15 Best Apps for Fashion Designers in 2023

By Tani Adams 23 days ago, Software Reviews

Apps for fashion designers, pattern makers and illustrators will make your workflow faster, smarter and more professional even with the help of your smartphone. You can use them to track clothes you like when walking in the street or during the creation of your own outfit line.

Thanks to the functionality of such apps you can create your own details, modify the design, look for new ideas, attract new customers and so on.

Top 15 Apps for Fashion Designers

  1. Pinterest - Smart-search of design ideas
  2. Art Authority - Art pieces in a virtual museum interface
  3. Vogue Runway - Access to fashion world shows
  4. Business of Fashion - Top resource for fashion creatives
  5. Adobe Illustrator - Works with virtually all systems
  6. Sketch - Vector graphics editor
  7. ColorSnap - Integrated system of colors
  8. Evernote - Notes organizer & planner
  9. Corel Draw - Powerful image editing
  10. Sketchbook - For painting, sketching, illustrated art
  11. Pantone Color Book - User-friendly
  12. Procreate - Painting software
  13. Instagram - For sharing ideas
  14. BrandBoom - Convenient e-commerce platform
  15. Shopify - Sell anywhere, to anyone

Paid and free clothing design software can be a great source of inspiration, so you can create female or male outfits faster. If you are engaged in fashion design, creating new patterns and illustrations or you are just fond of fashion, then the applications described below will certainly be of interest to you.

1. Pinterest

Good collection of images
  • Includes great search engine optimization feature
  • The ability to track things you are interested in
  • You can easily see the results
  • Not very fast

Verdict: Pinterest resembles a digital board. Each season, you can find many unique ideas for creating stunning fashion collections here.

This is one of the best apps for fashion designers that allows you to find great bundles of pictures more easily and quickly than in Flickr or Google. Image collections are uploaded and curated by users.

The application includes 602 million boards and 21 billion ideas related to the fashion industry. If you're looking for ideas for new fashion designs, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

pinterest interface app for fashion designers

2. Art Authority

Presents art pieces
  • Includes images created by more than 1,000 artists
  • It is possible to download images
  • Compatible only with MacOS and iOS devices

Verdict: Many fashion products have appeared under the influence of various artworks, so this application can be a powerful tool for the development of a new outfit.

The library contains over 100,000+ images of sculptures and paintings by the most outstanding worldwide artists of all time. This is one of the top fashion apps that contains an impressive visual archive for illustrators and designers.

art authority interface app for fashion designers

3. Vogue Runway

Access to fashion world shows
  • Awesome photo collection
  • Not found

Verdict: If you want to see the best news in the fashion industry, then this fashion illustration app is what you need. Vogue Runway was created by the famous fashion magazine and its library includes a huge number of images.

Here you will find pictures from more than 12,000 fashion shows and more than 1 million runway images from 2000 to our days.

You can see pictures from fashion shows taking place in various parts of the world. Photos are available to users almost immediately after the model left the catwalk.

You can draw inspiration by viewing amazing clothes from famous designers, ready-made outfits, resort and menswear collections. Use your iPhone or iPad to enjoy fashion shows from Milan, London, Paris or other cities.

vogue runway interface app for fashion designers

4. Adobe Illustrator

Optimal solution for companies of various sizes
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Round-the-clock IT support
  • Quick response time
  • Mainly focuses on mobile development

Verdict: Designers and illustrators often use Creative Suite’s features in their workflow. It has all the necessary tools for creating logos, typography, sketches, signs, for publishing on the Internet or printing.

Adobe Illustrator can be used as excellent clothes designing software. Although the app may seem too complicated for beginners, they can find tons of useful materials to figure it out. For example, there are many free tutorial videos on YouTube. Also, users can get the knowledge they need at free webinars and classes offered at Sew Heidi and Fashion Classroom.

adobe illustrator interface app for fashion designers

5. Business of Fashion

Leading resource for fashion creatives
  • Free registration
  • Lots of fashion news
  • Not found
app for fashion designers business of fashion logo
Business of Fashion

Verdict: This is one of the most popular fashion designing websites for entrepreneurs, designers and executives from around the world. Hundreds of insiders and journalists from all over the world are gathering the latest information for the Business of Fashion.

Here you can find detailed information about global markets, business intelligence, retail, fashion week, new trends and names in the field of design, as well as other interesting reports.

business of fashion interface app for fashion designers

6. Sketch

Fairly new
  • User-friendly
  • Stunning plugins
  • Multiple Screen Layout
  • Cloud storage integration isn’t available
app for fashion designers sketch logo

Verdict: The Sketch app has many cool plugins and a simple user interface. External developers are constantly improving the app by adding various advanced features. Sketch is a great opportunity for novice designers to hone their skills and even make money.

Thanks to the Sketch online platform, you can collaborate, create, implement your creative photo ideas and more. The application includes an integrated prototyping option, an excellent vector editor, and other functions that allow you to turn even the most daring ideas into a great product.

sketch interface app for fashion designers

7. ColorSnap

Nice tune colors
  • Nice tune colors
  • Ability to get the detailed color info
  • A custom palette can be created
  • Not found
app for fashion designers color snap logo

Verdict: ColorSnap is one of the best apps for fashion designers that will help you get complete information about the color of any clothing or accessories. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Using it, you can recognize colors as soon as you see them. This app also helps you choose the best colors for the outfit you like. By the way, this application is completely free.

colorsnap interface app for fashion designers

8. Evernote

Notes Organizer & Planner
  • Easy to download
  • Different topics can be easily organized into a catalog
  • Sharing features
  • Lack of searching option
  • Premium users have more features
app for fashion designers evernote logo

Verdict: Although Evernote does not belong to specific fashion designing apps for PC, it attracts users with its ease of use and the ability to work with different platforms.

Thanks to the features of this application, you can easily combine videos, pictures and texts into folders and files. Since all your media are stored in the cloud, you can open them from any device.

evernote interface app for fashion designers

9. CorelDRAW

Powerful image editing
  • ML-powered tracing
  • Lots of tools for creating art-effects and enhancing pictures
  • Collaboration options could be better
  • High price

Verdict: CorelDRAW is a great vector graphics application. It is also a good solution for beginner designers. Using its tools, you can design your own clothes virtually – starting from designing patterns and sketches to drawing geometric mannequins.

The universal vector-drawing package is one of the advantages of this application. It allows you to create and edit multiple-page documents without having to work in a DTP app.

This graphic design clothing app includes many page layout and typographic features, such as compatibility with OpenType, page numbers, master pages and others.

corel draw interface app for fashion designers

10. Sketchbook

App with cross-platform
  • Contains more than 190 customizable brushes
  • Camera scanning option
  • Clear interface
  • Sometimes lags
app for fashion designers sketch book logo

Verdict: This application is in great demand among designers, architectors, concept artists and others. It has everything you need for digital painting and drawing. SketchBook is one of the most popular fashion designing apps for Android and iOS. It contains everything you need to create awesome drawings in the shortest time.

SketchBook boasts a simple and easy-to-use interface, as well as professional painting and drawing features. UI is clear and not cluttered. During the work, it remains invisible until you need some kind of tool.

This is one of the free fashion apps that uses your device’s cameras as scanners. As a result, you can capture the objects you like at any moment. You can install the application on almost any platform and use it anywhere.

sketchbook interface app for fashion designers

11. Pantone Color Finder

User-friendly apps
  • Solid blocks of color can be used
  • Well-known matching system
  • Some colors are missing
app for fashion designers pantone color finder logo
Pantone Color Finder

Verdict: Pantone is one of the best apps for fashion designers that has an advanced identification and color matching system. It allows clothing designers to establish the most effective cooperation with manufacturers. You can get the color you need almost instantly.

Firefox or Google Chrome users can take advantage of Color Picker and Eye Dropper to find colors recognized as RGB. Pantone Color Finder translates the found colors into the corresponding Pantone number. The application is available for users of Android devices and iPhones.

pantone color finder interface app for fashion designers

12. Procreate

Painting software
  • Lots of brushes
  • Nice workflow
  • Adjustment layers are not perfect Lack of vectors
app for fashion designers procreate logo

Verdict: Just for 6 dollars, you can get the opportunity to create realistic digital paintings. Procreate includes a Streamline feature that allows you to make as realistic brush strokes as possible and fix them. By purchasing this application, you get 120 brushes for painting. If this set is too small for you, download the artist brushes.

This virtual fashion app contains a good color picker with a selection tool. Using this feature, you can change some parts of the picture without affecting other aspects of the canvas or illustration. Time-lapse animation is another useful option for designers.

Thanks to it, you can see how the clothes you created will move on the body and also track the design evolution.

procreate interface app for fashion designers

13. Instagram

For posting masterpieces
  • Easy to search
  • Simple picture editing features
  • Personality is shown
  • Plenty of content
app for fashion designers instagram logo

Verdict: Regular publication of your work on a social network allows you to make your name more famous and attract potential customers. You can also share photos and draw inspiration for future projects.

Many companies monitor comments on their posts during the first six hours to find out the opinions of people about their brand. It helps them understand how well potential customers perceive their service or goods. As a result of this research, you can make some changes to make the product more attractive to customers.

instagram interface app for fashion designers

14. BrandBoom

Convenient e-commerce platform
  • Quick installation
  • Great customer service
  • Not found
app for fashion designers brand boom logo

Verdict: BrandBoom is one of the best apps for fashion designers, wholesalers, retailers and other companies that need to organize the distribution of their products. This online platform is a great way to receive orders and payments, send links for booking and payment to showrooms and customers.

Set up your line sheet and you can spend less time communicating with clients. Using BrandBoom is more convenient than manually creating line-sheets in Adobe InDesign and importing them into Excel documents. Moreover, it will be easier for you to keep the information current.

Customer support is another advantage of BrandBoom. You can call the service at any time and they will help set everything up quickly.

brandboom interface app for fashion designers

15. Shopify

Great interface
  • Simple to use
  • Lots of customizable templates
  • URL structure
app for fashion designers shopify logo

Verdict: If you have already found women’s and men's clothing design app, set up production, then it's time to start selling your products. Shopify is a great online platform to organize your e-commerce business.

It contains all the necessary tools to create a storefront, set up a tracking and accepting orders system, payment, etc. The platform supports over 1,000 Enterprise Plus customers and 350,000 businesses.

This platform is user-friendly, it is simple and uncluttered. Besides, its integration with such services as Facebook and Amazon allows you to get more opportunities for your business in one place.

shopify interface app for fashion designers