Adobe Premiere Pro Torrent

Adobe Premiere Pro Torrent

Are you looking for Premiere Pro Torrent to save $21 per month and do video editing for free? Don’t play with fire and read my post to know everything you may face after installing Adobe Premiere Pro CC torrent and absolutely safe ways to download it for free.

Adobe Co and Piracy

Nowadays Adobe is taking a number of measures to help organizations fight software piracy. The company initiates investigations and sues resellers who have been caught at selling illegal Premiere Pro Torrent. They also block serial numbers illegally obtained or created by unauthorized resellers. In addition, Adobe supports various technical programs such as validation. Using these programs, customers can verify the authenticity of the purchased Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service is a set of technologies, services, and capabilities that check out if an Adobe product is licensed. If the service detects unlicensed software, it informs the user about it by displaying a pop-up notification with instructions on how to fix the problem.


If problems are found, Adobe may inform the customer by means of a pop-up message or other notifications. A notification will appear until you take appropriate measures. If you do nothing, the functionality of the software may be limited until the problem is solved.

Why Stop Downloading Premiere Pro Torrent?

For several years, the largest US providers (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Cablevision, and Time Warner) have been fighting against the illegal distribution of copyrighted material on the web. If a user is suspected of frequently downloading unlicensed softwares, he/she will receive several notifications. The first two will be "educational." They will explain that such actions violate copyright laws, and inform about the consequences for development companies, film companies, and recording studios. The following two describe possible fines. Along with the fifth warning, the ISP either narrows the user’s channel or temporarily completely disconnects it from the network. If all these measures did not help, then the user's case is sent to the court. There are cases that the fine may be $150 000 or even $700 000. So, DO NOT download Adobe Premiere Pro CC to avoid all risks.

Adobe Premiere Pro Download: Pros & Cons

If you see only advantages in downloading illegal Premiere Pro Torrent, then I suggest you looking at the other side of this case.


1. You get free access to professional video editing

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The only plus of the illegal Adobe Premiere 7 download is that you may use this video editing software for free. After a simple installation, you can use its features for your work. That’s all if to talk about pluses.


1. Viruses

adobe premier torrent

Pirated Premiere Pro Torrent often looks like the real software. It is sometimes distributed in packaging that imitates the real packaging by the manufacturer. However, unlike the licensed version, it can put your computer and personal data at risk. As a result, all this can lead to information loss, system damage and even theft of your personal data.

2. Court involvement

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As I wrote earlier, downloading unlicensed software is prosecuted. The first, second or fourth time you may get lucky and you will not be suspected. Nevertheless, sooner or later you will receive a notification from providers, which in the end, may lead to the lawsuit. All in all, it may happen that you will need to pay a fine of $1000.

3. Limited functionality and conflict with other modules, plugins

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In all cracked programs something can work incorrectly. This can be a tool or an entire module. Licensed Premiere Pro fully integrates with other applications and services, including After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Stock. You can open an animated graphics template from After Effects or download it from Adobe Stock, then customize it. If you work with the Premiere Torrent, you won’t have this possibility.

4. No updates

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Adobe often releases updates that add new, modern and relevant features and also fix old bugs. As a result, the program gets better and better. By downloading a pirated Premiere Pro Torrent, you will be deprived of this convenience. The only thing you have to do is to wait for the hacked updated version. At the same time, your licensed program will be updated automatically.

5. Lack of user support

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User support is a very convenient service that allows you to directly contact technical support and fix your program’s bags. If you have a pirated program, you will not have this kind of help and you will have to find and fix the problem on your own.

How to Get Premiere Pro for Free?

Many users are looking for possible ways of how to get free Adobe Premiere download. In this part, I will tell you more about several legal methods to do that.

Method 1 - Premiere Pro Trial

You can install the latest version and use Adobe Premiere Pro free trial for a whole week without entering your bank card details. Using the Trial version, you can try out the full functionality of the video editor and then decide whether it suits you or not. When the trial is over, Adobe will suggest you using Premiere Pro by selecting one of the available plans.

To get Adobe Premiere Pro free trial, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Visit the official Adobe website.

STEP 2. Log in or create an Adobe ID account.

STEP 3. Go to the “Creative&Design” section and select the “View all product”.

STEP 4. Find Premiere Pro and click “Download trial”.

STEP 5. Go to the browser downloads and click twice on the downloaded application.

STEP 6. In the window that opens, log in using Adobe ID.

STEP 7. Fill in a short survey indicating who you are and why you will use Premiere Pro. Now you can use Premiere Pro for a week, starting with the day you download a free trial.

Method 2 - Premiere Rush CC

If Adobe Premiere Pro price is too high for you, you can try Premiere Rush CC that is a professional mobile video editor. Using it, you can quickly create and edit videos making them suitable for popular social networks. The app is available on iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. Although the app is not free, you can try out the Trial version in the same way as Premiere Pro and use it for 7 days. Then Adobe will offer you a monthly or annual subscription.

I want to say that Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush CC are absolutely different. Premiere Rush CC is a simplified version of Premierу and is a nice alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro Torrent. It was created for video bloggers and fans of mobile filmmakers. The app includes tools for cropping and gluing video fragments, color correction, as well as settings of other parameters. The edited video can be immediately downloaded on YouTube.

Free Premiere Pro Alternatives

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best professional video editors. The program supports a large number of formats, has built-in effects and many tools. However, not all beginners can pay a monthly subscription. Below, I will give a few free alternatives that can replace Premiere Pro in some way.

1. DaVinci Resolve 15

davinci logo

Website: BlackmagicDesign
Developer: Blackmagic Design
Alternatives: After Effects, Premiere Pro
Platforms: MacOS, Windows, Linux
Price: FREE


  • Convenient interface
  • Great functionality
  • Professional color correction
  • Compatible with Linux
  • Requires a powerful computer

DaVinci Resolve 15 is a free version of the paid video editor DaVinci Resolve. The app is focused on professional color correction of video clips. To become a DaVinci Resolve Lite user, you need to go through a simple registration on the site. Besides, you should have a powerful computer with at least 4 GB of RAM. DaVinci Resolve supports a large number of color setting tools: color schemes, global color settings, and automatic Color Match color adjustments.

View more to find a good computer for video editing that will run your softwares fast and without lags or delays.

Filters work in the format of 32-bit numbers with a floating point. This ensures high-quality filter performance. It supports OpenFX plug-ins, transition effects, and video export in various formats.

2. Lightworks


Website: Lightworks
Developer: EditShare LLC
Alternatives: Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro
Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux
Price: FREE


  • Group video editing
  • Supports all types of files
  • Quick navigation
  • Backup
  • Functionality
  • Strange interface

Lightworks is a modern video editing system. Using it, you can edit audio and video content, apply effects, captions and other objects from images. The program interface is different from the generally accepted standards. New media files are added as separate blocks. One project can be edited by dozens of users simultaneously. At the same time, their PCs can work on different operating systems such as Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

With this program, you can work with fragments of records, apply effects, make colorful transitions between parts and add text labels. Lightworks contains tools for sound fine-tuning and supports all modern multimedia content formats, including 3D-format volumetric clips.

3. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express logo

Website: FXhome
Developer: FXhome
Alternatives: Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro
Platforms: MacOS, Windows
Price: FREE


  • Many audio and video formats
  • A wide range of tools
  • Quick navigation
  • Not for low-resolution monitors

The main task of HitFilm Express is to cut, rebuild and glue the video footage, compress and format files, create special effects. The program supports simultaneous work with an unlimited number of audio and video tracks. Fast switching between them is possible thanks to programmable keyboard shortcuts. The main feature of the product is a magnificent variety of effects, allowing to embody the most modern and innovative ideas into reality.

Don’t know what monitor is better? Read my review of 15 recommended monitors for video editing that will help you get amazing results and professional video footage.

Having watched educational videos, users will be able to recreate the models of machines, natural phenomena and disasters, shots, explosions, elements of horror and retro films. However, it may seem a bit cumbersome as it has too many additional windows. To make it more convenient, developers provide the user with the ability to customize their own workspace.

Free LUTs for Video Editing

If you want to make video color correction fast or add a popular filter to your video in several clicks, download one of the following FREE LUTs.

1. Cinematic “Matte” LUTs

Make color grading fast and professionally with these Cinematic LUTs. Save your time and match colors to a specific old film style with matte tints in several clicks.

2. Orange and Teal “Aqua” LUTs

Highly recommended LUTs for editing travel videos with much blue color. Make your sky and water incredible with these Free Orange and Teal LUTs.

3. Orange and Teal “Skin” LUTs

Make your photos warm and sunny in several clicks. Add this popular Orange & Teal effect without damaging the model’s skin texture and color. Rich and vivid colors are guaranteed.

4. Sony “Black &White” LUTs

Make your film monochrome and emotional. Professional color correction and color grading is available fast and in several clicks. Add this special old film atmosphere you your videos with the help of these LUTs.

5. Sony “Saturation” LUTs

White balance adjustment together with brightening make amazing video content. Make your wedding or engagement video clips magical in any video editing software for free.

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