12 Best Double Exposure Photo Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

If you need to merge shots and make a double exposure on your smartphone, a double exposure photo app will definitely come in handy. Apart from double exposure capabilities, these apps offer a diverse image editing toolset, presets and background pictures.

A double exposure shot is a mix of two pictures that complement each other and create a unified composition. In this post, I have gathered the best double exposure photo apps for iOS and Android that are no worse than Photoshop or similar software.

Top 12 Double Exposure Photo Apps

  1. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch - Individual editing
  2. Image Blender - Auto double exposure effect
  3. Blend Editor - Double Exposure - Variety of real-time blend modes
  4. Fused - Double exposures using videos
  5. Enlight Photofox - One of the most advanced photo editors
  6. Double Exposure - Full resolution in-camera photos
  7. BlendMe - One stop app for all photo blending
  8. Multiple Photo Blender - Helps you combine photos in a grid
  9. PicsArt Photo Editor - Selection of premium tools
  10. Snapseed - Tools available without additional purchases
  11. Pixlr - Great image correction capabilities
  12. Shapical X - Geometric image editor

Using these double exposure photo apps for iPhone and Android you will be able to turn your regular images into masterpieces. You can also create a double exposure in Photoshop but with these applications, you can do it faster with any previous experience and on your smartphone.

1. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch

Individual editing
  • A free trial version
  • Quick turnaround
  • Great variety of editing services
  • Fast and clear communication
  • None

Verdict: FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch is a user-friendly application that you can leverage to order editing by skilled retouchers. They will learn your requirements concerning possible adjustments and deliver the result in a jiffy. If you are interested in a double exposure effect, just let the team know about it.

You need to upload your shots, specify what result you expect to get, and wait several hours till retouchers accomplish the task. This service is in high demand because creating this effect on your own may be a grueling task and experts can cope with it very fast. If you are hesitant about whether the app is really so efficient, you can place a test order and evaluate the result.

fixthephoto editor and retouch double exposure photo app interface

2. Image Blender

Auto double exposure effect
  • 18 blending modes
  • Multi Exposure
  • Ability to pick filters from other apps
  • Adding or replacing objects
  • None detected

Verdict: Image Blender is the best double exposure app for those who are after the ease of use and universal functions. This robust app grants the ability to apply multiple exposure effects, erase or add different elements to the picture and apply overlays within several clicks.

Image Blender is a layering photo app. It enables users to take high-resolution shots so the double exposure quality of pictures shouldn’t be a concern. Besides, the intensity may be adjusted, and the textures may be added within the app.

image blender double exposure photo app

3. Blend Editor

Variety of real-time blend modes
  • Ability to apply wonderful filters
  • Various blending modes
  • Adjustable blend mode
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Nothing else than just double exposure options

Verdict: Blend Editor is a double exposure photography app developed for iOS users. It is a rather straightforward application aimed at simplifying the image editing process.

To create a double exposure shot, the user has to import the pictures or pick from the ones offered by an extensive library. Once the main picture and the background one are selected, the next step would be to pick the desired blend mode. The user will receive a final result within several seconds and will be able to save it on the device.

Besides, the final picture may be shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook straight from the app. The same as with double exposure in Photoshop, Blend Editor doesn’t provide other picture editing capabilities. Users only have an opportunity to create gorgeous effects and clarify the ready-made effect.

blend editor double exposure photo app

4. Fused

Double exposures using video
  • Straightforward
  • 20 real-time blending modes
  • Draw and erase tools
  • Ability to tweak contrast, exposure and brightness
  • Disturbing ads that interfere with the picture editing process
double exposure photo app fused logo

Verdict: Fused is one of the robust iPhone free photo editing apps that enables users to produce remarkable picture and video collages. Users will be able to apply a vast array of effects that are focused purely on the double exposure. Within the app, you will also find several filters or “blending modes”. If you need more, you can purchase the missing filters.

Begin with picking two pictures and then swiping up and down on the project to tweak the intensity of blend. This double exposure app offers a selection of sliders for tweaking contrast and brightness along with masking capabilities to eliminate parts of a picture. The final results are intended to be shared on Instagram.

fused double exposure photo app

5. Enlight Photofox

One of the most advanced editors
  • User-friendly
  • Most features are available in a free access
  • Supports 16-bit and RAW pictures
  • A huge variety of features and creative elements
  • No landscape orientation
double exposure photo app enlight photofox logo
Enlight Photofox

Verdict: Lightricks developed this double exposure photo app as an upgrade to Enlight ISO released a bit earlier. The latter was designed in Ps style and contained all the necessary tools for photo shooting and editing. There you could perform all kinds of edits in an intuitive way.

Photofox boasts a huge variety of cool effects and terrific collage creating capabilities, which altogether allow you to turn ordinary photos into eye-catching masterpieces. This double exposure app is oriented at experienced users.

The most helpful feature of this application is improved Layers that help you combine, blend, and merge up to 5 layers. The Erase tool makes it possible to get rid of unnecessary pieces of a picture in a matter of seconds. Besides, you can alter opacity and exposure, add frames, filters, stickers, etc.

enlight photofox double exposure photo app

6. Double Exposure

Full resolution in-camera photos
  • Live previews
  • Creating filters is an easy task
  • Text overlay instrument
  • You can adjust Hue in specific parts
  • No frames
double exposure photo app double exposure logo
Double Exposure

Verdict: Double Exposure photography app allows enjoying the potential of full-res photography right from your mobile device. Thanks to a dual shutter design, taking double exposures with your smartphone becomes a pleasant task.

The app allows controlling both exposure and focus in order to produce pro-looking double exposures, which are typically achievable if you use film or advanced DLSR cameras.

Though some double exposure photo apps limit the number of photos you can combine to 2, this application comes without any restrictions of this kind. Adhering to the principles presented in many similar apps, this one provides a more intuitive and efficient way of creating double exposures on your phone.

double exposure double exposure photo app

7. BlendMe

One stop app for all photo blending
  • Image cropping according to Insta standards
  • Top-notch blending instruments
  • Face image montages
  • Different face swap emoji
  • Too many ads
double exposure photo app blendme logo

Verdict: This double photo app is an ideal option for anybody looking for a simple and quick way of blending 2+ images and perfecting the result with the help of useful photo editing tools.

BlendMe surpasses many apps from this category with its amazing collection of trendy and funny image effects, terrific photo montage options, frames, animations, filters and more.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the Blender and Background tools that offer a somehow unusual but very interesting way of generating double exposures. Thus, using BlendMe, you can hone your skills and learn new methods of creating double exposure pictures. To give your images a polished look, make use of Enhancer HD or the built-in Editor.

blendme double exposure photo app

8. Multiple Photo Blender

Helps you combine photos in a grid
  • Animations
  • More than 50 blending styles
  • Affects suitable for both front and back images
  • May occasionally lag
double exposure photo app multiple photo blender logo
Multiple Photo Blender

Verdict: This is an example of an easy-to-master double exposure photo app with a vast variety of helpful features. The main idea behind this application is to supply photographers with all the necessary instruments so that they can give their works personalized touches.

Multiple Photo Blender belongs to the best Photoshop apps that can be used to build up collages. Looking through the internal library of mixed images and background photos, you’ll understand that there is a multitude of beautiful photos you can use for your projects.

The app operates on the principle of photo mixing with the bokeh effect. Pick a face photo from the gallery and apply a bokeh overlay to it. This double exposure app imposes no restriction on how many photos can be merged simultaneously. Once the image processing is finished, you can embellish the result with a bokeh effect.

multiple photo blender double exposure photo app

9. PicsArt

Selection of premium tools
  • Simple to use
  • Customizable filters
  • Provides Prisma-style magic effects
  • You can share your works to social networks
  • In-app purchases
  • Most features of the application are paid
double exposure photo app picsart logo

Verdict: PicsArt is a great mobile photo and video editor. It provides amazing image effects, drawing tools, free collage and sticker maker, camera, free image library, face editor with face swap, beautifying tools, etc.

If you need to create the Double Exposure effect with just one photo, do it with the PicsArt’s Color Exposure quick tool. All you have to do is to upload an image and PicsArt will do everything for you.

When the Color Exposure effect is applied, you can select different color schemes that will give your image an interesting look. Also, you will be able to adjust the opacity, brightness, saturation and contrast to achieve the look you want.

picsart double exposure photo app

10. Snapseed

Tools available without additional purchases
  • Advanced presets and tools
  • RAW files editing
  • Plain swipe sliders for editing photos
  • Lack of ads
  • Unsuitable for beginners
  • Not intuitive save options

Verdict: First of all, select two photos you want to combine. Thanks to the slider between them, one of the photos will be more visible.

Another important feature of this double exposure app is the mask. You can choose the area that will be visible when the layers are combined. You can zoom in on your photo for more precise rendering.

This double exposure photography app is free, has a lot of features and a great design. You can use all the tools it provides without any additional purchases.

snapseed double exposure photo app

11. Pixlr

Great image correction capabilities
  • Provides layers and masks
  • Adjustable interface
  • Can open images from desktop or URLs
  • Intrusive ads
double exposure photo app pixlr logo

Verdict: Pixlr is a great double exposure photo app for combining two images into one. To do this, use the Dual Exposure Tool.

This app offers many features and tools that will help you create colorful and interesting photos. You can also adjust the contrast and exposure of your images.

To create a good double exposure photo, you will be able to adjust some settings, such as brightness, saturation, transparency, etc.

If you want, you can change the location and size of the second picture too. Then you will only have to combine the layers and save the final photo.

In addition, you can share your works with your friends on social media. For this, create an account in the settings of the app.

pixlr double exposure photo app

12. Shapical X

Geometric image editor
  • Simple to use
  • Offers neon, glow and mirror effects
  • More than 50 fonts
  • You can add as many layers as you want
  • The app freezes from time to time
double exposure photo app shapical x logo
Shapical X

Verdict: Shapical X is a popular double exposure photo app using which you can add shapes, text, figures, objects, and lines to your photos, customize colors and use masking tools with the eraser.

Besides, you can add graphic patterns, merge photos, add complex graphic dynamic objects, like gradients in the baugasm style, pixelation effects, smudge, glitch, noise, VHS, etc.

Shapical X lets users create nice double exposure pictures, perform blending, make photo collages, and adjust many color correction settings like color curves, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Exposure, Warmth, Brightness, Sharpen, Fade and Layers opacity.

shapical x double exposure photo app