Adobe Premiere Pro Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Ann Young 8 days ago, Software reviews

Adobe Premiere Pro

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  • Platforms: macOS, Windows
  • Pricing: 7-day free trial, then $20.99/mo

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Pro has become the leading software in the industry as it supports nonlinear video editing, comes with an advanced toolset, and has a variety of unique features. What I like the most about it is that you can master every technique after watching a couple of detailed tutorials.

While this software can be used even by beginners, it has a set of professional tools as well. After the recent update when the developers introduced new features, the program became even more convenient to use.

Now, it has more streamlined navigation thanks to the updated header bar, supports integration, and enables users to access a collection of Adobe Stock files. In this Adobe Premiere Pro review, I will also tell you how you can use Auto Reframe and Auto Color tools for speeding up your video editing workflow. You can watch detailed tutorials to master its tools.

  • Streamlined interface
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Supports non-linear video editing
  • A variety of formats
  • File organization tools
  • Multi-cam editing
  • Video editing in real time
  • Resource-intensive system requirements
  • Works for free only for 7 days
adobe premiere pro interface

This software has an extensive toolset that includes options for video editing and audio mixing as well as creating animations and performing color correction. Using an in-built collection of effects and transitions, you can further enhance your clips. Motion graphics templates are intuitive and can be used even by beginners. Using a variety of color adjustment tools, you can give a professional feel to your footage.

Premiere Pro is suitable for tasks of different complexity. You can use it for creating clips promoting your products or services or employ its tools for creating full-length movies.

Adobe Premiere Pro – Main Features

adobe premiere pro logo

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a variety of options that make it perfect for video editors with different levels of experience. Some of them you might have seen in other video editing software. Thanks to it, this program is suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Some advanced tools are available only in this program, which makes it suitable for complex tasks.

Impressive Updates in New Version

Adobe releases annual updates of Premiere Pro with new features and tools. This year, the update was particularly impressive. Below, I have listed the main tools available in the newest Adobe Premiere Pro version.

Improved navigation with the updated header bar. To make the interface more intuitive, the developers added a header bar with Import, Edit, or Export tabs. When working on your video, you can also use a drop-down menu to access such tabs as Captions and Graphics, Color, Audio, etc. The Quick Export feature lets you use specific settings when saving your files. integration. Adobe bought this service to facilitate teamwork. Now, it fully integrates with Premiere Pro, which allows you to get an additional 100GB of storage.

An updated Adobe Stock collection with thousands of assets. In a new version, you can access graphics, audio, and stock footage without paying a dime. In this library, you will find HD and 4K files as well.

New titling options. When working with layers, you can add shadows to your text to give it a more attention-grabbing look. The program has in-build tools for checking the spelling. Its newest version supports different languages. You just need to start typing, and the program will automatically select a language.

Learning tools. To work in Learning mode, you need to select a corresponding option on the top toolbar. You will see 8 detailed tutorials that will help you master the basics of video editing. You will learn how to import videos, add titles, adjust colors, enhance audio tracks, etc.

Auto Reframe. Since many people need to create engaging videos for social networks, it’s important to select a suitable aspect ratio for different formats supported by smartphones. Using this feature, you can automatically crop your clips to create a well-balanced composition in the frame.

Time-saving Auto Color option. Thanks to the integration with Adobe Sensei, you can use AI-based tools to make the colors pop and adjust lighting without wasting a lot of time. It’s suitable for tweaking colors in every clip of your project. Besides, you can adjust Curves, Saturation, Tint, and Shadows to improve the overall perception of your video.

Clear and Flexible User Interface

adobe premiere pro convenient tools

The main advantage of this Adobe video editor is that it has 9 convenient tools that will simplify solving any task, namely Learning, Assembly, Editing, Color, Effects, Audio, Graphics, Captions and Libraries.

When using other video editors for Windows and macOS, you will see that they have drop-down menus. However, this Adobe software allows you to always keep the most important tools at hand. It enables you to use a wider choice of options when editing your files. For instance, Premiere Pro has a collection of tools for adding titles.

Note: The interface of Adobe Premiere Pro still requires improvement. It’s quite convoluted, which is why it might be difficult to find the tool that you need. Thanks to the Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts, you can save some time and significantly speed up your workflow. However, you will need to memorize them.

Lumetri Color Workspace to Apply Basic Color Corrections

adobe premiere pro lumetri color workspace

Premiere Pro has a convenient Lumetri Color workspace that enables you to use a variety of pro-grade color adjustment options. You can either perform basic color correction or adjust various settings even further with the help of slides. If you don’t have any experience, you can use the Auto adjustment option and then move sliders to fine-tune the result.

Using the eyedropper, you can adjust the white balance to remove unwanted color casts. The workspace is divided into Basic and Creative panels. When using the latter, you will have access to Color Wheels. With them, you can adjust shadows and highlights to make the colors pop. Besides, you can access a variety of other options, including the split-tone effect.

Scene Detection Feature to Save Editing Time

To speed up your workflow, you can use the newly introduced Scene Detection tool. If you use various lenses during shooting, it might be difficult for you to merge segments of different sizes. Many iPhone Pro 12 users face this problem as well. Using this feature, you can analyze your footage with the help of machine-learning algorithms and automatically cut it into different parts.

Thanks to it, you won’t need to set the start and end times of each segment manually. You can quickly cut your video into several scenes and perform color adjustment. After testing out this tool, I can confirm that it is very convenient to use.

Huge Library of Available Effects and Adjustment Layer

adobe premiere pro available effects

To enhance your videos, you can drag and drop various effects. The in-built library includes basic video and audio effects as well as more advanced presets.

If you don’t have any prior experience, you can add some presets without adjusting their settings. However, in some cases, it might be better to customize them depending on the project you are working on.

Another advantage of this program is that it supports layer editing. You can use various adjustment layers to apply a variety of effects. Thanks to non-destructive editing techniques, you can edit your clips without affecting the source files.

Immersive VR Support

adobe premiere pro vr support

Since more and more creative professionals start using virtual reality effects, the developers decided to add some tools for creating more immersive videos. Adobe Premiere Pro supports advanced VR editing. In the newest version, it’s now easier than ever to create VR content.

Using Spatial Markers, you can quickly find any point that requires replacement. This tool will come in handy even for those who edit regular clips. The Theater mode supports 180 VR and allows you to save your files in Google VR180 format and post it on YouTube.

Impressive Multicam Editing Possibilities

adobe premiere pro multicam editing

This feature will come in handy for those who shoot videos using multiple cameras and then need to create a single video using this footage. It might be difficult to merge so many parts of your footage with different angles unless you use a special multi-cam editing feature available in Premiere Pro.

Using this tool, you can select videos and audio tracks and add them to a single sequence. Then, you need to look through the sequence that you have created and select which segments you want to see in your video.

Convenient Work with Titles and Captions

adobe premiere pro work with titles and captions

Another selling point of this software is that it allows you to customize text, titles, and captions. You can import XML and SRT files. Premiere Pro lets you access font libraries, including Adobe TypeKit fonts. You can further customize them depending on your needs by changing kerning, rolling, crawling, rotation, opacity, texture, etc. Just like in Photoshop, users can adjust strokes and add shadow effects.

The version released in 2024 supports a variety of new stroke styles, which makes this software suitable for those who need to select the type of stroke caps, such as miter, round, and bevel. However, if you need to animate your text, it’s better to use After Effects.

Ability to Make Audio Editing and Mixing

adobe premiere pro audio editing and mixing

This program has professional tools for editing audio. For instance, you can use automation modes in the track mixer or select various audio types in the Audio workspace. If you have ever used mid-range audio mixing tools, you will like the features available in this software.

However, if you don’t have any prior experience, it might be challenging for you to master advanced sound design tools. You will quickly learn how to adjust volume and use panning tools, but it will take time to figure out how to use the professional features. While Adobe Premiere has a streamlined interface, advanced audio editing options are still difficult to master unless you have a solid background in this area. Integration as a New Option for Collaboration

The main advantage of this video editing software for Mac and Windows that makes it perfect for projects that require collaboration is that it integrates with Adobe purchased this service last year. You will easily figure out how to create a account and use 100 GB of cloud storage. Additionally, you will get another 100 GB of Creative Cloud storage.

If you visit the Welcome page, you will see a helpful tutorial that will help you figure out how to create your own project and use other features. Then, you can send a link to your video to your team members and stakeholders. Just go to the Window menu and click on the Review option on the panel. Keep in mind that you need to be logged in with your Adobe account. You will see a new webpage and will be able to share your documents with other users.

Helpful Function of Creative Cloud Sync

When using Creative Cloud, you can work in a workspace that is common for all Adobe software. I like that I can synchronize my favorite settings, keyboard shortcuts, and workspace layouts on any computer regardless of my location. Being a part of Creative Cloud, Adobe Premiere Pro fully integrates with other creative programs, such as Premiere Rush, which allows you to import files without quality loss and keep their original structure.

This also allows team members to edit each other's projects in various applications without disrupting their workflows. In addition, colleagues can also easily communicate without exiting the app. It became possible thanks to the integration with Microsoft Teams. There, employees can share project notes and team leaders can check the progress of each participant.

Many Free Tutorials

One of the key advantages of working with popular programs is that they have huge libraries of tutorials. You just need to search for a specific keyword online to find several step-by-step guides created by other users. Besides, it’s possible to find many Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials on YouTube. Most of them were created by professional video editors.

High-Quality Support for Clients on Official Website

adobe premiere pro guidance and support

Adobe offers a reasonable amount of guidance and support for all Adobe product users. Adobe’s User Guide website is full of Adobe Premiere Pro tips in the form of both written and video tutorials. Beginners and experts can learn everything, from installing Premiere Pro to multichannel audio mixing from the website.


In case you are looking for ways to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free, keep in mind that you can use its 7-day trial version without paying a dime. It will help you test out its functionality and understand whether you need this software.

If you decide to purchase this program, you will need to pay $20.99/mo. You can get it at a lower price using Adobe discounts. For instance, you can buy it as a part of the Creative Cloud package that costs $54.99/m and includes over 20 apps and programs.


FREE Bonus Tools

free adobe premiere pro luts

If you are looking for free LUTs for performing quick color grading, this all-in-one package will help you cope with this task in no time. The FixThePhoto professionals created a perfect solution for video editors and videographers who want to tweak colors in their videos, adjust various settings, and make their footage look more professional. These LUTs will be useful for any video editor regardless of their experience in color grading.