16 Best Cartoon Pictures Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

Using the following cartoon pictures apps, you can turn pictures into cartoons, adjust filter settings, and become a superhero in several simple clicks. One of the best pic cartoon apps suitable for users of all levels is Prisma. Prisma is very user-friendly, has a clear and convenient interface and comes with many filters. Read on to find out more about this and other cartoon character apps currently available for iOS and Android.

16 Cartoon Pictures Apps

  1. FixThePhoto App - Offers manual retouching
  2. ToonCamera - Broad selection of effects and filters
  3. Cartoon Camera Free - High-resolution photos
  4. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker - Supports 1800p when exporting
  5. Cartoon Yourself Video Effects - Intuitive interface
  6. Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO - User-oriented
  7. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit - Email your photos from the app
  8. Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam - Selfie contests for users
  9. Cartoon Yourself - Nice-looking interface
  10. Painnt - Constant updates
  11. Camart - Extensive number of filters
  12. Artisto - Extraordinary effects
  13. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon - A wide selection of tools
  14. MomentCam - Create your own cartoon effect
  15. Cartoon Photo Editor - Great customer support
  16. Prisma - An extensive number of filters

All these cartoon edit apps allow you not only to apply cartoon effects to your images but also customize all the parameters as well as apply color correction and basic photo editing.

1. FixThePhoto App — Our Choice

Offers manual retouching
  • Cartoon effect is created manually
  • Professional result
  • Free trial available before you have to place the order
  • None

Verdict: FixThePhoto App allows transforming photos into cartoon pictures on a professional level. All you have to do is upload your image, specify the requirements, and the retouchers behind the app will deliver a professionally transformed picture within hours. You’ll receive a realistic result that will amaze you with its attention to detail, background, color scheme, and overall style.

Before you place the order, you can test the app for free. Send 1 or 2 photos to the retouchers and they will transform them into cartoon pictures while following all your specifications. The app also offers an array of other services that include body shape enhancement, breast enlargement, teeth whitening, makeup enhancement, etc.

fixthephoto cartoon pictures app interface

2. ToonCamera

Broad selection of effects and filters
  • Excellent customer support
  • Various high-quality filters
  • Ability to view filters in real-time
  • Requires iOS 8.1 or later

Verdict: ToonCamera is a cartoon pictures app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to apply the animated effect both on an existing photo/video and in real-time. You can crop a photo and apply various filters to turn an image/video into a cartoon or animation.

The app features various effects such as pencil, ink, stipple, and cartoon. However, ToonCamera has several shortcomings. It offers only the basic set of tools, requires iOS 8.1 or later and is paid ($1.99).

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  • tooncamera cartoon picture واجهة التطبيق

    3. Cartoon Camera Free

    High-resolution photos
    • Easy to use
    • Intuitive interface
    • High-resolution export
    • Too frequent app updates

    Verdict: This simple app offers only two effects – Cartoon and Pencil sketch. Also, Cartoon Camera Free allows you to view filters in real-time. You can save all the edited pictures in your gallery or upload them on social media sites. However, this pic cartoon app has a small flaw. All settings are completely automatic, so you can’t fix something on your own.

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    cartoon camera free cartoon picture app interface

    4. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

    Supports 1800p when exporting
    • 1080p at export
    • Ability to transform photos into cartoon, poster and sketch art
    • Sometimes resets image settings

    Verdict: In order to create a cartoon picture in Clip2Comic, you can use the camera of your smartphone and snap a shot or use photos and videos from the gallery. The preview function allows seeing how photos and videos will look like after you apply a particular effect. There are 8 different cartoon filters, comics and sketches. Moreover, it can compete with any best avatar maker thanks to the variety of features for making eye-catching avatars.

    • Clip2comic صانع الكاريكاتير الكرتون صور واجهة التطبيق

      5. Cartoon Yourself Video Effects

      Intuitive interface
      • Realistic emotions
      • Intuitive interface
      • May lag
      cartoon yourself video effects cartoon pictures app logo
      Cartoon Yourself Video Effects

      Verdict: This mobile-optimized replacement for video cartoonizer software allows you to experiment with a wide range of emotions, from a sad face to a broad smile. This application perfectly imitates emotions. Moreover, you can send an animated video or a static photo to your friends via social media sites like Instagram, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook. Besides, the app has a simple and user-friendly interface.

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      cartoon yourself video effects cartoon pictures app interface

      6. Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO

      • Supports iOS13
      • Saves photos to the Library
      • Sleek and intuitive interface
      • Image importing issues
      • Limited number of effects
      • No image editor
      cartoon sketch camera pro cartoon pictures app logo
      Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO

      Verdict: Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO has only eight cartoon effects such as Cartoon, Sketch, Dots, Halftone, Swirl, Pixellate, Crosshatch and Emboss. Due to the limited number of animated effects, and lack of image editing features, many users think that this cartoon pics app isn’t really interesting. Another drawback is that the free version has a lot of ads, and to get rid of them you need to pay $1.99.

      cartoon sketch camera pro cartoon pictures app interface

      7. Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

      Email your photos from the app
      • Adds text
      • New cartoon, retro and vintage style filters
      • Ability to email cartoon pictures from the app
      • iOS-compatibility only
      photo to cartoon yourself edit cartoon pictures app logo
      Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

      Verdict: This is one of the most interesting image cartoon apps for iPhone and a cool Facebook cover photo maker. It includes various effects, captions and stickers. You can also experiment with brightness, contrast and saturation to enhance your pictures.

      However, the app has several downsides. You can only save caricature images to your phone or send them via e-mail. The app doesn’t offer the ability to instantly upload photos to social media sites. Also, Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit is designed only for iOS users.

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      photo to cartoon yourself edit cartoon pictures app interface

      8. Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam

      Selfie contests for users
      • Selfie contests for users
      • Wide range of stickers
      • Slow app loading
      • Photo uploading issues
      • Includes ads
      moment cartoon caricature cam cartoon pictures app logo
      Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam

      Verdict: With Moment cartoon caricature cam, you can participate in selfie contests. Also, it is possible to use the application like a photo editor to make an ordinary picture more colorful and fun. You can enhance your shots by adjusting brightness, saturation, polishing, removing defects, lightening, etc. Also, this cartoon picture app iPhone includes funny stickers and beautiful frames.

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      moment cartoon caricature cam cartoon pictures app interface

      9. Cartoon Yourself

      Nice-looking interface
      • Easy to use
      • Includes beautiful cartoon effects
      • Limited number of effects
      • Can’t record videos
      cartoon yourself cartoon pictures app logo
      Cartoon Yourself

      Verdict: Cartoon Yourself is an excellent cartoon pictures app for Android users. It allows you to turn your image into a cartoon drawing and black and white cartoon. The application also offers basic image editing tools that allow you to crop, mirror and rotate images.

      You can easily view your pictures in your phone gallery or camera roll. Using Cartoon Yourself, it is possible to save the cartoon image after editing or share it with friends.

      cartoon yourself cartoon pictures app interface

      10. Painnt - Pro Art Filters

      Constant updates
      • Constant updates
      • Customizable filters
      • Sometimes lags
      • Reduces the size of photos
      painnt pro art filters cartoon pictures app logo

      Verdict: Painnt - Pro Art Filters offers 130+ filters, including classic, modern, comics, abstract and mosaic. Besides, the app regularly releases new effects. After selecting a filter, you can adjust its main parameters (transparency, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue), color design, details (noise reduction, hardness, softness) as well as the size of the brush.

      However, Painnt has a serious disadvantage. In the free version, the size of a photo can be reduced during export. To edit HD images, you have to pay for an in-app subscription. A 12-months subscription plan costs $9.99.

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      painnt pro art filters cartoon pictures app interface

      11. Camart

      Extraordinary effects
      • User-friendly
      • Intuitive interface
      • Interesting effects
      • May freeze
      • Contains ads
      camart cartoon pictures app logo

      Verdict: Using Camart, you can apply such effects as Sketch, Pencil, Cartoon, Watercolor, etc. in real-time to test them. It is possible to customize the parameters of each filter, thereby creating an infinite number of photo variations. You are free to fine-tune your cartoon images, using stickers, emojis, and other graphic elements. The most popular options available in the app are speech bubbles, facial expressions, and accessories. Once you’ve applied a filter and adjusted the necessary settings, you can save the image to the gallery or upload it to popular social media sites.

      • واجهة التطبيق صور الكرتون camart

        12. Artisto – Art Filters

        An extensive number of filters
        • A wide range of filters
        • Easy to use
        • Ads-free
        • Poor video quality
        artisto art filters cartoon pictures app logo

        Verdict: If you want to quickly turn your picture into a cartoon drawing, Artisto – Art Filters is worth paying attention to. You can use it to take a photo or record a video as well as apply numerous filters. In case you want to explore all potential of this cartoon pictures app, you need to purchase the Pro or Plus version for $0.99.

        The video recorded in the app is of poor quality. Moreover, it is possible to record only square videos. Nevertheless, if you need to enhance your pictures, this product may be a good option.

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        • الفنان الفنانة فلاتر صور الكرتون واجهة التطبيق

          13. Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon

          A wide selection of tools
          • Direct image saving
          • Distinct edges and opacity adjustment
          • Numerous video effects, including cartoon
          • Issues with image importing
          sketch me sketch cartoon cartoon pictures app logo
          Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

          Verdict: Sketch me! Sketch & Cartoon is a fantastic pic cartoon app that lets you edit various photos and apply unique effects to them. The application offers such effects as Pastel, Cartoon or Strokes, which allows you to get artistic pictures.

          You can adjust each effect manually and change such settings as Edge Strength and Opacity in order to highlight a specific area in the image. It is possible to overlay various pictures and geometric shapes in our photo and adjust transparency to give your image an extraordinary feel.

          sketch me sketch cartoon cartoon pictures app interface

          14. MomentCam

          Create your own cartoon effect
          • Ability to create personalized cartoon effects
          • A wide range of templates
          • Constant updates
          • Easy to use
          • Photo uploading issues
          • Few pictures in a free version
          momentcam cartoon pictures app logo

          Verdict: MomentCam has recently achieved vast popularity among users. This awesome application will help you create cartoons from your photos without any hassle. You can either add an existing image to the app or take a picture using an in-app camera and then select the desired template. It is possible to add captures and stickers to pictures to make them even funnier.

          Feel free to add a beard, hats, glasses to your photos as well as change the background and facial expressions. Unfortunately, all the cartoons that you make in a free version have watermarks. If you want to remove a watermark from your photo, you need to make an in-app purchase.

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          • Momentcam الكرتون صور واجهة التطبيق

            15. Cartoon Photo Editor

            Great customer support
            • Autofocus while shooting
            • You can apply effects to existing photos
            • Customizable settings
            • Easy to use
            • Contains ads
            cartoon photo editor cartoon pictures app logo
            Cartoon Photo Editor

            Verdict: Using Cartoon Photo Editor, you can apply such effects as comics, comic drawing, sketch, color sketch, art, comic black and white, etc. You can see the effects in real-time to make sure they are right for your photos. It is also possible to add captions, stickers and tags to the image. Another advantage of this cartoon pic app is a simple and eye-pleasing interface. The only drawback of Cartoon Photo Editor is that the application contains a lot of annoying ads.

            cartoon photo editor cartoon pictures app interface

            16. Prisma

            An extensive number of filters
            • Constantly releases new filters
            • 300+ filters
            • Mimics styles of popular artists
            • Ability to apply only one effect to the same picture
            • Expensive subscription
            prisma cartoon pictures app logo

            Verdict: A few years ago, Prisma was one of the most popular cartoon character apps. Although the application is not so popular nowadays, it still offers an array of interesting effects. Also, Prisma releases new filters almost every day, so you can always spice up your gallery with new extraordinary pictures. The strong point of Prisma, which makes it stand ahead of similar products is a fast image editing process. Its cloud technology allows you to instantly get the desired result, while other apps make you wait several minutes.

            prisma cartoon pictures app interface


            • • Can I view and read comics on the go with cartoon picture apps?

            While cartoon picture apps primarily focus on transforming photos into cartoon-like images, some apps offer additional features that allow users to view and read comics. However, for the best experience in reading comics, it is recommended to consider using a good tablet, like Apple iPad Air, one of the best tablets for reading comics.

            Such tablets provide a larger screen size and excellent color reproduction, enhancing the visual quality and immersiveness of comic book reading.

            • • Can I share my cartoon pictures directly from these apps?

            Yes, most cartoon picture apps include sharing options that allow users to instantly share their creations on social media platforms, messaging apps, or save them to their device's gallery. This makes it easy to showcase and distribute the cartoon pictures with friends, family, or online communities.

            • • Do I need any artistic skills to use cartoon picture apps?

            No, cartoon picture apps are designed to be user-friendly, requiring little to no artistic skills. They provide pre-set filters and effects, as well as intuitive editing tools that allow users to create cartoon pictures with just a few taps or adjustments.

            • • Can cartoon picture apps be used offline?

            Yes, once the app is installed on your device, you can typically use it offline without an internet connection. This allows users to create and edit cartoon pictures anytime and anywhere, even without internet access.

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