Top 5 Adobe Video Editors

By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software reviews

If you want to use Adobe video editing software as your main tool for working with video, then you need to choose one of five video editors that this company offers all creatives. I have reviewed all the programs so that you can select the best one for your budget and purposes.

Top 5 Adobe Video Editors

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro - Industry-standard pro video and film editing
  2. Adobe Premiere Elements - Perfect for beginners
  3. Adobe Premiere Rush - Create and share online videos anywhere
  4. Adobe After Effects - Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
  5. Adobe Express - Create graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes

For an advanced user, who wants to have a professional video editing software, Premiere Pro is an ideal option; if you are a beginner, but want to do simple adjustments, then choose Premiere Elements.

To edit videos on your phone or tablet, you’d better download Premiere Rush. To work with VFX and CGI on your computer for video editing, download After Effects. Bloggers can use Adobe Spark Video, the program from Adobe Spark package.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Industry-standard pro video and film editing
  • Rich format support, including 8K video and VR
  • Projects can be locked to prevent editing
  • Extensive tutorial base
  • No one-time payment
  • Limited work with captions

Verdict: A program that allows you to perform non-linear video editing. It is an ideal tool for any phase of post-processing or editing the footage. It is worth noting that this program is used by many well-known specialists in the film industry.

This Adobe video editor allows editing videos in high quality with a resolution of 4000 dpi and a color depth of 32 bits. It supports RGB and YUV color spaces. It also provides the ability to edit audio samples, allows you to use VST-audio plug-ins and work with soundtracks in 5.1 surround format.

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adobe video editor premiere pro interface

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Perfect for beginners
  • Easy-to-use
  • Straightforward UI
  • Affordable
  • Narrow set of functions
  • Upgrading implies additional expenses

Verdict: If you are fond of video editing, but lack experience and skills to use pro-level Adobe video editor software, you can download Adobe Premiere Elements and start learning the peculiarities of this process in a step-by-step manner. There is a special Guided Mode, which is aimed at explaining to users how to combine several videos, trim them and apply audio and visual effects.

This is also a fitting video editing software for users, who want to play a bit with video clips but don’t need any advanced functions. The upside of this program is the support for a great variety of video formats. Another helpful feature is the possibility to export finished projects right to the video sharing sites or social networks.

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adobe video editor premiere elements interface

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Create and share online videos anywhere
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Desktop and mobile versions are synchronized
  • Simple switching between square, landscape, and portrait orientation
  • Generous 100GB of cloud storage
  • Sluggish
  • High price
  • Limited number of built-in transitions

Verdict: This is a simplified version of Premiere Pro CC and Audition, designed for quick video editing. The target audience of Adobe Rush is beginner content creators on YouTube and video bloggers, who have chosen this version in Premire Rush vs Pro competition. The program allows performing color correction, video resizing, working with audio, etc.

Once you’re done editing videos, you can upload the result to YouTube, Instagram and other platforms. Projects are synchronized and can be further improved on any device, including a computer with Premiere Pro installed.

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adobe video editor premiere rush interface

4. Adobe After Effects

Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
  • Lots of effects
  • Ready-made templates on the net
  • Script support
  • Character Animator limited for professional use
  • Short feature list
  • Subscription pricing model

Verdict: This is a universal analog to low-quality free VFX software, using which you can edit any video, perform compositing, as well as create visual effects and animations. It is often used at the post-production stage in cinema and on TV.

This video editing Adobe software also works as a very simple non-linear editor, sound editor and transcoder for multimedia. With Adobe After Effects, you can create, combine, and style 2D layers in 3D space.

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adobe video editor after effects interface

5. Adobe Express

Create graphics, web pages, video stories in minutes
  • Free templates available
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast and simple operation
  • There are mobile and PC versions
  • Poor video formatting
  • Limited recording time

Verdict: This is a rather simple Adobe video editor, which treats each video file as a slide that is represented as a thumbnail of a rectangular shape. The length of the uploaded video isn’t important.

The program contains Trim tools, which you can use to select the part of the video that must be kept. There are 4 different groups of slides. The first offers your video a full screen, the second one divides the screen into 2 parts – for your video and the text on the right.

The third slide contains an animated caption over the screen, and the last one includes a static title with an animated subtitle over the screen.

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In most Adobe editing software, you can use various action templates that make video editing a simple task.  FixThePhoto specialists have collected LUTs for Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements so that you can cope with color grading faster.

adobe video editor freebies

Here are the universal LUTs that you can use for any genre and type of video. Just download them, add to Premiere and use!