14 Best Free Audio Editing Software in 2024

Although Adobe Audition is one of the most popular audio tools, you can find many worthy options among the best free audio editing software. In this review, I will talk about several tools that are great for professionals and amateurs. Here you will find a detailed description of the software which you can use to record and edit audio.

Top 14 Best Free Audio Editing Software

  1. Adobe Audition - For professionals
  2. Audacity - For vocal editing
  3. Ocenaudio - Fast sound editing
  4. AVS Audio Editor - Lightweight and intuitive
  5. Reaper - Highly customizable DAW
  6. Acoustica - Basic audio editor
  7. Ardour - Classical DAW
  8. Mixxx - Best free software for DJ
  9. Qtractor - Advanced DAW for Linux
  10. Mp3 Cutter - Best for trimming
  11. Wavosaur - Simple tool with pro features
  12. Audio Cutter - Best for fast ringtones
  13. TwistedWave - Fast online recording
  14. Audiotool - Best online DAW

1. Adobe Audition - Our Choice

For professionals
  • Advanced tools with simple UI
  • Batch editing is available
  • Supports additional plug-ins
  • Plenty of artistic audio effects
  • MIDI isn’t supported
  • Lack of VSTi
  • It’s not a DAW

Verdict: If you need a professional software with a good set of tools and advanced features for editing audio, then Adobe Audition is just for you. The UI is simple and straightforward. It allows you to edit multi-tracks easily.

This professional audio editing software includes not only basic tools, but it also has some useful additional options. You can improve your audio tracks with a parametric equalizer, spectrum and phase analyzers, different effects, a distortion meter and so on.

The essential sound panel lets you mix sound. It contains simple controls to fix the sound, add special effects, adjust volume levels and improve clarity.

The capabilities of this audio editing software will allow you to get really high-quality results. You can combine the finished project with others created on Adobe CC.

Learn how to get Adobe Audition for free.

  • adobe audition tool working screen
  • adobe audition tool working screen

    2. Audacity

    For vocal editing
    • You can work with vocal, add sound effects, crop music tracks
    • Multi-track/stereo audio is supported
    • Batch editing option
    • Open-source with plug-ins and custom fades supported
    • Impossible to change a sound workstation
    • Non-destructive editing isn’t available

    Verdict: The Audacity editing tool is simple open-source software that contains many functions for vocal editing for getting decent results that can be included in both professional and amateur projects.

    Once you have opened the program, you will see two timelines for the left and right sound channels respectively. In this free music editor a waveform is clearly visible on the timeline and it can be changed up to the samples level.

    Changing the voice, trimming, overlaps, adding sound effects, eliminating noise are only a part of the available options. If you need to expand the capabilities of this software, you can download free plugins.

    Musicians often use Audacity software to work with their recordings quickly and efficiently. Many of them started using Audio City at the beginning of their careers and have not abandoned it so far.

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    • audacity audio software working screen
    • audacity audio software working screen

      3. Ocenaudio

      Fast sound editing
      • You can benefit from spectrogram and file analysis
      • Ability to preview results in real-time mode
      • Quick editing due to the multi-selection feature
      • Large files (up to several hours) are supported
      • Not open-source
      • Lack of multi-track support

      Verdict: This option has a clear UI and provides a convenient workflow. Many experts consider Ocenaudio one of the simplest and most effective tools in the free software segment.

      Unlike Audacity, its interface is less confusing. You can see all the open tracks in the form of a list on the side. When selecting a specific file, you will see a sound signal visualisation on the main window.

      The software can edit multiple audio pieces simultaneously, thus, you can complete your project as soon as possible. Besides, you can preview the results in real-time. In this way, you can control the application of various effects.

      A precise spectrogram is a definite advantage of this software. Using the spectrogram, you can analyze the sound more accurately.

      • ocenaudio audio editing working screen
      • ocenaudio audio editing working screen

        4. AVS Audio Editor

        Lightweight and intuitive
        • Responsive customer support
        • Allows improving the audio quality
        • Convenient trimming tools
        • In-built text-to-speech option
        • No versions for Linux and macOS
        avs audio editor free audio editing software logo
        AVS Audio Editor

        Verdict: AVS Audio Editor is a full-featured visual audio editing software that allows users to perform a variety of tasks when working with audio files. You can filter your files, add various audio effects, convert files into other formats, etc.

        The program supports visual editing of audio files, comes with the Crop Scale feature, and allows recording audio using a microphone or other input device. In addition, you can use it to apply a variety of effects, such as delay, flanger, chorus, reverb, etc. It lets you apply filters to a selected fragment and work with different audio formats. Thanks to its wide range of features and an intuitive UI, AVS Audio Editor will be a great option for professionals and beginners alike.

        • avs audio editor free audio editing software interface
        • avs audio editor free audio editing software working process

          5. Reaper

          Highly customizable DAW
          • A free trial isn’t limited
          • Takes up little memory
          • Capable of multichannel audio recording
          • Supports MIDI hardware and software
          • It takes time to figure out
          • You need professional skills to get decent results
          • File type does not meet studio standards
          reaper logo

          Verdict: This audio recording software allows you to create various soundtracks and add the necessary effects to them. It is easily customizable to meet your needs and requirements. You can rearrange the color scheme of the interface and its look, adjust macros, toolbars and create menus. It also supports many plugins.

          With this music editing software free tool, you can use virtual instruments, and a full mixing console is available to you along with the ability to make voiceover comments and edit real notation.

          This software is often used by professionals despite non-compliance with the studio standard. They combine it with other programs to get high-quality audio recordings.

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          • reaper audio editing screen
          • reaper audio editing screen

            6. Acoustica Basic Edition 6

            Basic editor
            • Simple and stylish interface
            • Editing in a non-destructive way
            • The Effect Chain tool is available
            • You can’t use the newest versions of the tool for free
            • A free version doesn’t support multi-tracking
            acoustica logo

            Verdict: Acoustica is a great choice for those who are looking for reliable audio software for editing soundtracks. Its main advantages are non-destructive audio editing and intuitive interface.

            Acoustica is the best free audio editing software due to a stylish and convenient user interface. audio editing tools and layer effects are available to you. If you need extra effects to implement your ideas, you can import some DirectX and VST plugins.

            Unfortunately, the 6th version of the software was the last one with the possibility of free use. You will need to pay for the 7th version. Go to the official website and get Acoustica Basic 6 free if its functionality is enough for you.

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            • acoustica basic 6 working screen
            • acoustica basic 6 working screen

              7. Ardour

              Classical DAW
              • Open-source with wide choice of extra plugins
              • Compatible with any hardware
              • Provides non-linear and non-destructive editing
              • Video track synchronization is available
              • Lack of MIDI virtual keyboard
              • Difficult to learn how to use
              • It isn’t suitable for the tracks longer than 10 minutes
              ardour logo

              Verdict: The Ardour design looks a bit outdated and will probably appeal to fans of the 60s and 70s, nevertheless, this free audio editor boasts a powerful background that meets professional requirements.

              Most of the functions can be controlled with pro hardware remote controls. Using master, you can use up to 16 output channels to edit your vlog video. It is the best free audio editing software to enhance your soundtracks with a multitrack audio recording/mixing/mastering tool.

              To get more impressive results, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and features.

              It is also worth noting that software does not include looping and patterning. Therefore, if you are interested in these functions precisely, then pay attention to other positions on this list.

              • ardour audio editing software working screen
              • ardour audio editing software working screen

                8. Mixxx

                Best free software for DJ
                • Open-source
                • Contains powerful tools for a fast remix of soundtracks
                • Hardware support can be easily customized
                • FX, VST and DirectX plugins aren’t supported
                mixxx logo

                Verdict: Mixxx is very popular software among DJs due to its functionality. It contains all the necessary tools for fast looping and remixing music.

                You can enjoy various features of this free music editor, including vinyl emulation, 4-deck control, effects, auto DH, sample decks, recording and live broadcasting.

                You can speed up audio editing thanks to its many automated features. So, using automatic beat looping, you can loop starting with 8 notes to 16 bars and also play the resulting segment. Auto DJ feature allows you to make a playlist and play it as much as you need.

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                • mixx music tool working screen
                • mixx music tool working screen

                  9. Qtractor

                  Advanced DAW for Linux
                  • Open-source
                  • Non-destructive and non-linear audio editing
                  • JACK compatibility
                  • Suitable for lots of GNU/Linux VST and LV2 plugins
                  • Targeted Linux OS fans
                  qtractor logo

                  Verdict: Qtractor is an audio editor that is free, has enough capabilities to perform audio editing at the highest professional level. But you need to study this software well to achieve decent results. If you aren’t familiar with Linux OS, then you will need some time to understand and get used to the interface.

                  I will not go into detail describing this audio editing software. It has the usual functionality for an average DAW. You can edit, mix and record audio tracks. Thanks to its open-source structure, you can use many additional plugins from third parties.

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                  • qtractor audio software working screen
                  • qtractor audio software working screen

                    10. MP3 Cutter

                    Best for trimming
                    • Fast trimming
                    • Lightweight
                    • Great import/export capabilities
                    • Compatible only with Windows OS
                    • Too basic tools
                    mp3 cutter logo
                    Mp3 Cutter

                    Verdict: Windows users will surely appreciate this free audio software. It is very simple and easy-to-use. This software will be quite enough if you are interested mainly in cutting and trimming your soundtracks.

                    Otherwise, if you need a professionally adjusted sound for your video, you would better try a video editing service.

                    The visual interface consists of a timeline on which you can indicate the start and end points on the audio track and then save it in any of the supported formats. You can import files in more than 40 formats, so MP3 Cutter can be used as a good audio format converter.

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                    • mp3 cutter working screen
                    • mp3 cutter working screen

                      11. Wavosaur

                      Simple tool with pro features
                      • Contains top features, such as 2D and 3D spectrogram, etc.
                      • Vocal and silence removing tool
                      • ASIO support
                      • Bit-depth convert
                      • Compatible only with old versions of Windows up to Vista
                      wavosaur logo

                      Verdict: You can use this free sound editor for recording and basic manipulations of audio tracks. Besides, it is possible to remove silence or vocal, resample, add VST effects, apply the auto-trim tool, and more, making it a useful tool for podcasters in need of free podcast software. Bit-depth can also be converted.

                      This software has a considerable collection of tools that provides ample opportunities for editing audio. Therefore, it can be interesting for both amateurs and professionals.

                      Unfortunately, Wavosaur has a serious drawback. Computer users with newer versions of Windows cannot install this software. It is compatible only with older OS versions up to Vista.

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                      • wavosaur audio software working screen
                      • wavosaur audio software working screen

                        12. Audio Cutter

                        Best for fast ringtones
                        • A basic set of tools for quick audio editing
                        • A great tool for creating iPhone ringtones
                        • Contains some effects
                        • Supports more than 300 formats
                        • Only basic features
                        audio cutter logo
                        Audio Cutter

                        Verdict: You can enhance your music using this audio editor online. It has more features than the software mentioned above. In addition to the basic editing tools, you can record and add effects. Audio Cutter allows you to create ringtones and is great for iPhone users.

                        This effective software includes many useful features. You can trim and cut your audio, as well as apply fade-in and fade-out effects. It is the best free audio editing software with all the online tools necessary for working with multiple segments simultaneously. This feature is very valuable for long tracks. Waveform zooming helps you cut audio tracks with greater accuracy.

                        • audio cutter program screen
                        • audio cutter program screen

                          13. TwistedWave

                          Fast online recording
                          • A basic set of features for quick audio editing
                          • You can download files from SoundCloud and GoogleDrive
                          • Free account features are limited
                          twistedwave logo

                          Verdict: TwistedWave has everything you need to edit audio online fast and effectively. All tools are easy to use so you can quickly figure everything out. However, I should note that some features are limited in the free online version.

                          The interface looks pretty standard. You can see the waveform visualization on the timeline. Using this audio editing software free, you can normalize the wave, add effects, import/export audio in various formats.

                          The free version of TwistedWave online has plenty of advanced features and is compatible with iOS and Mac devices.

                          • twisted wave working screen
                          • twisted wave working screen

                            14. Audiotool

                            Best online DAW
                            • Modular structure
                            • The visual interface is designed in hardware-style
                            • Contains powerful mixer tool
                            • MIDI controllers
                            • Requires some time to get used to its UI
                            audiotool logo

                            Verdict: This audio editor online is suitable for professional audio editing thanks to the presence of advanced features, including a mixer tool.

                            You can use scratch or remixes to create music. The design of the visual UI is similar to the workflow of musicians. You work with virtual cables moving them from input to output. This opens up great opportunities for splitting, routing and merging of various synthesizer outputs.

                            A 16-track studio mixer is one of the advantages that makes Audiotool the best free audio editing software. It has two additional send/return inputs. They allow you to add two different effect chains through the device. In addition, this online audio editor contains two more mixers – one with 2 channels (it’s called a DJ mixer) and a mini-mixer with 4 channels.

                            • audiotool editor working screen
                            • audiotool editor working screen
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