Adobe Premiere Pro Review

Adobe Premiere Pro Review

Are you looking for a trustworthy and understandable Adobe Premiere Pro review with examples? Stop your search as you are in the right place now. All pros and cons, customers’ feedback, video editing functions, pricing, etc. are in the post below. Let’s find out together whether Adobe Premier Pro the best movie editing software for professionals and beginners.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing softwares for professionals and amateurs. It is a great choice for people who have basic knowledge of film creation and want to produce video content at a professional level. The reasons for its popularity are quite clear. The program has a non-linear video editing interface, an unrivaled system of working tools and a powerful feature set.

adobe premiere review
Website: Adobe
Alternatives: Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: $20.99/month





Overall Rating74
Color Correction

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular professional non-linear video editing programs. This software is used by Hollywood employees and allows users to turn unprocessed shots into full-fledged cinematographic products. You have access to tools that help you do more than just video editing. This is definitely one of the best movie editing softwares that gives an opportunity to adjust color, sound and more.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality video and audio editing
  • Correct and convenient work with various Windows OS, MacOS
  • Built-in non-linear video editing
  • Support for a variety of formats such as Flash Video, HD and HDV
  • Video content editing in real time
  • Quite resource-intensive system requirements
  • The software works for free only for 30 days

Adaptive Design. Users need an interface that allows for working conveniently with maximum performance and efficiency. That is why Adobe Premiere Pro is constantly updated to make its interface more responsive. For instance, the developers improved the integrity of keyframes in dynamic graphics.

Integrated Workflow. Adobe Premiere Pro integrates with Adobe Premiere Elements free version and other Adobe products for a smoother workflow. This allows team members to edit each other's projects in various applications without disrupting their workflows. In addition, colleagues can also easily communicate without exiting from the app. Integration with Microsoft Teams made it possible. There, employees can share project notes and chiefs can check the progress of each participant.

Immersive VR Support. Due to the popularity of virtual reality, video editors are seeking extra tools for creating movies that immerse viewers in all their aspects. It is the main reason why Adobe Premiere Pro has new and improved options to support complex VR editing features. The work with VR content was improved in the 2022 version. Moreover, developers added support for Spatial Markers to spot a specific point in the space that needs to be changed or replaced. This is a pretty good feature that can be useful in regular video. Devs also added Theater Mode and support for 180 VR, including export to Google VR180 format for the YouTube platform.

Simultaneous Video Editing. This home video editing software allows users to open multiple projects at the same time. It means they can switch between scenes and move clips from one project to another. Such a great option saves more time by adding essential scenes to the video they are working on every time.

Multiple Formats. Converting movies from one format to another may cause frame loss or slight distortion. The software has been improved to support more original formats in order to avoid such a thing. This allows editors to add clips directly the cameras without going through the conversion process.

Creative Cloud Subscription Service. This program is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This means that the software is not a one-time purchase but a part of the constant payment for the usage. Adobe does not offer the ability to purchase software for each version. This fact may upset users who are not worried about regular updates and prefer to make one software purchase and get access to it for life.

Bulky platform. The platform itself is so large that it takes up the majority of a user’s hard drive. You will also need space for Media Encoder and all your files.

Adobe Premiere Modules

adobe premiere review

Adobe released a video editor app for computer, like many of its programs, only for two operating systems – Windows and Mac OS. They clearly don’t want to add Linux to this list. The mobile, portable and web versions don’t exist, either.


adobe premiere review

Adobe Premiere Pro comes in four corporate price plans, each of which is designed for a separate group of users. View the details and select the appropriate package for your needs:

adobe premiere review


Before proceeding to video editing, make sure that your computer/laptop meets the necessary requirements of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Windows/Mac OS

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer version/Mac OS X 10.11 or newer version /
  • Processor: Multicore processor with 64-bit support
  • RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • Hard drive space: 8 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; extra free space required during installation (cannot install on portable flash storage devices)
  • Display: 1280x800 display (1920x1080 or larger recommended)
  • Sound card: Compatibility with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model / Apple Core Audio 
  • Optional: Adobe-recommended GPU card for GPU-accelerated performance

In general, it should be a video editing workstation. Keep in mind that working with digital clips involves a heavy load on computer resources, so the principle, “the more powerful – the better” is true for dealing with non-linear video editing programs. Of course, you can upgrade your computer infinitely. Almost every day, new processors, chipsets and video cards appear on the market, which literally become cheaper by half in a month, giving way to new products. It is not necessary to have a computer designed in accordance with the latest IT technologies. However, it is supposed to meet at least the minimum technical requirements.

Adobe Premiere Pro Review

adobe premiere review

You need to be prepared before editing video on a computer. After you have decided on the material, follow these steps to start editing with Premiere Pro. Would you like to know how to edit videos on computer? Then keep in mind that Adobe Premiere includes many special effects: editing video from several cameras, adjusting sound, colors, and hundreds of unique filters. Moreover, if necessary, you can integrate new functions into the program without reinstalling the software.

Video effects


The most frequently used feature in working with the color of a video sequence is special effects.

Setting Effects

adobe premiere pro setting effects

Includes automatic color correction, auto contrast and automatic level effects. 

Automatic color correction, auto contrast and automatic effects quickly make significant changes to the clip. Auto color correction adjusts contrast and color, neutralizing midtones and removing white and black pixels. Auto contrast affects the general contrast and color mixing without adding or removing extra shades. Auto levels automatically correct light and dark areas. As auto levels fix each channel individually, they can remove or create new shades.

Each effect in this video editor software has one or more of the following parameters:

  • Scene Detect. If this option is activated, the frames behind the scene change are ignored when the effect analyzes adjacent frames for temporal smoothing.
  • Snap to neutral mid tones (auto color correction only). It determines the average, almost neutral color in the frame and adjusts the gamma values to make the colors neutral.
  • Black clip, white clip. The amount of shadows and highlights that are clipped to the new extreme shadows and highlights in the image. Be very attentive: if you set clipping values too high, you may lose many details in dark and light tones.
  • Mix with the original. Determines the transparency of the effect.

Convolution Kernel Effect

adobe premiere pro convolution kernel effect

Learning how to edit videos on computer, you’ll need to work not only with frames but even with pixels. The convolution kernel effect changes the brightness value of each pixel in the clip according to a mathematical operation known as convolution. It overlays a numeric matrix on the pixel matrix, multiplying the value of each lower pixel by the number that overlays it and replacing the center pixel value with the sum of all these multiplications.

The parameters of the convolution kernel include a set of controls representing 3x3 grid cells of pixel brightness multipliers. Labels on controls that start with the “M” display their location in the matrix. The M11 control, for example, affects a cell in the first row and the first column of the grid; The M32 control affects the cell in the third row and the second column.  The necessary pixel is in the center of the grid in M22. Use this effect in the best home movie editor to fine control the properties of various embossing, blurring and sharpness effects.

Extract Effect

adobe premiere pro extract effect

Do you need to remove colors from the video clip and turn an image into a grayscale one? This best movie editing software can boast the extract effect, which may help a lot. Pixels with a brightness value less than the black input level or greater than the white input level appear black. Everything between these points is displayed in gray or white.

Levels Effects

adobe premiere pro levels effects

The levels effect deals with the brightness and contrast of the clip. It combines "Color Balance," "Gamma Correction" and "Brightness and Contrast" functions and inversion effects. This effect resembles the Levels Effect in After Effects.

The Level Parameters dialog window shows a histogram for the current frame (Windows only).

“Lighting Effects” Effect

adobe premiere pro lighting effects

This best video editing software for Windows features the “Lighting Effects” effect, which adds lighting to the clip, using up to five light sources. “Lighting Effects” let you control the properties of lighting such as type, direction, intensity, color, center of beams and dispersion. While editing videos, you may try the “Relief” control element to use textures or patterns from other materials to create special lighting effects, such as the three-dimensional surface look.

“Shadow/Light” Effect

adobe premiere pro shadow/light

The “Shadow/Light” effect brightens shadowed objects and reduces the backlight in the image. This effect does not lighten or darken the entire image, which is often the case with other video editing apps for computers. It adjusts the dark tones and backlight independently in accordance with the surrounding pixels. You can adjust the overall contrast of the photo. Sometimes you need to improve images with backlight problems and default settings will be of great help.

Blur and Sharpness Effects


The blur effect of the camera imitates an image from the focal range of the camera, and makes the clip blurry. For example, by setting keyframes for blurring, you can simulate the object being in and out of the focus or random shaking of the camera. Drag the slider to define the degree of blurring for the chosen keyframe; the larger the value is, the higher the blurring will be.

Composite Blur Effect

adobe premiere pro composite blur

The composite blur effect affects pixels depending on the brightness values of the control clip, also known as a blur layer or blur map. By default, bright values in the blur layer correspond to a higher blur of the clip effect. Darker values bring less blur. Adobe Premier editing software enables you to select “Invert Blur” for light values to match less prominent blurring.

Directional Blur Effect

adobe premiere pro directional blur effect

The Directional Blur Effects creates the illusion of movement in the clip.

Quick Blur Effect

adobe premiere pro quick blur effect

Quick Blur is quite similar to the “Gaussian Blur” effect, but it influences larger areas in a faster way, which makes this good video editing software so popular among professional users.

“Unsharp Mask” Effect

adobe premiere pro unsharp mask

This effect increases the contrast between the colors that define the border.

Color Correction Effects


"Brightness and Contrast" Effect

Need to correct brightness and contrast of the entire clip? Apply this effect. By default, use the 0.0 value, which means no changes. "Brightness and Contrast" effect is the easiest way to make a simple adjustment of the tonal range of the image. It processes all the pixel values in the image simultaneously, including backlighting, shadows and midtones.

Color Change Effect

The color change effect deals with hue, brightness, and saturation of a color range.

“Change to Color” Effect

adobe premiere pro change to color

This effect changes the color you select in the image to a different color using the hue, brightness, and saturation values (HLS) without affecting other colors.

“Color Balance” Effect

adobe premiere pro color balance

The “Color Balance” effect changes the amount of red, green, and blue in the shadows, midtones, and light areas of a photo.

“Brightness Corrector” Effect

adobe premiere pro brightness corrector

The “Brightness Corrector” effect allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast in bright areas, and the midtones and shadows of a clip. In this movie editing software, you can even set the color range, which will be adjusted with the help of secondary color correction controls.

Color Adjustment

adobe premiere pro color adjustment

Lumetri Color Tools in Premiere transforms the photo editing software into Photoshop for video. These tools offer a great number of color manipulation features, along with a large selection of movies and HDR filters. You can adjust the white balance, exposure, contrast, glare, shadows and black point using keyframes. Saturation, vibration, faded film and sharpness settings are also at your disposal. The variations of curves and the color wheel are really impressive. There is also a very cool Lumetri Scope view, which shows the proportional use of the current frame of red, green and blue.

Audio Editing

Premiere Pro Audio Mixer shows panning, balance, volume meters, cut-off and solo indicators for all tracks in the timeline. You can use it to make adjustments during project replay. New tracks are created automatically when you delete an audio clip in the timeline. You can specify such types as “Standard” (which can be a combination of mono and stereo files), “Mono,” “Stereo,” “5.1” and “Adaptive.” Double clicking on the VU indicators or panning returns their levels to a zero value.

The audio meters near your timeline are resizable and allow you to record any tracks. The program also supports hardware controls and third-party VSP plug-ins. If you have Adobe Audition installed, you can switch between audio and Premiere and vice versa to enjoy such advanced technologies as adaptive noise reduction, parametric equalizer, automatic click removal, Studio Reverb and compression.

Headings and Captions

If you have come across an Adobe Premiere Pro review before, you probably know that this video editor offers many text options for headings and captions. It can import XML or SRT files. You get a large selection of fonts, including Adobe Typekit fonts for headings. You can choose direction and kerning, scrolling, crawling, rotation, opacity, texture and more. Similar to Photoshop professional editing software, you can apply strokes and shadows to any font. However, the extended text animation is again available in the After Effects.

Output and Performance

When you finish editing videos, the Premiere export option offers most of the formats you’ve ever wanted. For more output options, you can use the Adobe Media Encoder free to send files directly to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, DVD, Blu-ray and load them to your devices. The encoder allows you to perform batch encoding for targeted use of multiple devices for a single task, such as mobile phones, iPad and HDTV. Premiere video maker online can also output media using H.265 and Rec. 2022 color space, like Final Cut. Final Cut, however, requires a separate Compressor 4 for $49.99 for such functions.

Creating or Opening a Project

adobe premiere pro creating or opening a project

Open an existing project or create a new one on the Premiere Pro welcome screen. A new dialog window “New project” appears. Here you can specify the name and location of the project file, video capture format, and other project parameters. (See Create and Modify Projects section). Click OK after choosing the options in the "New Project” window.

Capture and Import Video

adobe premiere pro capture and import video

You can use the media browser in the computer video editing software to import file resources, which are situated on the computer in any of the main media formats. Every recorded or imported file becomes a clip in the Project panel automatically.

In addition, you can record video directly from your camcorder or VCR using the Capture panel. There is an opportunity to digitize and record other formats, for example, from VHS to HDTV, with the appropriate hardware.

You can also import various digital media, including video, audio, and still images. Premiere Pro seamlessly imports Adobe Illustrator artwork, Photoshop layered files and transforms After Effects projects into an integrated workflow.

Episode Build and Detailization

adobe premiere pro episode build and detailization

Using the source monitor, you can view clips, set edit points and mark other important frames before adding clips to the episode. For convenience, you may cut the main clip into any number of subclips, each of which will have two points of entry and exit. Feel free to view the audio as a detailed waveform and edit it with high precision samples.

Addition of Captions

adobe premiere pro addition of captions

You can easily edit AVI files freeware and create captions directly in the video using the Basic Graphic panel in Adobe Premiere Pro. There is also an opportunity to add text, shapes, etc. to the layers, after which you have an opportunity to change their order and adjust them. The title may also be saved as an animated graphics template that can be reused and transferred to desired programs.

Addition of Transitions and Effects

adobe premiere pro addition of transitions and effects

The effects panel contains a long list of transitions and effects which may be applied to the clips in the episode. Users have an opportunity to customize them, as well as the movement in the clip, its opacity and stretching speed by using the "Effect Controls" panel. This video show software’s panel also allows you to animate clip properties with the help of traditional framing methods. When setting up transitions, the Effect Controls panel displays elements designed specifically for this task.

Audio Mixing

adobe premiere pro audio mixing

For track-based audio correction, the audio track mixer emulates a full-featured audio mixing display with fading, pan, motion functions, and effects sliders. The program saves your changes in real time. Feel free to record audio using a sound mixer, or mix audio for 5.1 surround sound if you own a supported sound card.

Premiere Pro Project Shift to Another System

You can create your project on various computer platforms. For example, you can run the video editor on Windows and continue editing on Mac OS. However, when moving a project from one platform to another, some functions change.

Episode Settings

You can create a project on one platform and then move it to another. Premiere Pro sets similar episode settings for the second platform, if it has an equivalent. For example, you can create a DV project that contains a DV recording and device management settings on Windows. When you open a project on Mac OS, Premiere Pro sets the appropriate DV recording adjustments and device management adjustments. When you save the project, Mac OS settings are saved automatically. Premiere Pro converts these settings to Windows settings if you plan to work with the project on Windows.


All effects available on Mac OS are also available on Windows. If you open the project in Adobe Premiere editing program on Mac OS, Windows effects that are not available on Mac are displayed as standalone effects. These effects are labeled “Windows only” in Premiere Pro Help. All audio effects are available on both platforms. Effect setting templates work on both platforms unless you apply a settings template that is not available on this platform for the effect.

Adobe Media Encoder Settings Templates

Settings templates created on one platform are not available on another.

Preview Files

Preview files created on Mac OS can’t be used on Windows. When you open the project on a different platform, Premiere Pro re-renders the preview files. If this project is later opened on the original platform, Premiere Pro re-renders the preview files again.

High-Bit Files

Windows AVI files containing uncompressed 10-bit 4: 2: 2 video (v210) or 8-bit uncompressed 4: 2: 2 video (UYVU) are not supported on Mac OS.

Preview Rendering

The playback quality of unprocessed third-party files is not as high as the playback quality of these files on their original platforms. For example, edit AVI files freeware on Mac OS differs from the same operation on Windows. Premiere Pro renders preview files for third-party files for the current platform. Premiere Pro always presents the preview files in the original format for the platform. A red strip on the timeline indicates which sections of the files require rendering.

Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-ins

Premiere Pro by default includes only 38 rendering options. But when it isn’t enough, you can use plug-ins – programs that extend the functionality of Premiere and allow you to do something that could not be done in any other way. Below, there is a selection of free online photo tools that significantly expand your creative possibilities.

1. OpenEXR Premiere

OpenEXR is a floating-point file format, standard for the visual special effects industry, and the best format for work with 32-bit HDR images. All OpenEXR features are available in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro using ProEXR.

2. Atomic Stretch

Atomic Stretch allows you to change the orientation of video in After Effects and Premiere in real time, changing the aspect ratio in any way!

3.CoreMelt Free

Old TV, Analog Glitch, Advanced Vignette, Blowout, God Rays, RGB Levels and Curves, Soft Edge Wipe and many others!

4. Feathered Crop

This plug-in allows you to crop the image and blend the cropping border. In addition, you can use it to fill in the color of the external part of the cropping and add a frame to the image. The plug-in has a graphical user interface and supports 8, 16 and 32 bit depth. Premiere Pro works with RGB and YUV color spaces.

5. Power Window

This plug-in for the best digital film editing software will allow you to create a Power Window effect in the video. Both rectangular and oval shapes are available. You can rotate and move them. Both inside and outside, you can adjust the offset, gamma, and saturation, even by channels (RGB).

6. Pure Contrast

This plug-in allows you to increase and decrease the contrast of the image without affecting the saturation.

7. Simple Mask

This plug-in will allow you to create a simple alpha mask on a video clip and combine it with an existing alpha channel by adding, subtracting and intersecting. Both rectangular and oval shapes are supported and they can be moved and rotated.

8. Temperature

Use this plug-in, which is similar to SpeedGrade, to adjust the temperature and shade of the footage.

9. Vignette

Need to add an oval or rectangular vignette to a video? Opt for this plug-in. You can render only the mask by replacing the entire original layer, or make the vignette transparent.

What Has Been Added to the New Premiere Pro CC version?

The new version can boast of such changes:

  • Improved visibility for QuickTime 32 files make it easier to identify obsolete media in our projects.
  • Native support for a number of formats: Arri Alexa LF (Large Format), Sony Venice v2, and HEIF (HEIC) (from iPhone 8 and iPhone X smartphones), which broadens your home video editing possibilities.
  • New command: Edit> Consolidate Duplicates. It will help remove all the file copies.
  • Search filters in Adobe Stock are updated. You can now filter Adobe Stock resources based on frames per second and the duration of the video. Thus, it is possible to detail the results that really correspond to what you were looking for. You can also find Motion Graphic Templates in Adobe Stock directly on the Essential Graphics panel.
  • Improved performance and final rendering. Adobe has added hardware decoding and encoding video formats: H.264 and HEVC. Improved image processing provides more responsive timeline playback. This will also positively affect the performance of the Lumetri Color.
  • Video clips now have the same highlight design as audio clips so that we can see the color of the label when they are selected. Improved design of clips in the form of icons in the cell.
  • On the Lumetri Color panel, there are new Hue Saturation Curves: Hue vs. Sat, Hue vs. Hue, Hue vs. Luma, Luma vs. Sat and Sat vs. Sat. You may have seen them in other apps to edit YouTube videos. These curves are a great addition. They are very useful, and a full set of saturation curves is great for fast color correction. Most of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022’s competitors already have their own full set of curves, and they were a pressing issue in Lumetri Color Engine.

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