11 Best AI Video Editors to Use in 2024

With AI video editing tools, you can get eye-grabbing video content without any manual manipulations: such tasks as light adjustment, color correction, and tweaking of other video elements are fulfilled automatically allowing getting pro-level content in the result. This type of video editing software leverages Artificial Intelligence to perform other actions with footage like selecting, cutting, re-sequencing, and merging clips, etc.

Top 11 AI Video Editors

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro - The greatest array of AI tools
  2. Wondershare Filmora - Broad selection of templates
  3. InVideo - For all your social media needs
  4. FlexClip - Highly functional online program
  5. Movavi - Excellent chroma-key options
  6. Steve AI - Modern video creation solutions
  7. Deepbrain AI - Customizable avatar narration
  8. Vidyo.ai - Automatic captioning
  9. Lumen5 - Can handle all your digital marketing tasks
  10. VEED - To produce explainer and tutorial videos
  11. Wisecut - Cutting-edge AI video cutter

This article goes over highly functional AI video editors that boast a wide selection of advanced features like automated facial recognition, and tagging clips, as well as the ability to spruce up videos with amazing templates and sounds. Besides, they offer AI tools for adding relevant titles, descriptions, tags, hashtags, and transcription.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro – Our Choice

The greatest array of AI tools
  • Gets frequent updates
  • Multiple effects and options
  • Allows editing of 3D videos
  • Can handle 4K and 8K resolution clips
  • Difficult to learn

Verdict: If you are looking for a program to enhance your AI video editing experience, Adobe Premiere Pro fits the bill. It uses cutting-edge AR algorithms to edit videos with text, graphics, transition effects, and animations more efficiently.

Besides, the platform takes advantage of deep learning technology to deliver highly accurate results when tracking and recognizing objects for more detailed editing. In addition, users can benefit from Adobe’s audio and visual effects to enhance the look and sound of their videos.

With Premiere Pro's automated features, you can achieve pro-level results in no time. The price of this AI video editor is 20.99 per month, and if you want to purchase it as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, be ready to pay $54.99 per month.

adobe premiere pro ai video editor interface

2. Wondershare Filmora

A broad selection of templates
  • Supports various aspect ratios
  • Corrects colors accurately
  • Top-level graphics
  • Exports files in multiple formats
  • Requires much processing power
  • A variety of stock video footage could be bigger

Verdict: Wondershare Filmora is an excellent AI video editing software for those who are just making strides in video editing. It offers a great variety of intuitive features to upgrade videos. The toolkit includes such advanced options as automated color correction, motion tracking, noise reduction, etc.

Filmora uses highly functional AR features to detect and delete over or underexposed parts of your footage and any video shake to achieve a clean montage. Besides, the program allows choosing from six settings using its speed ramping feature to configure the speed of each video segment.

In addition, Filmora’s toolkit includes such options as masking, split screen, title editing, keyframing, screen recorder, motion tracking, and auto reframing. Besides, it is possible to jazz up scenes with an array of effects. Once a free trial is over, you’ll have to pay 19.99 per month for its AI features.

filmora ai video editor interface

3. InVideo

For all your social media needs
  • Adds text-to-speech voiceovers
  • Has a selection of stock video footage
  • AI-fueled templates and transitions
  • A highly functional free version
  • Lacks advanced options
  • Requires connection to the Internet

Verdict: InVideo provides cutting-edge AI technology that excels at defining size and aspect ratio with extreme accuracy to enhance the viewing experience. Regardless of the device you use for watching clips, the content created in InVideo will look sharp and stunning.

In contrast to InVideo alternatives, this editor uses AI and basic text prompts to create a script. Besides, the program will come in handy if you need to turn an article or blog into a video. The functionality of InVideo also allows adding voiceover, and customizing templates by changing colors, animations, transitions, social media posts, shapes, emojis, and more.

In addition, it offers royalty-free images and videos, which you can use top-rated videos without spending hours in search of the appropriate content. Furthermore, this AI video editor is available for free, but to get additional features, you should be ready to pay $15 per month.

invideo ai video editor interface

4. FlexClip

A highly functional online program
  • A rich collection of useful templates
  • A huge library of free content
  • Can work with all common formats
  • User-friendly UI
  • Free version with limited functionality
  • Does not support 4K videos
flexclip ai video editor

Verdict: FlexClip is an AI-powered video editor that can streamline your video editing workflow by automatizing processes and offering users an array of intuitive features. Using this program, you can easily jazz up your footage with various text, graphics, transitions, and animations.

The ability to add descriptions to your video content and animate any video leveraging AI technology is another bonus. With its help, you won’t have problems producing excellent video scripts, turning texts into natural-sounding voices, as well as creating subtitles. Its AI-fueled image generator lets users convert texts to original pics with ease.

In addition, when it comes to grammar and spelling correction, as well as formatting in voiceover scripts, you won’t be disappointed with the result, as the tool uses natural language processing (NLP). It is also to my taste that FlexClip scales videos to fit any platform automatically. This AI video editor is available for free or purchase a pro version and get the advanced features for just $19.99 per month.

flexclip ai video editor interface

5. Movavi

Excellent chroma-key options
  • Trouble-free navigation
  • Comes with embedded training videos
  • Lets users add branded overlay
  • AI-fueled motion tracking
  • Limited trimming capabilities
  • Slow rendering for large videos

Verdict: Movavi will become your handy assistant when you need to create short movies from your videos and images without paying much effort. It becomes possible with its rich built-in collection of sample video clips, stickers, and music tracks.

The program’s background removal feature is based on AI algorithms as well. Using it, you can easily delete a video background locating yourself in an absolutely new environment.

In addition, Movavi leverages AI technology to delete sound and boost your video quality automatically. Besides, Movavi’s functionality allows you to add title filters, transitions, and special effects to achieve top-level results. By sprucing up your videos with animation, you can move the objects in your video move around the screen smoothly.

Movavi also boasts such advanced options as PiP, chroma-key, titles, keyframing, motion tracking, and much more. When a free trial is over, you will need to pay $16.95 per year to access its AI functionality.

movavi ai video editor interface

6. Steve AI

Modern video creation solutions
  • AI blog-to-reel converter
  • Professional results
  • Excellent customer support
  • User interface may seem clunky
  • Limitations without top package
steve ai logo
Steve AI

Verdict: Steve AI emerges as a true marvel in the world of AI editors, offering an enchanting experience that simplifies the video creation process. With its patented AI technology, Steve AI swiftly selects the most fitting creative media assets for your video, transforming the arduous task of video production into a matter of mere minutes.

For those looking to repurpose their blog content, Steve AI offers a speedy solution. With the AI Blog to Video feature, converting blogs into bite-sized videos across various channels becomes a breeze. The AI works with the efficiency of a hummingbird's wing-beat when you paste the URL.

Additionally, Steve AI offers the AI Voice to Video Generator, enabling the transformation of audio files into captivating videos with text extraction and context building.

steve ai interface

7. Deepbrain AI

Customizable avatar narration
  • 100+ AI avatar in 80+ languages
  • Unified platform
  • Hassle free online text to speech
  • Free trial
  • Paid plan
  • Limited customization
deepbrain ai logo
Deepbrain AI

Verdict: Deepbrain AI excels in seamlessly combining text-to-speech and video creation. With 100+ avatars, your script comes to life naturally. The platform's versatility extends to businesses, offering an enterprise plan for customization.

The online AI video editor is user-friendly, requiring no training. Its drag-and-drop interface, coupled with powerful features like closed captions and diverse backgrounds, ensures quick and professional video creation.

Deepbrain AI is a versatile and user-friendly solution for text-to-speech and video creation, meeting individual and enterprise needs effectively.

deepbrain ai services image

8. Vidyo.ai

Automatic captioning
  • Brand consistency
  • Versatile video resizing
  • Integrations with popular platforms
  • Streamlined social media sharing
  • Internet dependence
  • Subscription cost
vidyo.ai best ai video editor logo

Verdict: The Vidyo.ai product has really revolutionized the way I used to edit videos, considering the $24 per month subscription price. Its AI-driven features easily identify the important bits of my videos, thus drastically reducing time spent on editing. This enables me to focus more on content creation rather than getting bogged down by the details of post-production.

What is amazing with Vidyo.ai is that it has an auto-captioning feature, and these captions are exactly accurate. It tremendously boosted engagement in the videos I've been creating. Since I started using them, I've seen the increase in watch time on my YouTube channel. Moreover, the ability to customize captions by using styles and emojis personalizes them even further.

The diverse templates and branding options at Vidyo.ai really make my videos look sharp, and my identity really stands out. This only enhances my brand recognition and the general quality of content by the professional touch applied.

vidyo.ai best ai video editor

9. Lumen5

Can handle all your digital marketing tasks
  • The best option for short-form videos
  • Handy drag-and-drop UI
  • Rich library of music and sound files
  • Allows adding branding elements
  • The high price of a subscription
  • Free version with many limitations
lumen5 ai video editor

Verdict: With Lumen5, the video creation process turns into a quick and intuitive procedure. So, this option is ideal for busy entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners, who cannot afford to spend much time and resources to produce complex compositions from the top.

This video editing AI software offers custom themes, watermarks, fonts, and brand colors to transform any blog post into an amazing video. Besides, the tool considers average reading speed to determine the timing of each scene correctly. As an intro maker software, this platform can easily define keywords, and choose the best position for callouts and overlays.

Other attractive features include natural language processing, a built-in media library, role-based permissions, automated workflows, configurable storyboards, and more. The price of Lumen5 starts from $29 per month and users can even come up with their custom pricing plans. A free version is available, but it only offers a few options.

lumen5 ai video editor interface

10. VEED

To produce explainer and tutorial videos
  • Audio samples to create video clips
  • Supports collaboration
  • Collection of templates
  • Allow burning captions in a video
  • Auto captions are not accurate
  • Requires more audiograms
veed ai video editor

Verdict: VEED is an intuitive cloud-based program for producing different videos including business presentations, sale clips, video reviews, vlogs, and more. Its AI functionality includes one-click subtitling, auto-translation and subtitling, removal of background noise, and more.

The ability to convert speech in your audio or video content into text with high precision is a real highlight of the program. Moreover, VEED can translate your clip into any language online to make them more inclusive. This program will also come in handy for those who need AI-generated art, drawings, text, and even soundtracks to make their videos ideal.

VEED showcases brilliant results when producing social media videos, training videos, help videos, marketing videos, recruitment videos, and onboarding videos. Moreover, the editor can be also used on mobile devices without any issues. This AI software is available for free, whereas its pro version costs $12 per month.

veed ai video editor interface

11. Wisecut

Cutting-edge AI video cutter
  • Creates subtitles in 6 languages automatically
  • Produces shorts videos from long one
  • Options for talking videos
  • Royalty-free background music
  • The number of visual effects could be bigger
  • Takes much time to process videos
wisecut ai video editor

Verdict: Wisecut offers a toolkit that contains basic video editing options, as well as many automated features. Its AI-fueled video editing features allow upgrading clip captions, transitions, music, and titles to create compelling stories.

If you are looking for a tool to transform long-form talking videos into short ones, you are in the right place, as Wisecut simplifies this process considerably. Besides, the AI algorithms of the program detect long pauses and remove them without your involvement. The tool generates subtitles automatically to boost engagement and make your clips more popular. And with the Wisecut AI Storyboard tool, it is easy to adjust them to your liking.

Wisecut selects a song automatically and adjusts the music to match your clip. Besides, all your video editing processes will also affect the audio itself. As these tracks are pre-cleared, you won’t have trouble monetizing on YouTube. This AI video editor is available for free, and its pro features cost $10 per month.

wisecut ai video editor interface