13 Best Subtitle Editors in 2023

Create original and unique subtitles for videos, movies and TV shows with the best subtitling programs. They allow you to make perfect synchronization of the text and audio, change fonts, color and size.

Top 13 Best Subtitle Editors

  1. Adobe Express - A variety of subtitle layouts
  2. Movavi - Dozens of ready-made effects
  3. Jubler - Checks spelling
  4. Subtitle Edit - Convenient audio visualizer
  5. VideoProc - Cropping feature
  6. Nova A.I. - Automatic AI-driven subtitle-generating tool
  7. Amberscript - AI-driven & human subtitle editing
  8. Aegisub - Best audio sync
  9. Subtitle Workshop - 60+ subtitle formats
  10. Kapwing - Teamwork on a project
  11. Aura Video Editor - 30+ file formats
  12. Clideo - 20+ fonts
  13. Gnome Subtitles - Convenient preview

With these platforms and programs, you can add subtitles to any video. Besides, this subtitle editing software provides users with a wide variety of fonts to create stylish videos.

If these programs don’t contain enough tools and you want to create the most unique and original subtitles for your video, you can always use professional video editing services.

1. Adobe Express — Our Choice

A variety of subtitle layouts
  • Intuitive online service
  • A range of fonts and styles
  • Basic video enhancement tools
  • Integration with other Adobe products
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Express is a web-based service that allows users to add subtitles to their videos. Thanks to it, your videos will be accessible to users from other countries. Using this service, you can quickly edit your clips for YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Besides, you can synchronize your subtitles with audio.

You just need to upload video files to this platform and then use the timeline to add the subtitles. There are several layout options available. Besides, you can select different text sizes. I like that it’s easy to select the most suitable formatting that matches the style of your video. After adding subtitles, you just need to download your file and share it with your followers or subscribers.

adobe express subtitle editor interface

2. Movavi

Dozens of visual effects
  • Wide range of fonts and colors
  • Ability to change the position of the text
  • Easy synchronization of text and video
  • A free version contains watermarks

Verdict: Movavi is a program that allows you to create subtitles for a video and also provides dozens of tools for full video editing. A particularly interesting option is the ability to change the location of subtitles. Besides, users can set the color of the text, its font and size.

Movavi is the best subtitle editor for beginners because all its features are easy to use. At the same time, the program offers a large selection of professional-quality effects. Popular fonts include Arial and Montserrat.

movavi video suite free subtitle editor interface

3. Jubler

Spelling check
  • Checks spelling
  • Working with titles in playback mode
  • Integrated translation mode
  • Requires MPlayer

Verdict: Jubler is free, open-source, GPL-licensed video subtitling software that automatically corrects text and timing inconsistencies. It allows you to handle frame rate conversions. Otherwise, they would out-sync all your subtitles.

This open subtitle editor comes with a fairly narrow set of fonts (the most popular are Railway and Helvetica). But users can change their colors with ease. You can also change the location of the text, its size, the number of lines in just a few clicks.

jubler free subtitle editor interface

4. SubtitleEdit

Convenient audio visualizer
  • Text and frames synchronization
  • Includes an audio visualizer
  • Spelling check option
  • May malfunction
subtitle edit subtitle editor

Verdict: SubtitleEdit is a program designed specifically for creating and editing subtitles for movies. You can visually synchronize and adjust the subtitles, their start/end position, and speed. This free subtitle software also provides automatic translation via Google Translate.

SubtitleEdit includes an audio visualizer capable of displaying audio waveforms and spectrograms for easy operation. One of the main advantages is the integration with Open Office dictionaries. This feature helps control spelling. Georgia and Impact are among the most appropriate fonts for captions.

subtitle edit subtitle editor interface

5. VideoProc

Cropping feature
  • 4K editing
  • Subtitle cropping
  • Ability to turn on/off subtitles
  • Few subtitles formats
videoproc subtitle editor

Verdict: VideoProc is a subtitle editor that is also suitable for full-fledged video editing. The program is hardware accelerated, so you can edit video files up to 4K resolution.

VideoProc has a large number of built-in fonts. So, you can create unique and stylish subtitles (for example, using Arial and Indie Flower). The subtitle creator also allows placing subtitles anywhere on the screen. A spell checker is helpful for controlling spelling.

videoproc subtitle editor interface

6. Nova A.I.

Automatic AI-driven subtitle-generating tool
  • Transcripts and translates automatically
  • Online
  • Supports 75 languages
  • Paid subscription is quite expensive
  • Lacks advanced video editing features
nova ai subtitle editor logo
Nova A.I.

Verdict: As an automatic subtitle generator, Nova A.I. offers you two options for inserting subtitles. By choosing the former, you can hardcode subtitles and place them over your clip, while the latter involves downloading an SRT, VTT or TXT file containing your subtitles and then adding them to the player.

Subs and transcriptions generation is performed using AI based on a human speech model. You can customize the results, change the subtitle language and style. The program will automatically translate the subtitles into the language you need.

Nova A.I. available for free, but with limitations – the video will be watermarked, and the duration of the subtitles will be no more than 30 minutes. Paid plans start at $10 per month.

nova ai subtitle editor interface

7. Amberscript

AI-driven & human subtitle editing
  • Clear captions
  • Automatic and human-created caption technologies
  • Subtitles translated by native speakers
  • 39 languages available
  • Bounded free version
  • Not completely precise machine-made functions
amberscript subtitle editor logo

Verdict: With Amberscript you are able to produce and edit translated subtitles and captions. There are 2 options available – machine- and human-made captions creation. Artificial intelligence (AI) produces an accurate (up to 85%) draft of your captions in the target language.

In addition, there is an expert team, which creates up to 100% precise captions with 24h-change.

Furthermore, you can also use translation services, offered by the native speakers of 39 languages. These services are provided within 5 working days, if you do not decide to speed up the turnaround with accelerated orders and receive files back in 24h.

amberscript subtitle editor interface

8. Aegisub

Best audio sync
  • Real-time preview
  • Sound visualization
  • Automatic save and copy
  • Too difficult for beginners
aegisub subtitle editor

Verdict: Aegisub is a cross-platform subtitler program and video editor that includes powerful text styling tools. Users can view their work in real-time thanks to the built-in video player. Among the fonts, there are both classic, e.g. Merriweather Sans and original ones, like Oregano.

The professional subtitling software allows you to visualize audio signals to make it even easier to determine the timing of your subtitle files. Also, the program performs periodic copying and saving so that the work is not lost.

aegisub subtitle editor interface

9. Subtitle Workshop

60+ subtitle formats
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Subtitle API Library
  • Spellcheck
  • Frequently freezes
subtitle workshop subtitle editor
Subtitle Workshop

Verdict: Subtitle Workshop is free software for creating, editing and converting text subtitle files. The video subtitling software supports jumping from creating, opening, editing and saving over 60 subtitle formats through the Subtitle API library. The most interesting fonts are Padauk and Orienta.

You can also save subtitles in a custom file format. This subtitle software Mac and Windows comes with a built-in video player. It provides customizable subtitle preview and full-screen mode.

subtitle workshop subtitle editor interface

10. Kapwing

Teamwork on a project
  • Real-time preview
  • Sound visualization
  • Automatic save and copy
  • Supports only SRT format
kapwing subtitle editor

Verdict: Kapwing is not just a subtitle creator but full-featured video editing software that allows you to do all the necessary manipulations with captions. For example, you can easily change their time, look, and position.

Besides, Kapwing is the best subtitle editor for co-op work. Unfortunately, the program supports only one subtitle format - SRT. Also, the free version has a quite limited number of features. The best fonts are Helvetica and Poly.

kapwing subtitle editor interface

11. Aura Video Editor

30+ file formats
  • Sound visualization
  • Supports most formats
  • Pre-made effects and transitions
  • Only for Windows
aura video editor subtitle editor
Aura Video Editor

Verdict: Aura Video Editor is a full-fledged video and subtitle editor app. It allows you to import video files in over 30 different formats. Thanks to this, you can add subtitles to absolutely any video.

Using Auro Video Editor, you can place subtitles anywhere on the screen, set their color, size and type of font (for example, use Actor and Railway). All edits can be previewed in real time.

aura video editor subtitle editor interface

12. Clideo

20+ fonts
  • Many colors of fonts
  • Supports most formats
  • Lots of text effects
  • Confusing interface
clideo subtitle editor

Verdict: Clideo is popular video editing and video presentation software. Using it, you can create subtitles from scratch or edit existing ones. The main advantage of this subtitle editing software is a large number of fonts, including Cambria, Abel, and Angkor.

The program supports most video formats. As a result, you can add subtitles to movies, clips and videos in any format. A confusing interface is one of the program’s disadvantages.

clideo subtitle editor interface

13. Gnome Subtitles

Convenient preview
  • Works with audio files
  • Supports most popular formats
  • High-quality synchronization
  • Only for Linux
gnome subtitles editor
Gnome Subtitles

Verdict: Gnome Subtitles is the best subtitle editor for Linux users. It supports standard text subtitle formats, offers video preview, time synchronization, and text translation. Barlow and Andika are available by default.

The main advantage of this program is convenient synchronization settings. You can customize it in a split second. Also, Gnome Subtitles offers a convenient built-in preview option. Besides, the program works with audio files, allowing you to create text subtitles for the melodies being played.

gnome subtitles editor interface