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Still don’t know how to get DaVinci Resolve free not going the “pirated” route? Want to install this software for video post production without spending a cent? In this article, I will share with you the best method of how to download DaVinci Resolve 18 free of charge and also reveal all the dangers of using illegal products.

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Free DaVinci Resolve Benefits:

  • Supports HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K and 8K clips
  • Import and export of all media formats
  • Comes with color correction tool
  • Management with the help of hotkeys
  • Lots of drawing tools
  • You can add multiple viewing cameras
  • Auto image stabilization function
  • You can add videos, sound, captions and images in one project
  • Integrated Media Player to play files


  • May I use DaVinci Resolve free forever?

Sure. The program is absolutely free. There is also a premium version, offering more tools and features, but it is available on a paid basis.

  • How do these versions differ?

According to the official information, DaVinci Resolve free version can’t work with stereoscopic 3D content and reduce noise; the size of the projects is limited to 3840x2160 (the full version accepts all sizes). Besides, it supports only one GPU and one RED Rocket card and lacks the possibility to correct colors remotely (Remote Grading) or work from multiple stations via network on one project.

  • Where can I get DaVinci for free on my phone?

DaVinci video editor is available only as a desktop program.

  • Can this DaVinci version work both on macOS and Windows?

Yes, of course. Even Linux owners can make use of DaVinci Resolve free video editor.

  • What projects is this program designed for?

DaVinci Resolve can be used for projects of any difficulty, from wedding footage to high-budget TV series (for example, Elementary from CBS and Revenge from ABC) and blockbusters (Avatar, Prometheus).

  • Where can I find DaVinci Resolve lessons?

YouTube contains lots of suitable tutorials. If you are interested in reading specialized manuals, you can start with BlackmagicDaVinci Resolve user guide. Watch video lessons about DaVinci Resolve.

Insecurities of Using Pirated DaVinci Resolve Free Versions

If you hear somebody advertising a “completely legal” free DaVinci Resolve version that it distributed on unofficial platforms, you must know that it isn’t true.

  • What will happen if I download a hacked software?

Downloading pirated DaVinci Resolve free software entails liability for copyright infringement. A fine can reach $1,500. In addition, the official distributor may refuse to work with a computer on which pirated software is installed.

  • What should I avoid while buying software?

Online auctions often resell previously used and activated software. You should also pay attention to new sites that offer everything.

  • Where Can I Buy License Software?

The best possibility to buy a licensed program is to visit Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve site and make a purchase there. You can also look for the software on the websites of official partners.

  • What are the benefits of licensed software?

You won’t be left alone with a problem if something happens to your computer. Licensed software allows you to constantly update the program and avoid crashes. Besides, chances to infect your PC with computer viruses are minimal, unlike in the case with pirated soft.


5 DaVinci Resolve Free Alternatives

Some people think that in order to become a professional videographer, you need to pay for your software. But I want to dispel this myth. There are many free analogs to Davinci Resolve, which will perform tasks at the same level without additional fees.

1. Shotcut

davinci resolve free alternative shotcut USE SHOTCUT FREE
  • Very powerful considering that it’s free
  • Many export options
  • Filter effects and chroma keying
  • You can’t share videos directly on the net
  • Doesn’t support 3D and 360 VR

Shotcut is an open-source cross-platform program that supports Windows, OS X and Linux. It has a number of features that distinguish it from the general number of free video editing software. This DaVinci Resolve free alternative, for example, boasts a history of user actions, so you can quickly return to any stage of video editing.

The video editor's interface has a convenient customizable look, including separate dock-panels with tools. The program provides support for multi-track editing. There are also several deinterlacing algorithms, and if you examine the setting in more detail, you will find support for PC configuration with multiple monitors. The video editor supports many graphic formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, and also knows how to work with frame sequences.

2. Lightworks

davinci resolve free alternative lightworks USE LIGHTWORKS FREE
  • 3D video support
  • Output options include HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K
  • A great program for vlogging
  • Steep learning curve
  • Requires registration

I was a bit confused after testing this program. On the one hand, Lightworks is truly one of the most powerful free video editors even featuring support for multi-track footage processing. On the other hand, it is a program that is difficult to learn on your own, since it has such an unusual interface that at first glance, working here resembles a real quest.

Today Lightworks is a cross-platform alternative to DaVinci Resolve that runs on Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. It is frequently used to edit many popular films. Among them are “Batman Forever,” “Who Can Kill a Child,” “Centurion,” “The Departed,” “The King’s Speech,” “The Aviator,” and many others.

One of the most notable features of this program is a convenient option to create a backup copy of the project. Typically, transferring an edited movie to another computer implies the problem of copying all the multimedia files involved in the work and verifying that the links to them are correct.

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

davinci resolve free alternative vsdc USE VSDC VIDEO EDITOR FREE
  • Integrated effects, transitions and audio filters
  • User-friendly
  • 4K support
  • Windows-compatible only
  • It doesn’t play a clip in the main window

This analog to DaVinci video editor is free, but you should be careful while installing it. If you don’t want to clog the system with software of dubious benefit, at a certain stage you need to choose the Custom Install option, disable the installation of the add-on in the browser and other applications that are not related to video processing.

The toolkit of VSDC Free Video Editor is neither large nor scarce. The tools available in the program are versatile enough, so you can cope with the vast majority of video editing tasks. Need to do multi-track footage editing?

No problem. Need to convert video to another format? The software will do it quickly and efficiently. The speed of editing video files is high, although VSDC Free Video Editor doesn’t use the full potential of the PC hardware, since it is a 32-bit soft.

4. Nuke

davinci resolve free alternative nuke USE NUKE FREE
  • Easy to master
  • A whole range of basic compositing functions
  • Great UI
  • Top-notch 3D system
  • Not the best motion-graphics instruments
  • Few plug-in options

Nuke is a first-class professional video editor that was used to create such films as: “Avatar”, “King Kong”, “I, Robot”, “Tron”, “The Hobbit”. This free program can serve personal and educational purposes.

The interface doesn’t resemble ordinary video editing software, as the videos are not located on the timeline, but on the graph. The vertices of the graph are connected, thereby creating the final clip.

Nuke is a perfect replacement for DaVinci Resolve free video editor if you want to get access to a large number of filters for footage processing, transition effects, 3D effects, transformations, text. You can add several keyframes to each effect so that it changes over time.

You can specify the type of interpolation for keyframes. Nuke allows not only creating videos, but also writing crypts, tweaking animation, and making a graphproject. Nuke is certainly a powerful video editor that novice users may find too confusing to deal with, but it is definitely a perfect match for experienced videographers and filmmakers. You may also need to learn some tips and tricks for transferring an edited movie from DaVinci Resolve to such free alternatives to save money and speed up your workflow.

5. VirtualDub

davinci resolve free alternative virtualdub USE VIRTUALDUB FREE
  • Previews in real time
  • Cool video and audio features
  • A great range of effects
  • Works with numerous codecs
  • Very helpful with video editing
  • Confusing
  • No contextual help

VirtualDub is so feature-packed that it is hard to believe that this DaVinci Resolve replacement if available for free. It is an open-source program designed for video capture and color grading. In this software, you can edit several videos simultaneously, using built-in filters and third-party plug-ins. It is also possible to cut off a fragment of footage or compress a video file.

VirtualDub is a fitting option for experienced users, while beginners need to devote some time to master this program. Fortunately, there are enough tutorials to figure out how each tool works. The range of supported formats include MPEG, AVI, BMP,DIVX, FLMMPV, M1V, ANIM, GIF, PNG, MPG, DAT, and many more.

Freebies for Davince Resolve

Download the following freebies to create and save color grades in your projects.

Film Blue Night

freebies for davinci resolve freefreebies for davinci resolve free

This LUT helps fix white balance and color temperature in no time.

Color Grading Moment

freebies for davinci resolve freefreebies for davinci resolve free

Use this color grading LUT to make videos brighter and livelier. To make a cinematic look, this LUT is the best choice.

GoPro High Tide

freebies for davinci resolve freefreebies for davinci resolve free

Very helpful LUTs if you want to add expressiveness to your footage and make colors saturated.

Download DaVinci Resolve Free


Make use of DaVinci Resolve to see how your video editing routine can be boosted. This is a very helpful program with cool features and capabilities.

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