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Would you like to use PicMonkey free without paying $8-$34 per month? Here are 2 simple and safe ways to download PicMonkey for free. Moreover, you may find a good free PicMonkey alternative and forget about pirated software for ever.

The easiest way to get PicMokey free is to use its trial version. Still, this method is limited in time. For seven days, you will have access to all the functions and tools, after which you will need to choose one of the available plans and make a purchase. Besides, you should remember that this is a web editor, and this, in turn, gives you minimal workload on your PC.

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Free PicMonkey Benefits

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Over 120 effects and filters
  • Well-developed Text addition tool
  • Suitable for basic color correction and image editing


Read the answers for frequently asked questions about using PicMonkey and the way you can solve some problems.

  • If I purchased the subscription, do I have to pay every month?

No, you use the photo editor as long as you need it. When you understand that you do not need it anymore, go to your personal account and cancel the subscription.

  • Can I change the subscription type one week later?

If you have got a Basic Plan, and understand that the functionality is not enough for you – go to your personal account and change the type of the subscription. If you want to change the plan not waiting for the next month – contact technical support.

  • What are the available plans and can I buy a yearly subscription?

Today, PicMonkey offers three separate plans: Basic, Pro, and Team. Each of the plans has different prices and features. After you have chosen the suitable plan, pay attention to the payment methods. You can pay monthly or make one payment for a year in advance.


Another Way to use PicMonkey Free

Visiting your store, App Store or Google Play you can easily find PicMonkey and download it for free. Unlike the web version, you can use PicMonkey app without registering and activating a trial period.

PicMonkey App Editor

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  • Reviews: 80
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 5.5k
  • Version: 1.14
  • Compatible: Android/IOS

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Iphone App Store

download from google play

picmonkey app interface

PicMonkey App Editor Pros:

  • Basic set of tools and features
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be used with PicMonkey full version free

PicMonkey's mobile app is an easy-to-manage interface with fairly powerful tools. You can perform basic photo editing and color correction, add a watermark or text to your photo, apply an interesting filter or effect, and then, directly from the application, upload a photo to a social network. The only thing that can disappoint you is the lack of RAW files support.

Why Shouldn’t You Use PicMonkey Pirated Version?

Surely each of you came up with this idea, because it is always easier to download software from the Torrent, with all possible functions at once, without paying a cent.

  • Start collecting money for a good lawyer

What problem may arise and should you start looking for a lawyer after the first illegal download? Not. At the beginning, you will receive several warning to your email address or in a form of a letter. If you keep downloading free PicMonkey pirate version from the Torrent, your provider will disable your Internet access without any warnings. Then, you are likely to be brought to court, because of the law violation. You will have to pay $1000 fine.

  • Forget about technical support

Imagine that the next day, after downloading and testing free PicMonkey, the necessary tool simply stopped working, or the interface is not displayed correctly. If you used a legal version of the software, all the problems would be solved in a matter of minutes by contacting technical support. But, since you are using a pirate version, you won’t get any technical support.

  • No updates

Quite often, developers update their software, add new tools, and expand functionality. However, when using the PicMonkey free version that you downloaded from the Torrent resources - you can forget about upgrades, since such software is autonomous, and therefore isn’t improved.

  • Put up with frequent bugs and program errors

You should understand that the hacked software, before been uploaded the Torrent resource, is processed by a hacker. These people hack into the source code and rewrite it a little. But what is the chance that a hacker is attentive enough and won’t harm you by putting a space in the wrong place? This is the main reason for the constant bugs and program errors.

  • Like annoying ads?

Today, everyone knows about viruses, and what they are capable of. But how do they get to your computer? It's pretty simple. Before the software is uploaded to the torrent resource, it is pre-processed by various types of hackers.

They can be “friendly”, who simply crack the source code and “evil”, who try to spread their newly-created virus in various ways, even by integrating it in the source code of free PicMonkey software. This does not mean that each downloaded torrent file will be full of viruses, but who knows where the threat is.

3 Free PicMonkey Alternatives

If you don’t want to pay for the software and you don’t want any problems with the law, I have several excellent, completely free PicMonkey alternatives, which, by the way, are no less functional.

1. Fotor

fotor logo USE FOTOR FREE
  • For basic photo edit and color correction
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Does not support RAW format
  • Many ads

Fotor offers a number of programs for various purposes, including a photo editor collage, design and image editing app. It is a simple photo editor for basic image editing and color correction, but with some limitations. Previously, this program was a little more convenient, but now they have added too much advertising to both sides of the workspace.

In addition, 60% of the available features, such as effects and photo edit tools, will be closed to you until you buy the full version of the program. The web version of this free photo editor is not suitable for work with RAW files, but it is compatible with JPG and PNG.

2. Pixlr

pixlr logo USE PIXLR FREE
  • Online photo editor like Photoshop
  • Supports masks and layers
  • Supports RAW format
  • Advertisements
  • 40% of functions are limited

Pixlr is one of the best, shareware web applications, similar to PicMonkey. This image editor does not require a powerful PC configuration, you should have a reliable Internet connection and this is enough. The app has most of Photoshop-like integrated professional features: brushes, selection tools, masks and layers, curves, filters and effects, and more.

Also, this PicMonkey alternative has an interface and tools layout similar to those in PS. The application supports RAW files, but does not offer batch photo editing. However, you can always open several photos at once and apply changes to them separately.

3. BeFunky

befunky logo USE BEFUNKY FREE
  • You can save the work and continue it later
  • Many useful color correction tools
  • Many ads

BeFunky photo editor has many functions for basic photo editing, so you can perform such common actions as cropping, exposure editing, colors improvement, etc. The problem is that 70% of the functions are available only for money. There is also a lot of advertising.

Similar to Fotor, there are banners at the bottom and on the right offering you to buy BeFunky Plus. This photo editing program has so many effects that amaze with their diversity, but you cannot use them normally, because they are all marked with an asterisk, which literally means that you to pay for the full version.

Download PicMonkey Free

Use PicMonkey free trial

Register and test PicMonkey free. I am sure you will like its interface, simple functions and a large set of image editing tools.

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