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Topaz Studio Free Benefits

  • Professional filters
  • Ability to apply masks
  • Convenient library management
  • Batch editing
  • Non-destructive layers
  • Works as a plug-in for Lr/Ps


  • Can I get Topaz Studio Free forever and without limitations?

No, you can download Topaz Studio free trial version without functional limitations. Mind that this version of the editor cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Does the Topaz Studio free version differ from the Premium edition?

Although functionally you can perform any action in the free trial, including batch editing, using masks and layers, the program automatically adds a watermark to your photos while exporting.

  • How much does the Premium version of Topaz Studio cost?

You can buy a license, with the possibility of further updating, for $99.99. This is the only official way to get the program to date.

  • What are the minimum system requirements to run Topaz Studio?

This software is quite demanding on your hardware; the minimum threshold is Intel Core i5/analogs, NVIDIA GT 740 and 8GB of RAM. You can learn the recommended specs on the official website.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Topaz Studio Free Version

Lack money to buy the premium version of the software? I have described 3 major reasons, which will help you grasp all the dangers you expose yourself to having downloaded cracks or torrents.

Copyright Infringement and Imprisonment

By downloading hacked software from third-party resources, you violate the copyright law. The company can sue you and require compensation of at least $ 2,500. There have also been cases in the USA, when the court deprived accused of personal property, including a house, a car, and business.

No Updates

Hacked Topaz Studio free is absolutely autonomous, unlike the official version. This type of software is disconnected from the developer's servers, which means that when the next update with errors fixed or the new tools added is released, you won’t receive it.

Software Bugs and Viruses

By downloading hacked software, you risk not only going to court, but also losing your personal data that you store on your PC.

The thing is that more than 80% of torrent files contain viruses, and if the best free antivirus software can cope with simple adware, only professional Kaspersky programmers can handle more complex viruses that block the system or steal bank card data and self-destruct.

Best Topaz Studio Free Alternatives

If the Topaz Studio free trial period is over, but you don’t want to pay for the licensed version or use pirated software, I have prepared for you several equally effective free alternatives.

1. Lightroom

lightroom logo
  • Batch editing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Third-party plug-in support
  • Masking and HSL
  • Free version limited in time

Lightroom is a professional graphic editor designed for one-click color correction, managing of entire albums and editing RAW files in batch.

A simple interface, divided into several separate modules, and the ability to install third-party plug-ins developed by professionals make the editor very convenient for beginners, while advanced tools, such as custom brushes, masking, HSL and several curves make the program a go-to tool for professional users.

2. RawTherapee

rawtherapee logo
  • Open source
  • Quick cataloger
  • Advanced color correction tools
  • Few video tutorials

RawTherapee is free, open source, cross-platform software for editing RAW files. The program is positioned as a fast cataloger, supporting practical management and editing in various image libraries.

RawTherapee offers many tools for tone correction, noise reduction, rotation, exposure control, changing shadows/light sources, tonality and white balance settings.

3. Polarr

polarr logo
  • Third-party preset support
  • Separate drawing tools
  • Deep color correction
  • For beginners

Polarr is cross-platform software for novice users. It allows you to make deep color correction and also has a separate interface for drawing, where you can create projects from scratch, draw pictures or web design using dozens of custom brushes and palettes.

This is a nice Topaz Studio free alternative with a rich toolset - curves, HSL, presets, custom filters and more. A nice bonus for artists is the custom brushes.


In Topaz Studio, you can use various presets to make photo editing easier and quicker.

Matte Wedding

freebies for topaz studio freebies for topaz studio

If your wedding photos are too sharp and you want to see softer lines, download this free matte effect. It is especially good for wedding portraits, as it makes them more sophisticated.

Glamour Look

freebies for topaz studio freebies for topaz studio

This free preset removes yellowness and evens out the skin tone. It is perfect for portraits, but you can easily apply it to any photo you like.

Autumn Film Vibes

freebies for topaz studio freebies for topaz studio

This vintage preset will make your photos warmer and more vibrant, enhancing colors and adding a reddish tint. It is ideal for retro photos regardless of the subject captured, but provides the best results when applied to outdoor shots.

Download Topaz Studio Free

topaz studio free download

In order not to infringe copyright, you can download and use Topaz Studio free trial from the official site for Windows and Mac OS.

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