Best wedding photographers: US, UK and worldwide

Best wedding photographers: US, UK and worldwide

Finding the best wedding photographers sometimes becomes a big issue. It is difficult to find and, most importantly, check how well the photographer performs his/her work. Here is a list of best photographers across the US and around the world. They are absolute wedding photography professionals who inspire, have a vibrant individuality, attention to details and excellent photographic taste.

Best Wedding Photographers in the US

the best wedding photographers locations in the us

1. Jasmine Star

Location: Orange County, California

Price: starts from $3000

Jasmine is one of the best wedding photographers in the world. This is confirmed by her publications in such well-known editions as Bride&Bloom, Inside Weddings, Ceremony, Cosmopolitan Bride, Destination I Do, Exquisite Weddings and many others.

best wedding photographers California

This list can be extended by other highly influential publications such as American Photo, Rangefinder, Photo Professional, Professional Photographer. In addition to being the first among the Northern California wedding photographers, Jasmine is considered one of Top 5 Most Influential Photographers and Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Moreover, she writes posts about the wedding photography and teaches beginning photographers. Jasmine is a family woman who lives with her husband and a dog, loves chocolate and yoga.

wedding photographer Jasmine Star
best wedding photographer Jasmine Star

2. Amy Bluestar

Location: Mancos, Colorado

Price: starts from $1800

Amy Bluestar is one of the best wedding photographers working since 2013.

wedding photographer Amy BlueStar

This is a person who is in love with wedding photography. To make a wedding photo is her main purpose in life!

best wedding photographer Amy Bluestar
the best wedding photographer Amy Bluestar

3. Ken Pak

Location: Washington, D.C.

Price: starts from $3900

A wedding is a celebration, where not only couples but friends, relatives, and loved ones can fall into the most unexpected emotional conditions.

wedding photographer Ken Pak

Ken Pak believes that the task of the wedding photographer is not to miss anything important and to print on the memory of what people feel inside. In such a way the photos become alive and authentic. This quality makes Ken Pak one of the top US wedding photographers and one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

best wedding photographer Ken Pak
the wedding photographer Ken Pak

4. Erich McVey

Location: Oregon

With over 14 years of experience as a top-level photographer, Erich McVey has delivered breathtaking footage of the most romantic day of couples from all over the world – Bali, Norway, Colombia, New Zealand, and more.

wedding photographer erich mcvey

Credits to Erich McVey

Combining seemingly disparate genres such as documentary and fine art, he was able to achieve a completely new look at wedding photography, endowing it with sincerity and timelessness, for which he was awarded the title of the best wedding photographer in the world by such iconic figures as Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, and Brides.

Along with abovementioned publications, you can enjoy his photographs in Vogue, The Knot, C Weddings, Over the Moon, LA Times, and a lot of other online resources.

erich mcvey wedding photographer

Credits to Erich McVey

5. Volodymyr Ivash

Location: New York

Price: starts from $3200

Myriads of positive reviews from clients make Volodymyr Ivash one of the best wedding photographers NYC and around the world. He is the founder of a studio engaged in photo and video production.

wedding photographer Volodymyr Ivash

York and Rome but also works abroad. The main features of his photos are the uniqueness and creativity. Being the best among engagement photographers NYC, he will turn your wedding shooting into a fairy tale!

best wedding photographer Volodymyr Ivash
the best wedding photographer Volodymyr Ivash

6. Olga Gurton Photography

Location: Maryland, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia

Price: Starts at 1900$

Olga Gurton is a high-profile photographer from Siberia. She moved to Baltimore and she has been offering wedding and engagement photography services there for more than 5 years. She started her career as a studio photo retoucher and has over 14 years of experience in this field.

olga gurton wedding photographer portfolio

Olga tries to capture the genuine tenderness and happiness of newlyweds, so she keeps away from staged scenes and unnatural poses.

olga gurton wedding photographer sample of work

In addition to such an approach to shooting, she also steers clear of excessive photo retouching. In most cases, she gently manipulates soft light, opts for subtle framing, and focuses on candid emotions.

7. Tony Gambino

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Price: unspecified

Tony Gambino has a lot of experience in wedding photography. In his account, more than 150 weddings, each of which is a new unique experience and an awesome story.

wedding photographer Tony Gambino

Using this knowledge, Tony is a true professional and one of the best wedding photographers around the world. In his understanding, wedding photographers packages should convey emotions. For this reason, no moment is left out due to Tony and his lens.

best wedding photographer Tony Gambino
the best wedding photographer Tony Gambino

8. Sherry Hagerman

Location: Plainfield, Illinois

Price: starts from $15000

The best wedding photographers have a great experience behind their shoulders. And who else if not Sherry Hagerman knows about it well? She professionally engaged in photography for 15 years. Moreover, she is one of the top award winning photographers.

wedding photographer Sherry Hagerman

In her account such prominent awards as Best Wedding Studio in the United States and Best in the Midwest for the past 10 years. She perfectly knows how to make wedding photo a true perfection and deliver the most delighted emotions to the clients.

best wedding photographer Sherry Hagerman

9. Ben Hartley

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Price: unspecified

Ben Hartley is able to apply creativity correctly in the approach to the photography. He is a true guru and connoisseur of human nature. In his opinion, exceptionally humans and humans’ emotions - are the most important things on Earth.

wedding photographers Ben Hartley

With the help of the photo, Ben shows all the beauty and uniqueness of our life. In addition, he teaches others through the weekly podcast called the Six Figure Photography Podcast. This approach makes him strongly be among the best wedding photographers in the world.

best wedding photographer Ben Hartley
the best wedding photographer Ben Hartley

10. Jimmy Bui

Location: Riverside, California

Price: starts from $3800

Jimmy Bui was convinced that he would be a teacher, so he entered university to get this job. However, very quickly he realized that his true vocation is a wedding photo. And he start everything from a new leaf.

Jimmy Bui wedding photographer

Over the years, Jimmy proved that this decision was correct. He found his talent in making a wedding photo. As it turned out, pedagogical abilities also played an important role. The photographer has an excellent approach to clients, well organizes the process of shooting and is therefore among the famous wedding photographers.

best wedding photographer Jimmy Bui
best wedding photographer Jimmy Bui

11. Sasha Chou

Location: New York City

Price: starts at $3900

Sasha Chou and her team have been working in the photography sphere for over 10 years, covering New York, New Jersey, Boston and other cities. They organize photo sessions for couples of all races and LGBTQ+. Sasha Chou takes images and records videos at engagement sessions, weddings, and preparations for an important event. She also arranges touching photoshoots for parents-to-be.

sasha chou wedding photographer

Sasha Chou's skills are appreciated by bridal magazines and portals. For 2 years in a row, WeddingWire readers named her the best wedding photographer. I like how the photographer treats her clients; she tells in detail about all stages of work and listens to their opinion. Sasha gets down to work after signing an agreement. You can fully relax on your special day, while she is capturing all important moments.

wedding photographer sasha chou

New York Photographers

12. Ryan Brenizer

Location: unspecified

Price: unspecified

Before becoming among the best wedding photographers NYC, Ryan Brenizer worked a lot as a photojournalist. He photographed all the presidents since Clinton. Muhammad Ali, Stephen Colbert, Smokey Robinso – this is just a small list of those who were entrusted to be pictured by Ryan.

Ryan Brenizer photographer

He is an innovator in the photo industry, a teacher for other photographers. For this moment, Ryan and his wife, Tatiana, focus on wedding photography. Together they are extremely famous wedding photographers with over a thousand weddings done!

best wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer
the best wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer

13. Elizabeth Messina

Location: unspecified

Price: unspecified

One of the most talented New York photographers - Elizabeth began to photograph because it was her admiration. Later it turned out that this profession revealed her as a genius in this area.

 Elizabeth Messina wedding photographer

Having a family and a lovely home, Elizabeth is unceasingly engaged in wedding photography. The first books of THE LUMINOUS PORTRAIT and ADORNMENTS consolidated her position as one of the best wedding photographers. Her recent works include THE SILVER LINING book on breast cancer that she performed with Hollye Jacobs.

nyc wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina
nyc wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina

Photographers in Los Angeles

14. Lukas Piatek

Location: unspecified

Price: unspecified

For Lukas Piatek to be a photographer means, first of all, to be a narrator of love stories. Keeping a camera in his hands, he manages to reveal the most interesting scenes and create vivid pictures.

Lukas Piatek wedding photographers

He works to make people happy. Accordingly, he is among the most wedding photographers in Los Angeles. In order to make wedding photography special - Lukas Piatek will do everything possible, and even come to any country! This attitude to his work and also the wonderful results make him one of the best wedding photographers Los Angeles.

best wedding photographer Lukas Piatek
the best wedding photographer Lukas Piatek

15. Julie Pepin

Location: unspecified

Price: starts from $3300

Julie Pepin is famous for her non-standard photo vision. Her pictures turned out livelier and brighter than what we see in reality.

Julie Pepin wedding photographers

This is because Julie is able to skillfully find those details whose emphasis makes them all extraordinary. Accordingly, such uniqueness has long allowed her to be in the number of the best wedding photographers Los Angeles.

best wedding photographer Julie Pepin
the best wedding photographer Julie Pepin

16. Amy And Stuart

Location: Los Angeles

Price: starts from $5500

Amy and Stuart - the best wedding photographers Los Angeles who are in love with photography. Devoting all their time to their favorite occupation, which is the same as work and pleasure, they create magnificent shots, embody the original images, take off interesting photo sessions.

Amy And Stuart la wedding photographers

The obvious advantage of photographers is the desire to provide a positive atmosphere for communicating with couples, to make their celebration less stressful. So, you do not need to look more for the best wedding photographers near me. Amy and Stuart are even ready to travel the world for their work!

wedding photographer Amy And Stuart la
wedding photographer Amy And Stuart la

Best Wedding Photographers in Houston

17. Love Is All You Need Photography

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Price: starts from $4500

Love Is All You Need Photography is a husband and wife team who have been photographing weddings for over 8 years. Their teamwork allows them to combine classic and timeless wedding photos with the raw emotion from candid photography. Their photography has taken them all over the world including Paris, Maui, Alaska, Charleston, Texas, Maryland and Florida.

love is all you need wedding photographers ohio

Along with wedding photography Love Is All You Need offers engagement sessions, timeless wedding albums included in every package, wedding videography, DJ services, a photo booth, and a Bridal House.

love is all you need wedding photographers ohio
love is all you need wedding photographers ohio

18. Adam Kealing

Location: Houston

Price: starts from $3500

His photos have a special style and he is recognizable as best wedding photographers in Houston, and abroad. The main feature of wedding photos made by Adam Kealing is elegance and eternity.

Adam Kealing wedding photographer

Adam's wedding photo combines with portrait photography. Adam is photographing in a classic style, because this is something that never goes out of fashion, always beautiful and relevant. After all, everyone wants to have a beautiful wedding portrait, which was shot with the skill and emotion.

best wedding photographer Adam Kealing
the best wedding photographer Adam Kealing

Best Dallas Wedding Photographers

19. Nicholas Leitzinger

Location: Dallas

Price: starts from $2500

Nicholas Leitzinger's path to photo art was long enough and interesting. At first, he long avoided a wedding photograph. However, immediately after he tried to do it - he realized that further his life would never be the same.

best dallas wedding photographers Nicholas Leitzinger

Starting to engage in wedding photos, he reached the tops of success and quickly won a place among the best Dallas wedding photographers. Nicholas works in photography with his wife Kasi. The couple is always happy to travel around the world and take pictures in different countries.

wedding photographer Nicholas Leitzinger
best wedding photographer Nicholas Leitzinger

20. Amy Karp

Location: Dallas

Price: starts from $3000

Amy Karp is one of the best Dallas wedding photographers. Amy's main profile is wedding photography.

wedding photography Amy Karp

She devotes a lot of time to this and is constantly evolving in this multi-faceted genre. The wedding is the best mix of different genres and styles. Amy's task is to show all the variety and even more.

best wedding photographer Amy Karp
the best wedding photographer Amy Karp

21. Wedding Photographer Igor

Location: Dallas and Fort Worth

Price: starts from $695

Wedding photographer Igor is based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. He focuses on capturing your personal story and taking eye-catching wedding images that will become the highlight of your photo album. He has over 12 years of experience in wedding photography and has worked at over 400 weddings.

wedding photographer igor

The photographer uses professional equipment for shooting, and he also invites a film crew if necessary. He also helps create wedding albums and knows where you can get creative props. In addition to photoshoots, Igor offers his services as a wedding and engagement videographer.

igor wedding photographer

Igor photographs in Dallas, but also travels on request across the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. The wedding package includes 4-10 hours or more of wedding day coverage, professionally edited digital files, full printing rights, photo and film coordination with a couple, guests, and vendors. Moreover, when ordering a photoshoot, you get a discount on video shooting.

igor wedding photographer from texas

Best Boston Wedding Photographers

22. Brianna Parks

Location: Pacific Northwest's

Price: starts from $6500

Brianna Parks is more than a photographer. She is a curator of unforgettable moments, a guide to the extraordinary, and a guardian of the natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest. She has a deep passion for capturing love in its rawest form and against great backdrops of nature's grandeur. This warm invitation continuously extends to couples to come alongside her on an elopement journey like no other.

briannaparksphoto best wedding photographer

Beyond casual standards for wedding photography, she embraces methods that allow an elopement to be customized entirely by the couple. Rugged coastlines and untouched forests, Brianna has a deep and sensitive eye for the most incredible detail, every elopement is a unique experience designed explicitly around one couple's love story.

briannaparksphoto best wedding photographer
briannaparksphoto best wedding photographer

23. Gina Brocker

Location: Boston

Price: starts from $3800

Gina Brocker is among the award winning photographers, her unique approach to work is felt in every photo. She can reveal the most complete depth of your wedding and holiday atmosphere in general. Gina has long since become one of the best Boston wedding photographers.

wedding photography Gina Brocker

Her most successful works were published in The Sunday Times and the British Journal of Photography. Every day she is improving her skills. Gina is ready to travel for the sake of photo sessions.

best wedding photographer Gina Brocker
best wedding photography Gina Brocker

24. Vanessa Alves

Location: Boston

Price: starts from $2500

Vanessa does not need a long presentation, as she is naturally one of the best Boston wedding photographers. Her main condition for the excellent photos is the authenticity and integrity of emotions.

wedding photography Vanessa Alves

Any productions and planned shots, everything should be as it is. Vanessa is doing his best to let the couple behave as always. It is this approach that brings a special atmosphere to her photo, and this distinguishes her from among others.

wedding photographer Vanessa Alves

Best San Francisco Wedding Photographers

25. Ian Chin

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $2500

Ian Chin has been in the photography business for 14 years. He is from San Francisco and specializes in wedding photography. Chin focuses on emotions and creates really unique shots. His photos reveal his creativity with touches of humor.

ian chin wedding photographer

Ian Chang works with couples for 4 hours and more. Usually, people choose between 4-8 hour days. Moreover, clients can change any package according to their particular requirements.

wedding photographer ian chin

Ian Chin takes photos in his studio in San Francisco as well as on off-premise events. Although he specializes in events and wedding photography, he tries other genres like birthdays and general life event photography, boudoir and glamour shooting, baptisms, marriage proposals, couples/engagement shoots, family, newborn, and maternity photoshoots.

ian chin san francisco wedding photographer

26. Jay Rowden London Wedding Photographer

Location: London

Price: By agreement

Jay Rowden is a documentary wedding photographer from London. He loves to photograph weddings as they are, without staged scenes, poses and plots. His philosophy is to convey the atmosphere of an event, capture emotions and touching moments.

jay rowden wedding photographer example of photo

He won the title the Wedding Photographer of the Year London in 2016, 2017, 2018 and is a Member of the Royal Society of Photography. Jay Rowden's wedding pictures have been featured in world-famous publications such as Vogue, HELLO, Tatler, BBC, The Huffington Post and others.

Although this photographer prefers live shots, he still adapts to the newlyweds’ wishes. Unlike many other wedding photographers who have given up on group shots with guests, Jay Rowden agrees to take this kind of image.

When it comes to post-processing, he prefers using deep retouching techniques, and performs color correction. In general, his pictures look very natural, emotional and unique. Jay Rowden publishes photos in the albums on his website after he receives the permission of newlyweds. So, potential clients can familiarize themselves with his shooting style before deciding on a wedding photographer.

jay rowden wedding photographer photo style
jay rowden wedding photographer photo style example

27. Lucille Lawrence

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $4200

Lucille Lawrence is a talented photographer from Mendocino County. The mystical home inspired the girl to create high-quality shots. Accordingly, the beautiful landscapes of Northern California have become Lucille an ideal place for inspiration and great effort.

wedding photography Lucille Lawrence

Having focused all the professional skills, the girl discovered a talent for wedding photography and quickly became one of the most needed after San Francisco wedding photographers. Her style is to understand the history of each couple and transfer all the uniqueness of the photo. At the moment, she works in Napa, the Bay area, but is always ready for travel.

wedding photographer Lucille Lawrence
photographer Lucille Lawrence

28. Tanarak Photography

Location: San Francisco

Price: Custom

Tanarak Photography is an award-winning photography business based in San Francisco, California. Their professional team knows well that it is very important to capture every detail of a wedding. Tanarak, the owner of this popular company, has shot multiple weddings and worked with more than 400 couples.

tanarak wedding photographers

Because of his expertise and professionalism, he is regarded as one of the best wedding photographers. Thanks to years of experience, he can capture the most romantic moments of a wedding. He has been interested in photography since early childhood and his professional career helped him to fully dedicate himself to his passion.

tanarak wedding photographers
tanarak wedding photographers

29. Sebastien Bicard

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $3000

If you are looking for positive, exciting, professional, cheap wedding photographers in San Francisco - Sebastien Bicard will accomplish this task with ease.

wedding photography Sebastien Bicard

First, it should be noted that Sebastien has a French origin, and therefore speaks with a captivating accent. He makes an impression of a positive and sensible photographer who will make every effort to succeed.

wedding photographer Sebastien Bicard
photographer Sebastien Bicard

30. Amy Winningham

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $4000

Amy Winningham is considered one of the best San Francisco wedding photographers. She takes care of productive communication with the couple, in which the most successful photographs are created.

wedding photography Amy Winningham

Together with Amy, you will feel as if you know her for many years. Such sociability and overall openness to people captures and inspires positive emotions. It is therefore not surprising that she is among the best wedding photographer in USA.

wedding photographer Amy Winningham
best photographer Amy Winningham

31. Azzura Photography

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $3600

Azzura has been among the most talented Seattle photographers for many years. He is able to see the composition of the frame perfectly and catch the live moments of the wedding, transmitting the emotions of that day.

wedding photographers Azzura

Wedding photos made by Azzura are the most romantic proof of the love and tenderness of two people. While flipping pages of a wedding album, as if getting back a time ago, all the emotions and experiences come to life, and in the memory, the blessings of the parents and the first marital dance appear.

32. Nick Plus Danée

Location: San Francisco

Price: starts from $4000

Nick Plus and Danée are ranked as one of the best wedding photographers. They are real artists who have a sophisticated aesthetic taste, are keenly aware of the mood, and are able to capture the uniqueness of the moment.

wedding photography Nick Plus Danée

Nick and Danée will help you over and over again experience what you felt on that day even after many years. The wedding photo will remain with you forever, eloquently reminding you of one of the happiest days of your life. If you are looking for wedding photographers near me, Nick Plus Danée can be ideal candidates because they are ready to travel around the world for the sake of work!

wedding photographer Nick Plus Danée
wedding photographer Nick Plus Danee

Best Wedding Photographers In Maryland

33. Kelci Alane

Location: Maryland

Price: starts from $4000

Kelci Alane is a real professional who is able to create incredible masterpieces of wedding photography. Having got degrees in journalism and photography, she uses these two styles of shooting while creating her unique wedding packages.

wedding photography Kelci Alane

Her photographs are known for their elegance and natural look. Using rich hues and colors and paying attention to the smallest details, Kelci provides her clients with valuable memories of the happiest moments of their life. She is considered to be one of the best wedding photographers in Maryland not only due to her photography skills but for her ability to communicate with people and to calm them down before shooting.

wedding photographer Kelci Alane
best wedding photographer Kelci Alane


Location: California

Price: Custom

ZOFOCL is a popular photography company based in San Francisco Bay Area. It works with clients from across the globe. This business was founded by Vishnu Ka who has four years of professional experience and is widely regarded as one of the best wedding photographers. During a photo shoot, he focuses on emotions to capture beautiful pictures.

zoom focus and click wedding photographer

ZOFOCL also offers videography services and organizes pre-wedding shoots, which allows them to capture all the moments of your wedding celebration. Peerspace $ Expertise included this company in the list of the top Bay Area Wedding Photographers & San Francisco Engagement Photographers.

zoom focus and click wedding photographer
zoom focus and click wedding photographer

35. Bryan Striegler

Location: USA, Arkansas

Price: unspecified

Striegler hails from Northwest Arkansas and specializes in organizing wedding photoshoots for cheerful, charming couples that don’t mind having a bit of fun for their photos. Bryan has eleven years of experience in the field and strives to convey the feelings and emotions of the couple in their sincerest form during the moments when they don’t even notice the camera. He plans the shoot while accounting for the couple’s personality to take unique shots that convey the essence of each client.

bryan striegler wedding photographer

Striegler picks an approach depending on if the couple is more formal or laid-back, specifically whether they prioritize the tiny details and beautiful props, or just want to goof around while expressing their love. Additionally, after each wedding photoshoot order he receives, Bryan donates a part of his earnings to a charity, with the couple being able to decide what organization will receive the money.

bryan striegler wedding photographer
bryan striegler wedding photographer

Best Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia

36. Adrienne Matz

Location: Philadelphia

Price: starts from $4000

The company specializes in different types of photography, including wedding one, is famous for the high standards of the work. Its award winning photographers create graceful, romantic and magnificent images.

wedding photography Adrienne Matz

The main goal of Adrienne Matz is to make the photographs so realistic and vivid that people will have the same emotions and feelings even in many years while looking at their wedding photos. Are you asking yourself: “Who are the best wedding photographers near me?” The answer will be Adrienne Matz Photography!

wedding photographer Adrienne Matz
photographer Adrienne Matz

37. Amber Johnston Photography

Location: Philadelphia

Price: starts from $2600

Amber Johnston has been an artist for the last twenty years. She had worked in different fields until in 2009 she received her MFA in photography. Since then she has been combining two professions – a portrait photographer and an artist.

wedding photography Amber Johnston

She gets her inspiration from stories of real love and true feelings. As one of the top US wedding photographers, Amber Johnston continues exploring different locations trying to find amazing sites to take photos. She is courageous enough to shoot in the highest mountains or some other dangerous places. Dewy grass or puddles won’t stop Amber if she is going to have a perfect view or angle.

best wedding photographer Amber Johnston
the best wedding photographer Amber Johnston

38. Igor Demba Photography

Location: London

Price: starts from £1200

Igor Demba is known as one of the best wedding photographers London. In his work, he combines modern and classical components, adding his own extraordinary features. His journeys to various parts of the world influenced his work greatly.

wedding photography Igor Demba

While traveling to numerous countries, Igor learned lots of interesting things and took the most wonderful traits of each culture. All this experience he uses in the shooting. His imaginative approach along with his talent and personal qualities put him into the list of best wedding photographers in the world.

wedding photographer Igor Demba
photographer Igor Demba

39. Dani Weiss Photography

Location: Atlanta

Price: starts from $3000

Dani Weiss works with full dedication and devotion to her profession because she is very fond of what she is doing.

wedding photography Dani Weiss

She has been working as a photographer for more than 30 years. With pleasure, Dani will help to keep the memory of the wedding forever. Among the Atlanta wedding photographers, she shows the best fit of price and quality.

wedding photographer Dani Weiss
best wedding photographer Dani Weiss

40. Michelle Lindsell Photography

Location: London

Price: unspecified

The profession of photographer allows Michelle Lindsell to combine her two loves – traveling and photography. She took up photography at a very young age and she never regrets it. Michelle has a natural talent to notice the smallest details and a very imaginative personality.

wedding photography Michelle Lindsell

Her unique style distinguishes with a special mixture of classical and modern traits. Michelle’s images being both formal and sincere make her one of the best wedding photographers.

wedding photographer Michelle Lindsell
best wedding photographer Michelle Lindsell

41. Paul Santos Photography

Location: Manchester

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Paul Santos, the award winning wedding photographer, bases his work on the principles of a realistic image. He believes that photos must show people as natural as possible. Shooting weddings all over the country, Paul implements his visceral approach and artistic portraiture.

wedding photography Paul Santos

He pays attention to every moment and even modest trifles can be captured by his camera. Paul’s photographic style is marked with simplicity, honesty, and realism. His wedding photos impress by their classical black and whites or modern rich colors.

wedding photographer Paul Santos
best wedding photographer Paul Santos

42. Ian MacMichael Photography

Location: Liverpool

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Ian and Hazel MacMichael are considered to be real wizards of wedding photography. They create photos transmitting their strong belief in true love on the pictures. Their professional attitude and natural artistic tastes provide the couples with breathtaking images of the most valuable minutes of the day.

wedding photography Ian MacMichael

Ian and Hazel do their best to shoot each moment and supply fabulous photos to you. Are you from Liverpool? Are you searching: ‘Where can I find the best wedding photographers near me?’ Mr. and Mrs. MacMichael are the ideal variant for you.

wedding photographer Ian MacMichael
best wedding photographer Ian MacMichael

43. Nikki Leadbetter Photography

Location: Glasgow

Price: starts from £1800

Before she became one of the best wedding photographers, Nikki had shot in her small dark room but her endless energy, love for art and photography help her rich the success.

wedding photography Nikki Leadbetter

While the shooting she tries to be unnoticeable as she believes the best images can be taken when everything goes on in a natural way. Nikki’s photographs are so emotional and vivid that when you are looking at them you feel as a part of the story.

wedding photographer Nikki Leadbetter

44. Andrew Rae Photographer

Location: Edinburg

Price: starts from £1895

Devoted to his work and incredibly talented Andrew Rae is ready to create amazing wedding pictures which will be treasured for years. He does not like shooting artificial poses or well-planned and well-rehearsed scenes.

wedding photographer Andrew Rae

His aim is to make timeless images based on true emotions, real passion, and feelings. Andrew Rae captures priceless moments of the wedding with all his classical elegance and stunning inspiration. His attention to the details and an amazing feeling of the moment help him catch even the smallest reactions and every unexpected smile. Andrew Rae, the destination wedding photographer UK, is ready to film the happiest occasions of your life.

photographer Andrew Rae

45. Andrea Kuehnis Photography

Location: Bristol

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Wedding photography is both a passion and work for Andrea Kuehnis. Her careful and friendly attitude to her clients along with undoubted mastery makes Andrea one of the best affordable wedding photographers.

wedding photography Andrea Kuehnis

She is very patient and open to the couples and they always feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Her photos are stylish; they express warmness, romance, and elegance. Andrea’s ability to combine the beauty of people and landscapes is amazing. Getting her inspiration from natural light and people surrounding her she takes brilliant photos.

46. Albert Palmer Photography

Location: Bristol

Price: starts from £1800

In his pictures, Albert shows all the happiness, joy and magic emotions of the wedding occasion. Using his camera Albert tries to be an unnoticeable member of the celebration and shoots the best moments.

wedding photographer Albert Palmer

Though he lives in Bristol, Albert is ready to work in any part of the world. Therefore, if the best Dallas photographers are already booked, you can invite Albert Palmer and get excellent photographs from a skillful artist.

best wedding photographer Albert Palmer

47. Natalie Pluck Photography

Location: Cardiff

Price: starts from £1995

Natalie Pluck never stops developing her skills and creativity. She gets her inspiration from the beauty of nature, the loveliness of each season and true human feelings.

wedding photographer Natalie Pluck

She is always ready to capture the enchanting moments of the wedding day. Natalie works not only in the United Kingdom but she is among the best wedding photographers in the world and doesn’t mind shooting abroad.

photographer Natalie Pluck

48. Sacha Miller

Location: Mid Glamorgan

Price: starts from £1000

Sacha Miller is British award winning wedding photographer who completely understands the importance of a good storytelling for creating gorgeous bridal photos.

wedding photography Sacha Miller

His former experience in newspaper reporting and photojournalism help him greatly in while shooting wedding celebrations. The ability to find the right balance in the composition is one of his main features. If you want to be ensured in his high qualification and undoubted mastery, have a look at his portfolio!

wedding photographer Sacha Miller
best wedding photographer Sacha Miller

49. Jessica Williams Photography

Price: starts from £3200

As one of the best wedding photographers London, Jessica has her own unique style and special approach to photography.

wedding photography Jessica Williams

She empowers her photos with natural lighting, intimate emotions, and fascinating composition. It is possible to observe a brilliant combination of documentary photography and wonderful portrait shots. Jessica is sure that unplanned and unexpected shooting is not less important than carefully prepared photo scenes.

wedding photographer Jessica Williams
best wedding photographer Jessica Williams

50. Joanna Bongard Photography

Price: starts from £1800

Extraordinary images which are full of positive emotions, imagination and bright colors make Joanna Bongard one of the best wedding photographers. In her one-of-a-kind approach, Joanna creates colorful images in which every detail is underlined and highlighted.

wedding photography Joanna Bongard

She provides her clients with the photos which will be great reminders about this memorable day. Based in the British capital, Jessica works with the couples from various countries.

wedding photographer Joanna Bongard
best wedding photographer Joanna Bongard

51. The Crawleys

Price: starts from £1850

Liam and Bee Crawley's successfully mix in their work classical concepts and modern flows. Their wedding photographs stand out with a fresh artistic approach and charming beauty.

wedding photography the Crawleys

Liam and Bee Crawley's experience and qualification and creativity make them equal to the best wedding photographers NYC. Liam’s natural intuition and talent combined with his strong personality help him take the best shots at each wedding. While the editing process is Bee’s duty in which he puts all his soul. They work both in Europe and other continents.

wedding photographer the Crawleys
wedding photographers the Crawleys

52. David West Photography

Price: starts from £600

David West has a substantial background in Art and he considers it one of the keys to his success. His passion for photography along with genuine and creative style let him join top 100 wedding photographers 2016.

wedding photography David West

While shooting David tries to catch the most distinctive features of each couple and show their sincere feelings and relationships in his pictures. His style is considered to be modern, imaginative and artistic. With his individual approach, David never makes the same photos and each couple gets their unique wedding package.

wedding photographer David West
best wedding photographers David West

53. Jacob and Pauline

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Drawing on their successful experience of wedding shooting, Jacob and Pauline can be named among the best wedding photographers in the world. Their amazing artistry, incredible professionalism, and devotion to their work are very appreciated by their clients who got wonderful photo-tale of their love.

wedding photography Jacob and Pauline

Work experiences in fashion photography, as well as some aspects of photojournalism, are the sufficient basement of their own style. Whereas, their practice in music videos and commercials help them create their films. Jacob and Pauline are ready to set off to any country to take other stunning photos of loving and caring couples.

Rebecca and John | Hedsor House:

Haiyun and Meng | Bodleian Library in Oxford:

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World


54. Fine Art Production

Location: New Jersey (United States)

Price: By request

Over 25 years, Fine Art Production has worked with over 2,500 clients taking photos at weddings of different sizes. Chirali and Amish Thakkar founded the Fine Art Production company in 1995 in Baroda. Then, 6 years later, they relocated their business from India to the USA. What makes them stand out among other professional photographers who specialize in Indian wedding photography in the US is that they prefer shooting candid photos to capture events as they are.

fine art production wedding photographer

If you take a look at their portfolio, you will see wedding photos in different genres and styles. You won’t see any false smiles and staged photos since the photographers strive to make their photos look as natural as possible.

fine art production wedding photographer portfolio

The company provides professional photography and videography services for clients from all across the globe. Its team has everything necessary for shooting big events. It includes several talented photographers and videographers, which allows it to meet the needs of its clients. The company also documents small private events.

fine art production wedding photographer sample of work

55. Stacia Morgan

Location: Key Largo (United States)

Price: starts from $4000

Stacia Morgan is in the list of best photographers because of her amazing wedding photos created in a specific style which combines modern approach and artistic, fashion features.

wedding photography Stacia Morgan

She has been awarded for her breathtaking photos which appear on the pages of many bridal magazines, books and are well-known all over the world. Stacia takes her cameras everywhere in hope to catch some wonderful view.

wedding photographer Stacia Morgan
best wedding photographer Stacia Morgan

56. Davi Nascimento

Location: Tubarão (Brazil)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Davi Nascimento has always been fascinated by art. He has been taking photography not so long, just for the last seven years, but he already calls it his passion. His other love is music.

wedding photography Davi Nascimento

Both of these activities are indispensable in his life. In photography, he seeks the soul and wants to create something new and interesting; he even gave to his flow in the art of photography this name - "The concept of photography." In recent years, this Brazilian has won many international awards and has become one of the most famous wedding photographers.

wedding photographer Davi Nascimento
best wedding photographer Davi Nascimento

57. Pavel Gomzyakov

Location: Odessa (Ukraine)

Price: starts from $80 per hour

Pavel Gomzyakov started working in the field of wedding photojournalism over 10 years ago. He is fond of his profession as it gives him a wonderful opportunity to capture the most important moments of life, observe and shoot real emotions and genuine feelings.

wedding photography Pavel Gomzyakov

He got Wedisson Award - the prize for the best wedding photographers 2017. Besides, Pavel was included in the list of Top-100 (MyWed).

wedding photographer Pavel Gomzyakov
photographer Pavel Gomzyakov

58. Ben Pollard

Location: Derby (United Kingdom)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

One of the best wedding photographers in the world, Ben Pollard, stands out with his documentary style and concentration on the couples.

wedding photography Ben Pollard

Adding some fashionable splashes to the wedding shots, he creates real masterpieces of the priceless moments for the brides.

wedding photographer Ben Pollard

59. Jean Yoshii

Location: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Inspired and motivated to capture life on film, Jean tries to preserve unique moments which you want to remember. This photographer captures the essence of the moment. As he says, he is looking for emotions, wherever he is.

wedding photography Jean Yoshii

And at the wedding, a lot of emotions can be met: the excitement of the bride and groom on their big day, when the groom first sees the bride, when they swear in love, happiness at the party. It is possible to capture the excitement of parents and grandparents, the reaction of children. Yoshio found in the photography a way to tell stories and no wonder that he is among the best wedding photographers.

wedding photographer Jean Yoshii

60. Ashley Davenport

Location: Derby (United Kingdom)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Ashley Davenport was included to top 10 wedding photographers in the world to her creativity and devotion to the work. She thinks that the couple should enjoy their wedding day and shouldn’t worry about the shooting process.

wedding photographer Ashley Davenport

It is her concern to take the best shots, to find the best views and scenery. Ashley creates photos full of vivid emotions, true feelings and she does her best to get such stunning pictures which will help to relive all the happiest moments of the day.

61. Rika Conradi

Location: Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Rika Conrad has been taking pictures for many years. As she remembers she has been doing it since the age of 14. In February 2004 she registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which means that now Rika has officially worked as a wedding photographer for almost 13 years!

wedding photography Rika Conradi

She thinks that photography is her heart and she is extremely inspired by top wedding photographers 2015, with some of which she regularly communicates. She likes to capture the atmosphere and supposes it’s important that couples can be completely themselves during the photo session on the wedding day.

wedding photographer Rika Conradi

62. Rambo Estrada

Location: Tauranga (New Zealand)

Price: starts from $4100

Rambo Estrada is a professional photographer from New Zealand but he can work all over the world. His extraordinary wedding images let him be among the best wedding photographers.

wedding photography Rambo Estrada

Rambo combines his untraditional approach with unique documentary style in his work. He believes the wedding must be the happiest day and no one can interfere in it. He considers himself as an observer who captures the best moments.

best wedding photographers Rambo Estrada
best wedding photographer Rambo Estrada

63. Manish Patel

Location: Surat (India)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

Manish Patel specializes in Indian wedding photos and films. He thinks that only hard and carefully done work can lead to success.

wedding photography Manish Patel

He works with the team of skilled professionals who are passionate about designs, photography, films, and photo editing process.

best wedding photographer Manish Patel

64. Carsten Schertzer

Location: Los Angeles (United States)

Price: enquire for details on pricing

One of the best wedding photographers Los Angeles, Carsten Schertzer believes that his goal is to tell the whole stories with the help of his images. As the wedding is one of the most priceless and memorable days of the life, he tries to shoot each moment of it using all his experience and mastery.

wedding photography Carsten Schertzer

Carsten thinks to get ideal wedding images he must communicate with his clients very closely. Starting with the time when he was booked, he carefully performs every step of the process including pre-shooting preparations and picture post-processing.

wedding photographer Carsten Schertzer
best wedding photographer Carsten Schertzer