Adobe Premiere Elements Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 2023
Platforms: Windows, macOS
Price: Free trial or $99.99
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VERDICT: Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editor developed by Adobe Systems. It’s a reduced version of Adobe Premiere Pro that is suitable for beginners and consumers. Premiere Elements has video management and options for editing and creating videos automatically.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 consists of 3 sections: Quick, Guided and Expert. The Quick section will suit even advanced video editors as it allows the user to combine videos and add transitions to them fast and easily.

  • Simple to use
  • Supports 4K videos and video stabilization
  • Guided Edits simplify basic and more professional projects
  • Great text tools
  • Lack of 360-degree VR and 3D editing
  • Lack of multi-cam and screen recording functions
premiere elements interface screen

The majority of tech companies are considering applying artificial intelligence to their products, including Adobe. The creative software developer has been promoting Sensei AI technology for about 3 years now. The update of Premiere Elements 2023 is one of the latest advantages of this technology.

This video editor is targeted at consumers. That’s why it is still simple to use, unlike its rival in Lightroom vs Elements battle.

Adobe Premiere Elements Review

adobe premiere elements logo

This software is a perfect way for beginners to gain experience in video editing. It is also suitable for advanced users who wish to do their tasks fast.

Due to its intensive annual updates, Adobe adds a particular number of new functions to Premiere Elements every year.

One enhancement that Windows users will enjoy is that the video editor now supports very effective compressed HEVC and HEIC codecs on Windows. In this way, now it’s equal to the program for the Mac platform where these formats were added in last year’s upgrade.

Distinctive Two New Guided Edits

premiere elements luma fade screen

Luma Fade transition: First of all, Luma Fade is a transition that combines two videos. Premiere Elements includes a lot of different in-built transitions. But this effect is truly unusual and artistic as it fades in tones, starting from the darkest to the lightest in a still image that you get from your video. Luma Fade is nice and simple to use.

However, you can use it only with particular types of videos. For instance, clips where the second video in the sequence has a close-up of a clearly seen face or object in contrast to a busy scene.

The transition is perfectly acquired from a still of your video. When it’s finished, you will be able to reposition the transition a little bit on the timeline to get the best effect. If this effect works, the transition will look great. If it doesn’t, the transition will have an ordinary look.

premiere elements glass pane screen

Glass Pane effect: With this effect, you will make your frame look as if the action is shown through the glass. There you can find 4 in-built glass effects and add multiple layers. This effect is not for everyone but is very unusual.

The Glass Pane lets you layer various effects as you edit your video.

Intuitive Interface

It’s very intuitive and has a standard timeline at the bottom, preview and content panels sharing at the top of the window. The layout is almost identical and is unlikely to affect your decision if you are choosing between Premiere Elements and Pro versions.

If you’re not using the content panel, it drops and it’s quite convenient as you can have a larger view of the video window. There are three mode tabs in the video editing interface: Quick, Guided and Expert. Otherwise, your final video will be too large for use.

Good-Featured Audio Editing

The next part of this Adobe Premiere Elements review concerns audio editing. There is a Premiere Elements' Music Remix tool using which you can work with MP3 files. It is the default for audio that you put in the Music track on the timeline.

The audio-only view on the timeline will open the Master volume control. You will see wave shapes on the regular timeline and a yellow line in the middle allowing you to increase or reduce the volume of the video graphically.

premiere elements audio editing screen

The Adjustments menu has volume, balance, treble and bass boost, along with AudioGain that makes an audio match sound levels of all sources you have. On the Effect menu (from where you take video effects), you can select Audio Effects that contain DeNoiser, delay, dynamics, etc. In addition, you get robust NewBlue audio effects as well, for example, Audio Polish that removes background noise, a hum remover, and a reverb adder with the help of which you can change the size of the room.

With Premiere Elements, you can make the sound of your video better due to scores and sound effects. The Scores contain a lot of musical backgrounds for various moods. The best thing about them is that they dynamically fit the length of your video. Scores have such categories as Ambient and Urban and such genres as Country and Pop-Rock. You can set the fit-to-entire-video box and decide if you want to delete the existing video sound or keep it.

Ability to Reduce Grainy Noise

premiere elements noise reduction screen

There is a new tool in Premiere Elements 2023 called Reduce Noise. It's funny that there was already a tool for creating noise effect but not for reducing it. All you have to do is to drag the Reduce Noise icon from the FX menu on the right and you will see the adjustments for this tool.

There are just three settings for noise reduction: Default, Medium and High. It won’t turn a terribly noisy video into a perfect one, but it will smooth out very grainy frames. Like in the majority of noise reduction cases, when you remove grain, you also lose sharpness.

Quick Editing Mode

The Quick mode provides an easy way to combine videos, add titles to them, transitions, image correction, soundtracks and effects. You can do all of this fast and there is no need to deal with plenty of tracks and controls.

This mode uses similar to iMovie storyboard view of videos and it’s one of the clearest views ever. Using a clear scrubber, you will be able to move within your video and use freeze-frames and rotation buttons without much effort.

Smart Trim and speed changing tools are very accessible and you can find them in each video thumbnail. There is one more button allowing you to add music with options for the smooth increase and decrease.

Intelligent Trimming

premiere elements trimming screen

In the updated Adobe Quick Edit mode, there are two main channels – Smart Trim and Scene line, each of them is available with its own button. They let you crop a single video or combine images and videos to make a longer and more complex movie.

A completely updated quick edit mode offers two separate channels for cropping videos.

Smart Trim uses Sensei technology to automatically scan and crop unnecessary parts from your videos, which allows you to focus only on the most interesting and active parts. You can manually change the videos in any way convenient for you.

Simple Transitions Adding

The first step here is to select the option “Combine photos and videos to create a single movie”. After that, you can select the desired videos in the file navigation or “Organizer”. Then click “Import” to place all the videos on the timeline. After that, Premiere Elements will automatically add a cross-dissolving transition between them. You can click on them in the timeline if you want to modify their look too.

Good Organizing Media

The Home screen is a window where you can run any of the three Elements applications – Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements or Organizer, as well as view help links, Auto creation, tips for using functions and recent projects. This window is there instead of the eLive tab features that used to offer the same.

In the separate Organizer application, you can import, rate, tag keywords and share multimedia on social networks. This is also a place where you transfer your work to DVDs and other formats.

Mode settings are displayed at the top of the Organizer along with Multimedia, People, Places and Events. The last three provide you with useful ways to view your media.

Good Video Stabilization Ability

premiere elements video stabilization screen

With Premiere Elements, you will be able to apply video stabilization from Quick or Expert mode. To do this, you have to select Shake Stabilizer in the Adjust panel. There are two ways of stabilization that you can access –by clicking Quick or Detailed.

Clear Auto Smart Tone

Auto Smart Tone is a function that is common for Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. After correcting the image according to your liking, this lighting correction will show a control puck in the center of a rectangle with four excesses displayed in thumbnails in the four corners of the preview window.

You can move the puck there and enhance the correction of the application. In Premiere Elements, this feature will have similar scenes in a video for simultaneous correction.

Convenient Smart Tagging

Smart Tags uses Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically tag objects found in videos and still images when they are added.

For instance, you have imported ten videos from some sporting event where your children went. Adobe Sensei will automatically add Smart Tags for “sports” and “people” so that it will be easier for you to find this video when you need it.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 does it with faces too and lets programs find videos with particular people in them.

Animated GIF Export Ability

premiere elements gif export screen

The animated GIF export feature is a great thing if you need to share a short video somewhere (for example, an image spot) on a website that doesn’t support videos. In fact, there isn’t much obvious choice. In the "Export" panel, select "Devices", then "Custom". After that, click the "Advanced Settings" button and select "Animated GIF" in the format drop-down. It’s better to keep the video short (less than 10 seconds) and choose a lower resolution.

Dramatic Animated Sky Effect

premiere elements animated sky screen

Such an effect will improve an image by adding a nice sky background. The Ultra Key effect and prefab graphics will perform this in the best way. You will have better results if the sky in your original image is very monotonous and doesn’t have clouds.

Wide Range of Titles and Text

premiere elements adding text screen

Adobe Premiere Elements has more than 20 preset Motion Titles in such categories as Contemporary, Formal, Geometric, Decorative, Typography and Fun together with a custom option. They look very qualitative and the majority of them provide an opening, ending and lower-third options.

Besides, it offers good customizability with fonts, background image (adding transparency to your video) and the possibility to change the type of animation – wipe to the center, fly with a turn, etc.

There are also such interesting themed-titling options as Prime Time, Aquarium, Coming Book and Ladybug Picnic. The majority of them provide four templates for credits, frame, lower third and title. WYSIWYG editing simplifies text customization.

However, you are not limited to the presented templates: you can select from a large number of fonts and sizes, pick a color, drag and drop text anywhere in the video and apply any of 38 animation styles.

Premiere Elements' title masking allows you to demonstrate your moving video behind your text titles. It will definitely look nice with such an effect.

Easy Sharing and Output

The majority of output options are found in the Organizer app. However, there is an Export & Share button at the top right corner that can transfer your videos to DVD, computer files or the Internet. You can also upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo in HD or SD quality. It’s also very easy to save files in formats that Apple and other mobile gadgets can read. The application provides all types of control over your output files. You can select Flash, MPEG, AVCHD, AVI, WMV or QuickTime with options for all standard maximum and minimum resolutions and bitrates.

Adobe Premiere Elements: Pricing Policy

You can get this program along with Photoshop Elements for $149.99 or separately for $99.99 as a one-time purchase and without any subscriptions. Pay attention to the fact that Premiere Elements isn’t included in Adobe's Creative Cloud service.

If you update from a previous version, it will cost you $119.99 and $79.99. You can also get a trial period for 30 days and use a program with all its features. However, all videos created during the trial period will have watermarks.

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