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VideoPad Video Editor
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  • Reviews: 134
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 6.8k
  • Version: 4.58
  • Compatible: Win/Mac

Want to install VideoPad free? Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this program. Plus, I provide you with links to free downloads, a list of alternatives and explain the dangers of piracy.

videopad video editor for windows interface

VideoPad Free Benefits

  • Understandable UI
  • Quick video editing
  • Transitions and visual effects
  • Suitable for editing all popular video formats
  • Export to Disc or File
  • Digital audio instruments
  • 360° and 3D video editing


  • Is VideoPad really free?

If you intend to download Video Pad for personal use, you don’t need to pay anything. In case you are engaged in commercial work, you absolutely need to go with a paid version. In fact, there are 2 such VideoPad versions that come with an extended set of features.

  • How much does VideoPad cost?

You can get 2 paid versions of VideoPad video editor either buying a lifetime license or selecting a subscription plan.

The price of the first version known as Master’s Edition is $99. If you can’t afford to pay a total sum immediately, you can use an alternative payment method - $4.95 a month.

The second Home Edition version is much cheaper, $60 only. However, such a price affected the support for external plug-ins, actually, you can’t use any, and limited the number of audio tracks (only 2). You can also use Home Edition, paying $5.50 every month.

  • Does VideoPad have a watermark?

Surprisingly, no. This is a very rare feature among free video editing software, but exporting finished clips in VideoPad, you won’t see any watermarks on them.

  • Are there any tutorials available for using VideoPad?

If you are new to this program, you should absolutely visit the developer’s official website first. You can also watch a video tutorial to understand how the UI is arranged, where to find necessary instruments, preview windows, media file bins, how to customize sequence views and workflow tabs.

Before you start editing your footage, make use of this VideoPad tutorial.

  • Does VideoPad have technical support?

If something went wrong or you simply got confused about certain features, you can always address a specialist, who will gladly answer your questions.

However, sometimes you can cope with the problem on your own, visiting a website and looking through the list of the most frequent problems users face while working in VideoPad free or paid versions.

  • Can VideoPad be used for creating YouTube videos?

Actually, this is one of the most convenient and feature-packed video software, which has been extensively used for producing YouTube videos. When you download VideoPad video editor, you receive access to a variety of handy features and tools that make creating and publishing content for YouTube a breeze.

Another Way to Use VideoPad Free

Video Pad editor free offers new possibilities to those users, who dream of creating top-notch videos without much effort and time spent. This is also relevant, for a mobile version of this video software.

The mobile app for iOS devices includes a broad range of visual effects, beautiful transitions, allows users to adjust speed and many other parameters.

VideoPad Video Editor For iOS
  • Rank
  • Reviews: 103
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 2.4k
  • Version: 6.10
  • Compatible: iPhone, iPad
videopad video editor for ios interface

VideoPad Video Editor for IOS Pros

  • User-oriented interface
  • Full video optimization
  • Many import formats (MP4, AVI, DivX, MPEG, etc.)
  • Imports audio in Mid, MP4A, WAV, and MP3
  • Support for TIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, and GIF image import formats

People like using the mobile VideoPad version because of the complete video optimization it offers. It is also possible to set the speed of video playback, adjust colors, apply all sorts of visual effects, which result in a fantastic video. Actually, you can go even further and complement your clip with appropriate images and audio to give it a very professional look.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Versions of VideoPad

Unfortunately, many people got accustomed to saving money on professional video maker software by downloading pirated versions. However, there are some serious consequences that prove how unwise such a decision is. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Software Piracy Is a Crime

Software piracy doesn’t only refer to people hacking the official file, but also to those, who use, copy or distribute such cracked programs. Such an action is absolutely illegal, and if you are caught doing something like this, get ready to pay a huge fine or spend several years in prison.

The Risks of Downloading Infected Software

If financial troubles don’t frighten you, think about the possibility to infect your computer with different kinds of viruses that are typically integrated into VideoPad and other versions. You may forget about fast and smooth operation of your OS, which will significantly reduce your pace of work.

The Advantages of Using Licensed Software

Law-abiding users can be completely sure that their video editing software won’t let them down in the most inappropriate moment. They may enjoy available functionality, and also improve it with the help of regular updates. Besides, these people can expect prompt, professional advice from technical support, whenever they need it.

5 VideoPad Free Alternatives

If you cannot buy VideoPad full version, while a free video editor doesn’t include all the necessary features, you can use alternative programs. They are available free of charge and offer the most popular tools needed for quality video editing.

1. iMovie

videopad free alteratives imovie
  • Clip browser
  • Supports HD and 4K
  • Timeline
  • Possibility to import images and audio
  • Video color settings
  • Built-in backdrops and themes
  • Limited audio features
  • Mac and iOS compatibility only
  • Limited text and headline options
  • Adding audio can cause confusion

Mac and iOS owners frequently select this Video Pad editor free alternative when they need to produce a high-grade movie, featuring their studio logos and credit rolls, corresponding music and photos.

The biggest advantage of iMovie is a user-oriented interface. It also supports HD and 4K, while a finished video can be played directly from your mobile and projected on a screen. If you want, you can share a clip with your followers on any social network.

2. ShotCut

videopad free alternatives shotcut
  • User-focused interface
  • Triple color correction feature
  • Cross-platform
  • Supports almost all multimedia formats
  • You can adjust the toolbar
  • Sometimes freezes
  • Issues with applying filters

If you need a free video editor that saves all the changes made to your footage in a journal, you should give ShotCut a try. This program allows you to return to any stage of video development if you need to fix anything.

Another advantage of ShotCut is a vast integrated library of supported formats. This software has a triple color correction option, which means you can work with coloring in your video using circular palettes.

The collection of filters allows you to be more creative while editing videos, but, unfortunately, you can apply them to the entire track. Developers should definitely work on this feature more.

3. DaVinci Resolve

videopad free alternatives davinci resolve
  • Free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with Win, Mac and Linux
  • Support for popular import formats
  • 3D sound effects
  • Doesn’t apply watermarks
  • Resource-demanding
  • Confusing shortcuts
  • Adding DFX poses difficulties

This is definitely the most feature-rich VideoPad free replacement, which you can find on the modern video editing market. DaVinci Resolve was initially designed as a color grading program and packed with a huge variety of color correction, video editing and post-production tools, which made this software very popular among professional videographers.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you can also use Fairlight audio, media and delivery, as well as enjoy multi-user collaboration. Videos created in DaVinci Resolve correspond to the standards of YouTube, Vimeo and even movie theaters.

4. Kdenlive

videopad free alternative kdenlive
  • Comes with all standard tools
  • Many video and audio effects
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux users
  • Frequent crashes
  • Steep learning curve
  • Too basic features for professional video editing

Kdenlive is a non-linear, multifunctional free video editing software for PC, Linux and Mac. It allows working at several monitors simultaneously, supports multi-tracking, customizable layout, basic visual effects and transitions. The program can offer you many interesting features, but you need to spend some time to master it.

Kdenlive also comes with an integrated title editor, called Titler. You can use it to create 2D titles, select fonts, change spacing between letters and lines, adjust colors, shadows and outline, regulate rotation, etc.

5. Avidemux

videopad free alternatives avidemux
  • Audio filters
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom scripts
  • Outdated design
  • Lacks program support
  • May drop frames in certain formats

This is a free video editor suitable for such basic tasks as cutting, encoding and filtering. The list of supported formats is quite long. You can use Avidemux to compress diverse video formats, save pieces of large files, crop and resize videos.

If you want to add audio to your clip, take advantage of tools aimed at editing and synchronizing sound with a frame rate. Avidemux automates many processes, so you can edit short clips rather fast.


Want to give your video a special, unique look? Fortunately, VideoPad free supports different LUTs, so you can start experimenting with the one presented below.


freebies for videopad simplicity freebies for videopad simplicity

If you worry that your clip lacks vibrant colors and looks too plain, you should definitely try this LUT.


freebies for videopad romantic freebies for videopad romantic

This is an absolutely gorgeous filter for wedding and engagement videos. Highlight a romantic mood of your footage, by dint of this LUT.


freebies for videopad passion freebies for videopad passion

How to make a regular video eye-catching and really spectacular? Apply this “Passion” LUT.

Download VideoPad Free

download videopad free

To see whether VideoPad video editor can satisfy your needs and become a regular companion in video editing, I recommend testing a free version first. If you like the program, you can confidently invest in a paid edition and get even more powerful features and tools.

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