Adobe Audition Free Download (32/64-Bit for PC)

By Ann Young 13 days ago, Video Editing Tips

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Software: Audition 2024
Category: Audio Editing
Size: 2.3GB
Downloads: 345K

Once you download Adobe Audition, you receive a cutting-edge, intuitive solution that supports multitrack recording, non-destructive editing, and an array of other useful tools. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced musician or producer, or just a beginner, Audition should be right up your alley.

Main Benefits:

  • User-friendly
  • Professional tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Tight integration with other Adobe apps
  • Supports batch editing
  • You may add plug-ins to improve sound tracks
  • Many artistic audio effects

Download Adobe Audition Free for Windows

Filename: adobe_audition_free_for_windows.exe (download)
Filesize: 2.3GB

Download Adobe Audition Free for Mac

Filename: adobe_audition_free_for_mac.dmg (download)
Filesize: 2.1GB

Adobe Audition Free: Main Features

audition cc interface

Straightforward UI. The most recent edition of Adobe Audition comes with a redesigned interface, Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) support, and cutting-edge mastering features made by iZotope. These additions have done wonders for enhancing both the performance and the user experience.

Additionally, Audition can be conveniently integrated with other Adobe software such as Premiere Pro or Photoshop, helping you establish a cohesive multilayered workflow for complex projects.

Multitrack recording and non-destructive editing. This allows you to record and alter different tracks without stressing over losing the original version. Such functionality is incredibly useful for musicians, podcast creators, and other users interested in producing pro-grade content.

Time-scaling capabilities. This feature is great for dealing with errors in recordings and adding personalized special audio effects. If you like to get creative or can’t rest until you’ve perfected your project, these tools will definitely be to your liking.

adobe audition interface

Mastering functionality. These features help you improve the quality of your songs or audio files, as they allow you to minimize noise and perform an array of other edits. You can enhance separate tracks by utilizing the waveform window, which is rarely included in similar applications.

Adobe Audition Legal vs Pirated Version:

Legal Pirated



Customer support




Bugs and lags


Adobe software integrations


Free trial


All of us asked ourselves at one point if it’s worth getting a pirated version since it would save you a lot of money. I believe that $20 a month for this professional software is a great deal, although many people would disagree and find it unacceptable.


Warning: Several years ago, Verizon, AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner introduced a system to fight illegal distribution of copyrighted work. The reason behind it was how popular it had become to use illegal software.

Wonder how you’re going to be punished for using pirated software such as Audition Portable? The very first thing you will come across is a warning in your inbox. If you, however, continue using torrent resources, your provider will disconnect you, and, finally, summon you to court.

Once you’re in court, you won’t receive any more warnings. Instead, you’ll have to pay a $5,000 fine. Now, it’s up to you to decide which price is better, $20 or $5,000?

audition portable or license

Hands-on experience with viruses. So, you’ve downloaded your free Adobe Audition copy from a torrent tracker. Now, you have to wait through ads for the app to launch, and then a message pops up that your system failed to load.

This is all due to the viruses that hackers have built into your “free” software. Many of us have had to deal with viruses at some point, and we know that a good computer expert will cost you more than your monthly subscription.

Forget about updates. If you’ve ever used illegal software, you probably know that the pirated copy differs from the legal one, as the former cannot be updated. Your version will be forever disconnected and no updates will be downloaded.

No customer support. Imagine the following situation: your free Adobe Audition won’t start, or, maybe, the tools you use regularly have disappeared, or the app has stopped responding and is impossible to use.

If you’re using legal software, you can contact technical support, talk to any available manager, and figure out the reason behind the issue in minutes. If you have an illegal version, however, you won’t receive any assistance.

Bugs and lags are your best friends. It might come as a surprise to you, but the hacker can quite considerably change the source code of the software before uploading it to a torrent site.

They modify some tools and controls and may even break the sequencing. Just imagine that someone removed a couple of screws from your chair, meaning it can break under you any time you sit on it.

Free Alternatives

If you’ve ever had to deal with software for audio and music production, you know how complicated it can be. To save you from the need of going over dozens of different apps, I have selected the best free Adobe Audition alternatives below.

Audacity – For Beginners

audacity interface
  • Varied audio editing options
  • Perfect for dialogs, sound effects, and editing music tracks
  • Supports multitrack recording
  • Batch processing
  • Limited feature set in comparison to Audition
  • Doesn’t support non-destructive editing

If you want to record music, start a podcast, or simply need a tool to compile and convert some audio samples, then Audacity will be a perfect option for you. It’s a powerful audio editor with an open source code, which is available to anyone for free. Audacity works well with sound files that have 32-bit/384 kHz and built-in anti-aliasing.

It makes it easy to import, mix, and combine audio tracks (stereo, mono, or even multitrack recordings) as well as play the output as a unified composition.

This excellent alternative to an Adobe Audition free download also offers flexible editing tools, spectrograms, and a spectral view that lets you analyze audio frequencies.

AVS Audio Editor - 300+ Effects

avs audio editor interface
  • Many tutorials available
  • Free without restrictions or watermarks
  • Powerful recording functionality
  • Comes with a timeline feature
  • Steep learning curve
  • Some tools need refining

Being one of the best free audio editing software on the market, AVS Audio Editor has a simple interface with a tool panel at the top which makes it easy to identify each one of them. Its feature set includes a collection of basic audio editing tools, effects, and presets.

One of the most unique features of this audio editing app is the “Mix” tab. It opens a window for arranging music and allows you to edit and mix several audio tracks at the same time.

It can be very useful for editing a podcast with two or more audio sources. In this tab, you can split the sound into separate tracks, adjust the volume and amplification, and normalize the audio levels.

Reaper – Cross-Platform

reaper interface
  • Multichannel recording
  • Customizable
  • Allows recording audio in real-time
  • Cutting-edge mixing console
  • Lacks built-in tools and loops
  • Unintuitive UI

Reaper allows you to record sound in real-time, provides a variety of virtual tools, a full mixing console, detailed note editing, and lets you do voice-overs.

Unlike many other competing DAW software, you can use it to create your own menus, panels, tools, and macros. Also, you can change the theme and colors of the interface.

However, you do need to remember that Reaper is a complicated app that requires time to learn, so it is probably not that suitable for a beginner.

Ardour – With OSC Controllers

ardour interface
  • Completely free
  • Supports plugins
  • Open source code
  • Allows creating and playing virtual midi instruments
  • Lacks a virtual Midi keyboard
  • Doesn’t have sample recordings

If you prefer something with an open-source code, but you want more than what a free Adobe Audition download has to offer, then I highly recommend trying Ardour.

It’s a fully functional workstation with lots of useful features for creating and editing sound files and music. It will cost you $0 and comes with a completely open-source code.

This open-source audio editor supports a great deal of commercially available plugins like VST, Ladspa, and lv2. I also like the fact that you can connect to a jack-server, OSC controllers, and midi to sync with other apps and equipment.

Ocenaudio – Useful Spectrogram

oceanaudio interface
  • Clear interface
  • Large selection of filters
  • File analysis
  • Preview edits in real-time
  • Doesn’t support effect stacking
  • Rarely gets updates

This free audio editor has a variety of mastering tools and allows you to process several large files at the same time, without overwhelming new users. Ocenaudio comes with a selection of integrated filters and supports VST plugins, so you can expand its functionality even further.

Unlike Audacity, you won’t be able to tweak its code, if it doesn’t meet your specific requirements.

A particularly convenient addition to this software is the Effects Rack which features all the existing effects, along with the relevant menus for every effect, which makes it a lot more convenient to apply and adjust them.


  • • Is Adobe Audition free trial usable more than once?

No, the free trial is only available once for each app in the Creative Cloud. It allows you to use Adobe Audition free for 7 days.

  • • Can I get any discounts on my subscriptions?

Yes, Adobe is quite generous with students and teachers and gives them a discount of up to 60% on a selected plan.

Besides, you should visit the official Adobe website during the holidays to not miss any pleasant discounts from the developers on podcast recording software and other programs.

  • • Is Adobe Audition hard to use?

Adobe Audition is generally simple to learn due to the variety of provided tutorials and the endless library of knowledge stored online. After you master the basics, you can start exploring all the more advanced tools.

  • • What if I have installed Adobe Audition but it doesn’t run on my PC?

It is most likely that your PC just doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, don’t forget to check them out before buying. It can also be connected to malware (viruses) that you have on your PC.

In any case, you should reach out to support because each case may require a different approach.

  • • Is Adobe Audition suitable for producing music?

This software is a great DAW for musicians regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional. It’s primarily designed for post-production and is mainly employed for editing MP3 and WAV files.