14 Best Wedding Photographer Apps in 2024

Wedding photographers need wedding photographer apps for planning photo shoots, talking with a couple and their guests, editing and sharing photos. There are a lot of apps with different features and you can use one or a few ones which are more suitable for your business.

Top 14 Wedding Photographer Apps

  1. Wedding Countdown - All-in-one app for photographers
  2. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch - Manual wedding picture editing
  3. Text Expander - For quick emailing
  4. Ceremony - Convenient batch uploading
  5. Shutterfly - For qualitative printing
  6. CardStar - For all the contact info
  7. ShootProof - For targeting messages
  8. The Photographer’s Ephemeris - Wedding photo sessions planner
  9. EverSnap - With the richest functionality
  10. Wedding Photo Swap - The best photo organizing system
  11. The Guest - App for flexible public access
  12. WedBox - With multiple languages support
  13. Buffer - Convenient connection with social nets
  14. WedShoots - With in-built photo filters

Check out these wedding photography apps and you will find some great options for simple photo sharing, convenient chatting and emailing, calculating expenses, noting down places and time for wedding photo shoots.

1. Wedding Countdown

For photographers and couples
  • You can set up a countdown to the wedding day
  • Offers filters for background images
  • You can track anniversaries
  • The interface is intuitive
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Verdict: Wedding Countdown is a nice app using which you can set various countdowns to the wedding day. You can also select the convenient time units like years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Besides, it is possible to choose units in the form of heartbeats or kisses.

With this wedding photographer app, you can edit pictures using many different features and tools. You will be able to perform basic color correction, retouch skin, set interesting backgrounds, use brushes and add filters.

wedding countdown wedding photographer app interface

2. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch

Manual wedding edits
  • Editing and retouching performed by experts
  • Face and body refinement tools
  • Backdrop editing
  • Easy pic recovery options
  • Not all features are available in a free version

Verdict: Fix The Photo is an advanced editor popular among wedding photographers. The toolkit includes a variety of options for refining face and body, tweaking colors, and enhancing the background. There is a free trial version with basic features for editing.

Using the app, you can remove wrinkles, enhance skin color, and get rid of blemishes. There are also professional features for fixing asymmetry, removing a double chin, improving teeth, and refining body curves and shapes.

If you want to delegate photo improving tasks to real professionals, use the Fix The Photo app. This is a unique application, where you can upload your picture and ask experts to edit it. Besides, you can add comments and describe what result you expect to get.

fix the photo editor and retouch wedding photographer app interface

3. TextExpander

For quick emailing
  • The possibility to extend custom keyboard shortcuts to frequently-used texts
  • Typos are corrected automatically
  • You can create and use JavaScript snippets
  • Extends texts like greetings, email signs and letters
  • Takes some time to make pre-settings

Verdict: TextExpander is a wedding photographer app which will simplify mailing – the most time-consuming part for every wedding photographer.

The convenience of this application is that you can create certain templates and answers for emails, which will help you send a letter in one minute.

You need to enter your abbreviation in the dialog box and click OK. You can use this application and synchronize it on any device, for example, on a desktop, iPad and iPhone simultaneously.

  • textexpander wedding photographer app interface

    4. Ceremony

    Convenient batch uploading
    • Simple to use
    • Secure and private
    • The option of batch photo downloading
    • You can send messages to guests
    • Not the best built-in camera
    ceremony wedding photographer app logo

    Verdict: This is a good wedding picture app for saving photos taken during the wedding celebration.

    The app's convenience extends beyond the celebration itself, making it effortless for guests to revisit and relive those cherished moments long after the wedding has passed. The shared album becomes a digital time capsule and heartfelt embrace that can be revisited anytime, allowing the couple and their loved ones to immerse themselves in the happiness of the wedding day.

    All you have to do is to give a link to the guests, and then enjoy a full collection of photos from the wedding. In addition, there is an opportunity not even to download this wedding photographer app to all guests, but simply use the full storage where you can send images. This will be quite enough, but you as a photographer will get all possible images, which of course will help when editing and sending the order to customers.

    ceremony wedding photographer app interface

    5. Shutterfly

    For qualitative printing
    • Has an intuitive interface
    • A lot of photo-printed gift options
    • Prints text on the paperback
    • Great delivery packaging
    • Poor online photo editing
    • High price
    shutterfly wedding photographer app logo

    Verdict: Shutterfly is a great wedding photographer app using which you can easily view photos, upload them to albums, share and chat with all the people connected to weddings. With its help, you will also be able to note down events and invite your friends to join.

    Shutterfly is also a photo printing app. It can print photos, invitations, greeting cards, guest lists, etc. Also, it offers a lot of different products that you can print your photos on.

    With Shutterfly you will be able to print your pictures on cards, stationery, calendars, customized gifts, home decor, etc. Besides standard mugs, magnets and posters, you can select flowerpots, blankets, cell phone cases, pillows, shower curtains and pet food bowls.

    • shutterfly wedding photographer app interface

      6. CardStar

      For all the contact info
      • You can scan and type numbers in it
      • Has a convenient merchant list
      • Recognized cards have bar codes
      • You can keep all the contacts you need
      • A limited number of contacts
      cardstar wedding photographer app logo

      Verdict: CardStar is another great wedding photographer app, which is useful due to the possibility to keep all the necessary contacts and appointments in it.

      You can scan the bar codes from business cards, various loyalty and membership cards with your phone camera. If it’s unavailable for you, you will be able to write down a necessary number right into the app.

      • cardstar wedding photographer app interface

        7. ShootProof

        For targeting messages
        • Customer support via Facebook
        • The possibility to view slideshows
        • Nice showcase for portfolio
        • You can create contracts
        • Contracts aren’t delivered sometimes
        • Gallery themes should be enhanced
        shootproof wedding photographer app logo

        Verdict: ShootProof is a very popular wedding photo app due to its proofing feature. Using it you can view how a website with pictures will look at various devices – desktop or portable ones.

        ShootProof offers a lot of gallery themes and convenient photo organizing features. With their help, you can promote your business via email automation. You will have the possibility to send mails to gallery visitors at particular times for different sale reminders, cart abandonment, gallery expiration, etc.

        • shootproof wedding photographer app interface

          8. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

          Wedding photo sessions planner
          • Many mode variants
          • Map pins can be moved
          • Offers graphical display on a map
          • Provides compass-based auto-rotation
          • Lack of fixed lists
          the photographers ephemeris wedding photographer app logo
          The Photographer’s Ephemeris

          Verdict: TPE is a convenient wedding photographer app that you can use to plan your photo shoots.

          You have just to select some place anywhere you want all around the world, mark it with a pin, select a day and watch how the sun and the moon will move around this place. This app is especially helpful for planning a photo session in place you have never been to.

          TPE is also the a night photography app. It has a night mode that lets you check the position of the Milky Way, the Moon, Polaris and different constellations. It will be perfect for those who prefer unique evening or night wedding photo shoots.

          • the photographers ephemeris wedding photographer app interface

            9. EverSnap

            With the richest functionality
            • Offers 200 customized instruction cards
            • Guests don’t have to download the app
            • Has 7 image filters
            • Works offline
            • Paid app
            eversnap wedding photographer app logo

            Verdict: EverSnap is a nice wedding photographer app that may be used to create digital photo albums from weddings. You can create an album and share custom codes with guests. They will use them to upload their pictures and videos from the wedding for public access.

            Besides, EverSnap offers 200 customizable instruction cards that you can put into your wedding program template. The guests can download them while they are waiting for the beginning of the ceremony.

            eversnap wedding photographer app interface

            10. Wedding Photo Swap

            Best photo organizing system
            • Provides an invite-only system
            • Unlimited storage
            • You can mark favorites
            • Great organization
            • Lack of photo editing tools
            wedding photo swap wedding photographer app logo
            Wedding Photo Swap

            Verdict: Using this wedding photo app, you can get all the wedding pictures from guests, organize, store and save them. This app provides full privacy. Only people who got a link from you can upload and view images there. In this app you will also be able to create an unlimited number of albums.

            For instance, you can make albums for each part of the celebration. Also, you can use Wedding Photo Swap to store images from bachelor and hen parties.

            Thanks to these features, Wedding Photo Swap is one of the most famous photo sharing sites.

            wedding photo swap wedding photographer app interface

            11. The Guest

            App for flexible public access
            • Full privacy
            • Unlimited number of photos
            • Has a private gallery
            • Photos are easy to delete
            • High price
            the guest wedding photographer app logo
            The Guest

            Verdict: The Guest is a wedding photographer app created by Knot. It will help you simplify collecting wedding photos and videos and keep them all in one place. The app is very simple to use. All you have to do is to install it, create an event and invite guests through a phone number or email. When the wedding begins, the photos taken during it will be automatically uploaded to the gallery of the app.

            You won’t have any limitations in photo resolution or video length – all photos and videos will be qualitative. Moreover, this app prioritizes the privacy and security of user data and wedding content, ensuring that only invited guests have access to the event details and photos.

            the guest wedding photographer app interface

            12. WedBox

            With multiple languages support
            • Unlimited number of users and photos
            • Automatic categorization
            • Available in different languages
            • Provides live presentation
            • Lack of gift registry
            wedbox wedding photographer app logo

            Verdict: WedBox Photo is one of the most convenient wedding picture apps for newlyweds, their guests and a wedding photographer.

            It offers unlimited storage for wedding photos and videos. It doesn’t matter what size your photos and videos have, even long videos and highest resolution photos will be uploaded to the app.

            WedBox is an exceptional app that offers the utmost convenience for photographers to share photos and videos crafted with the assistance of the best wedding video editing software. It doesn’t matter what size your files have, even long videos and highest resolution photos will be uploaded to the app.

            Also, WedBox has a selfie box feature. You set your camera, make an interesting background, and provide the guests with fun, amusing and nice memories.

            There are 17 languages in the free version. To get the full feature package, it’s better to buy one of the WedBox plans.

            • wedbox wedding photographer app interface

              13. Buffer

              Convenient connection with social nets
              • Work analysis
              • Prediction of photo popularity
              • The possibility to edit texts
              • Quick publishing
              • Works only with particular platforms
              • Paid features when subscribing to a higher level
              buffer wedding photographer app logo

              Verdict: Buffer is a very good wedding photographer app using which you will be able to upload data on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and other social networks. At the same time, you can quickly adjust it to the requirements of an individual website.

              Another advantage of this app is its analysis. For instance, it gives statistics or creates personal recommendations while loading information on the page and making it more effective. Also, it estimates the popularity of posts so you can independently manage what to post on the page to make the subscribers more interested.

              buffer wedding photographer app interface

              14. WedShoots

              With in-built photo filters
              • Photo editing tools
              • Has privacy settings
              • Real-time image gallery
              • Unlimited storage
              • Doesn’t have hashtags
              wedshoots wedding photographer app logo

              Verdict: WedShoots is a universal wedding picture app that has features of a photo editor, organizer and sharing platform. It is free and very easy to use. All the users will need to do is install the app on their smartphones.

              If photographers and guests allow the app access to the camera of their phones, all photos they took during the wedding will be automatically uploaded to a particular folder in this app. This is a real lifesaver as you don’t have to purchase the best camera for wedding photography in low budget or from a premium segment, and will still receive many touching images.

              You will have the possibility to edit your pictures right in the app, add different effects and use filters.

              wedshoots wedding photographer app interface
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