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Online Fotor Photo Editor 2024

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  • Reviews: 120
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 3.7k
  • Version: online
  • Compatible: Mac/Windows
  • Free Fotor Mobile: Android/ iOS

Fotor free is a web-based image editor that offers you most of the functions you can find in Adobe Lightroom packed in a convenient UI and without an expensive subscription. Fotor supports all main image formats and is good in adding creative effects that will make your photographs beautiful.

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FREE Fotor Benefits

  • Plenty of effects and filters
  • Suitable for basic color correction
  • Can be used to create collages
  • Easy to learn
  • Has a separate social network


  • Can I open RAW files in the Fotor online?

No, the online version doesn’t support RAW files, but you can easily open them in the desktop Fotor version or in the mobile app.

  • Does it have cloud storage?

Yes, the Fotor Pro version has built-in cloud storage.

  • Can I use Fotor for free forever?

Yes, Fotor offers completely free web- and desktop versions with slightly limited functionality and obtrusive ads.

Fotor Free Software

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  • Reviews: 55
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 4.5k
  • Version: Full License
  • Compatible: Windows, Mac OS

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mac app store

dwnld for windows

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Fotor Pros

  • RAW support
  • No ads
  • Cloud storage
  • Optimized for weaker PCs

The desktop image editor is practically identical to the web-version, but it’s more convenient. You’ll also find a “Package” tab on the list, which you can use to easily sort dozens of photographs into different categories.

I should also mention that unlike the web-version, this one allows you to work with RAW files, which is great news for pro photographers. Among the available basic features, the Adjust toolset stands out the most.

It contains all the standard tools we are accustomed to using in Lightroom photo editor.

  • Read my Fotor Review, to learn more about what this software is capable of.

Another Way to Use Fotor Free

Fotor App Photo Editor

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  • Reviews: 65
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 7.5k
  • Version: Full License
  • Compatible: iOS/Android

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Iphone App Store

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Free Fotor Mobile Pros

  • RAW support
  • Tools respond quickly
  • Built-in social network
  • Huge number of filters

Fotor Photo Editor mobile can be called “Photoshop Lite” as it allows even an experienced or rookie photographer to edit photos.

Among a wide array of photo effects and filters that allow you to emulate a virtually endless number of styles, you’ll find options like film, vintage, black and white, kaleidoscope, and many others.

Tools made for color correction contain plenty of different sliders that allow you to not only perform “minor adjustments” like tweaking the brightness or shadows but also such “advanced changes” like removing skin imperfections, improving the face tone, teeth-whitening, etc.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Fotor Version

When you’re in the process of free downloading photo editor like Fotor through a torrent in order to save money, how accurately have you evaluated the risks and potential consequences? I’ve prepared a small list of problems that may await you if you’re not careful.

Are You Breaking the Law?

fotor free

Everyone loves the word “free” and everything related to it. However, when it comes to using pirated free downloads that was made through a torrent, you’re breaking existing laws and are in risk of paying a fine of $1000.

Advertisements, Spam, and Frequent PC Freezes

Nowadays, there’s not a single internet user around who is unaware of the dangers of software viruses. How can they penetrate your PC? Quite easily. Before you download picture editor, it was first hacked by various shady individuals.

There are some “reliable” hackers that only disable the software protection, and there are “evil” hackers, who also make use of this opportunity to spread their latest virus by adding it to the program’s code.

Can’t Update to Newer Versions

If it’s not the first time you’re using pirated free download photo editing software, you know that one of the main distinctions between a hacked and licensed version is the availability of updates. An app you’ve gotten from a torrent will remain offline and without any updates forever.


You Don’t Have Access to Technical Support

Let me paint you a picture: you try to access a particular tool in the app, but it doesn’t respond or crashes entirely. Just like that, the editor is inoperable.

If you have a licensed version, you simply contact tech support, find out what causes the problem, and deal with it within a couple of minutes. But if you have a pirated version, you can only rely on yourself.

5 Best Free Fotor Alternatives

If you’re unsatisfied with the Fotor free version, find its functionality to be lacking, or are unhappy with the app’s speed, check out my list of the top 5 best Fotor alternatives.

1. Ribbet

ribbet logo USE RIBBET FREE
  • Simple in usage
  • Perfect for routine photo color correction tasks
  • Large selection of effects
  • Doesn’t support RAW
  • A lot of options are only available in Ribbet Premium

This app comes with a standard toolset for color correction, photo editing, and adding various effects. In fact, Ribbet’s filter functionality is some of the best I’ve seen since effects are applied with an immediate response and without any drops in performance.

In regards to photo editing, you can use this software for teeth whitening, skin tone correction, and eye color adjustments, but it doesn’t have the functionality necessary to deal with skin imperfections. If you do most of your work on an Android tablet or online, I can safely suggest you try Ribbet.

2. Pixlr

pixlr logo USE PIXLR FREE
  • Has lite and pro versions
  • RAW support
  • Customizable brushes
  • Compatible with plug-ins
  • No batch editing
  • Doesn’t have layers

Pixlr is probably the best Photoshop replacement available for free. It allows you to select, fill, blend, and defocus photo areas. However, its greatest advantage is the capability to work with RAW images, which is almost never possible in a cloud-based photo editor.

However, that functionality demands sacrifice on your part as you have to suffer from irritating ads that will interrupt your workflow.

This photo editor new version also includes a more basic “Express” edition designed for fast, subtle photo editing tasks. It allows you to perform actions like: cropping an image, adjusting several settings (brightness, saturation, etc.), applying a filter, writing some text, adding a couple of stickers, and several others.

  • Check out my Pixlr review, in order to find out more about this app.

3. iPiccy

ipiccy logo USE IPICCY FREE
  • Convenient UI
  • Professional Photoshop tools
  • Doesn’t support RAW
  • Paid mobile version

iPiccy became known among users as the best online photo editor. Its functions are quite simple and it includes some tools for editing images, collage templates, and design parameters.

This software’s toolset is impressive and extends beyond the basic contrast, brightness, and sharpness sliders. You can also try out Dodge and Burn, Stamp Tool, and background removal functions, all of them being available for free.

You won’t even be irritated by the slow color correction algorithms that sometimes freeze a moment before the effect is shown. Go to the app’s website and download photo editor free.

4. PicMonkey

picmonkey logo USE PICMONKEY FREE
  • Cloud storage
  • Well-designed text tools
  • Doesn’t have RAW support
  • Obtrusive advertisements

PicMonkey is a useful online image editor for photography enthusiasts. I like that I can get access to basic tools such as shadows, brightness, effects, and filters even using my smartphone.

PicMonkey functions are highly reliable and provide maximum creativity. However, the most pleasant part for me is the simplicity of the user interface that allows you to use the app’s most powerful functions without any prior experience.

PicMonkey editor can boast its own alternative to cloud storage called HUB. It’s a rather interesting feature that allows you to store and sort photographs in libraries without any limitations.

5. Photoshop Express

photoshop express logo USE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS FREE
  • Completely free
  • Suitable for basic color correction
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lacks RAW support
  • Doesn’t have a batch editing feature

PS Express is a lightened and slightly simplified professional photo editor online. Contrary to the mobile version, this app doesn’t support RAW, but you can work with large JPG and PNG files without any problems.

There are more than 10 different filters available as well as a broad range of professional image retouching tools that are nearly identical to Photoshop, with a single small difference. Now you don’t have to use various functions to change or add shadows to your photograph – simply move a single slider. Also, I should mention the “auto” mode that is available in most tools, including skin defect and red-eye removal.

Download Fotor Free

download fotor free

Download and open Fotor free version. I have no doubts you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its UI and photo color correction functionality.

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