13 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 7 days ago, Apps and Software

With the best TikTok video editing app, you can create interesting content and gain viewers. Use different filters, transitions and texts, crop your movies and make them perfect. It also allows you to manage the playback speed and add various effects.

Top 13 Tik Tok Video Editing Apps

  1. Adobe Rush - For working with color and titles
  2. InShot - Excellent conversion technology
  3. Funimate - Video loop creation
  4. Vizmato - Fun voice modulation features
  5. Magisto - Access to a licensed music library
  6. iMovie - Rich music and audio library
  7. VideoShow - Supports widget
  8. Videoshop - Animated titles
  9. BeeCut - Multiple vivid transitions
  10. Timbre - Has audio and video converters
  11. Quik - Slo-mo function
  12. Splice - Built-in voice recording features
  13. YouCut - No ads when editing videos

When creating this list, I took into account whethange backgrounds. When you have finished, simply save the resuler these apps are simple to work with, offer modifiable trailer templates and themes, allow uploading results straight from the application, have a variety of features, support the most popular file formats, etc. Check out this article and find the best variants for iOS or Android devices.

1. Adobe Rush – Our Choice

For working with color and titles
  • Upload results straight from the application
  • Cross-platform
  • Nice color and title options
  • None

Verdict: This is the best Tik Tok video editing app because it is simple to work with and lets you customize the aspect ratio, utilize color grading tools, various motion graphics templates, etc. Also, you can tweak the Exposure, Vibrance and Shadows parameters. It is suitable even for beginners as it provides handy tutorials for them.

adobe rush tik tok video editing app interface

2. InShot

Excellent conversion technology
  • Great social network sharing options
  • Universal tools
  • Simple audio and movie syncing
  • In-app purchase is required for ads removal

Verdict: InShot app lets you edit movies and share them on TikTok. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and allows you to easily crop your footage, change its playback speed and merge clips.

With this free video editing app, you may also employ different visual and audio effects and add your own music. However, it doesn’t have an in-built library of free songs, which might limit your options if you are not authorized to use a specific song.

inshot tik tok video editing app interface

3. Funimate

Video loop creation
  • More than 100 professional filters
  • Multiple transitions
  • Allows adding music, emojis, stickers and text
  • Lack of color grading tools

Verdict: It has multiple effects, motion graphics and lets you apply various transitions and post created content on Instagram and Facebook. It provides over 100 visual effects and allows you to make your own ones. Besides, you may take part in daily challenges and become popular in its community. However, you have to make in-app purchases to access all its features.

funimate tik tok video editing app interface

4. Vizmato

Nice voice modulation functions
  • HD recorder with live effects
  • Easily adjustable themes
  • Great lip-syncing tools
  • The free version has watermarks

Verdict: This is a great app for making TikTok videos, with which you can trim and edit them to create ideal content. It provides nice voice modulation options, easily adjustable themes and stunning lip-syncing options. Besides, it boasts an HD recorder, which will help you apply live visual effects and play music while you are recording.

vizmato tik tok video editing app interface

5. Magisto

Has a licensed audio library
  • Adjustable colors and fonts
  • Over 3 million stock clips
  • Simple-to-share scroll-stopping footage
  • 1080p downloads are supported in a pro version only

Verdict: With it, you can make nice content by selecting the desired style and adding your images or clips. It will do the remaining job for you. You can turn to an in-built audio library or upload your own songs. It’s easy to add music to your movies. Besides, it’s possible to apply effects and titles and upload clips from your photo gallery and Google Drive account.

magisto tik tok video editing app interface

6. iMovie

Extensive music library
  • Adjustable trailer templates and themes
  • Text feature
  • Auto-save function
  • No pro-level tools

Verdict: This app for making TikTok videos boasts 14 trailer templates and 8 themes. By using them, you can merge several movies and create a soundtrack. Besides, this video editing software for iOS and macOS devices offers the tools for cropping footage, creating PIP or green-screen effects, and recording voiceovers. Thanks to these features, this camera app for iPhone is a great option for those who want to work with short clips.

imovie tik tok video editing app interface

7. VideoShow

Widget support
  • Voice changer, adjustable audio speed
  • Cropping and splitting
  • Many languages
  • Bugs may occur

Verdict: This is the best Tik Tok video editing app that allows you to cut, combine, rotate, copy, blur, reverse and zoom your clips. Besides, it lets you apply texts, filters, voiceovers, and tweak audio speed. Also, it’s simple to work with and doesn’t limit the duration. There are over 50 themes to choose from. It exports footage in HD, supports about 30 languages and is compatible with almost any device.

videoshow tik tok video editing app interface

8. Videoshop

Animated titles
  • Filters and transitions
  • Trimming within several seconds
  • Customizable speed for slow-motion, fast-motion and stop-motion
  • Expensive pro version

Verdict: This is one of the top editing apps for TikTok that allows you to add audio, subtitles and sound and manage audio speed. You can add music from your iPod library or buy clips from the Videomall. With it, you can trim, combine movies, add filters and transitions to create professional-looking content. It lets you share your results on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

videoshop tik tok video editing app interface

9. BeeCut

Many interesting transitions
  • Multiple crafted filters
  • Adjustable duration
  • Cropping by frame
  • Occasionally file selection does not show any files

Verdict: With it, you can edit your footage by applying nice filters, transitions, overlays, elements, PIP effect, titles, etc. It has a plain and understandable interface, and you will easily get an output file in a few clicks.

Besides, it supports five aspect ratios, including 9:16 (portrait), 16:9 (widescreen), 1:1 (Instagram), 3:4 (Taobao) and 4:3 (traditional). Even if you are new to this, you still can achieve amazing results within several minutes.

beecut tik tok video editing app interface

10. Timbre

Audio and video conversion
  • Supports all main formats
  • Simple playback speed adjustment
  • Converts clips into audio and GIF files
  • Lacks an in-built audio library

Verdict: Using this application, you can create GIFs or delete some parts of your footage. It lets you change the format of your file and adjust a bitrate to change the size. Besides combining, cutting, compressing videos, applying effects and texts, you can fix brightness and contrast.

timbre tik tok video editing app interface

11. Quik

Slo-mo option
  • Integrates with various platforms
  • Supports many languages
  • GPS stickers
  • Buggy

Verdict: It will help you quickly edit your footage fast while maintaining its high quality. It offers 23 styles and lets you trim your clips, use texts, emojis, frames. Besides, you can add slow-motion or fast-motion effects.

Also, it is possible to use GPS stickers to show how fast you were moving. Another interesting feature is that it automatically switches on sound when voices are detected. It also supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

quik tik tok video editing app interface

12. Splice

In-built voice recording feature
  • Robust audio enhancement tools
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Nice pan and zoom
  • Can’t share results straight to TikTok

Verdict: This is one of the best editing apps for TikTok because it allows you to work on several audio tracks at once. With it, you can create soundtracks for your clips and post them on social media. It’s possible to add voiceover or various effects with the in-built voice recorder, apply filters, customize background colors, orientation.

It provides a large choice of downloadable samples in different genres. Using it, you may tweak the speed for creating a slow or fast motion effect.

splice tik tok video editing app interface

13. YouCut

No ads
  • No watermarks
  • Plain interface with many features
  • For creating soundtracks
  • Doesn’t have a voice recording feature

Verdict: It takes just a few minutes to merge several movies here. You can delete some parts, add visual effects and songs from its library. It also allows users to enhance colors in images and clips, choose their aspect ratios and change backgrounds. When you have finished, simply save the result on your device or share it on TikTok.

youcut tik tok video editing app interface