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Do you want to download Filmora free, a video editor designed especially for beginners? Actually, it is easier than it may seem at first glance.

If your device runs on Windows/Mac OS, you can always get access to basic and Pro versions of Filmora video editor absolutely for FREE.

Filmora free interface

Free Filmora Benefits

  • 4k video editing support
  • 3D LUTs support
  • Deep color correction
  • Convenient work with audio tracks
  • Advanced text editing features
  • Chroma Key support


  • Can I download Filmora PRO Free? If yes, how can I do it?

Yes, you can get a free trial version and decide whether you need such powerful functionality.

  • Can I download a Mac OS version?

Earlier, developers supported the software only for Windows. Mac OS is a new one and sometimes users can’t find it on the main website page. Go to a Product category or technical characteristics to download it.

  • Does a free version support 4k video?

Yes. You can easily edit any captured footages in free Filmora, applying all available professional settings.

  • What is the difference between paid and free Filmora versions?

The main difference is watermarks. They will be depicted on all your projects in a free software version. So, if you are a professional, I recommend purchasing a full version.

  • Is there effects support?

Yes, the video editor has professional filters, but they can only be obtained from the personal library, which is available after subscription. You will not be able to install Filmora effects as a separate plug-in.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Filmora Free Version

Before buying softwares, surely each of you tried or thought about torrent resources. After all, using them you can save some money every month.

However, how correctly do you understand the consequences that may arise for you and your PC after using pirated Filmora 9 or any other version?

Prepare and save $1000 before copyright infringement

Before using torrent resources, you should understand that this is not an official source, and this, in turn, means copyright infringement. At first, you will simply be warned by letter, after which you will be disconnected from access to the network and you will be summoned to court. You will pay a fine of $1000.

No licensed software – no technical support

Before the support service answers your question, developers will make sure that you download Wondershare Filmora legally. This is done quite simply. Each official version is tied to one account.


Check your PC for dangerous viruses

A large number of viruses do not do anything with your PC until they have fully studied the depth of your system. So I recommend checking it with a special program, even if you do not notice any problems with the system after using a video editor.


3 Best Free Filmora Alternatives

Since the free version of the software is limited in video editing functions and you will see a Filmora watermark on your final clips, I decided to pick up some more equally effective and easy-to-use video editors. You can download and test them for free.


  • 4k support
  • Deep color correction
  • Support of several audio tracks
  • Additional interface for screen recording
  • Intuitive design
  • Possible lags
  • Only Windows version

VSDC is a free video editing program designed for Windows. The program is a Filmora free alternative built on non-linear editing. Video files and images do not have to follow a certain sequence – they can be in different places at any time.

The application allows you to work with layers, place several objects in one frame, overlay one object on another, mix colors and fragments using transparency settings and more. With VSDC, you can create video projects from a combination of video clips, audio files or still photos with Full HD resolution, 30 frames per second.

2. Blender

  • Wide functionality
  • Open source code
  • Built-in rendering mechanisms
  • Absolutely free
  • Difficult learning curve
  • Most tutorials are focused on 3D animation

Blender is open-source video post production software. It is usually used as a replacement for Adobe After Effects and Filmora app for creating models and animations, various visualizations, but the editor is also capable of performing video editing.

Among the functionality, the program is able to cut the video, perform splicing, add track/captions and apply an interesting filter. The video editor also allows you to perform more complex tasks, such as video masking.

Actions almost have no limits, because 32 slots are available for adding video, images, audio and effects.

3. Lightworks

  • Video export in HD, Full HD
  • Support of Adobe After Effects plug-in
  • Simple learning curve
  • A large community
  • 4k is available only in Premium version
  • No support of some languages

Lightworks is another Filmora alternative. This video editing software is aimed at the final editing of video and working with large projects. The video editor supports all popular formats, including AMPG, FLV, WMV, VI, MP4, MKV, 3GP.

Tools include professional color correction, GPU-accelerated real-time effects and video capture. Lightworks also offers traditional tools for importing, cropping and smooth audio weaving, stylish transitions and more.

  • Read my about the program reading my Lightworks Review before downloading this video editing software.

Free Filmora LUTs for Color Grading

As Wondershare Filmora free supports color LUTs, I decided to share some of them from my video color grading collection. You can download and use these LUTs absolutely for free.

1. Free Filmora LUTs “Sunny”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

You will definitely like this Orange and Teal LUT if you can’t stand the yellow shades and want to make them white. This Filmora free LUT whitens all yellow parts of the video, adds clarity and intensity to colors, emphasizes the contrast of black and white tones.

2. Free Filmora LUTs “Antique”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

Use this color LUT if your task is to enliven the video and to make the picture brighter and more saturated. The scene becomes vibrant and the colors – saturated.

Be careful, this LUT will be less effective if you have a cluttered background with many elements.

3. Free Filmora LUTs “Matte”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

This free GoPro LUT will probably come in handy when editing small Filmora videos. LUT improves colors by adding contrast and saturation, they become brighter and also acquire a matte shade.

4. Free Filmora LUTs “Obsidian”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

If you want the colors in your video to be muted, try this LUT. It gives your clips a lot of deep shadows. The result looks pretty balanced, especially if there is a clear line between the foreground and background.

5. Free Filmora LUTs “Flavin”

free filmora luts free filmora luts

This Cinematic LUT will give a vintage atmosphere that looks amazing. It deepens the blue tones and makes the highlights warmer.

If you have a video recorded on a sunny day, and you want to make colors less intense – use this tool.

Download Filmora Free Forever

use filmora free trial Use Filmora Video Editor for Mac/Win

Download and take advantage of the free, not time-limited version of Filmora video editor. If it suits you for commercial use, select one of the available premium versions of Filmora Pro and make your videos and clips professionally edited.

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