11 Best Video Collage Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 9 days ago, Software reviews

A video collage app is aimed at artistically joining together parts of a video into a proper clip. This is needed for making a breathtaking video about your vacation, putting together content for social media vlogging, making a sentimental video present for someone you care about, etc.

Top 11 Best Video Collage Apps

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush - Perfect for bloggers
  2. Video Collage - Big choice of templates
  3. PicPlayPost - Many background patterns and layouts
  4. KineMaster - Super customizable
  5. PhotoVideo Collage Maker - High resolution output
  6. PhotoGrid - Powerful editing tools
  7. Kizoa - Movie Maker - Apply 3D effects
  8. VivaVideo - Background noise removal
  9. Vidstitch - GIF support
  10. Diptic - Layout customization
  11. PicCollage Grid & Video Editor App - Exclusive stickers

I’ve tested all these video collage apps according to their collage making function, video post production features, and extra bonuses. Start making video collages even without video editing experience.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Perfect for bloggers
  • Simple interface
  • Multi-device synchronization feature
  • Useful color and title instruments
  • Convenient social network export
  • Rendering takes time
  • Few instruments for editing video and audio

Verdict: This is the best photo video maker among the apps to make video collages for sharing on social media. You can create professional-looking content using your device’s camera, compile it into artistic clips with audio, motion graphics, and other features, and then post directly on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Interesting templates in the app will help you impress the audience but the collection can be increased through the Adobe Stock. Many little alterations to colors and fonts can help you match the content to your brand’s identity. Order vlog video editing services from experts to save time.

  • adobe premiere rush melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

    2. Video Collage – Collage Maker

    Big choice of templates
    • Previews
    • Comprehensible interface
    • A large toolkit
    • No tablet version

    Verdict: Possibly the best video collage app at least for the absence of a 30-sec restriction that many other options impose. There is a variety of templates that can be used to create up to 10 different clips.

    Just specify how many clips you will be joining together and the templates will be sorted accordingly. In addition, you can set a background that will be a blurred image of your choice. From your local library, you can improve the collage with an audio clip. You can also have fun with emojis and other stickers.

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    • colagem de vídeo melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

      3. PicPlayPost

      Many background patterns and layouts
      • Countless templates
      • Can join up to 6 clips
      • Simplified social media export
      • No iCloud support

      Verdict: PicPlayPost has a convenient sharing option that allows you to export the results to a large variety of social networks and messengers. The app offers one version for all devices from iOS 5.1 and above so regardless of the type of the device, you will see the same workplace.

      You can make numerous small changes after you select a template for your ratio and fill it with images or clips. The app allows you to resize the frames and borders; the latter also have color options.

      The catalog contains 36 layouts, all adjusted to 6 different ratios and containing up to 6 windows for you to place your content in. Refer to our video editing service online if you don’t have time for video editing.

      • picplaypost melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

        4. KineMaster

        Super customizable
        • Convenient drag and drop controls
        • Supports Full HD pictures
        • Import videos, pictures, and music
        • Provides numerous effects, transitions
        • Subscription can reach a very high cost
        • Selection misbehaves occasionally
        kinemaster logo

        Verdict: Among the apps for picture and video collage, this option is also remarkable for the number of effects and tools that allow you to trim the footage and complement it with audio and inscriptions, as well as perform some correction.

        The amount of control you get over the creative process is very high and ensures a great result. In addition, the app is user-friendly so even beginners will quickly figure out how to get the most out of the toolkit and the selection of effects and transitions. This app is highly recommended to those, who create content for their viewers on social media platforms.

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        kinemaster best video collage app

        5. PhotoVideo Collage Maker

        High resolution output
        • Excellent toolset
        • Simple to use
        • Automated retouching
        • Pro-grade background blur
        • Requires subscription
        photovideo collage maker logo
        PhotoVideo Collage Maker

        Verdict: This is the best app for video collage making oriented at the quality of content. It features universal sharing options that include social media and messengers. Put together the best bits of footage to make an impressive collage and supply it with appropriate music for a more striking effect.

        You can trim audio and video for better combinations, edit the content to make it more appealing, and use various effects for an artistic touch.

        criador de colagens de fotovídeo melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

        6. PhotoGrid

        Powerful editing tools
        • 800+ templates & layouts
        • Abundant resources
        • Intuitive to use
        • Registration-free
        • Collages limited to 30-second videos
        photogrid logo

        Verdict: The best video collage app for users, who need to work quickly and produce high-quality content. The app allows you to combine four 30-sec clips in one of the many layouts that have adjustable borders and afterward, embellish them with effects and music.

        The collage can additionally be decorated with stickers or supplied with captions or a watermark that can consist even of your personal logo. A very convenient feature for all bloggers is a set of templates with a special ratio for each social media. The latter can also be the export destination for the result of your work.

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        • photogrid melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

          7. Kizoa

          Apply 3D effects
          • Transitions with 3D simulations
          • Can work without Internet
          • Easy to use
          • Rendering results in video stretching
          kizoa logo

          Verdict: This convenient collage with videos app has a large library of templates that can be customized to fit the needs of any project. You can make a quick collage on a still template to congratulate a friend or work on a complicated animated one to create a cherished memory from some valuable clips.

          You can easily complete several projects without registration but for long-term work, you will be asked to subscribe for one of the available plans.

          • aplicativo de colagem de vídeo kizoa

            8. VivaVideo

            Background noise removal
            • In-app camera
            • Simple to use
            • Edit separate frames of a video
            • Totally free
            • Watermarks the outcome
            • Resolution of recordings to adjust
            vivavideo logo

            Verdict: This is the best free video collage app for Android that can produce a decent outcome with little effort. You can benefit from the in-app camera that can be set to record a clip tailored to your new project or use any video and edit it post-factum with the unique tools.

            You will be impressed by the flawless and swift operation of the program that makes the creative process even more enjoyable. The app is stocked with 60 various effects but if you get tired of them you can add some additional free items.

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            • vivavideo melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

              9. Vidstitch

              GIF support
              • Combine videos and pics
              • A variety of frame options
              • Possibility of previewing the result
              • You can add personal soundtracks
              • Videos from other platforms occasionally crush the app
              • GIFs will be animated when combined with video
              vidstitch logo

              Verdict: This is the best video collage app for those, who often make such content for Instagram. Other users can also comfortably work in it and export to any other platforms. It is a great option for those, who just make collages for fun because it allows experimenting with footage, GIFs, and images.

              You can compile several clips into one or use segments of existing footage, rotate them if needed, and overlay any music that suits the theme and mood of the project.

              • vidstitch melhor aplicativo de colagem de vídeo

                10. Diptic

                Layout customization
                • Simplified filters
                • Multi-touch feature
                • Export to Twitter and Flickr
                • Save projects in high resolution
                • Few sharing options
                diptic logo

                Verdict: This popular collage with video app has many benefits that help users bring their ideas to life. This app is very convenient for those, who often need to show comparisons or tell stories with a sequence of frames.

                Creative users can take advantage of a flexible tool that can help to carry out any kind of project if only you set your mind to it. The best proof of that is the number of downloads and satisfied users.

                diptic best video collage app

                11. PicCollage Video Grid App

                Exclusive stickers
                • Automated mode
                • Possibility to edit completed projects
                • Easy to use
                • Editing options are too basic
                piccollage video grid App logo
                PicCollage Video Grid App

                Verdict: Unlike many other apps for video collage, PicCollage Grid & Video Editor is very simple and convenient. You can place your content in a simple grid, fill in one of the more interesting templates, or scatter them around in the freestyle mode.

                The templates are convenient because they have particular layouts, colors and backgrounds corresponding to certain themes. Thus, you can select something for a celebration or get one of the fun topics. You can trim and edit the content before using it and decorate the whole project with all sorts of stickers, inscriptions, or even doodles.

                • aplicativo piccollage grid e colagem de vídeo
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