16 Best Selfie Apps for iOS and Android in 2024

By Tani Adams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

Would like to have a selfie app that will let you get a perfect selfie for your Instagram from the first try? Read more about these good selfie editing apps for Android and iOS that you can download for free and create amazing photos.

16 Best Selfie Apps

  1. FixThePhoto App - Manual selfie editing by experts
  2. Facetune 2 - Best app for editing selfies in real time
  3. Retrica - The best selfies app with a large number of filters
  4. Snapchat - Best free selfie app
  5. YouCam Perfect - Best selfie app for glamorous photos
  6. Perfect 365 - Best selfie app for vloggers
  7. AirBrush - A well-designed selfie app
  8. VSCO - Artistic filters
  9. Cymera - Best selfie app for amateurs
  10. SelfieCity - Creative app for selfies
  11. A Color Story - Best selfie app for Instagram
  12. Lensical - Best selfie editor app for body transformation
  13. GoCam by Crunchfish - Best selfie app for shooting without hands
  14. Fabby - Selfie app for videos
  15. Camera+ 2 - Best paid selfie app
  16. Selfie Editor - For enhancing selfies

1. FixThePhoto App

Manual selfie editing by experts
  • Removes even minor defects on a face
  • Face retouching
  • Backdrop editing
  • Guarantees natural results
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Verdict: FixThePhoto app is a highly functional editor where all processes are performed by professional retouchers. The process of ordering is quite straightforward: import your selfie or other types of pictures and provide the instructions. Besides, the app has a free trial.

The range of features for editing selfies offered by a service is extensive. Remove imperfections, acne, wrinkles, and other blemishes. Detailed retouching is not a problem for FixThePhoto specialists who can smooth face skin, achieve a natural tone, etc., quickly and easily.

The removal of the double chin and a red-eye effects is also in the list of services. Another advantage of the app is background processing, which means experts can remove, replace, and blur the background without problems.

fixthephoto selfie app screen

2. Facetune 2

Best app for editing selfies in real time
  • Quite a simple interface
  • Plenty of built-in selfie editing tools
  • Constant update support
  • The whole set of features is available only after the full version purchase
  • Limited social network integration

Verdict: Facetune 2 is one of the best selfie apps using which you can edit your photos very fast. With this app, you can correct skin defects if there are any. This app offers nice built-in image retouching tools.

Thus, you will be able to correct problematic skin, perform teeth whitening, eyes brightening, makeup application and many more. Facetune 2 also provides professional tools for fixing the light, eliminating unwanted shadows and glare, adjusting colors and saturation.

Besides, you can compare the look of the edited photo with its initial look and you can do it after each step of the process. The app’s interface is simple. It is continuously updated and gets new options and functions. Among the new functions, you can find updated makeup palette, multi-color neon filters and prism effects.

Facetune 2 is completely free and it is, probably, the best selfie editor app compared to others. However, if you want to use all the functionality, you have to buy its full version. But don’t worry, it’s totally worth the money.

facetune 2 selfie app screen

3. Retrica

Best app with a large number of filters
  • Plenty of filters
  • Supports video and GIF images
  • The possibility to communicate with other selfie fans
  • Saving images can be problematic

Verdict: Retrica is also the best selfie app and a social network that offers more than a hundred amazing filters. It supports selfie collages with different photos taken from different angles, live videos and GIF images.

In this app, you will be able to add annotations to your photos with images, time stamps, texts, etc. There, you can also communicate with other users and follow their pictures via the chronological look of the app.

In addition, you can send your pictures to Facebook, Instagram and other social media as well as share them via messages.

retrica selfie app screen

4. Snapchat

Best free selfie app
  • You may communicate with other users
  • Lenses for selfies and filters are updated every day
  • The possibility to create 3D-Bitmoji
  • Video chat with up to 16 people
  • Possible interruptions in video chats
  • A few popular masks have been deleted

Verdict: Snapchat is a nice app to make selfies look better. It provides great lenses, filters and a lot of other interesting functions such as 3D-Bitmoji. When you take a selfie, you can add text, “World Lenses”, “Bitmoji” to it, share it with your friends and delete it after some time so that it is visible only to the person you sent it to.

With this free selfie app, you can easily save all of your pictures and share them on social media. There is a chat where you can communicate with your friends. A video chat can include 16 people where you can add different filters and lenses.

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snapchat selfie app screen

5. YouCam Perfect

Best selfie app for glamorous photos
  • A lot of image editing tools
  • Constant updates with new functions
  • Supports many languages
  • The free version contains ads
  • The quality of photos slightly worsens after editing
youcam perfect selfie app logo
YouCam Perfect

Verdict: If your goal is to achieve ideal selfies, then YouCam Perfect is for you. This is another variant of good selfie editing apps where you can edit both images and videos. With this app, you can also perform automatic decoration which gives your photos a better look when you are taking them.

In YouCam Perfect, you can eliminate skin defects, make eyes bigger using the eye-enhancing function and remove puffiness under the eyes. This app offers everything you need for a great selfie: filters, stickers, collages, fonts, different effects, etc.

If you buy the Premium Version for $2.99 per month or $17.99 per year, you will be able to use more than a thousand frames, stickers and fonts. Also, there are no ads in the Premium Version of this app which you will experience in the Free Version.

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youcam perfect selfie app screen

6. Perfect 365

Scheduled collection
  • The possibility to try various makeup brands
  • Accurate photo editing
  • Presets and makeup tools
  • Video tutorials and makeup tips
  • Makes your face slimmer automatically
  • The majority of ready-made settings give you a weird look
perfect 365 selfie app logo
Perfect 365

Verdict: This is the best selfie app for women because using it, they can apply makeup to shots in a matter of a few seconds. It provides 20 different tools for makeup and beauty, various presets and looks.

With its high-quality color palette, you can try different color combinations. This app also gives the possibility to adjust hair, lips, and skin. Perfect365 has built-in makeup tips, video tutorials from popular artists using which you can repeat different looks on your face.

With the facial recognition function, you can achieve a natural look and accurate makeup. The good thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free. However, remember that it has a Paid Version for $1.99 per month. Anyway, it is cheaper than getting a vlogging camera under 300 dollars. 

There, you will be able to use all the features of the app, have fewer ads and use looks created by professional makeup artists.

perfect 365 selfie app screen

7. AirBrush

A well-designed selfie app
  • Plenty of picture editing features
  • Filters
  • Problems with purchasing
  • The number of available functions in the free version is limited
airbrush selfie app logo

Verdict: If your aim is to achieve ideal selfies, then Airbrush is the best selfie app for you. With this app, you will definitely create perfect selfies by removing blemishes, whitening your teeth, correcting your skin tone with just one touch.

However, the biggest plus is the fact that you can adjust each feature by yourself, including corrector, redrawing, eye brightness, blur and many more. In addition, this app offers plenty of different filters. Also, you can share your selfies to social networks if you want to.

You can get Airbrush for free but a lot of functions are unavailable in this version. In order to use all the features of the app, you have to buy the full version for $6.99 per month or $28.99 per year.

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airbrush selfie app screen


Artistic filters
  • A huge choice of presets
  • Easy-to-use image editing tools
  • You can use your editing settings with other pictures
  • After using VSCO membership for free for a week, the money for its further use can be automatically withdrawn from your card without any warning
vsco selfie app logo

Verdict: Even though VSCO doesn’t offer any beautifying tools, it’s a good variant of apps to take selfies. Due to its great picture editing tools and VSCO presets, it compensates for each disadvantage it has.

The app provides plenty of functions, pre-installed filters that can suit every user, the possibility to change proportions, highlights, shadows, etc. If you have edited one picture and don’t feel like doing the same procedures for the next one, this app will be very helpful to you.

There, you can copy your editing settings from one photo and use them for another one. The Free Version has standard photo editing tools, including Contrast, Saturation, Grain and 10 presets.

If you purchase a membership for $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year, you will be able to use the full VSCO preset library with more than 200 presets, imitation of vintage film from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa and many more. 

In addition, this app allows you to use some professional tools like HSL, Frames and Video Editing.

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vsco selfie app screen

9. Cymera

Best selfie app for amateurs
  • Provides a set of 7 lenses
  • Easy-to-use and fast photo editing tools
  • Top-quality filters
  • Problematic updates that lead to app crashes
cymera selfie app logo

Verdict: Cymera is the best selfie app for those who are looking for a robust picture editor and the beautifying function of a camera. It can correct your face and gives you the possibility to style your composition.

In this app, you can add 130 filters and different effects to your selfies, create collages, etc. Cymera offers InstaFit features, very fast and easy-to-use picture editing tools. However, the most interesting thing about this app is its set of 7 camera lenses which includes separate lenses, a fisheye lens, a Lomo camera and others.

When you have finished, you can style your composition using different stickers, art effects, built-in collage grids, blurred backgrounds, etc.

cymera selfie app screen

10. SelfieCity

Creative app for selfies
  • Polaroid, Film Reel and Fisheye cameras
  • Plenty of trendy filters
  • Realistic image editing
  • No autosave
selfiecity selfie app logo

Verdict: Every city is special in its own way. It is the idea of SelfieCity, claiming that your personality “shows” a particular city. This is what makes this app different from other apps to take selfies.

Every city in this app (for example, Formosa, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and New York) provides specific collections of filters that show its atmosphere and surroundings. Besides, this app offers a double exposure, a selfie collage that can include 16 portraits, blurring and vignetting functions, realistic photo retouching, and a feature that mimics Apple's live pictures.

This app has three cameras. There is also a feature of smart decoration that uses face recognition and corrects skin tone and its texture.

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selfiecity selfie app screen

11. A Color Story

Best selfie app for Instagram
  • 300 filters created by professional photographers
  • 100 movable effects
  • 20 professional picture editing tools
  • Not many free filters
a color story selfie app logo
A Color Story

Verdict: A Color Story is a rather unusual app for selfies. When creating the filters (there are more than 300 of them), the main focus was on strengthening the original colors in your image. This is the reason why they look so natural and realistic. However, if you want, you can use some of the tools to decorate them. Also, this app may help you achieve a gorgeous Instagram feed through the grid preview function.

a color story selfie app screen

12. Lensical

Best selfie editor app for body transformation
  • You can buy packs of additional filters
  • Ideal interface for iOS devices
  • Not enough basic image editing tools
  • Slow performance from time to time
lensical selfie app logo

Verdict: If you feel like surprising your friends and followers with weird effects, Lensical is the best selfies app to do it. With its help, you will create funny but realistic photos. In this app, you will be able to make yourself look old, add beard, mustache, remove hair, etc. When you are done with all transformations, you can share your selfie on social networks right away.

lensical selfie app screen

13. GoCam by Crunchfish

Best selfie app for shooting without hands
  • The function of gesture recognition
  • Great photo editing tools
  • Some bugs in the text tool
gocam by crunchfish selfie app logo
GoCam by Crunchfish

Verdict: Have you ever had a moment when there wasn’t anyone who could take a picture of you? It won’t happen again with this app. Its main function is gesture recognition that will allow you to snap nice pictures by yourself and see the results without the necessity to take your phone to check them.

gocam by crunchfish selfie app screen

14. Fabby

Selfie app for videos
  • 2 billion various designer styles
  • Video backgrounds
  • Blurring function
  • Problems with launching
fabby selfie app logo

Verdict: If you think your selfies are boring, this is the best selfie app for you. Using it, you will be able to add colorful animations (such as cats, donuts, etc.) to your dull background.

Fabby can automatically select the background according to the location you are at. In addition, you can make your selfie lively by adding background music that you can find in the upper left corner.

fabby selfie app screen

15. Camera+ 2

Best paid selfie app
  • Lightbox
  • Integration of Photo Library
  • Shooting Assist Tools
  • Only for iPhones
  • Shooting and editing images in RAW can be problematic
  • No free version
camera+ 2 selfie app logo
Camera+ 2

Verdict: If you use an iPhone and want to find a good app to take selfies, you should try Camera + as it is the best selfie editor for iPhone. With this app, you can create stunning photos. It offers a lot of nice functions, including the Clarity filter for brightening dark photos and the Portrait filter for smoothing the skin and making your background lighter.

apify web crawler tool interface

16. Selfie Editor

For enhancing selfies
  • Amazing filters
  • You can share edited selfies on social networks right away
  • The Spot Remover tool
  • Upgrades are paid
selfie editor selfie app logo
Selfie Editor

Verdict: Selfie Editor is a great app for enhancing selfies. It automatically moves you all over screens where you will be able to choose what you want to change in your face. The automatic mode offers such features as sliders for correcting skin tone, brightness, smoothness, width and height of lips, visual acuity and performing teeth whitening. In addition, you can adjust the size of the eyes, nose, jaw and add different filters to your selfies.

selfie editor app screen