Wedding Cakes Photography

Wedding Cakes Photography

wedding cakes photography

Are you taking wedding cakes photography? Definitely, yes! In addition to stunning photographs of the couple, their families and guests, each photographer tries to capture as many different details as possible, ranging from wedding dresses, rings, reception decorations and ending with a wedding cake. Often, the bride and groom spend a lot of time on designing their wedding cake, so you cannot ignore it. Read more to find some useful wedding cake photography tips and ideas.

10 Wedding Cakes Images Your Couple Will Adore

1. Solo Shot

Don't forget to take a solo wedding cake shot before cutting it and starting the event. First, you should begin with a front side to showcase layers of a cake and every small detail. Then you can move on to taking pictures from all possible angles including the back side and even involve a few background details in a shot.

wedding cakes photography

2. Close Up Details

Each wedding is unique in its own way and wedding cakes photography is supposed to reflect couple's special tastes and preferences that they have chosen to display on a cake. These characteristics may appear in such details as a cake topper, bride and groom's initials or references to their favorite things. These details and other decorations like symbols, flowers or bows will be memorable to every couple, that's why your task is to capture all of them properly.

images wedding cakes

3. Other Details

One more significant aspect of wedding cakes photography is capturing the details connected with the cutting of a cake, namely napkins, cutlery and plates. Together with choosing the design and type of cake, in order to match the wedding theme, the bride and groom might have selected these particular items. Ask a couple whether they have any kind of engraving, as you will need to capture it closely in the photos.

wedding cakes photography
wedding cakes photography

4. Couple with Cake

While the cake is still untouched, suggest a couple or a bride/groom to stand near it and make a pose. Capture a groom and bride standing on the right or the left side of a cake in a sweet pose of hugging each other. Such a photo can definitely make it perfect for a wedding album. A classical idea for wedding cakes photography is to ask a couple to replicate the identical cake’s topper pose in a shot.

wedding cake shots

5. Cutting the Cake

A symbolic and meaningful moment of a simultaneous cake cutting should definitely be captured. Take close up pictures of every step of the process: groom and bride holding and using a knife together, cutting the first piece of cake. Every now and then a couple doesn't know how to slice a cake properly and this is your chance to capture their real emotions of amusement and fun.

images wedding cakes
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6. Couple Feeding Cake

When the pieces of cake are finally cut, a bride and groom generally feed each other. You can take shots of a groom and ask a second photographer to take shots of a bride or vice versa.

wedding cakes photography

7. Serving Cake to Guests

Another essential part of wedding cakes photography is getting pictures of a cake on the table. Before guests start tasting it, don't forget to take several shots of the slices. I recommend you involving table decorations to get remarkable shots for a couple to remember every little detail about their happy day.

images wedding cakes
images wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Photography Tips & Creative Decorations

Here are 20 wedding photography tips that will be very useful if you’re taking wedding cake photos at the first time. You may also show the following ideas to your brief and groom that can help them to decorate the table with their wedding cake and sweets.

1. Don't Take Photos at the Venue, Do It in the Kitchen

If you wish to get excellent wedding cakes images, it is better not to take them at the venue. You never know what background, lighting or other conditions are to expect there. That's why do your best to take all the necessary shots of a cake before it's delivered to the guests.

2. Natural Light Is Recommended

One of the main rules of wedding cakes photography is to use natural light and forget about electric lighting.

wedding cakes photography
wedding cakes photography

3. Take Photos Near a Window

If there is soft light coming from a window or from above, a cake will look marvelous in an image. I suggest you not to take wedding cake shots just in the center of a room, but at Pretty Witty HQ with natural light coming from a window.

4. Do Food Photo Editing

Sometimes a cake is delivered at late hours, which means that you won't be able to use natural light. Don’t be upset and edit your wedding cakes photography in Photoshop or correct white balance in Lightroom.

images wedding cakes

5. Find the Best Background and Setting

Don't forget to think carefully of wedding cakes background, as an exquisite cake next to the ironing will look weird. For a background, it might be a great idea to purchase a scrapbooking paper in a craft store or a wallpaper in a DIY shop. In case you make wedding cakes frequently, you may create a variety of backgrounds by lining plywood with wallpaper and have different walls for each cake.

wedding cake shots

6. Any Camera Will Be Suitable

I won’t write recommendations about buying this or another camera, because any camera and any lens (a macro lens isn’t a must-have) can take awesome wedding cake images.

7. If You Have More Than One Cake, Line Them Up

Cakes are supposed to be placed accurately in rows and face the identical direction. The same goes for decorations and flowers – they should look neat in the images! If you are dealing with pretty big cakes, be very careful and don't put a lot of decor in the background.

8. Try Taking Shots from the Side

Get creative while taking pictures of cupcakes, do not only use overhead angle. I recommend you to go down and take images of wedding cakes from the side angle. In this way, the cakes will look like they fade into the distance and you will be able to achieve an effect as if there are plenty of them, but in reality – from 10 to 15! In case you have big cakes, the side angle is also a must.

wedding cake shots

9. Experiment with the Background Color

It is amazing how differently a cake may look depending on a background. You'd better not only use one and the same background constantly, for instance, white but try the ones with spots or stripes. You can also prepare a collection of papers, fabrics, and cards meant for backgrounds.

10. Extract Cakes out of a Box!

You may find numerous images with cakes or cupcakes left in a box. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a magnificent cake, so don't hide its beauty and showcase it properly.

wedding cake shots
wedding cake shots

Creative Ways to Decorate Wedding Cake Shot

11. Wine Barrel

wedding cakes photography
wedding cakes photography

Serve a cake on an old wine barrel which will contribute to a rustic atmosphere of wedding cakes photography. You may also decorate a cake with small plants and flowers.

12. Floral Wreath

wedding cakes images
wedding cakes images

If there is a minimalistic wedding cake, it is always a great idea to put marvelous floral wreaths on top.

13. Play with Lighting and Bokeh

wedding cakes images
If you have run out of ideas on how to photograph cakes creatively, try hanging string light bulbs in the background. As a result, a cake will look luminous and radiant.

14. Suggest Buying a Cloche

wedding cakes photography
wedding cakes photography

A cake may be put into a cloche in order to increase a charming and enigmatic ambiance of a photo.

15. Prefer Natural Woodland Setting

wedding cakes photo

A fairytale wedding is a dream of almost every bride. Bring a fairytale into life, giving a wedding cake a woodland setting.

16. MORE Greenery!

bridal boudoir photography ideas
bridal boudoir photography ideas

Combine chic and country styles by hanging fresh greenery wreaths and placing a shiny table for a wedding cake.

17. Crates

wedding cakes background

Think out of the box and display a wedding cake on a wooden crate. Don't be afraid to experiment, use multiple crates, if necessary.

18. Custom Backdrop

wedding cakes photography

Use your imagination and create your own backdrop that will be totally different from the overall atmosphere so that a wedding cake will stick out. For instance, a cake in pastel colors can be combined with a dramatic background.

19. Writing Desk

wedding cake shots

A Victorian style can be an excellent inspiration for a wedding cake shot. Put a cake on a retro writing desk, lay out candles, greenery or flowers.

20. Wedding Arch

wedding cakes photography

A shabby-chic style of a wedding cake shot can be achieved by putting a cake on a platform made out of wood and hanging crystal chandelier.

Get a perfect shot that will undoubtedly satisfy the clients and bear in mind that they haven't seen your photos from other weddings. All they need is a striking and prominent wedding cake shot that has a certain meaning for them, that they will always remember looking at it in an album.

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