11 Best Photo Collage Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 24 days ago, Software Reviews

With the help of photo collage apps, merging images and sharing the pics stored on your phone is a worry-free task. Combining several photos united by similar memories or pics on one theme is a great way to create a narrative, demonstrate your memories, and even turn your shots into mini-series.

Top 11 Photo Collage Apps for iOS and Android

  1. Adobe Express - One-touch edits
  2. PicCollage - Comes with an editing toolkit
  3. Moldiv - Leverages AI technology
  4. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch - Manual collage maker
  5. PicPlayPost - Building collages for Instagram
  6. PicsArt - Collaborative collaging option
  7. PiZap - A rich collection of collage templates
  8. PicStich - Builds image & video collages
  9. PhotoGrid - Tons of artistic filters
  10. Photo Blend & Shape Collage - Creates shaped collages
  11. Collage Maker - Intuitive performance

The best collage app will come in handy not only when you need to merge several pics, but when you want to spice up your composition with videos, text, music, or text. It is also a great tool for those who’d like to print out their memories in the form of posters or cards. Many apps from this list also offer collections of templates, patterns backgrounds, and grids to speed up and simplify the design process.

1. Adobe Express

adobe express services image

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/$ 9,99/month

Adobe Express emerges as an intuitive and versatile tool for crafting visually appealing collages effortlessly. With a plethora of AI-recommended templates and easy-to-use features, including background removal and font suggestions, the application caters to both novice and experienced users alike.

This versatile tool caters to users without graphic design expertise, providing access to a wealth of royalty-free resources such as Adobe Stock photos, Adobe Fonts, and icons. Whether creating captivating social media content or professional collages, Adobe Express proves to be an accessible and powerful solution, sparking creativity without the need for extensive design skills.

2. PicCollage

piccollage photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/4.99/month (premium version)

Whether you want to build a collage using a classic grid, freestyle blank scrapbook, or a pre-made template, PicCollage will provide you with any of these options. Look through the images in your gallery or social media page, pick the ones you’d like to use, and select from a wealth of templates and grid patterns to create your design in minutes.

Besides, the grids and their cells are easy to customize: you can change their size, and boundaries, set the desired background and pattern, modify the focus of a pic in each cell, and swap photos.

A built-in photo editing app allows refining pics with basic editing manipulations, as well as embellishing collages with stickers, doodles, effects, and picture frames.

3. Moldiv

moldiv photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/ $1.99/pack (extra filters)

There are several popular designs editors usually use to combine images in the form of collages. These are templates, magazine pages, and greeting cards that not only demonstrate a scene but also tell a narrative. Additionally, Modiv provides you with multiple frames, magazines, covers, and layouts where you can put your polished pics.

The app has an extensive toolbar that includes such instruments as Crop, Clarity, Exposure, Color, Vibrance, and more. It is possible to upload pics from your gallery or shoot new images and import them right into the application.

A separate Beauty Camera focuses on the creation of eye-grabbing images and automatically makes faces slimmer, softens the skin, and enlarges eyes, like dedicated selfie apps.

4. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch

fix the photo editor & retouch photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/by request

There is a team of professional retouchers behind the Fix The Photo & Retouch application, so you can safely address them even the most challenging task. The ordering process is fast and intuitive. Tell the team what they need to do, import your photo, and get the result in the shortest possible time instead of making collage in Lightroom. It is great that all the operations are performed manually.

Professionals can create different collages: one-frame, two-frame, etc. Besides, it is possible to customize the color of the frame, and indicate a specific layout and sizing.

There are several pro-level options for making collages like one-frame, two-frame, etc. The ability to change the color of the frame is beneficial as well. Besides, you can indicate a specific layout and sizing.

If you like a specific collage, you can attach it to the message with the instructions and ask a team to create something similar. There is a free version with restrictions that you can benefit from to test the services provided by FixThePhoto before paying for a package.

5. PicPlayPost

picplaypost photo collage app

Platforms: Android
Price: $6.99/month

PicPlayPost is one of the most popular photo collage apps that can enhance your collage-making experience. Once launched, the app provides you with an overview of the latest pics and videos in the form of an animated slideshow complete with zooms, multi-photo drop-ins, and transitions.

There are six aspect ratio options available, including the one that perfectly fits Instagram's specialty, meaning that this app is an ideal good Instagram photo editor. Besides, PicPlayPost allows you to import music or videos from your personal collection or find new music to purchase.

At the launch screen, you’ll see a range of appealing options like building a slideshow with transitions and animated text or a collage that contains images videos, GIFs, and Live Photos. The ability to customize any component in the template without trouble.

6. PicsArt

picsart photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $8.99/month

Unlike many other apps that are considered the best photo collage apps, PicsArt has mostly a social media orientation. Right from the main screen, you start with the collage-making process. Besides, from here you can look at a community feed that presents all the projects with the app. Therefore, you won’t have trouble looking for a specific piece of art from friends and followers.

Editors also appreciate PicsArt because of its editing toolkit, which includes drawing tools, templates, background images, HDR photo filters, fonts, and AI-style effects. Additionally, the app allows polishing and tweaking pics before making a collage through cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, adding special effects, blending modes, and shape crops.

With it, you can handle double exposures, memes, and personalized stickers for easy and trouble-free sharing. It means that there is no need to download additional filter apps.

7. PiZap

pizap photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $9.99/month

PiZap is widely regarded as the best collage app as it also functions as a photo editor, designer, and meme generator. First, the app boasts a great set of image editing features to make sure that all pics in a future collage, greeting card, or poster look attractive and eye-grabbing. There are also templates for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter cover art as well as online ads and business cards.

Additionally, the app offers multiple layouts and templates in teen-oriented patterned categories. Here you’ll find holiday-themed collage templates and design layouts, as well as a range of assets for other occasions.

Using this photo template app, it is easy to make your design more eye-catching with text, symbol memes, filters, and shades, as well as spruce up images with amazing effects. The procedure is intuitive: choose the layout, upload your pics, and adjust them to suit your composition.

8. Pic Stich

pic stich photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/$34.99/year/$199/one-time purchase

Pic Stitch is a free collage maker, with the help of which it is easy to create impressive collages that include both images and videos. Besides, a user can change the aspect ratio and add a music accompaniment to a composition. Before including photos or videos in the template, Pic Stich does all the necessary trimming and corrections.

With this app, you can embellish your design with text, stickers, doodles, and watermarks. Besides, it allows cropping, cutting out, and altering the speed of video playback to achieve the desired result. Drag and drop cells to change their position within the template. Such an extensive functionality eliminates the need to search for downloading any additional apps to enhance photo quality.

The resulting collages can be easily shared on all common social media platforms. You can also save the output to the Gallery or Camera Roll in high resolution. It is also possible to order a print from Shutterfly or Walgreens and select the in-store pickup option.

9. PhotoGrid

photogrid photo collage app

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free/$4.99/month

Often called one of the best apps for picture collages, PhotGrid offers 15 modules including classic collages, Snapchat styles, etc. Venus filter is especially popular, as it makes a person look like a fairy princess. Twinkle is another filter often used by editors. It mimics the style of famous painters or specific paintings like van Gogh's Starry Night automatically.

The Meme filter provides users with a standard template for adding text on the top or bottom of an image, as well as enables editors to alter the layout, add stickers, gradient backgrounds, and other assets to upgrade your design like GIFs.

This fun app for photographers and aspiring shooters offers a great variety of other opportunities with additional modules Face Pop, Scrapbook, 3D cards, and general zaniness.

10. Photo Blend & Shape Collage

photo blend & shape collage photo collage app

Platforms: iOS
Price: Free

If you need apps for photo collages and creating desired shapes, then this app is just for you. Thanks to it, you will be able to form a heart, leaf, cat, or other shape simply by using your photos, instead of trying hard to make a collage in Photoshop with some complicated techniques.

To create the desired shape, select 8 photos from Camera Roll or use the program’s camera and take at least 4 pictures. When your collage is ready, you can modify the sharpness, saturation, hue, and contrast according to your preferences.

Besides, it is one of the best apps for picture collages with a blend collage feature that allows you to create a traditional-looking grid of 8 pictures. You can move photos, apply various filters, add desired effects, or change composition.

11. Collage Maker

collage maker photo collage app

Platforms: Android
Price: Free

If you are looking for an app to merge multiple pics (up to 100) to build impressive collages, Collage Maker is the best fit. Besides, it offers a collection of over 100 layouts of frames or grids you can select from to create interesting compositions. The procedure is very intuitive: import your pics from your personal collection, choose the background you like, choose how you want to decorate a collage (with stickers, filters, text, etc.)

The app supports Instagram orientation and can blur the background for impressive Instagram publications. Besides, the functionality of the app allows creating side-by-side images, before & after SNS covers, side-by-side YouTube thumbnails, as well as side-by-side outfit comparison Instagram posts.

This comprehensive photo editor offers an extensive image editing toolkit that allows cropping pics, refining them with filters, adding stickers or text, drawing on a pic with the Doodle tool, flipping, rotating pics, and more. The finished collage can be downloaded in excellent resolution and shared on social media platforms in an instant.