12 Best Cropping Pictures Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 10 days ago, Software Reviews

Cropping pictures apps are the tools to crop and cut images in a matter of seconds. You may apply some standard cropping or cut your images in special shapes. As a rule, users crop pics for sites like Instagram or Facebook, and for collages or print.

I have prepared the list of the best cropping programs for smartphones and computers that will help you resize images in several mouse clicks.

Top 12 Cropping Pictures Apps

  1. FixThePhoto App - Manual photo cropping by professionals
  2. Snapseed - The widest selection of tools
  3. Adobe Photoshop Express - A great choice for beginners
  4. VSCO - A huge number of filters
  5. Image Shape Pro - Cropping in interesting shapes
  6. PicsArt - The best to make collages
  7. Photo Crop - Easiest to use
  8. BatchPhoto - The best cropping app for PC
  9. Pixlr X - The best web cropping app
  10. ACDSee Photo Studio - Advanced editing
  11. Ashampoo Photo Commander - The best Users Support
  12. Topaz Studio - RAW files support

1. FixThePhoto App — Our Choice

Manual photo cropping by profs
  • Retouchers crop images by hand
  • You can test services
  • Quick photo processing
  • Developed by professional retouchers
  • Not found

Verdict: FixThePhoto App is a fully-featured tool for people who need to have their images cropped quickly. The procedure is very straightforward: import your pictures, state your requirements, and wait until your images are ready.

Beyond image cropping, retouchers can improve the shape of a model’s face, correct makeup, delete objects, recolor hair, etc. Another strong point of the app is the availability of a trial version. Upload several pictures and image samples, and test service for free.

fixthephoto cropping picture app interface

2. Snapseed

The widest selection of tools
  • Great number of impressive photo editing tools
  • Professional-grade presets
  • No annoying ads
  • Enough control over effects
  • Free of charge
  • Complicated for amateurs
  • Save options are not the most intuitive ones

Verdict: Offering numerous filters and special effects, Snapseed is a professional cropping pictures app designed for mobile gadgets. It provides more than 30 tools, like healing, brush, structure, perspective, HDR, etc.

Moreover, the application supports various file formats, including JPG and RAW. The number of filters is really great so you have something to choose from. What is more, the tool is completely free. That’s why iOS and Android users may take advantage of its possibilities to the fullest without paying a penny.

snapseed cropping pictures app interface

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

A great choice for beginners
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Integration with online galleries
  • Useful basic photo tools
  • Numerous effect filters
  • Some features available only via a paid subscription
  • No RAW files support

Verdict: Adobe Photoshop Express is available for Android and iOS users. It is an official Adobe program to crop photos.

Although the developer offers a version for iOS, it is not compatible with iPhones. You may use it on the iPad only. However, the app pleases users with many benefits, like the ability to set the background, create collages and improve the quality of old photos.

The app offers a convenient feature to crop and resize photographs. You may also add frames to the photo. Moreover, there is a possibility to add new images to your old photos or replace them with a simple selection. Finally, you can easily access the pics from anywhere via Adobe Creative Cloud.

adobe photoshop express cropping pictures app interface


A huge number of filters
  • Great choice of picture editing features
  • Numerous impressive filters
  • Intuitive design
  • No web editing or desktop apps
  • Some functions are available after purchase
vsco cropping pictures app logo

Verdict: VSCO is known as one of the most popular tools to photograph and edit images. However, it offers great functions to crop pictures. In addition, thanks to numerous filters and settings, you may fast and easily enhance your images.

Apart from the cropping tool, the app provides exposure, color and sharpness tools, and a built-in camera application with professional manual controls. It is not just a program to crop photos – it is a qualitative tool that will help you create masterpieces in several seconds.

vsco cropping pictures app interface

5. Image Shape Pro

Cropping in interesting shapes
  • 100+ custom shapes
  • Possibility to crop photos into custom shapes
  • Convenient sharing options
  • Best features are paid ones
image shape pro cropping pictures app logo
Image Shape Pro

Verdict: If you are looking for unusual pic cropping software, Image Shape Pro is exactly like this. With its help, you will cut pics in various creative forms. What is more, you will get the desired results just in a few taps.

You may also add geometric shapes and symbols, making the images extraordinary and eye-catching. The pleasant thing here is that the app is free and allows fast sharing on social networks immediately after you get the final result.

image shape pro cropping pictures app interface

6. PicsArt

Best to make collages
  • Advanced tools
  • Active social network
  • Highly-customizable filters
  • Annoying advertising
picsart cropping pictures app logo

Verdict: PicsArt belongs to cropping pictures apps that also offer decent image editing functions. This app enables users to create collages, use drawing tools, create your own stickers.

In addition, you will get access to thousands of fonts, masks and frames. It is a tool for Android and iOS, providing a great number of useful features for free.

picsart cropping pictures app interface

7. Photo Crop

Easiest to use
  • User-friendly
  • Possibility to share images
  • No image quality loss
  • Possibility to crop pics in various shapes
  • May crash when stored
photo crop cropping pictures app logo
Photo Crop

Verdict: It is a cropping pictures app developed for Android users. The tool allows rotating the image clockwise or counterclockwise, using your fingers to increase or decrease the size of the pics.

You may also cut the photos in any form you wish, like a circle or square or some complex shape. Moreover, when you use Photo Crop, the image quality is not changed. To my mind, it is an essential benefit for pic cropping software. You may easily share your photographs via email and Facebook.

photo crop cropping pictures app interface

8. BatchPhoto

Best cropping app for PC
  • Works with many graphic formats
  • Easy-to-use
  • Numerous picture editing options
  • Not found
batchphoto cropping pictures app logo

Verdict: BatchPhoto is a great cropping tool for Windows that allows cutting of multiple images at once. The app is primarily developed for batch processing and offers two cropping modes ‒ Auto Crop and Crop.

With the Auto Crop option, you will get your images automatically cut according to specified aspect ratios (1: 1, 4: 3 or 16: 9). However, if you don’t need any of these parameters, you may apply the Crop function and determine your own aspect ratio. In such a way, you will manually select the desired area for cropping by entering the coordinates in pixels or percent, or dragging them with the mouse.

Moreover, this cropping pictures app may add a date stamp to your photo, protect or mark it with a watermark with text or logo.

batchphoto cropping pictures app interface

9. Pixlr X

Best web cropping app
  • User-friendly
  • Great basic picture editing features
  • Multiplatform thanks to the web interface
  • Smooth performance
  • Requires a reliable Internet connection
  • No cloud space or additional storage

Verdict: Pixlr is a professional photo editing app offering decent image cropping capabilities. The tool provides diverse photo editing options and is full of various features. At the same time, it is easy to navigate and use ‒ even a newbie will easily cope with it. It is a cropping pictures app that also offers such cutting tools as magic, drawing, lasso or figure.

Also, I recommend trying one more free image cropper online. It offers decent functionality and is as good as Pixlr. To my mind, it is a great free solution to perform basic functions.

pixlr x cropping pictures app interface

10. ACDSee Photo Studio

Advanced photo editing
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Decent performance
  • Powerful picture editing and organization features
  • Face recognition option
  • Inconvenient UI
  • Cloud service is a paid option

Verdict: ACDSee Photo Studio is not only a professional image editing app but also a great tool to search, sort and organize photos. Moreover, it offers decent cropping features. With this pic cropping software, you may manually cut the areas you don’t need. In addition, you may use predefined proportions or define your own ones.

Apart from numerous features to customize your pics, the app also offers some specific functions, like preset sharing or the possibility to download actions developed by others. Although the tool is very functional and helpful, it is not an easy one to master so you will have to study it first.

acdsee photo studio cropping pictures app interface

11. Ashampoo Photo Commander

Best Users Support
  • Works with RAW camera files
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Impressive effects
  • Customizable filters
  • Illogical UI
  • Slow performance
ashampoo photo commander cropping pictures app logo
Ashampoo Photo Commander

Verdict: Ashampoo Photo Commander is an app that will help you easily optimize your pics and sort them according to your criteria. What is more, it is a simple program to crop photos. All you have to do is to hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor until you select the area you need. Then you may crop the image, cut or copy it, as well as apply some changes.

Besides, Ashampoo Photo Commander will successfully resize your photos, enhance them by correcting the contrast and colors, and reducing noise. You may also apply some special effects, like Tilt-Shift, Blur or Vintage. This cropping pictures app provides an interesting feature that distinguishes it among similar programs ‒ you can create greeting cards, slide shows or collages using your photo collection.

ashampoo photo commander cropping pictures app interface

12. Topaz Studio

RAW files support
  • Good control of picture editing process
  • Free basic features
  • No subscription, only new add-ons should be paid for
  • Works with RAW files
  • Some tools are limited
  • Requires a lot of resources
topaz studio cropping pictures app logo
Topaz Studio

Verdict: Topaz Studio is a decent photo crop app for PC that also offers image editing tools. It is very user-friendly so you will quickly master it. With this app, you will get some photo editing options and a function to crop and straighten your photos.

It offers predefined formats that you may choose to crop images. Or you may enter some custom values for widths and height.

There is also a possibility to resize photos by manually trimming objects you don’t need. You may straighten, flip or rotate them as you wish. Topaz Studio Free gives you unlimited opportunities, like creating exciting arrays of images, mixing several layers of the image together, performing various types of settings or applying numerous artistic effects.