palms on their eyes.

Photo 28. True Process of Getting Ready

unique wedding photography poses

Not ready yet! This is one of the funny wedding picture ideas that always looks cool and emotional. Use an element of surprise to shoot how the bride and the bridesmaids are preparing for the celebration. It’s a good idea to use mirrors, cosmetics, a hairdryer, towels and, of course, curlers. Don’t be afraid to look silly—it’s okay.

Photo 29. Sport Competition

outdoor wedding photography ideas

The rivalry between men and women is really popular for creative wedding photo ideas. You can create the illusion of competition in different ways. For example, ask the newlyweds and their friends to stand by for a race, or to see who jumps the highest. Anyway, the contest between males and females seems quite amusing.

Photo 30. Bossy

funniest wedding photos ever

Little boss is ready to rule! I love fun wedding photos with kids, as they always look positive and natural. Just place a little boy in the center of the composition. Wearing sunglasses and a formal black outfit, he looks really cool. You can also pose adult men in the background, as his guards.

Photo 31. You Promised!

cartoon wedding photos

My collection of funny wedding pictures usually includes a photo of the bachelor who wants to remain free and independent. It looks very funny when the bride tries to force the groom to go to the wedding ceremony. She can pull him by a hand or a leg, and he will shout and resist. But, what about the little groomsmen?

Photo 32. She is Mine!

funny wedding photo ideas

A stolen bride is a classic plot of love and detective novels, romantic stories and fairy tales. Just imagine how the man feels like a winner, bearing his beloved in his hands. These unique wedding photos demonstrate the resoluteness of the groom and bride's happiness.

Photo 33. On hook

funny wedding poses

The combination of traditional wedding attributes and some symbolic things looks creative and funny. For instance, you can take a photo of wedding rings and a fishing hook. A happy marriage is a good catch for the newlyweds. So, use this comparison to take funny wedding images with a little irony.

Photo 34. I’m Her Dad, I’m Watching You

funny wedding pics

Military style is unusual for wedding photoshoots. But don’t be afraid to add some elements to your photos. Using funny wedding poses, you will receive an extraordinary and remarkable composition. Show the groom’s force and masculinity in opposition to the bride’s vulnerability and innocence. You can even play a detective story!

Photo 35. I Loved Her First

fun wedding photos

The prototype of a competitor, lover or jealous predecessor is a good opportunity to take funny wedding pictures. It introduces the element of competition, passion, and sincere joy. Ask the loving couple to kiss passionately near a man, holding a plate with an inscription that says, “I loved her first!”

Photo 36. Is He Died?!

wedding funniest

Each professional photographer knows that B&W photos help express the model’s emotions. Using a monochrome effect, you can surprise the newlyweds with touching and funny wedding photos. Catch a moment of laughing children with their mother, hugs or kissing. Use the chance to experiment with lighting and shadows.

Photo 37. Last Chance to Run

funny wedding pics

“This is your last chance to run!” say friends to the groom, who is ready to get married. It’s a good idea for funny wedding pictures. The situation is very simple. So, you can give a plate with these words written on it to one of the groomsmen or even to a little boy. I guarantee that this idea will cause laughter and joyful emotions.

Photo 38. Last Chance to Run

funny wedding photos

Are you looking for a cool idea for wedding pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen? This one will make your wedding photoshoot creative and funny. Mention the famous illustration of Darwin’s theory of evolution and ask the guests to imitate it. Serious men in their smart outfits, posing as cavemen, seems laughable.

Photo 39. Forever Alone

funny wedding picture ideas

Harmonious love and forever alone – painful, but funny contrast. If the newlyweds like ironic and even satiric photos, propose taking these funny wedding pics. You need at least two or three kissing couples and one pitiable forever-alone-person.

Photo 40. That’s Not Mine

hilarious wedding photos

Hilarious wedding photos usually include the bride’s lingerie. You shouldn’t ask her to undress; just use any other bra or pants. You can ask the groom to pose with this lingerie in a silly and funny manner. This idea doesn’t suit all newlyweds, but some of them will really enjoy it. The result will be a cool emotional and surprising photo shoot!

Photo 41. Cute Sings

funny wedding pictures cartoon

A win-win idea for funny wedding pictures is to give little children any amusing signs. You can use some pleasant compliments for the bride and her bridesmaids, or go the opposite direction with a suggestion for the groom to escape.

Photo 42. Single Man

funny wedding pictures with captions

You are welcome to add some humor to the official ceremony by using an amusing sign like this. Remember that photos of the newlyweds and their guests shouldn’t always be serious or romantic. You usually have to use all your creativity to take the wedding funniest photos that are full of emotions and positive moments.

Photo 43. Lord of Rings

funny wedding guest instagram captions

This is a simple but very effective way to enliven the holiday atmosphere. I hope your guests won't panic seeing this sign! Everyone understands it is just a joke to take the funny wedding pictures. Think about such inscriptions in advance to surprise the newlyweds with unpredictable situations.

Photo 44. Alcohol Signs

funny marriage pictures with funny quotes

Tasty cocktails and good strong drinks are an essential attribute of any fantastic event. So, don’t feel shy and be ready to prepare such a sign with a joyful inscription. It will not only help to take wedding funny images but also warn about any potential crashes. I guarantee that the newlyweds and their guests will laugh.

Photo 45. Party Reminder

fun wedding photo ideas

A noisy party is the best ending to any wedding holiday and the last chance for the photographer to take a variety of cool and funny wedding pictures. Invite the guests to go-go dance with this witty and unusual sign. The dance floor won’t be empty and you will catch the perfect shots of the party.

Photo 46. Bar Recommendation

must have wedding photos

Funny weddings signs are an important part of the open bar decoration. It is a hilarious "warning" to everyone who wants to try the provided drinks and various alcoholic cocktails during the day.

Photo 47. Vodka Message

wedding pictures ideas

The traditional hilarious inspiration for guests who think they can’t dance. Help them to open all their potential thanks to the bar menu. You can also arrange the wedding funnies photoshoots near this amusing sign.

Photo 48. Funny Signs

funny wedding photo ideas

One of my favorite features of the wedding decorations is when the meal is served at different thematic stations. So, guests change their seats and company mixes. A good idea is to mark the stations with such ridiculous signs. That way, you will be able to take funny bridesmaid pictures and creative shots of other guests.

Photo 49. Cards Sign

wedding funnies

Don’t forget to relieve the monotony of the classic wedding decorations by preparing ridiculous salutatory cards on each table. They will make all of the guests smile, so you will have a good chance to take funny wedding party photos.

Photo 50. Here She Comes

fun wedding photo ideas

The touching picture of the smiling little boy who tries to warn the groom about the arrival of the bride. The combination of children's naivety and adult irony causes a great smile for you to take funny wedding pictures. All of this creates an amicable and joyful atmosphere for a cozy wedding holiday.

Pay attention to these ideas. Perhaps something will help you to avoid the ridiculous photos or, on the contrary, add interesting solutions to your wedding photo piggy bank.

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