Best Way to Share Wedding Photos

Best Way to Share Wedding Photos

Still use a flash drive to share your wedding photos with friends? Today there are various photo sharing resources and I will help you choose the right one. Read more about 12 best ways to share wedding photos through social networks, cloud storages, and offline.

12 Best Ways to Share Photos for Free

When it comes to wedding photo sharing, most people use e-mails and attach the images to the letters. It is not the best variant since modern DSLR images, even converted into JPEG, still occupy much RAM.

So, instead of sending your photos via e-mail, I recommend using special file services or apps described below.

1. Instagram

Platforms: Android/ iOS/ Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser
Price: FREE

Instagram interface USE INSTAGRAM FREE
  • Free registration
  • Create unique hashtags
  • Collect all your pictures in one place
  • Real-time photo sharing
  • You can’t download photos
  • Quality issues

Instagram is not only a useful site for wedding photo sharing but also the most popular service for publishing pictures around the world. It is so successful thanks to an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface.

Each user can create an account very quickly and upload wedding photos to one site. Its design is aimed specifically at smartphone users. This is a convenient way to be in touch and monitor your images almost around the clock.

You can tag your relatives and friends in your pictures and create a unique hashtag for fast finding your wedding photos online by other users.

2. Pinterest

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser/ Android/ iOS
Price: FREE

Pinterest interface USE PINTEREST FREE
  • Effective planning tool
  • Convenient photo storage
  • Made for exponential growth
  • Many creative ideas
  • Some copyright problems

Most photographers use Instagram and Facebook as a wedding photo sharing site. This is not surprising, because there is the opportunity to add unique hashtags and tag many users under your images.

However, only a few photographers use Pinterest as a wedding photos website. The fact is that this web resource is created for planning. Many brides are looking for inspiration here, considering a variety of wedding pictures.

This is the best way to share wedding photos with your potential customers. All you need is to post your good works here that will inspire future clients and brides.

3. Flickr

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser
Price: Free or $49.99/year (Flickr Pro)

Flickr interface USE FLICKR FREE
  • Photo tags and headings, photo sets
  • Backup function
  • Your images are readjusted and saved in accordance with the site policy
  • Useful Organizer tool to manage your photos
  • No keyboard navigation support
  • Export functionality from iPhoto isn’t available
  • Start page does not offer control option

This wedding photo sharing site provides uploading and saving your pictures in full resolution. Moreover, it is possible to customize the account according to your needs allowing your friends and clients to download high-quality pictures.

It is also convenient to send photographs to the photo service company for printing. There are two ways of using Flickr for your clients. They may either sign up for a free account or you may share the images through a guest user pass sent to them via e-mail.

Mind that by default, Flickr offers public access to the images (not surprising since it is one of the first image sharing apps), so adjust the privacy settings before uploading the pictures.

4. Dropbox

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser
Price: Free or $16.58/month

Dropbox interface USE DROPBOX FREE
  • 2GB of free space
  • Selective synchronization
  • Offers sync with all your mobile gadgets
  • No photo editing features

You may still install the Dropbox app on your computer and use it with selectively sync folders. It is really easy to do. You just drag and drop pictures into a folder and they are automatically synchronized. That’s it. It is perfect to synchronize photos across multiple PCs.

Unluckily, the free version offers limited functionality and 2GB of online storage, which is not enough, actually.

5. WeTransfer

Platforms: Mac OS/ Browser
Price: Free or $12/month

WeTransfer interface USE WETRANSFER FREE
  • Without registration
  • Send files via email or file links
  • Notification e-mail for a sender
  • Public access to shared images
  • No encryption option for free users
  • Only paid users have password protection

In general, it is a user-friendly image sharing site which is not filled with unnecessary features. The interface is almost perfect, but the feature set is not quite satisfactory. For example, free users can’t sign up and send a file via e-mail without generating a download link.

However, average users may work with it for personal image sharing. In case you are a business user, you should encrypt data locally or choose another photo storage app.

Check out its mobile app. It may boast of great functionality and cool background images.

6. 500px

Platforms: Browser/ Android/ iOS
Price: Free or $6.49/month

500px interface USE 500PX FREE
  • Big community
  • Marketplace
  • For pro photographers
  • Outdated web interface
  • No desktop version

Experienced shooters, as well as amateurs, choose 500px among other photo sharing websites as a free photographer portfolio. You may add a watermark and license to your images and post them on the marketplace.

It also gives an opportunity to boost your sales and find new clients promoting your images with the help of photo tags. It does not support RAW files. While the site interface is outdated and not stylish, the mobile app is attractive.

500px has a great community so you may join the groups and get some experience or share your own one. One more interesting feature is the possibility to upload images and preview work in some categories of wedding photos. Finally, don’t worry about privacy as your account is protected with a password.

7. SmugMug

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser
Price: Free or $41.99/month (Business)

SnugMug interface USE SMUGMUG FREE
  • Decent image quality
  • Unlimited storage space
  • User-friendly
  • Clients can’t “like” images
  • No invoicing
  • 15% fee on everything

You can’t upload the whole folder like in case with other photo storage apps. You will have to choose the necessary shots one by one. You may use a default interface but if you want to adjust it – go ahead! It has various colorful themes.

SmugMug offers you SEO-optimized site with your domain name. You can use a layout editor to customize it. The service cares about its security and all the images are backed up with Amazon AWS.

You may also protect all your folders with a password. Moreover, the shooter can specify some users who won’t be able to see his/her galleries.

8. IDrive

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser
Price: Free, $69.50 /year or $99.50 /year

iDrive interface USE IDRIVE FREE
  • Access to one account from many gadgets
  • Disk image backup
  • Integration with File Explorer
  • Folder synchronization
  • Folder uploads and restores via mail
  • No continuous backup
  • Slightly fractured interface
  • Limited storage

If you are looking for the photo storage app with a decent backup system, hold on, as you’ve already found it. IDrive surpasses the competitors due to continuous synchronization of all your files, even those you have on online drives.

Moreover, if you choose its Personal or Business Plan, you will have access to the service called IDrive Express. In case all your images are lost somehow, it will send you everything that has been backed up.

One more option that may also “save your life” is its ability to save up to 30 previous versions of your backed-up files. For example, if you unintentionally deleted an important file, it would not be deleted from IDrive server.

Finally, many users are pleased with its facial recognition system which helps organize your pictures and ability to share images via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

9. pCloud

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser/ Linux
Price: Free, $4.99/month or $7.99/month

pCloud interface USE PCLOUD FREE
  • Never lose photos with PCloud’s rewind system
  • Very secure for boudoir photos
  • Convenient file management
  • Easy access to your photos
  • Paid file encryption
  • No photographer-targeted features

After installation, you will have access to the account virtual drive to synchronize and upload your pictures. But I suggest using a web client since it offers more options and is more user-friendly. Besides, it is faster than external hard drive for photographers.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to use all pCloud tools including the image viewer. It allows viewing the shots and editing metadata. If you are constantly on the move, you may install a mobile app. It is really easy to share the images using it.

Besides, you may add other people to view the photographs and modify them. You can also upload the images to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. If these options are not suitable, simply generate a link and sent it via e-mail. Use the tab to monitor your share statistics.

10. Droplr

Platforms: Windows/ Mac OS/ Browser/ iOS
Price: Free or $2.99/month

Droplr interface USE DROPLR FREE
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • File delivery database
  • Dragging multiple files to the icon, auto zipping and uploading
  • Is not Linux-compatible

It is a service for digital photo storage that marketers, developers, designers, and project managers use to cooperate online. It offers screen capturing, note taking, URL shortening, file storage, and analytics.

Drag and drop uploading system is very convenient for photo sharing. Moreover, you may preview notes, audio files, videos, images, documents, and links; highlight, redact and mark out important info.

Emoticons are also available. You can monitor the sharing history, filter data, and organize your files on the dashboard. It is also possible to check how many people viewed your files. It syncs with Gmail, Google Docs, and Trello. Buy a monthly subscription and if some questions occur, get support via an online help desk.

11. Photo Album

wedding photo album
  • Personal page design
  • Control of other details
  • May be rather expensive
  • Requires some time and effort to be created

Most shooters working in the field of wedding photography provide a wide range of services, which includes the creating of a wedding album in addition to photographing and image retouching. Actually, newlyweds can also design beautiful albums with the help of photo album software.

This is one of the best ways to share wedding photos and save great memories. As a rule, newlyweds order one photo album for themselves to keep it in their home and look through with their guests.

Sometimes young couples order several photo albums to present them to their parents or other relatives as a keepsake. Usually, such additional albums have a simpler design and fewer photos. The search and photo culling as well as creating an album is very important for the newlyweds, so any photographer should try to do everything right. Using the best photo culling software is a smart thing to do.

12. Holiday Cards

wedding holiday cards Download Free Holiday Cards Templates
  • Personalized
  • Thoughtful
  • Memorable
  • Potential delivery problems
  • May require a lot of time

This is another interesting way on how to share wedding photos in an original way. Wedding cards will help you present sweet memories to your relatives and send them some warm and pleasant words.

Most people order such cards at well-known sites, for example, Vistaprint or Shutterfly. However, they can be made by a photographer in a professional lab taking into account all the wishes of the bride and groom.

How to Choose the Best App for Wedding Photos Sharing?

To tell the truth, a universal photo sharing website which will satisfy everyone does not exist. So, when you look for a qualitative photo storage app, consider your personal and professional requirements.

1. Storage Space

The first thing to consider is storage space. It is very important for photo sharing websites especially when you need a place for back-ups. I think everyone had situations when they lost all the images because of flash drives or computer failures.

To avoid this, use cloud storage services. Some of them offer you unlimited storage and back up the images automatically, while others don’t. There are also apps that are more suitable for high-resolution images.

2. Photo Quality

wedding photo sharing ideas

I believe that photo quality is the most important criteria while choosing the best digital photo storage. It should not over compress your pictures, what is more, it is better to upload them in full resolution.

3. User-Friendly Management

No one wants to waste time studying the site and its navigation. Consequently, pay attention to user-friendliness and accessibility while choosing a service for picture sharing.

It is more pleasant to upload, tag, and organize your images facing no difficulties. Moreover, even if you are good at computer programs and may work with any app, your clients may not be as computer-savvy as you are.

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