Wedding Photographer App

Wedding Photographer App

Any wedding photographer app was created to make the photographers life easier. The photographer always has his/her hands full of different tasks, performing the job of a photo editor, a manager, an accountant. But now, you can have a sigh of relief, as I have prepared a list of 14 best apps for professional photographers that will make your workflow easier. These best apps for wedding photographers will help you increase productivity and efficiency and boost your business on your phone. Examine the list of wedding photo apps free and paid, find a photographer app that will suit you the best.

14 Best Apps for Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photo Apps: Camera 

1. GorillaCam

gorilla cam wedding photographer app
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 21,9 MB
  • Operating System: IOS

GorillaCam designed by Joby is one of the best apps for photographers with its variety of useful functions, such as self-timer, quick-firing photo shootings and time-lapse. Many photographers find a photographer app very effective, so they choose it instead of the usual camera on the smartphone.  There are a lot of features that worth attention, but the most attractive is the remote control of the shutter. In a few words, this function allows one device that has this app to “press the shutter” on another device. This feature may become indispensable on different photo sessions. After you try it for the first time, you will definitely use again. 

wedding photographer app best apps for photographers best apps for wedding photographers

One more feature the photographer cannot manage his/her profession without is the time-lapse. It is very important, especially when creating a BTS video during the shooting and mobile apps for photographers are very convenient here. The settings of this function can help you to control the capture duration time so that you could work as long as you need. This feature will especially please everyone who uses Instagram. It will help to keep the video within 1 minute, which is rather convenient. The only thing every photographer should remember is that this function needs the phone always to be activated during the shooting. So, you just have to turn off the brightness of the screen in order not to let your battery die. This wedding photographer app’s function – Self-Timer - is perfect for group photos or distant photos. You have from 1 to 120 seconds at your disposal to take awesome wedding photos.

  • Perfect time-lapse effect
  • Remote shutter control
  • Timer
  • Anti-Shake function
  • Free
  • Only 60-minutes videos
  • Phone needs to be awake while shooting time-lapse

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2. Magic Hour

magic hour wedding photographer app
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 25,3 MB
  • Operating System: IOS

Magic Hour wedding photographer app (also known among the photographers as a perfect shooting time) is an app, created to catch those magical moments during the sunrise and the sunset. It is a period when the light is ideal, bright and gentle enough for taking unforgettable photos and videos. Magic Hour 1.6 helps you to know exactly when this magic time is starting and how much time you have before it. This wedding photographer app defines your location, so it counts up when the fabulous hour will come.

magic hour photographer app 

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to turn on your notifications in order not to miss this time. By the way, using the purchases within this wedding photographer app, you can also choose some different locations, find out when the magic time will start there and therefore make some plans for that day. The whole data saved on this app remains local and it is not transmitted.

  • Auto calculation
  • Easy to use
  • Calendar
  • Free
  • Poor functionality
  • Internet connection is required

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3. Porcket Light Meter

magic hour wedding photographer app
  • Cost: £10,99
  • Size: 42,5 MB
  • Operating System: IOS

Experienced photographers argue that this wedding photographer app is one of the most necessary, as it makes it possible to measure light in any places and states. Even without unpacking your equipment, just using the application on your own phone you will be able to find out what kind of devices you will need for shooting in this place, what kind of lighting and whether it is required at all.

best apps for photographers

Another useful function of this app is the ability to fix the indicators in the memory which is why Pocket Light Meter is in the list of best apps for professional photographers. You just need to click on the "Save" button, which will enable you to compare lighting and apply this knowledge in practice. Also, the application has a synchronization with Evernote. A huge number of wedding photographers use this app in order to pre-fix the light in different places and use this data on very busy days to speed up the work.

  • Allow users to monitor the amount of light
  • Built-in flash reminder
  • Ability to memorize
  • Preservation of places and indicators of light
  • Only for IOS
  • Only paid version

download photographer app AppStore

4. Bride & Groom Poses

Bride & Groom Poses wedding photographer app
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 32,3 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

Even very skillful and experienced photographers sometimes lack ideas, concerning wedding posing. To diversify your standard “set” of posturing, you can make use of the mobile posing and angle wedding photographer app for photographers. It is also very useful for brides and grooms. Besides, you can boost your portfolio with interesting, non-standard photos. Thus, you will attract more clients and demonstrate your unique style. 

This on demand photographer app is rather popular among the photographer of all levels. There are more than 400 cool pictures, taken by real old hands from different parts of the world. Every image strikes the eye by its creativity, delicate or even funny manner of posing. If only we could demonstrate more screen-shots!.You can look through all the images, choose the ones you like best of all and add them to your favorite bin, in order to have them on deck at the wedding.  

This wedding photography app is super useful for amateur photographers, who feel a little bit unconfident and nervous at the wedding. To impress your clients from the first shot, you should think about posing ideas in advance. It is much easier with this app. 

best apps for wedding photographers

Available Categories:

  • Bride-couple together/separately;
  • Details (flowers, decorations, rings and so on).

Main Characteristics:

  • over 400 pictures available (soon will be even more);
  • understandable and easy to use;
  • with free updates;
  • may work without the Internet connection;
  • is perfect for saving and editing images;
  • you can review the pictures quickly, using sliding feature.
  • Over 400 images
  • Internet not required
  • All updates are free
  • No customization

download photographer app AppStore

Planning Wedding Photography Apps 

5. Photographer’s Ephemeris Apps

Photographer’s Ephemeris wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: $8,99
  • Size: 75,8 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

The Photographer’s Ephemeris stays one of the best apps for photographers Android owners. It's a great app for planning your photo sessions. You have just to select some place anywhere you want all around the world, mark this place with a pin, select a day and watch how the sun and the moon will move around this place. This app is especially helpful for planning a photo session in place you have never been to. If you are planning some journey, remember about TPE as one of the best apps for photographers, in order not to waste any minute while taking photos. TPE will definitely help you to organize a great photo shooting and get wonderful landscape photos as a result.

best apps for professional photographers

This Wedding Photographer App Provides:

  • The comprehensive information about sunup and sundown.
  • The detailed data about moonrise and moonset.
  • The info about phases of the moon and level of illumination.
  • Display on the map (standard, satellite, hybrid, and terrain).
  • Convenient map that can be zoomed and rotated.
  • Automatically map rotation according to the compass.
  • Pins with the possibility of being moved.
  • Inbuilt compass for orientation in unknown places
  • The identification of the area, entering its name or coordinates.
  •  Opportunity to select and view any place you want.
  • The chance to get all necessary data without the Internet connection.
  • Multiple options of mode
  • Movable map pins
  • Graphical display on a map
  • Compass-based auto-rotation
  • Paid app
  • No fixed lists

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6. Milelbug

Milelbug wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: $2,99
  • Size: 26,5 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

This is one of the most useful mobile apps for photographers that can greatly facilitate and improve your work. Often, photographers get to the places of the wedding by his/her own car, and in fact the costs of it is included in the payment for the services of the photographer. It is important to understand how much to charge from the customer for this.

apps for photographers android

With this application, you can easily track your way, keep a standard way for you like a road to the airport or your own studio. Milelbug is simply necessary for business to those who are in constant movement. It is very convenient that at the end of the month or year, according to your request, the program compiles a report on its own.

  • Track miles for your businesses
  • Create yout own expense categories
  • Automatically opens to Edit for incomplete trip
  • Setup multiple vehicles
  • Define date range of each report
  • Paid subscription for additional features

download photographer app GooglePlay

7. Newton Calendar

Newton Calendar wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 31 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

This one can be undoubtedly a landscape, fashion or wedding photographer app, who would like to enliven his works with new ideas. Once you've tried to use it, get ready that the Newton Calendar will become your irreplaceable assistance during all photo sessions.

on demand photographer app


  • One of the best iPad apps for photographers, as it can be also used on iPhones and iPod Touches.
  • You can utilize this app for storing different information about your orders, customers, and forthcoming events.
  • You will be capable to transmit the information about your customers directly from your phone.
  • In order to contact your customers, you can use this app as well, using built-in email. The built-in map will help you to learn about their location.
  • You can keep all the information you need about people that take part in the photo event.
  • It is a great aide while you are planning your photo shooting. With the help of this wedding photographer app, you will never forget about necessary photos you have to take. You also can mark the shooting note as accomplished, if you have already taken such photos.
  • Notifications about forthcoming events. This app will remind you about events and let you know at what time and where you have to be.
  • It will be easier to control your equipment with the Newton Calendar. Just make a list of necessary equipment and cross out the tools you have already packed. You can do the same when you finish your shooting and are packing home.
  • Have an eye on your everyday tasks and control the schedule.
  • If you have some troubles while using the app, you will get some help from online support, you can use email support as well. 
  • Convenient transportation of information
  • Functional calendar
  • Ability to create a large number of events
  • Day-to-day tasks
  • Works only with Newton mail
  • Subscription

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Wedding Photography Business Apps

8. Releases

Releases wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 30,9 MB
  • Operating System: IOS

This is one of the best iPad apps for photographers, which is engaged in wedding shooting and need property release forms or a model on a regular basis. Compared to other apps, releases contain the necessary templates that every photographer must possess:

If this is the first time, when you use mobile apps for photographers like this, you would be pleasantly impressed with how quickly and quality it works. Releases create a form for every person present in the photo, in order to electronically sign on the touch-screen with their finger. Then, the photo is attached to the form and the person gets a PDF file in the e-mail. 

wedding photographer app

This kind of wedding photo apps is demanded by lots of professionals due to different reasons. First of all, if you use the traditional paper method, it happens quite often that important things are lost and you have to redo everything from the git-go. Besides, if you need some copies, they are easily produced. In case, you have a spontaneous task to fulfill, with a phone or any other device, it will take a few seconds to get a release form. This is the best app for wedding photographers as well as for the professionals of other genres. 

 best apps for wedding photographers

How Does It Works?

  • Fill in your professional data and it will be saved in the app. Every time you create a new release, the information will be added to it automatically. 
  • There is a set of photo templates, so choose the one you need and enter the necessary information (model, property and so on). This wedding photographer app includes various types of releases to meet your demands. 
  • If you have entered any information as well as various entities such as witnesses or any other, they are saved and automatically retrieved for future releases. 
  • Your release should contain your electronic signature + a model’s and a witness’. In case, you shoot a juvenile model, his/her parents have to sign the release. 
  • Send the release in a PDF format via e-mail or upload to the cloud.
  • User-friendly
  • Free Release Template
  • PDF versions
  • Inconvenient synchronization with other services
  • Only iOS

download photographer app AppStore

9. Buffer

Buffer wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 83,2 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

In order to be recognized and popular every photographer needs to maintain many accounts in a variety of social networks. It takes a very long time, so the developers of this application have created it so that you can upload information to all attached sites at a time. You can upload information on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and other platforms, while very quickly adjusting it to the requirements of a particular site. Buffer is one of the best social photography apps. 

best ipad apps for photographers 

This application is especially convenient because it analyzes, for example, issues statistics or creates personal recommendations on the time of loading information on the page, so that it is more effective. In addition, it gives an assessment of the popularity of posts and you can independently regulate what exactly to post on the page, so that it becomes more interesting for subscribers.

  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Analysis of work
  • Predicting the popularity of the post
  • The ability to customize texts
  • Publish in one click
  • Works only with certain platforms
  • Paid content when subscribing to a high level

download photographer app AppStore

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10. Textexpander

Textexpander wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 83,2 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

Many professionals have already appreciated this wedding photographer app, which makes it possible to shorten the time for the most time-consuming occupation of the photographer - mailing. You will just need to download the application and in the click you can answer any letters that come to your e-mail – from customers or by cooperation.

The convenience of this application is that you can create certain templates and answers for emails, which will help you send a letter in one minute. Many faced the problem that the client does not wait for an answer and simply book a photo session from another photographer who managed to respond faster to his/her request. With this application, you can become exactly the photographer who manages the fastest of all.

wedding photographer app

You can use this application and synchronize it on any device, for example, on a desktop, iPad and iPhone simultaneously. 

How is the template loaded fast? You need to enter your abbreviation in the dialog box and click OK! For example, someone sent you a request to book a wedding photo session on a certain day. If you are free, you can enter "Free" (if it is set by you in advance) and the person will receive a letter stating that you are free on this day and are ready to be booked. If you are busy, you can send a letter to the abbreviation "Booked", the template caused by this request will be apologetic. A little tweaking and this wedding photographer app will save you a lot of time.

  • Expand custum keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text
  • Correct typos automatically
  • Works in all Apps via TextExpander custom keyboard
  • Create and use JavaScript snippets
  • Expand text such as greetings, email signatures, form letters
  • Only iOS

download photographer app AppStore

Sharing Wedding Photography Apps

Do you remember those days, when newlyweds had to put their cameras on every surface to take a photo or ask their guests to perform a wedding photo session? Now mobile apps for photographers will help all the guests take the photos with the smartphones easily and share them online with other guests in a special album. Of course, after that everyone can save the photos he or she wants and post them on a social network, or just show them as a slideshow at the wedding.

12. EverSnap

EverSnap wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: $99-$399 (free for guests)
  • Size: 74,3 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

After registering on, asks wedding guests to download and install one of the best apps for wedding photographers – the EverSnap app. It can be done via Facebook, e-mail or instruction cards within several minutes and enable them to upload images or even videos to the album right at the event. The automatic uploading is also possible if the guests have better connection. There are several possible variants at different prices:

  • the basic package at a price of $99;
  • the premium package will cost $249;
  • the luxury package for $399. 

best apps for wedding photographers

How Does it Function?

1. Register and Create an Album
First of all, you need to go through a short registration, choose a package and create an album. For convenience sake and abiding the privacy policy, there is a unique code for each album that you have to choose. The guests find the album they need and upload the photos. With the help of this wedding photography app, you can create as many albums as you wish – for the bachelor’s party, wedding preparation, hen-party or any other event connected to the wedding.

2. Get the Amazing Directions Cards for Each Visitor
If you want to find a photographer app to satisfy the clients, you should consider the ease of its use. For this wedding photographer app, you will get 200 cards with detailed stepwise instructions on how to install the app, review the pictures and add new ones. Lots of couples prefer including these cards into the invitations. Mind to indicate the chosen code, otherwise, the guests won’t have an access to the album. There are many mobile apps for photographers, but this one gives you a chance to determine who can join which album. For instance, such albums as “The Bachelor’s Party” may be kept secret. Thereby, you can choose the front picture of the card and the code on the back side (for instance, BettyPeter2018).

3. There is No Necessity to Install EverSnap to Join the Album
You can leave the link to the album for everybody interested either to download wedding photographer app or, simply, use a browser to view the pictures and add their own.  

wedding photographer app

4. The Simple Way to Add Pictures & Videos

You can take photos through apps for photographers Android and then just upload them from the gallery. When you find a photographer app that you need, you have to enter the code to the album and proceed to photograph. 

No connection. Don’t worry if you have a destination wedding. Being one of the best apps for wedding photographers, EverSnap works perfectly without the connection. So, the guests have a rich variety of filters. 

Seven Adorable Photo Filters. There is a collection of 7 wonderful filters at the disposal of the guests. They may choose any filter they like to make the picture even more spectacular.

5. The Live Slideshow on the Screen

Professional moderators have done their best to let everybody at the wedding see the photos taken during the event. One after another, all the pictures will be shown on a screen with a smooth transition from one photo to next image. 

The photos would be chosen and grouped remotely by professional moderators. This procedure may take several hours, but you will definitely like the result, that why this app is one of the best apps for professional photographers. 

6. Instagram or Twitter Photos

It is easy to collect the appropriate Instagram & Twitter photos by the Hashtag. Then, they may be added to the album.

  • 200 customized instruction cards
  • Guests don’t have to download app
  • 7 photo filters
  • Works without connection
  • Only paid version

download photographer app AppStore

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13. WedPic

WedPic wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 93,4 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

It is difficult to define the best app for wedding photographers, but this one is worth trying. WedPics is a free app that you can download via e-mail or Facebook and encourage the guest to join. Using this wedding photographer app, it is possible:

If you don’t have iPhone, you can upload the pictures, using a computer. 

What Gadgets Can be Used With This Wedding Photographer App?
WedPics app is compatible with iPhone (iOS 9.0+) and is regarded as one of the best apps for photographers Android (4.4+). If you prefer to use more traditional devices, it is possible to upload images right to WedPics, using computers. Nowadays, it is popular among professional photographers to share the pictures in the album. 

How to Inform Guest About WedPics at the Wedding?
There are several simple, but very effective ways to let the guests know and encourage them to use this app at the event:

  • order WedPics invitations, with your name, wedding ID and detailed instructions for the attendees which will appear right in wedding photographer app;
  • inform them via e-mail beforehand;
  • send them text messages;
  • let them know via Facebook or other social networks.

WedPics – What to Begin With?
In fact, there are many mobile apps for photographers that are rather complicated to use. But, it has nothing to do with WedPics. To use this free app, the guests have to find it in the App Store/Google Play and download within several seconds. While registering, they indicate your unique Wedding ID and start using. If you have neither Android nor iPhone, you can join on the web. 

How to Download Pictures?
Everybody can receive the Diamond Package. Thus, you will be able to save the unlimited number of images on the site or wedding photography app. The pictures will be of top-quality and ready for editing manipulations. 

  1. click the “Download” button;
  2. choose “ Download Album” option.

What Should Be Done if there Is a Poor Connection at the Wedding?
Actually, it is not a problem! It is advisable to continue taking photos with phones and other devices and later add them to the WedPics album when you find the spot with the better Internet coverage. 

  • Unlimited guests
  • Wedding Info
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Pro Camera
  • Paid content

download photographer app GooglePlay

14. Ceremony

Ceremony wedding photographer app logo
  • Cost: FREE
  • Size: 71,7 MB
  • Operating System: AOS, IOS

Another application for saving every image that was made during the wedding celebration. All that is required is to give a link to the guests, and then enjoy a full collection of photos from the wedding. In addition, there is an opportunity not even to download this wedding photographer app to all guests, but simply use the full storage where you can send images. This will be quite enough, but you as a photographer will get all possible images, which of course will help when editing and sending the order to customers.

find a photographer app

Additional features of this application are unlike other mobile apps for photographers, it also incredibly convenient. You can use it as an additional glider and develop a schedule there. With the help of this application it is very convenient to share photos in any social networks.

  • Gather every guest's photos and videos
  • Message every guest, right from the app
  • Unlike social networks, Ceremony is 100% private
  • Download one, 10 or every full-resolution photo and video at any time
  • Ceremony is simple enough for every guest
  • Built-in camera is poor

download photographer app AppStore

download photographer app GooglePlay


Summing Up: Best Apps for Professional Photographers

To create amazing wedding photos you don’t need to buy expensive mobile apps for photographers. We have reviewed 14 best tools to ease the work of a wedding photographer:

  1. Releases: Turns the procedure of creating and signing releases into a child’s play;
  2. Buffer: Manage all accounts on social networks in one click;
  3. TextExpander: Create your own templates for instant communication with customers using email;
  4. GorillaCam: The convenient app with a manual control for fast editing; 
  5. Magic hour: Cool app to apply in changeable lighting conditions;
  6. Pocket Light Meter: Measure the light level for a better choice of equipment;
  7. EverSnap: Multi-functional app to create albums and share all the photos from the event;
  8. WedPics: A very popular and widely-used app for exchanging pictures; 
  9. Ceremony: A free application in order not to miss any photo;
  10. The Photographer’s Ephemeris: All-in-one planner for weather, light, direction to make outdoor shooting simpler. 
  11. Milebug: Calculate the cost of the road to the wedding venue easily;
  12. Newton Calendar: Stylish photographer planner with all necessary options;
  13. Bride & Groom poses: The detailed guide on how to choose non-standard poses and angles;
  14. DIY photo booth: Helps to design an ideal photo booth. 


Use these best apps for wedding photographers to successfully plan, shoot, edit, upload and share photos. Active use of such modern apps makes your work easier and more enjoyable.

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