Wedding Cakes Photography Tips for Beginning Photographers

Want to create stunning wedding cakes photography? Some shutterbugs overlook the importance of such shots, but every couple is looking for a photographer that can capture as many different details as possible, ranging from wedding dresses, rings, reception decorations, and ending with a wedding cake.

Below, you’ll find an essential wedding cake shot list, backdrop and decorations ideas, as well as additional tips on how to capture the cake in full glory.

7 Essential Wedding Cakes Photos on Every Wedding

You may have tons of creative wedding photography ideas in mind, but first, you need to take the most important wedding cakes photography shots. Below, you’ll find a shot list consisting of 7 photos, that every couple requests.

1. Solo Shot

wedding cakes photography solo

The first wedding cake photo you should take is a classic solo shot. Don't forget to do it before cutting it and starting the event.

First, you should begin with a front side to showcase layers of a cake. Then you can move on to taking pictures from all possible angles including the backside and even involve a few background details in a shot.

2. Close Up Details

wedding cakes photography details

Similar to wedding dress photography, it’s important to capture every little detail of the cake. Each wedding is unique in its own way and your photos are supposed to reflect the couple's special tastes and preferences that they have chosen to display on a cake. These characteristics may appear in such details as a cake topper, bride and groom's initials, symbols, decorations, and flowers.

3. Additional Decorations

wedding cakes photography decorations

One more significant aspect of this photo style, that all famous wedding photographers capture is the additional cake decorations, namely monogrammed napkins, cutlery, and plates.

wedding cakes photography decorations

Together with choosing the design and type of cake, in order to match the wedding theme, the bride and groom might have made an effort to create custom decorations. Also, ask a couple whether they have any kind of engraving, as you will need to capture it closely in the photos.

4. Couple with Cake

wedding cakes photography couple

While the cake is still untouched, suggest a couple or a bride/groom pose near it. Capture a groom and bride standing on the right or the left side of a cake in a sweet pose of hugging each other. Such a photo will be perfect for a wedding album.

One of the most popular wedding photography poses with cake is to ask a couple to replicate the identical cake’s topper pose in a shot.

5. Cutting the Cake

wedding cakes photography cutting the cake

A symbolic and meaningful moment of a simultaneous cake cutting should definitely be captured. This is one of the sweetest bride and groom poses, that all newlyweds want to have.

wedding cakes photography cutting the cake

Take close-up pictures of every step of the process: groom and bride holding and using a knife together, cutting the first piece of cake. Every now and then a couple doesn't know how to slice a cake properly and this is your chance to capture their real emotions of amusement and fun.

6. Couple Feeding Cake

wedding cakes photography feeding

When the pieces of cake are finally cut, a bride and groom usually feed each other, and it’s one of the most essential wedding portraits that you should capture.

wedding cakes photography feeding

You can take shots of a groom and ask a second photographer to take shots of a bride or vice versa.

7. Serving Cake to Guests

wedding cakes photography serving cake

Another essential part of wedding cakes photography is getting pictures of a cake on the table. Before guests start tasting it, don't forget to take several shots of the slices.

wedding cakes photography serving cake

I recommend you incorporating table decorations to get remarkable shots for a couple to remember every little detail about their happy day.

Tips & Creative Decorations

Follow these 20 wedding photography tips if it’s your first time capturing cakes. You may also show the following ideas to your bride and groom, to give them some ideas on wedding photography props and decorations they can use.

Take Photos in the Kitchen

wedding cakes photography kitchen

If you wish to capture stunning wedding cakes photography, it is better not to do it at the venue. I recommend taking the photos beforehand, before the cake is delivered to the guests. You never know what background, lighting or other conditions are to expect there, so take this into account when planning a wedding photography timeline.

Use Natural Light

wedding cakes photography natural light
wedding cakes photography natural light

One of the main rules of not only wedding cakes photography, but also wedding ring photographs is to use natural light and avoid artificial lighting. If you’re struggling with shadows, just use a reflector board to fill the shadow areas with light.

wedding cakes photography window light

I suggest you not take wedding cake shots just in the center of a room, as the lighting will look bland. Instead, move it to the window. If there is soft light coming from it, the cake will look marvelous in an image.

Outsource Editing to Experts

wedding cakes photography

Sometimes, no matter how many tips you follow, the wedding cake photos end up bad. For example, a cake could be delivered at late hours, which means that you won't have enough light to capture it properly. Don’t be quick to get upset.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of fixing every photo by yourself, you can outsource your editing to a wedding photo retouching service, or use Lightroom wedding presets.

Find the Best Background and Setting

wedding cakes photography backdrop

Don't forget to think carefully of the background, as an exquisite cake next to the fire extinguisher will look weird. This often gets overlooked, so advise the clients to enquire about the location of the cake beforehand. The venue can offer tons of wedding photography backdrops that you can choose from: fairy lights, decorated walls, windows.

wedding cakes photography backdrop

Make sure to choose backgrounds that will complements the cake’s colors. You should also choose uncluttered spots, that won’t distract from the main object in your shots. Alternatively, you can also carry a photography backdrop paper to always have a beautiful background accessible for your shots, or use a drape.

Capture All Cakes

wedding cakes photography with multiple cakes

If there are multiple cakes, capture them together for a fun and vibrant shot. You can either place them accurately in rows, while facing the identical direction or scatter them around the table in harmonious chaos with other decorations.

Mind, if you are dealing with cakes that are heavily adorned, make sure to clear the table out of most of the decorations. Otherwise, the shot will be too cluttered.

Experiment with Angles

wedding cakes photography angles

Get creative while taking pictures of cakes, and do not only use eye-level angles. I recommend you to go down and shoot from below to make the cake look grand, or position your camera for wedding photos overhead, to create impressive tabletop photography. Take the side shot, after the cake has already been cut, to capture its texture and the colors inside.

Wine Barrel

wedding cakes photography wine barrel
wedding cakes photography wine barrel

Position a cake on an old wine barrel which will contribute to the rustic atmosphere of your wedding cakes photography. You may also decorate a cake with small plants and flowers.

Floral Wreath

wedding cakes photography wreath
wedding cakes photography wreath

If you are dealing with a minimalistic wedding cake, it is always a great idea to put marvelous floral wreaths on top, or each layer of the cake.

Create Bokeh Effect

wedding cakes photography bokeh

If the venue is decorated with fairy lights, use them to your own advantage. Create bokeh photography to achieve magical backdrops. As a result, a cake will look luminous and radiant. Make sure you have a bokeh lens, like Canon 85mm f/1.2 in your arsenal.

Use a Cloche

wedding cakes photography cloche
wedding cakes photography cloche

A cake may be put into a cloche in order to protect and preserve it. Most photographers remove it and capture wedding cakes photography without them. However, their unique designs can actually elevate your shots and increase a charming and enigmatic ambiance of a photo.

Incorporate Greenery

wedding cakes photography greenery
wedding cakes photography greenery

Wedding cakes are usually decorated with flowers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use additional greenery. Use leaves and branches to enhance the mood in your shots.

Use Crates

wedding cakes photography wooden crate

Think out of the box and display a wedding cake on a wooden crate. Don't be afraid to experiment, use multiple crates, if necessary.

Photo Booth Backdrop

wedding cakes photography photo booth

Every couple has unique wedding photo booth ideas, which they improve with thematic photo booth props. That’s why photo booths can become vibrant and colorful backdrops for cake shots.

wedding cakes photography photo booth

Don’t forget to warn the wedding coordinator beforehand, that you want to position the table with cake in front of the photo booth. When the guests arrive, it may be too late to do this, as they will be swarming the booth all the time.

Writing Desk

wedding cakes photography victorian desk

A Victorian style can be an excellent inspiration for a wedding cake shot. Put a cake on a retro writing desk, lay out candles, greenery, or flowers.

Wedding Arch

wedding cakes photography arch

Ask the cake to cake to be located near the arch to create memorable wedding cakes photography. The arch will create a natural frame for the cake.

wedding cakes photography arch
wedding cakes photography arch

Some couples even make a smaller version of their arch to use as cake decor. Pitch this idea to your couple, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Bonus Tools

tools for editing wedding cakes photography

Want to cut down the time you spend editing your wedding cakes photography? Use these LR presets created by seasoned wedding photographers to achieve professional results much quicker. They’ll help you deal with common problems and color correct your photos beautifully.