Best Video Editing Software for Windows in 2023

Whether you are creating a short video clip for social networks or a full-length video on the PC, picking the best video editing software for Windows is important for the success of the video project.

New capabilities are constantly moving from professional-level software to the consumer category. That’s why Windows video editing software should support progressive HEVC formats, 360° VR, 4K video, multi-track editing, motion tracking and advanced color grading.

These features aren’t supported by the integrated OC tools, so I have reviewed the best editing software for Windows below.

Top 15 Video Editing Software for Windows

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro - For professional filmmaking
  2. Corel VideoStudio - For transforming photos and videos into movies
  3. CyberLink PowerDirector - The fastest and full-featured consumer-level video editing
  4. Adobe Premiere Elements - For photo and video slideshows and collages
  5. VideoSolo Video Cutter - Ability to add text or image watermarks
  6. Wondershare Filmora - Social-friendly video editor
  7. Pinnacle Studio - Advanced video editing and screen recording software
  8. Nero Video - The most affordable video editor
  9. DaVinci Resolve - For color correction and audio mastering
  10. Lightworks - For multi-layer special effects
  11. VSDC - With multi-monitor support
  12. Hitfilm Express - For creating YouTube videos
  13. Shotcut - Supports majority of formats via FFmpeg
  14. Motionbox - For social network fans
  15. Kinemaster - For 3D transitions

Even the most expensive options presented here offer an excellent price-quality ratio. However, if you aren’t ready to pay now, I have also listed free video editing software Windows 10. Although these tools won’t cost you a penny, they are surprisingly powerful.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro – Our Choice

Cloud technologies
  • Intelligent reframing
  • Compatible with all formats and cameras
  • Real-time non-linear video editing
  • Cloud storage
  • 7-day free trial only
  • System requirements are too high

Verdict: According to accomplished video editors and filmmakers, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most well-known and the best video editing software for Windows 10. Packed with special effects, the Deadpool movie was created in Premiere Pro.

This software is the standard of video editing software for gaming. Its sophisticated package offers everything – from simple effects, transitions and header sequences to creating special effects and audio synchronization, as well as special inserts.

The software requires time to master it, configure parameters and tools. Users can incorporate new functions without reinstalling. If you have professional tasks related to video editing, pay attention to Premiere Pro.

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    2. Corel VideoStudio

    MultiCam editing
    • Tons of effects and collections
    • Screen recorder, slide show
    • Direct rendering of video cards, Nvidia Cuda
    • Stabilization, real-time video editing
    • Only 30 days of the free version
    • No keyword tagging for media

    Verdict: An extended native Windows package like Corel VideoStudio offers improved masking and color grading, new intelligent tools and optimized performance. I suggest investing in VideoStudio Ultimate, as you will gain access to enhanced elements, collections of premium effects, morph/seamless transitions and LUT profiles.

    The intuitive interface of this video editing software for PC comprises three main tabs: capture, edit and share.

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      3. CyberLink PowerDirector

      Magic movie wizard
      • Speedy rendering
      • Multi-camera video editing
      • 3D, 4K, 360° video capability
      • Motion tracking, screen recording
      • Only 30 days of a trial version
      • Color matching

      Verdict: CyberLink PowerDirector helps users create a movie or slideshow from scratch. This Windows editing software is designed with effective tools that adapt to the user’s current skill level.

      Open Computing Language support, hardware graphics acceleration, intelligent SVRT and 64-bit optimization simplify the video editing process.

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        4. Adobe Premiere Elements

        Intelligent editing options
        • Subscription isn’t required
        • Straightforward interface and system requirements
        • Stylish titles, effects, transitions, themes
        • Automated video editing options, step-by-step guidance
        • Not as efficient as Premiere Pro
        • Updating to new versions isn’t free

        Verdict: If you are an amateur who doesn’t use the functionality of professional software packages, take a look at this Adobe Systems product. It is intended for the step-by-step editing of digital videos, producing entertaining slideshows and creative collages.

        Automatic people recognition and Smart Tags that are applied based on subjects make it easier to search for videos.

        As straightforward video editing software Windows, Adobe Premiere Elements unites simple video capture and DVD recording with sophisticated functions, such as noise reduction and picture-in-picture effects.

        Since many parameters are automated, the user can fully focus on creating visual special effects and transition effects, while all less creative operations will be completed in a few clicks.

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          5. VideoSolo Video Cutter

          Ability to add text or image watermarks
          • Precise trimming
          • Real-time preview
          • File conversion support
          • Lightweight
          • Intuitive interface
          • No complex video editing tools

          Verdict: VideoSolo Video Cutter is a powerful video editing software for Windows. What makes it special, is that it's not just an effective video cutter that offers basic editing capabilities, like cropping and trimming, but also a simple file joiner and converter. Another advantage is that it can work will all popular video and audio formats: after editing you can convert your file into about 200 formats.

          Besides, VideoSolo is beginner-friendly, lightweight, and has an intuitive UI. The overall quality of your footage can easily be enhanced by stabilization, removing noise or other artifacts, upscaling resolution, editing brightness and contrast. The software also solves the problem of protecting your work by allowing you to add unique text or picture watermarks.

          videosolo video cutter interface

          6. Wondershare Filmora

          Split screen option
          • Not difficult to master
          • Remarkable audio and font tools
          • In-depth color correction, top-grade presets, customizable animations
          • Inexpensive
          • Stability when uploading multiple videos
          • Reboot between online and local software

          Verdict: Amateurs and video bloggers often call Wondershare Filmora the best video editing software for Windows. Those who have mastered the simple menu and wish to create complex projects will appreciate a Pro version with sophisticated functions, such as motion tracking, masking tools, 360° video editing, and the ability to render videos in batch mode.

          The primary advantage of the program is the requirements for hardware capabilities. This software will operate even on low-power PCs like Easy Video Maker.

          • Wondershare filmora برمجيات تحرير الفيديو لويندوز

            7. Pinnacle Studio

            Fast multi-track rendering
            • New improved engine
            • 2,000+ filters and effects
            • Full of pro-caliber tools
            • Selective vectorscope
            • No trial version
            • Slightly overloaded menu

            Verdict: All versions of Pinnacle Studio offer regular users the ability to combine, edit and modify multimedia files and images in real time. The Ultimate advanced suite simplifies the process of editing an unrestricted number of tracks in 4K, HD or 360°formats.

            This Windows video editing software boasts a user-friendly interface and plenty of tips on various processes that will help users edit videos and music tracks. Additional effects and transitions are quite easy to install.

            The ability to instantly copy exact changes will save time spent on video editing. By the way, users can customize almost any process of creating video, visual effects and surround sound to their liking.

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              8. Nero Video

              Vast marketplace of extensions
              • Numerous video effects, decent audio toolset
              • Solid file format support
              • Compatible with 4K content
              • Burns DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD
              • No 360° or 3D, motion tracking support
              • No direct output to social networks

              Verdict: Nero Video is one of the most affordable options although it has plenty of tricks and effects. This Windows editing software pleases users with support for 4K effects and templates, as well as the ability to export HEVC H.265.

              Express video editing is made easier. Besides, Nero offers 90 “one-click” themes that automatically add intros, titles, transitions and background music based on actions and styles.

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                9. DaVinci Resolve

                Machine learning Neural Engine
                • Remarkable color correction and audio production
                • UI functions for face recognition
                • Embedded modules
                • Teamwork capabilities
                • Focused on video post-production
                • No direct export to social networks

                Verdict: DaVinci Resolve is the best video editing software for Windows with discrete graphics used for high-budget movies and TV shows. Along with traditional color capabilities, such as curve editors, there is also a Neural Engine with face recognition and tracking. It lets users customize skin tones and eye color using machine learning for speed distortion.

                For audio, DaVinci Resolve uses a qualitative Fairlight toolset that allows for mixing up to 1000 channels. It incorporates Fusion, with high-performance modules for video production, color correction, audio playback, video effects and motion graphics.

                • davinci يحل برنامج تحرير الفيديو الخاص بالويندوز

                  10. Lightworks

                  Project sharing for groups
                  • Convenient UI
                  • Image and audio synchronization
                  • Integration of the Explorer context menu
                  • Multi-layer special effects
                  • Exports only web-compatible 720p file
                  • Registration before launch

                  Verdict: Lightworks is another professional video editing suite that has been used in Hollywood productions. including the Wolf of Wall Street and Mission Impossible.

                  The free version is available with a restricted output format. The software is meant for non-linear top-grade video post-processing, where various special effects, transitions and filters will improve the quality of projects.

                  The superbly designed timeline provides a high degree of control, so users can crop and mix audio and video clips in a convenient way. It is a robust suite that handles video capture and sophisticated video editing.

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                    11. VSDC

                    Integrated stabilizer
                    • Multitude of special effects and formats
                    • DVD recorder, charting tool
                    • Compatible with GoPro
                    • Support for multiple monitors
                    • More suitable for presentations
                    • No hardware acceleration, restricted to 1080p

                    Verdict: VSDC will be the best video editing software for Windows if you are making a presentation and wish to add text, diagrams and other effects to it. This non-linear video editor offers Instagram-style filters, a masking tool, and a variety of special effects, including color correction and blurring.

                    It is praised for a video stabilizer that helps eliminate the jitter of GoPro cameras or drones, as well as a robust tool for adding graphics to presentations.

                    VSDC is able to compete with more expensive packages and supports many useful video editing functions, including animation, sprites, transitions, watermarks, mixing, overlay.

                    • vsdc واجهة برنامج تحرير الفيديو لويندوز

                      12. Hitfilm Express

                      Support for discrete GPUs
                      • 2D and 3D effects compositing
                      • Drag and drop special effects
                      • Hardware streaming rendering/decoding
                      • Responsive community and learning
                      • Link to the developer for the installation process
                      • Requires a robust PC

                      Verdict: Hitfilm Express is the best software for YouTube due to the in-built direct uploader, as well as for creating feature films or music videos with 3D effects.

                      The free version contains everything for a professional-quality production. But in some cases, you will benefit from expanding its capabilities by purchasing additional features.

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                        13. Shotcut

                        Modular interface
                        • Tons of filters and effects
                        • Live streaming
                        • Simplifies media import
                        • Detachable toolbars
                        • Difficult to install and configure
                        • Unable to preview filters

                        Verdict: Shotcut video editing software is notable for a vast array of filters for audio and video content. Once added, users can apply and configure filters to achieve the desired effect. As the best open source video editor it has a modular interface style that may be configured using pinned and detached panels. The software supports a huge number of formats, so you are unlikely to have any problems.

                        Shotcut is an excellent video editor for home amateurs who requires the best possible compatibility. It supports the majority of formats using the FFmpeg project and makes it easy to capture and use video directly from the PC with up to 4K resolution.

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                          14. Motionbox

                          For social network fans
                          • Streamlined user interface
                          • Advanced timeline
                          • Allows editing vertical videos
                          • Doesn’t have a lot of pro-level features

                          Verdict: Motionbox is an online platform that allows you to create and edit videos together with your team and discuss your ideas in real-time.

                          Here, you will find a lot of handy templates that allow you to quickly add subtitles to your videos. Besides adding watermarks to your clips, you can work on videos and images in HD quality and optimize your workflow using a set of advanced tools.

                          motionbox interface

                          15. Kinemaster

                          For social network fans
                          • 4K support
                          • Professional transitions
                          • Instant preview
                          • Chroma key
                          • Color settings
                          • Cumbersome installation

                          Verdict: Kinemaster is a simplified video editing program suitable for basic editing, work with individual video and audio tracks, trimming, and adding transitions. Besides, right in the program, you can set up chroma key to record podcasts more professionally.

                          Other useful features include the possibility to add a range of visual and sound effects, use Google+ and Dropbox, and manage colors. Users can also take advantage of 4K 30fps rendering support and instantly preview edits.

                          • kinemaster video editing software for windows interface


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