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  • Compatible: Mac/Win/Linux

Download Pixlr Free and you will get a simplified online photo editor like Photoshop. It is quite popular among beginners as it has similar Ps functionality but incredible photo editing capabilities as well.

Pixlr free is the first and practically only online app that supports RAW and has layers for advanced photo editing. Today, I am going to tell you how to use Pixlr online photo editor free and get amazing results.

Pixlr interface

Free Pixlr Benefits

  • Support of masks
  • Pro photo editing with the help of layers
  • RAW support
  • Plenty of brushes
  • Doesn’t require powerful PC
  • Simple learning curve


  • What other Pixlr versions exist?

You can use Pixlr Photo Editor, Pixlr X and Pixlr Express. Each version is unique and has own photo editing benefits.

  • What is the difference between Pixlr Editor and Pixlr X?

Pixlr Editor has the same photo editing functions as its upgraded Pixlr X version. The only difference is in design.

  • Can Pixlr become a full replacement of Photoshop?

Yes, it can. If you use this online photo editor for performing basic tasks as color correction, using filters, making collages, adding stickers or texts. You can learn more about the program from my review.

  • Does Pixlr support batch photo editing?

No, and this is a big drawback of Pixlr online photo editor. However, you can open several pictures in different windows and edit them one by one, performing the same action.

  • Can I create various effects manually?

Yes. Pixlr X allows working with online photo effects/filters. You can look at a ready review to learn in detail how to apply the desired effect.

  • Is there a premium version of Pixlr and how much does it cost?

Yes, there is a possibility to update Pixlr desktop functionality to a premium version. You can subscribe for a month for $5 or for 3 months for $12. It should be noted that the first month comes with a pleasant discount.


Another Way to Use Adobe Pixlr Free

Pixlr App

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  • Reviews: 115
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 6.7k
  • Version: 3.4.7
  • Compatible: Android/ iOS

Pixlr mobile logo


Iphone App Store

download from google play

Pixlr app free interface

Pixlr Mobile Pros:

  • RAW support
  • Handy automatic tools
  • Advanced text tool
  • Plenty of stylish effects

This mobile Pixlr photo editing app is one of the flagships among mobile photo editing apps. It offers a wide range of tools, such as cropping, rotation, blur, color correction, brightness and contrast, sharpening, whitening, reducing noise and red-eye effect.

Moreover, each of these tools has its own settings. So you can correct any changes before committing them. For example, you can control the radius of the Sharpness tool and the intensity of the Red Eyes tool.

Why Can’t I Use Pixlr Pro from Unofficial Resources?

Pixlr is a web application that can only be accessed through an official source/site. Both the free and paid versions of the picture editor are located on a special hosting. This is the main reason why you cannot find Pixlr editor download file on other pirated sites.

The only way to use Pixlr for free is to take advantage of its free version. Or you may get Pixlr Pro free trial for 7 days. To do this, you need to go through a quick registration, enter some personal data and email.


Best Free Pixlr Alternatives

Pixlr requires a stable internet connection, that’s why it may not suit some photographers and Insta bloggers. For example, if you edit your photos on the go when there is not always access to the Internet.

Therefore, I have decided to collect some more effective and professional picture editing softwares that are available completely for free.


gimp logo USE GIMP FREE
  • Open-source code
  • RAW support
  • Functionality is expanded with plug-ins
  • Customizable brushes
  • Compatible with Linux
  • Some filters lag
  • No batch photo editing

GIMP is open-source cross-platform software. The image editor is available to the user for free and does not have any premium restrictions.

This Pixlr Windows alternative includes layers, customizable brushes, filters and automatic actions to improve image quality faster. The program supports various plugins, which means that it practically has no boundaries.

Also, the software will appeal to artists or web developers. GIMP offers many relevant tools for drawing and modulating: brushes, shapes, ready-made templates and more.

  • Read my about the program reading my GIMP review to learn more about the program’s capabilities.

2. RawTherapee

rawtherapee logo USE RAWTHERAPEE FREE
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • RAW support
  • Helpful cataloger
  • Batch photo editing
  • Inconvenient export
  • Possible lags

RawTherapee is a photo editing software free with a focus on color grading and basic picture retouching tools. The program is the best choice for Linux if you are looking for something similar to Lightroom.

It has helpful cataloger supporting a variety of RAW file types. Also, the software allows to organize and edit pictures in different image libraries.

The image editor allows you to enhance RAW files, has improved color processing, histogram matching, display of tones with high dynamic range (HDR) and more.

3. PhotoScape X

photoscape x logo USE PHOTOSCAPE X FREE
  • Several separate interfaces for different tasks
  • A great set of ready effects
  • Plugin-in support
  • Compatible with RAW format
  • Image conversion works with a delay
  • Photo converter sometimes doesn’t work

Many users think that PhotoScape is the best online photo editor. A distinctive feature of this open-source picture editor is the separation of the workspace and, in fact, the tools, into several separate tabs/interfaces.

You can choose a photo editor, create a GIF, transform, split and combine images.

As for tools, all basic ones are present, such as adjusting exposure, contrast, shadows, brightness, curves, filters and effects. Among all the other tools, I like the automatic skin defect correction function. It works quite accurately.

Free Pixlr Filters

Pixlr app supports some plug-ins. So you can extend its image editing functionality with these free professional overlays and brushes.

1. Free Pixlr Overlay “Light Beam”

free pixlr overlay free pixlr overlay

Use this overlay if you want to add some sun rays to your photo, convey a playful and bright mood. In general, the photo becomes brighter and more saturated. The overlay is perfect for outdoor pictures taken in a forest, park or near a pond.

2. Free Pixlr Overlay “Jungles”

free pixlr overlay free pixlr overlay

Now you can create dramatic and a slightly romantic atmosphere with the help of this overlay. Small raindrops will be barely visible in your photos, but the rain effect appears.

3. Free Pixlr Overlay “Leaf Fall”

free pixlr overlay free pixlr overlay

Since summer is already behind and the first days of autumn have come, a beautiful leaf overlay will be relevant in your photographs. It can add red leaves randomly, which are so hard to capture when shooting.

4. Free Pixlr Brushes “Cloud“

free pixlr brushes free pixlr brushes

Was your photo taken on a bright sunny day, but it lacks beautiful clouds? Use this free Photoshop Cloud Brush to improve such situation without overloading your photo with lots of white objects.

5. Free Pixlr Brushes “Fog”

free pixlr brushes free pixlr brushes

Using this brush in image editing photo editing software, you can create a morning mist. Landscape photos will look very impressive, especially at sunrise. This brush doesn’t make the photo look less realistic, adding a slight background fog.

Use Pixlr Free Forever

Use pixlr free

Open Pixlr free in a browser or a mobile/tablet. Import a few RAW pictures from a trip and test functionality of a free image editor to make your photos pop easy and fast.

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