VSDC Free Video Editor Review

VSDC Free Video Editor Review

Look through this VSDC free video editor review if you need an easy, efficient, and non-linear video editor for Windows that will be a good free alternative to the best video editing softwares that are paid. Can VSDC free video editor become a good video editing software for beginners, let’s find out.

vsdc free video editor review

What Is VSDC Free Video Editor?

VSDC Free Video Editor is a user-friendly and non-linear video editor for Windows that lets you edit and crop videos on a professional level. You may use special video and audio effects to make your video clips pop. VSDC is available in two versions, optimized for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.

vsdc free video editor software USE VSDC FREE VIDEO EDITOR

Platforms: Windows
Price: FREE

  • 4K support
  • Non-linear video editing
  • Built-in effects, transitions, audio filters
  • User-oriented
  • Can’t play the video in the main window
  • Windows-compatible only

Most free video editors that are available on the web offer limited functionality, which is suitable only for small entry-level projects. However, VSDC free video editor is one of the few available options that provide a complete set of functions without noticeable restrictions.

It’s a nice Widows video editor that won’t demand any payment or add watermarks to your videos, while everyone even an amateur can use it from the first time.


VSDC Free Video Editor

vsdc free video editor DOWNLOAD NOW

VSDC Video Editor Pro

vsdc video editor pro DOWNLOAD NOW

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free version of the program, it’s designed only for home video editing and educational use. There’s also VSDC Pro version. Unlike the free one, it has a video stabilization tool, hardware acceleration VSDC, and advanced interface settings.

VSDC Free Video Editor Review

A simple interface, broad functionality, and free access – what else you need to edit videos? In the next section, I’ll briefly cover those VSDC’s functions that I think deserve your attention the most.

Convenient Welcome Screen

In order to help a beginner learn the program, the system shows you a pop-up window that will walk you through the process of opening a new project and the first steps of editing and exporting it.

You can start creating a new project by choosing screen capture, video capture, content import, slideshow creation, or an empty project.

If you need additional assistance, you can access guides that will teach you how to work with Video Effects, UHD&HD, Blending modules, the Masking tool, Chroma-key, etc.

Strange Import

One of VSDC’s weaknesses is how it breaks up the import process. You can’t simply import the files by moving them to the program and clicking “Import” while having all the files selected.

Instead, you have to import video, audio, and image files separately. Even if they are all located in the same folder, you’ll have to import them by type, which is a needless and cumbersome limitation.

Adjustable Timeline

If you import your files one by one, they’ll be added to the timeline, with each file having its own track. Instead of having all clips placed anywhere on any track, each clip is tied to its own place.

Yes, you can move it to choose the time it will be played at, and you can move a track up or down to choose whether it should be displayed above or below other clips, but you can’t add additional clips to the same track.

This is not easy because if you’re working with many clips, it will take much time before you’ll locate the needed track and the entire project can quickly become unmanageable.

Useful Screen Capture Tool

Screen capture is useful when you have to prepare video guides that require showing your monitor. Actually, this tool records your desktop feed. Afterward, you can use the video editor to adjust and export the recorded video as you want.

Video Stabilization Tool for Vloggers

Did you ever record a video while moving just to receive an irritating shaky clip? This is especially common when using a drone or smartphone. To help you cope with this problem, VSDC Pro offers you a video stabilization tool. It removes jittery frames and produces smoother footage.

Video Converter – Any Video Format Is Available

This tool controls the conversion process, allowing you to change the format of a video file. Moreover, you can use it to merge several clips into one file or break up a single clip into multiple videos.

Video Capture Tool

This tool links VSDC to all cameras connected to your PC. You can record videos directly via the camera or webcam, and then save and edit them using the program.

Video Upload Manager

You can use this tool to download videos from various websites, view them using the built-in player, and convert them to the necessary video format. The program supports a broad range of various web-services and allows sorting downloaded videos into collections.

Gradient Background Overlay

This is one of the first effects moviemakers try out when they’re learning color grading. It resembles a custom Instagram filter that is applied to a video, but you can freely change its settings as you want.

You add a background picture that transforms the color palette of the whole video. You can choose between a full-fledged color effect and a gradient. Refer to professional video editing service to make this process flawless.

You Can Change the Color of a Specific Object

VSDC editor allows selecting individual objects of a photo or video using a mask and changing their color.

Color Grading with Curves

One of the most popular methods of performing color correction is adjusting the curve since it allows you to change the video’s saturation, contrast, brightness, etc. In VSDC video editor, this is done quickly and easily – you simply move one of the dots or add a new one. Moreover, you can also input the dots’ coordinates if you need to recreate specific color settings.

Using LUTs

A Look-Up Table (commonly referred to as a LUT) is simply a table filled with variables that adjust the color scheme of a picture. However, if we’re talking about video editing, it can serve as a fantastic tool that turns badly-colored footage into a movie-worthy clip.

Blending Modes and Instagram-Like Filters

Another way you transform the way your video looks is by using blending modes. You can add a unique professional style to your footage by experimenting with an entire range of adjustable settings. Both beginners and experienced users who want to save time on video editing can apply stylish Instagram-like filters in a single click.

Working with Text

It can exist in the shape of scene titles, credits, subtitles, watermarks, or tooltips in educational videos. VSDC editor has a great text and subtitle editor.

In order to add text to your video, you need to pick the “T” tool, select the needed area, and type in the text. Next, you can adjust the font, color, background, and the duration of the text on the Timeline.

Create Gradient Background for Text and Subtitles

No matter how hard you try, there’s a reasonable limit to how creative your subtitles can be. Moreover, usually, they remain unedited throughout the video editing process, with the only thing being changed is their position.

Uploading Videos to Social Networks

YouTube obviously has the largest video collection on the web. That’s why it makes sense to include a tool that integrates the app with YouTube and allows you to upload videos as soon as you’ve done editing. Besides, you can also export and publish videos on Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Supports All Popular Formats

This video editor supports nearly all known video and audio formats and codecs, as well as all sorts of images. Unlike other programs that only support a specific set of formats, VSDC video editor allows you to avoid using additional conversion utilities to edit your files.

4K and HD Export

Currently, VSDC is the only free video editor that allows you to export videos using the new H265/HEVC codec. This guarantees that you’ll get high-quality footage in a small file size, which is very important when it comes to editing 4K and HD videos.

Videos for Multimedia Devices

Thanks to the built-in profile system, you can easily create videos for most popular multimedia devices such as DVD players, iPod/iPhone/iPad, PSP, all smartphones, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Zune, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Blackberry, MP4 players, etc.

Working with Diagrams

You can create different diagrams and charts including such types as 3D, histogram, bar, point, bubble, line, pyramid, etc. Such objects allow you to work with data and figures that change over time.

Besides, you can also fully customize the diagram’s design, allowing you to have the exact graphs you need, while the integrated color schemes allow you to choose the right look quickly.

VSDC Free Video Editor Alternatives

If you say that VSDC can be a bit clunky or you have a Mac, here are 4 VSDC video editing alternatives that are also free and can help you edit videos on the same level as VSDC.

Adobe Premiere

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: Free or $20.99/month

adobe premiere pro USE PREMIERE PRO

If you need a professional program for editing videos, then your choice is definitely in the direction of Premiere Pro. The main advantage of this video editing software is that it has a huge selection of video lessons on YouTube, which can be compared to the number of lessons about Photoshop.

HitFilm Express

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: Free

hitfilm express USE HITFILM EXPRESS

This program is available in two versions – free HitFilm Express and paid HitFilm Pro version. The former has fairly “restricted” video editing capabilities, but it should satisfy most users with basic video editing needs.

The free version allows you to crop and combine videos, color correct them, add music, transitions, text, and masks, as well as apply various transformations and effects. More advanced features that aren’t included, such as object tracking, the particle creation system, 3D object import, and Chroma key are rarely used by most video editors.

DaVinci Resolve

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Price: FREE or $300


If you need a professional program for non-linear movie editing that is also free, then DaVinci Resolve is probably the best video editor for you.

DaVinci Resolve 15 comes with a broad range of tools for pro-level movie editing and color grading and is packed with an integrated VFX library and a refined audio editor.


Platforms: Mac OS, iOS
Price: Free

apple imovie USE APPLE IMOVIE

iMovie is Apple’s beginner-friendly video editor that is preinstalled on all Macs. It’s a powerful app that is capable of performing all common video editing tasks.

Similar to all other Apple apps, this program is an example of master craftsmanship. It’s user-friendly, runs smoothly, and is professionally-coded. However, I should mention that iMovie isn’t designed for professionals. It’s a highly accessible video editor app that is perfect for newbies.

Free Color Grading LUTs

For quick color correction use these free video editing LUTs to give your videos cinematic or film effects.

Film LUTs

This kit contains effects that emulate different types of film. Add warm, cold, contrast, matte, black and white and some more color effects to your LUTs library.

Cinematic LUTs

This set of LUTs has all the popular Hollywood cinematic effects that you can apply to your travel video to make them pop and full of amazing colors.

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