9 Best Text to Speech Converters to Use in 2023

If you are looking for a high-quality text to speech converter for professional voicing of your dissertations, books or podcasts, then this list will surely be useful to read. Each of the converters offers a dozen different voices with support for more than 30 languages from around the world, which will allow you to create high-quality voiceovers in few mouse clicks.

Top 9 Text to Speech Converters

  1. Amazon Polly - Rich file format support
  2. Voice Reader Home 15 - 67+ voices
  3. Free TTS - Faster text processing
  4. Capti Voice Narrator - Quick import
  5. NaturalReader - Synchronization with cloud storage
  6. Voice Dream Reader - Integrated audio editing features
  7. Typecast - Extensive library of voice-over actors
  8. Balabolka - Allows creating bookmarks
  9. Panopreter Basic - Simple-to-use converter

Using these text to speech converters, you can quickly create high-quality voiceovers for video podcasts or audiobooks. All voices are licensed and have support for different languages. In addition, some of the converters offer further audio customization, allowing you to adjust tone, volume, and playback speed.

1. Amazon Polly

Built on API
  • User-friendly converter
  • Library of realistic voices
  • Supports different file types
  • Language options
  • Unreasonably expensive

Verdict: Amazon Polly is a fast service that allows users to convert text to speech. It uses advanced learning technologies to convert text into realistic human speech.

The service has an API, due to which you can easily integrate the synthesis option into an e-book, article, and the like. In addition, you get access to many realistic voices in various languages. The service also supports audio stream formats such as MP3, Vorbis, PCM, and more.

amazon polly best text to speech converter interface

2. Voice Reader Home 15

67+ voices to choose from
  • More than 45 languages available
  • Intuitive UI
  • 67+ different voices
  • Manual audio setting
  • Doesn’t work online

Verdict: Voice Reader Home 15 is a well-known text to voice converter. Using the home version, you can quickly convert text from Word documents, emails, PDFs to audio formats. Then you can listen to them on your mobile device or PC.

In addition, the software supports 45+ languages and 67+ different voices. As for the main advantages, we can note its simplicity and well-thought-out design. You can manually adjust the speed, pitch, or volume of audio files.

voice reader home 15 best to text speech converter interface

3. Free TTS - Our Choice

Professional voice acting without registration
  • Available in 16+ languages
  • Responsive tech support
  • Faster text processing
  • Ad-free
  • Modern website design
  • None found

Verdict: Free TTS is a full-featured and modern online text to speech converter. It works without ads and has faster processing routine than competitors. In addition, Free TTS supports 16+ languages, so different people can use it without problems.

Users also receive audio samples in any of the provided languages in both male and female versions. To use the converter, you do not need to register. As for technical support, they will quickly help you and suggest a solution to your problem, as the team works 24/7.

free tts best text to speech converter interface

4. Capti Voice Narrator

For voicing books
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Great for people with eyesight problems
  • Agile document import
  • Modern UI
  • Expensive educational licenses
capty voice narrator logo
Capti Voice Narrator

Verdict: Capti Voice Narrator is an excellent application that combines a universal and modern design with a fast text to speech converter. With it, you can quickly and easily import documents of various formats, e-books, web pages, which can be later converted into a voice audio file.

This app is great for people with disabilities such as blindness, poor eyesight, dyslexia, and typing problems. The interface of the program is quite simple, so even beginners can master it.

capty voice narrator best text to speech converter interface

5. NaturalReader

With built-in OCR
  • Integrated OCR
  • A range of interfaces
  • Built-in browser
  • Dyslexia-friendly font
  • Not very realistic voices
naturalreader logo

Verdict: NaturalReader is a modern text to speech converter. Using it, you can convert written text from Word and PDF, e-books, websites and more. The software is based on cloud technologies, so you can access it from any device regardless of your location.

You can also download a document from cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. In addition to the above, you can take advantage of 56+ voices in over 9 different languages.

naturalreader best text to speech converter interface

6. Voice Dream Reader

Supports more than 30 languages
  • 36 integrated languages
  • Multilingual
  • Integrates with cloud platforms
  • Lots of settings
  • Difficult for beginners
voice dream reader logo
Voice Dream Reader

Verdict: Voice Dream Reader is a great text conversion app for mobile devices. The application easily converts documents, articles, e-books and more into natural speech. It has 200+ built-in voices in more than 30 languages including English, Bulgarian, Danish, German, Italian, and more.

As for advanced settings, you can choose the reading mode, adjust the audio controls, change the visual component, manage the library, make annotations, and more, to avoid using third-party audio editing software.

voice dream reader best text to speech converter interface

7. Typecast

Vast library of voice-over actors
  • Emotional text to voice adjustments
  • Manageable and simple to use
  • Virtual avatars generation
  • App installing is not necessary
  • Restricted free version
typecast text to speech converter logo

Verdict: Typecast is comprehensive and easily manageable. There are no complex studio adjustments. Everything you need is to type, paste, and upload your written materials. Their peculiarity is 300+ voice actors available that match all purposes. Create brighter content by controlling emotions and tones that adapt to your narrative.

One more benefit is that creating virtual avatars, Typecast rids you of hiring actors, controlling film crews, or even renting a studio. It is not necessary to install the app, you can just log in to Typecast and make videos the way you like. Furthermore, no post-creation improvements are needed. Post-production can result very complicated and costly, and Typecast makes it easy for anyone to create videos without going into stress.

typecast text to speech converter interface

8. Balabolka

Rich format support
  • Supports numerous files
  • Lots of voices to choose from
  • Allows creating audio files
  • Bookmarking tools
  • Limited language support
balabolka logo

Verdict: Balabolka is a simple text to voice converter. You can copy and paste text, or open a range of supported file formats (including DOC, PDF, and HTML) right in the program. It also has the function of saving voice-over text as audio files in various formats.

In addition, you can adjust speech, volume, pitch, and other parameters. If you are working with large documents, make use of the bookmark function to quickly find the desired place.

balabolka best text to speech converter interface

9. Panopreter Basic

Export in WAV
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Export in WAV and MP3
  • Supports lots of export formats
  • Customizable UI
  • For Windows
panopreter basic logo
Panopreter Basic

Verdict: Panopreter Basic is a well-designed text to speech converter. The application works with plain and formatted text files, Microsoft Word documents, web pages, and more. You can export the received audio in WAV and MP3 formats.

Besides, the application has a simple and intuitive customizable interface, as well as advanced language settings. In addition, Panopreter Basic can play music. And if you, on the contrary, want to quickly outline the script into a document, you can use the best voice to text apps.

panopreter basic best text to speech converter interface