VEED Online Video Editor Review 2022: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Software reviews


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Verdict: VEED is a user-friendly and efficient program for creating different videos. Using it, you can prepare business presentations, sale clips, video reviews, vlogs, and more. The toolkit is rather extensive, so you can create specific content in accordance with your sale-funnel strategy.

The most important thing for me is that even total novices can take advantage of the software. The only requirement is to be a confident Internet user.

VEED online video editor was developed by Tim & Sabba, 2 avid videographers from London. The program has become popular since its launch and that is for a reason. People laud its web-based nature, which eliminates the necessity to install something on a computer. Besides, the program is helpful if you have a penchant to work on the go.

  • Non-linear working process
  • Making intros, memes, trailers, and lyrics is easy
  • Direct export to social networks
  • Background noise removal
  • Lots of music and audio effects
  • Built-in camera & screen recorder
  • Secure
  • Batch editing mode is absent
veed online video editor interface

VEED contains lots of fantastic tools and features for creating videos. For example, you can complement clips with images and drawings, crop them, insert captions, rotate and trim frames, as well as evoke special emotions in viewers with the help of stickers and emojis. The coolest trait is that you can find elements developed for a specific social media channel.

If you like adding memes to video content, you will be amazed by the capabilities of this program. You just need to import a source file, apply the needed changes, and download the result. Those fond of creative storytelling in business campaigns will surely appreciate how easy and quick it is to make such materials in the program. So, you can create an attention-grabbing video ad or similar stuff without mastering complicated techniques.

VEED - Main Features

veed online video editor logo

VEED online video editor is one of the biggest platforms for work with footage. There is a large team of experts behind it, working hard to provide users with cutting-edge tools and features. All elements in the program are regularly updated and fixed if any operational issues appear.

You can quickly embellish your videos with texts, effects, and royalty-free audio. In fact, even people with minimum video editing experience can create terrific content for business and personal needs.

Unlike the majority of video editing software for Windows and Mac, VEED brings an abundance of wonderful features to your fingertips without consuming disk space. Besides, you can impress your audience with offbeat videos even if your system isn’t super powerful.

Beginner-Friendly Program

veed editor interface

When I launched this program for the first time, I was truly impressed with its intuitive graphical user interface. In fact, this is the simplest program for video editing I have ever come across. However, usability doesn’t mean it lacks tools to fulfill serious tasks. There are lots of advanced features you can use to your advantage.

The dashboard is designed with user convenience in mind. Though there are different features on it, everything is logically arranged. There are separate buttons for the Brand Kit, Setting, and Billing. So, you can find the needed option in several seconds.

To start a new project, click the corresponding button in the upper right corner. You will see several variants to choose from – upload a video, add an existing video, or choose a file from Dropbox. One more method to add your clip to the software is to insert a link to YouTube. I tested this feature and everything worked properly. Just paste the copied link in the search bar and click Enter.

The editing window contains different options – change the background color, set video duration, remove audio, and more. If you want to complement a clip with subtitles, you can either add a .srt file or insert them manually. VEED also contains the Auto-Transcribe feature.

veed online video editor adding text

I also like that adding and changing text in videos is super easy with this free video editor for YouTube. All processes are handled in a single workspace. There is another window for managing audio.

If you frequently work with multiple video files and need to select only some of them for further processing, head to the Content page. Such a layout is very convenient because you can instantly get down to editing instead of navigating multiple tabs.

Note: VEED online video editor supports almost all modern audio and video formats. The list includes AAC, GIF, MOV, MP4, and more.

Adding Subtitles to Grasp the Story

Sometimes, a video without subtitles may be very difficult to understand. For your viewers to grasp the story, I highly recommend adding subtitles. You can choose automatic or manual method.

To cope with the task lickety-split, you should opt for the Auto Subtitle option. The developers claim this software generates accurate subtitles in 95% of cases. Besides, it can prepare subtitles in more than 100 languages.

I uploaded a 45-min video and decided to test this feature. I must admit that this subtitle editor showed fantastic results with subtitle generation. They were ready in approximately 20 seconds. The accuracy rate was 99%. I am really impressed because all punctuation marks and grammatical structures are used properly. The only problem was with the last sentence, which was too long and the program failed to understand it correctly.

In addition to common features, here you will also find cutting-edge transcribing and translation tools. The program supports a variety of languages, so you can present the material to people living in different parts of the globe. Besides, it is possible to extract audio from a clip and save it in a text format.

I like that with VEED online video editor, it is possible to work with almost any video and audio file. The range of supported formats is truly amazing. All operations are performed right in a browser and don’t require uploading plugins. Besides, choosing this feature, you can get the result quicker than when transcribing manually. Once done, you can save files in text or SRT formats. Both of them are very easy to share online.

Note: Users also like such features as automatic translation and video captions. When choosing the auto-generated captions, you will receive the text in 50+ languages.

Ready-to-Use Templates for Social Media

veed online video editor templates

The program has a slew of video templates specifically developed for different social media platforms. I like that it is possible to search for templates by different criteria, including Audio, Corporate, Events, Marketing, Media, and Learning. Besides, based on the platform you plan to share a video on, you can choose Landscape, Square, or Portrait sizes.

Every template comes with embedded stock audio and can be sued without any customizations. Of course, you can modify it in accordance with your brand if you want.

Possibility to Add Pictures, Audio, and Captions to Videos

veed online video editor adding audio

Unlike other professional editing software for Mac and Windows, VEED allows making basic edits for free. So, you can spruce up your content with pictures, music, and texts without paying extra. There is an internal library with free stock files, so examine it carefully.

Moreover, if you plan to share videos on YouTube, you should definitely make at least basic corrections. In VEED, it is possible to trim, cut, and even convert videos to MP4.

Helpful Chroma Key Feature

veed online video editor chrome key

The program is regularly updated and one of the latest additions is the Chrome Key feature. People, who like recording videos with a green screen background, will surely appreciate such an option. What’s more, you can initiate filming with a webcam right from VEED and then click the “Chroma Key” button.

Top-Notch Filters

veed online video editor filters

No matter whether you strive to interest people on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other channels, you can create engaging videos in VEED without going the extra mile. The program contains many interesting filters that you can apply to your videos to evoke different emotions in viewers.

Note: Some filters are paid, while free ones can’t be customized.

Suitable for Joint Work on Projects

veed online video editor collaboration tools

Bloggers looking for a video editor for Instagram frequently opt for VEED. It is suitable for teamwork, which is paramount for many people. Every operation described above can be performed faster when every team member pulls his/her weight.

However, it is important for a team to distribute tasks properly to prevent possible misunderstandings. Those who have less experience can stay in charge of less complicated tasks and learn cool tricks from their seasoned colleagues step by step. In general, co-op features are always a serious advantage because people can create fantastic projects being in different places.


To get access to all goodies available in VEED online video editor, you need to choose one of 4 plans:

Free - includes watermarked, 30 minutes of subtitles, upload limit - 250MB, export length - 10 minutes

Basic ($12/month if you choose annual payment) - includes export quality - 1080p, 720 minutes of subtitles, upload file size - unlimited, export length - 25 minutes

Pro (($24/month) - includes 1,440 minutes of subtitles, translations, subtitle SRT download, premium stock access, and brand kit

Business (59$/editor/month) - includes advanced collaboration options, access and privacy, 8,000 minutes of subtitles, 200GB storage, and custom templates

You can use a debit or credit card to make a payment.

Note: Choosing a free version, you won’t feel any limitations in terms of functionality. In fact, I think it is a wonderful starting point for beginners.


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