12 Photos Background Apps in 2021

By Tani Adams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

12 Photos Background Apps in 2021

Thanks to the photos background apps, you can replace a white wall in the product photos by a stylish interior and use a beautiful seascape instead of a boring background in your personal image.

Such applications are useful for photographers, bloggers, SMM managers and active users of social networks.

Top 12 Photos Background Apps

  1. Adobe Photoshop Mix: Android | iOS – Compositing and blending
  2. Simple Background Changer: Android – With HD backgrounds
  3. Superimpose: Android | iOS – With advanced features
  4. Automatic Background Changer: Android – Automatic objects cut
  5. Cut Paste Photo: Android | iOS – For realistic blending
  6. Magic Eraser Background Editor: iOS – Smart Magic Wand
  7. Background Eraser: Android – For video editing
  8. PhotoLayers: Android | iOS – For making photomontages
  9. PhotoScissors: iOS – For online shops
  10. Facetune 2: Android | iOS – Good selfie editor
  11. LightX: Android | iOS – Magic Brush tool
  12. inPixio Remove Background – Online background removal

1. Photoshop Mix – Our Choice

Compositing and blending
  • Convenient combination and editing tools
  • Export to Photoshop CC
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Quick sharing on social networks
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Verdict: Adobe Photoshop Mix is a free Adobe software, which allows you to perform basic image editing on your phone. You can crop an image, adjust colors, change exposure, add filters and remove the background from the image.

This background photo editor app keeps the original images intact, so you can return to the source file when needed. Once you are done changing the background, you can share your creations with friends on social networks or export to Photoshop CC on a computer for advanced photo editing.

adobe photoshop mix photos background apps interface

2. Simple Background Changer

With HD backgrounds
  • User-friendly
  • Mesmerizing HD backgrounds
  • Allow restoring the original instantly
  • Smoothing Effect
  • Android-compatible only
  • Contains ads and applies watermarks to finished images

Verdict: This is a perfect photo background changer for Android users, who edit HD photos. You can perform such simple actions as removing the background from the image and using a picture from the library or your own picture instead.

If you’ve made a mistake by deleting the background, then you can restore the original, thanks to a transparent green layer that repeats your movements. The application has a magnifying glass function so that you can erase the background qualitatively.

simple background changer photos background apps interface

3. Superimpose

With advanced features
  • A plethora of masking tools
  • Background editing instruments
  • Advanced tools for adding shadows
  • Double Exposure Feature
  • Paid
  • Laggy Android version

Verdict: In Superimpose photo background app, you can overlay one photo on top of another, resize and scale the image, rotate it, flip the foreground to naturally place it in the background image.

In addition, the application has basic photo editing tools, such as color settings, exposure, contrast, saturation. This free photo editing app allows you to edit the foreground and background to create a harmonious composition in terms of the color gamut.

superimpose photos background apps interface

4. Automatic Background Changer

Automatic cut objects
  • Simple UI
  • Auto background erasing and removing
  • Integrated image library
  • You can replace the background with your own photo
  • Many backgrounds look unrealistic
  • Some basic functions are absent

Verdict: Automatic Background Changer is an app that is fully in charge of the background removing process. You can cut the background from any photo and change it with a more suitable one.

There automatic and manual modes (with the help of the Eraser Tool). This change background app uses a neural network to automatically cut everything except people, cats, and dogs in photos.

After deleting the background, you can save the photo or share it on social networks. You can also add a background image from the library or your own collection.

automatic background changer photos background apps interface

5. Cut Paste Photo

For realistic blending
  • Over 25 mixing tools
  • 100+ high-quality background images
  • More than 70 fonts
  • Unique filters
  • Occasional crashes
  • You can’t resize the cropped background photo

Verdict: Cut Paste Photo helps to remove the background from a photo and edit the images with the desired background. Of course, the application can’t compete with background retouching made by professionals, but you can cut out a specific part of the photo and replace it with another image and use extensive blending settings to make the result look realistic.

This changing photo background app has 100+ background images, a masking tool, 150+ stickers, 100+ quotes, 70+ fonts, filters, instruments for overlaying text and cropping.

cut paste photo photos background apps interface

6. Magic Eraser Background Editor

Smart Magic Wand
  • Smart Magic Wand
  • Amazing set of Soft and Hard Brushes
  • Red Mask to see the erased elements
  • Full-res editing
  • Advertisement
  • All brush shapes only in the premium version

Verdict: Magic Eraser Background Editor allows you to remove the background from a photo in seconds, and then save the result in JPEG or PNG formats.

Thanks to Magic Wand, you can quickly block similar background colors that will be further deleted. This helpful photo background app allows you to cut and save transparent images, so you can use them later in other photos, videos, documents and slide shows.

You can zoom in images to remove the background neatly. There are also other handy functions – erase/restore the area, Reverse Tool, overlay a transparent image on the original background, etc. The nice advantage is that your resulting image doesn’t have a watermark.

magic eraser background editor photos background apps interface

7. Background Eraser

For video editing
  • Straightforward UI
  • Quick photo cropping
  • Auto mode
  • Lightweight
  • Annoying ads
  • No ready-made backgrounds

Verdict: Install Background Eraser for Android on your smartphone, and you will always have the tools to crop photos and create a transparent background at your disposal. You can use the resulting images in other apps or for creating collages and clips.

This is solely a background erase app, and there is no possibility to replace it with a new background image. You can erase the background and leave it transparent for further editing in other programs. Besides, you can create combined images for a blog or personal account.

background eraser photos background apps interface

8. PhotoLayers

For making photomontages
  • Auto and manual tools
  • Smoothing instruments
  • Allows combining up to 11 photos
  • There is a function to change the color tone
  • Obtrusive ads
  • No ready-made backgrounds

Verdict: PhotoLayers is one of the best photos background apps. Users get access to Auto, Magic and Manual tools. The Auto tool erases all neighboring pixels of the same color palette. It is useful when you need to delete large pieces of solid color areas.

The manual tool is indispensable when it comes to more precise adjustments and corrections. After you have adjusted everything, you can smooth out any jagged edges, which appeared during background removal to make the image eye-pleasing. Besides, this application allows combining up to 11 photos.

photolayers photos background apps interface

9. PhotoScissors

For online shops
  • User-oriented interface
  • Supports popular graphic formats
  • Auto background removal
  • You can set the transparent background
  • Poor work with miniature details
  • Limited number of free options

Verdict: The smart PhotoScissors online app automatically removes the background from your photos. You can separate the foreground from the background, remove the background around transparent objects, and cut out objects in an image.

The functionality of the application is suitable for editing photos for eBay, Etsy, Amazon and other online stores. But PhotoScissors isn’t efficient enough in cases when you need to remove the background around small details, such as hair.

photoscissors photos background apps interface

10. Facetune 2

Good selfie editor
  • Mini-tutorials for newbies
  • Advanced selfie background app
  • Skin smoothing and defect removal functions
  • A collection of textures for the background
  • Textures can barely improve your background
  • Android version is slightly limited

Verdict: Facetune 2 is one of the best selfie apps, which boasts the background replacement function. This photo editor background app has filters for photo retouching, a function for comparing images, as well as tools for correcting facial features and highlighting details.

Facetune 2 allows you to change the background by adding overlay textures. By the way, the iOS version has an additional section called “Backdrops”. It has more background settings than the Android version. You can find out how a particular tool works in the mini-tutorial by clicking on the info button.

facetune 2 photos background apps interface

11. LightX

Magic Brush tool
  • A huge collection of ready-made photo frames and stickers
  • Magic Brush
  • Advanced tools like curves, levels, and balance
  • Lots of image editing filters
  • You can’t move photos while editing them
  • Too large brushes for small details

Verdict: The LightX background editor app offers users a whole range of photo editing tools. You can crop photos, delete or change the background, create caricatures, edit selfies and portraits, change hair color, add Color Splash effect, make images blurry and more.

LightX has many photo frames and collages, and you can also add various stickers and text to pictures or create funny memes. There is the Magic Brush Tool to remove the background.

lightx photos background apps interface

12. inPixio Remove Background

Online background removal
  • Accessible from a smartphone or PC
  • Removes a background in a few seconds
  • An interactive assistant on the official website
  • Deletes backgrounds from all types of photos
  • No ready-made background templates

Verdict: With the help of inPixio Remove Background, you can quickly get rid of any unwanted backdrop or cut out various objects from the foreground online using your smartphone or desktop computer. To make this task easier, you can use a special red brush with an adjustable size.

Even if you can’t select an unwanted area with high accuracy, you just need to click on it, and this software will employ its smart algorithms to remove the background.

You will find many helpful tutorials on the website that will help your delete the background quickly and with high precision. This software is suitable for photomontage as well as for editing product photos and logos with a transparent background.

inpixio remove background photos background app alternative interface
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